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A Lebanese Makeup Tutorial

All I could think of is Lara Kay when I watched this.

The Forgotten Armenian Genocide: 99 Years Already

Picture from yesterday’s demonstration in Martyrs Square – Beirut (via ArmeniansInLebanon)

Pope Francis Coming To Jordan on May 24, Won’t Visit Lebanon During His Middle East Trip

Pope Francis is the coolest pope we’ve got in years and he’s coming to the Middle East in May for a 3-day visit mainly to Amman in Jordan and Bethlehem. Despite rumors that he might stop by Lebanon, reports are confirming he won’t be passing by. If everything goes as planned, I will be in Jordan on May 24th and will maybe get a chance to see him live.

Fouad Chehab For President

Former President Fouad Chehab posters were spotted today in Hamra as the MPs were voting for our new Lebanese President. Chehab was Lebanon’s president between 1958 and 1964. He died in 1973.
via Beirut Report

Man Beats His Wife And Leaves Her On The Side Of A Road In Tripoli

This is not the first time he beats her apparently yet she refuses to file a lawsuit against him. Lawsuit or not, the man beat her in a public place and should be arrested. This is not just a case of domestic violence, this is an assault on an innocent woman and her kid.

Baabda Wel Helou

I would have added: Yi7ello 3anna kelloun
Done by my friend Trella

Nadine Moussa First Lebanese Woman To Run For Presidency

I am quite surprised to hear she’s the first woman to ever run for presidency. Too bad Nadine doesn’t stand a chance at all.

PS: She shouldn’t have put myself as the alternative for Geagea and Aoun.

Rectangle Jaune goes on a bigger splash

It has been brought to my attention today that the new Rectangle Jaune catalog is based on the work of David Hockney they man who epitomized California cool (all while coming from damp Britai

What Every Arab Country Is Worst at …

The above list was compiled by a website called Raseef22, and Lebanon is featured as being the Arab country where politicians are the least trustworthy.

Phase 2 of reading for toddlers

Phase 2 words

Vero Modca by Tarek Chemaly now live!

For those of you who did not get to see Vero Modca and the installation that accompanied it, the video is now live and uploaded! Enjoy it....

From around town....

I have not done the usual tour of ads in town for a while now, and here's some of what has been missed...

 Let's start with this anti-corruption campaign. A good example if any of a horse drawn by a committee (which ends up a camel in case you didn't know). There are simple ads and simplistic ones - this clearly falls i the latter category. But hey, if the gazillion sponsors are happy, who am I to argue?

ISF Launch #زغير_البيت Child Safety Awareness

The Internal Security Forces launched the #زغير_البيت campaign on Twitter last week to raise child safety awareness, and the importance of putting children in car safety seats when driving. I thought the hashtag was quite original and a lot of Lebanese use it to tweet pictures of their children.

Zouk Mikhael Road Sign: Pedestrians Have Rights Too

I like the fact that the Zouk Mikhael municipality cares for pedestrians but that’s a sign for elderly or disabled people crossing the road.


I was watching MaFiMetlo’s latest episode and this clip cracked me up.

Lebanese Alphabetical Easter Egg Hunt By The Brightside

A friend of mine sent me this video challenging me to figure out all the Lebanese Easter Eggs mentioned. I got most of them but missed out on a couple. Check it out as it’s fun and creative.
And Happy Easter to all!

Je vous salue Paris pleine de...

Ah, so Rami el Khoury strikes again! In a very efficient poster - he knows how to make his visuals simply and straight to the point all while keeping the fun in (my opinion is biased though as I have collaborated with him on several projects) - which plays on wine, conviviality, and overall good mood (yes, with the tricolor motif) the ad simply hits where it should!

Too much dairy and the lactose intolerance.

So many dairy ads are almost giving me lactose intolerance.


المسيح قام، هلّلويا!
تنبلج أنوار فجر القيامة في أفئدتنا موقدة الايمان بسرّ الفداء الخلاصيّ مفجّرة ينابيع المحبّة
ورجاء الانبعاث ويقين الانتصار.
حلول عيد الفصح المجيد يسرّب إلى وجداننا شحنات طهر وخشوع ووهج إنبهار لجلل عظمة محبة الله فادينا ويضخّ
في قلوبنا نبضات قويّة لا تخور مهما ابتلتنا المحن.
نستخلص من هذه المحبّة طيباً لبلسمة جراح أهلنا وترياقاً لإبراء العلل وخميرة لتخصيب التفاهم ونور هدايةً
لاستدلال سبل خلاص وطننا.
يسعدني بمناسبة هذا “العيد الكبير” أن أعبّر عن تمنيّاتي الطّيّبة لكم أصدقائي الأعزّاء
واثقاً أنّ زخّات من البهجة والإلهام والبركات ستنصبّ على احتفالاتكم الفصحيّة.
حميد عوّاد

The Lebanese Transparency Association Anti-Corruption Campaign

This comic is inspired from a common case of corruption in Lebanon and is part of the anti-corruption campaign launched by The Lebanese Transparency Association. There are 14 other comics that will follow and that you can check [Here].

#InMediasRes and a fitting "closure"

Photo credit: Anthony Karam

Haifa Wehbe’s Movie Pulled From UAE And Egypt Cinemas

Apparently the movie has caused an uproar in Egypt because of the sexually provocative scenes as well as a young boy’s infatuation with the character played by Wehbi. As for the UAE, Halawet Al Rooh’ was the third most-watched film in UAE cinemas before it was removed from cinemas on Thursday morning.
Has anyone seen the movie yet in Lebanon? Any feedback?

Cool Easter Ads From Lebanon

Khoury Home
Al Rifai

Excavation Underway For The New ABC in Verdun

via Amer
This picture was posted today by a friend of mine, showing where ABC Verdun will be located. I always dug out a couple of pictures showing how the land looked like before the excavation works begun.

Minis: One Bite Leads to a Whole New Sandwich

Meeting up with some friends who live near American University of Beirut, we headed down to Minis, a fresh new diner covered in red and yellow – two of NGNO’s favorite colors. As the name suggests, Minis is a concept that serves mini sandwiches. You can enjoy more than 59 different sandwiches in a fun and colorful atmosphere.

More Than a Bottle of Wine…

Short on cash, but want to get your better half a bottle of wine as well as a bouquet? Do you have to choose one of either? Here’s a solution. What do you think of this Award Winning Packaging for Blossom Cava Sparkling Wine by PACKLAB from Helsinki.

Azrak Ice Cream: Famous and Now Open for Summer

People come to enjoy Azrak’s unique pastries and ice cream… Driving the distance from Beirut to the beautiful hills of Baabdat in Al Metn is not a problem. They are so popular that a street in Baabdat was named after them… Riri and Robert, the Azrak brothers, have followed their family’s footsteps to create ice cream and sweets, using the best and most natural ingredients, loved and devoured by many.

Let the Egg War Begin: Happy Easter From NoGarlicNoOnions

Be prepared to get your eggs smashed this Sunday… Easter games aren’t just for children, and eggs aren’t just for hunting. Following Easter lunch everyone plunges into the centerpiece of colored eggs to stage an Easter egg tapping fight… Survival of the fittest… Who’s stonger here I wonder, the garlic or the onion?
Whatever you’re doing this Sunday – enjoy some quality fun time with your family and loved ones… NoGarlicNoOnions wishes you all a Happy Easter.

Frost Your Glass in Seconds

With summer around the corner, all we want is a cold drink served in a frosted glass that are usually served at pubs… you can bring this pleasure to your home with the Beer Glass Froster.

Lebanese shooting down their reputation!

This is a guest post by Abdallah Alaili, a good childhood friend of mine who currently lives in Europe.
Before starting this delicate subject , let me introduce myself, my name is Abdallah Alaili, I’m an Lebanese expat and entrepreneur, I have no interest in politics, have been living abroad for the last 10 years, and knowing that talking about such a subject is very delicate, I would like to emphasize there’s no hidden intention here.

17-year old Lebanese Abdel-Ghani Ramadan Joins Manchester City’s Youth Program

Abdel-Ghani will be the first Lebanese player to represent a Premier League club. Back in December 2013, Manchester City signed a highly talented Swedish player of Lebanese origins called Zackarias Faour.
This is great news for Lebanese Football!
Manchester City have signed Abdel-Ghani Ramadan to their famed youth development program the Academy, making the youngster the first Lebanese player to represent a Premier League club, local newspaper Al-Liwaa reported.

Red Bull BC One Lebanon Cypher 2014

Red Bull BC One is an annual international B-Boy competition where candidates compete in one-on-one dancing battles. We have a lot of talented dancers in Lebanon yet only one of them will be crowned winner tomorrow and get to represent Lebanon at the Middle East & Africa Final held in Algeria.

Transforming a neighborhood

Photos: PID Levant
A few weeks ago, Beirut was in the international headlines due to a shooting incident. But what many people don't know is on the same day there was a positive transformation happening in another part of the city.