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Comment on Amal (Alameddine) Clooney Is London’s Most Powerful Woman Ahead of Victoria Beckham by Omar

Tue, 2014-10-21 00:51

She is on the list! i read the newspaper on the tube last week. Evening Standard is the most read free newspaper in the UK.

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Comment on MP Fattouch Punched A Female Employee at Justice Palace According To LBCI by duh

Mon, 2014-10-20 20:34

Where is Kara? Shouldn’t they be onboard and demand his resignation.

But like all things Lebanon, you can get away with murder and nothing will happen to bring justice.

Nothing unusual, seriously.

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Comment on Who Really Killed Celine Rakan? by anonymous

Mon, 2014-10-20 20:28

yesss its a sexual abuse nd the filthy father wanted to cover that up by killing hes own daughter.. shes just 4.. didn’t u see hes reaction.. hes so heartless .. he looked like he didn’t care at all doesn’t bother him!!! nd its soooo obvious that he did so with the maid nd killed her to cover the story.. why is that so hard to believe?? anyways the truth is gonna be out soon no matter hw much stories he makes up.. u knw what they say.. 99 days for the thief nd one day for the owner.. RIP celine

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Comment on Who Really Killed Celine Rakan? by anonymous

Mon, 2014-10-20 20:24

why wouldn’t we question y the father went in tv to tell the story? nothing sounds right about what he’s saying…plus he’s reaction didn’t show that hes disappointed. the story is obvious already. the last view of the girl shows that she was very angry and she went to her room crying.. so its most probably that she caught the father sleeping with the maid nd he killed he’s daughter. he wanted to cover up the story nd stop the investigation by convincing everyone that at 1st it was some kinda vaccination misunderstanding nd then puts the blame on the maid.. what sort of father would do that???

she’s hes daughter for crying out loud.. hw should rather get divorced or whatsoever he wants to do with hes wife bt not KILL HES OWN DAUGHTER!!! where is the damn humanity!!! what a murderer -___-

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Comment on MP Fattouch Punched A Female Employee at Justice Palace According To LBCI by diana karazoun

Mon, 2014-10-20 20:17

he did, and he got away with it.. living in the jungle

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Comment on MTV Lebanon Twitter Account Hacked by Bizo

Mon, 2014-10-20 20:16


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Comment on MTV Lebanon Twitter Account Hacked by PK

Mon, 2014-10-20 18:59

since when HA, and its allies, accept others opinion.

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Comment on Who Really Killed Celine Rakan? by random

Mon, 2014-10-20 14:14

U r simply accusing her dad of sexual abuse?!?!?! who r u people?? judging and making claims that u came up with ur pure imagination!! it’s a criminal case that u know nothing about except for this video footage
Plz stop being oh i am sherlock holmes and I can solve this while sitting and thinking
There are millions of ways that this could have happened and giving ur opinion on how cruel the dad is without a single evidence is purely mean, the man lost his child and ur accusing him of murder and sexual abuse and having an affair with the maid!!! Do u even know the guy??!! ah u saw him on tv and we are all super analysts oh he talks like that oh he speaks like this oh look wht he posted, just BACK OFF!! would u?
Oh he killed his child because she saw him with the maid, plz tell me in wht world would this happen he had plenty other choices if we go along with ur clever story
Oh the maid was with her for 4 years she cannot kill her !! but u know what her own father can and i am sure he’s the murder !! Reallyyyyy?!?!!?!
I am sure the maid loved her more than their parents did, hell i am sure u love celine more than her parents ever did
Lebanese People just shut up

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Comment on Vote For Brgrco For The Best Burger In London Award by kamal

Mon, 2014-10-20 12:08

hellooo we live in Lebanon!!

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Comment on Beirut Street Food by marz

Mon, 2014-10-20 09:14

we all so freaking love NGNO and Anthony…He talks about the most sensual part of our lives “FOOOOD”

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Comment on Lebanese Parliament Votes On New Rent Law – Old Rent Law Abolished At Last by samson

Mon, 2014-10-20 02:42

i have a building of 5 floors 15 app. are included since 1965 dad owned it after his death i became the owner each app. area is 118 sq/m in zalka the rent of each app today is 28000 L.L per month i do pray that my building collaps down and may all of them be in it as long as they do not want to leave may they leave for ever. rawha bala raj3a akalulna 3merna ou 3ishetna rahet yemoutu keloun ou bala halbinehe el ta3ise

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Comment on A Natural Water Bridge In Lebanon by honikwahad

Sun, 2014-10-19 18:07

the good old days

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Comment on Rolex Opening A New Boutique In Jounieh by nadine keyrouz

Sun, 2014-10-19 17:10

dear all

im looking forward for any vacancies in your boutique it will be pleasure to me
i was working as a sales in aishti and many stores for 9 years .. and dont know if u have any email to send my cv
nadine keyrouz

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Comment on FAP, what it really means… by About That Fap Picture Posted On 9gag | Blog Baladi

Sun, 2014-10-19 00:07

[…] checking Gino’s post on the Fap image on 9gag and noticed it’s the same picture Chahe posted four years ago and that was shared on the Chive. I am surprised it took that long to make it to […]

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Comment on Who Really Killed Celine Rakan? by lola

Sat, 2014-10-18 23:11

If you say the attitude of the father is weird, this is an understatement. Posting the news of his daughter’s death and incriminating the vacine, without willing to reveal the name of the doctor for “personal reason”?
My question is : Has Céline been examined for traces of sexual abuse. Yes sexual abuse. And if she has been abused sexually, that won’t be from the maid…
I remember stories of maids “accidental death”. One who supposedly wanted to escape from her mistress and she “jumped” from the 11th floor. The police takes the word of her masters for granted. They wouldn’t care investigating as long as they have an answer. Asian maids are considered sub-humans by the Lebanese authorities. And I have to confess, Lebanese authorities are not the worse in the Middle East region. Better be a maid in Lebanon than in Saudi Arabia; They are considered sub-humans by their own authorities. Remember the story of the Sri-Lankese ambassador who was mistreating his staff. The Philippino authorities can care less about their citizens abroad as long as they send hard currencies to the country.
Still the official version of Céline’s tragic death doesn’t make any sense. May she rest in peace.

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Comment on Who Really Killed Celine Rakan? by Roumouz

Sat, 2014-10-18 20:20

I’m with the story that she walk on her dad fucking the maid. 10seconds are not enough to ask the maid what is she doing or why she taking some of their stuff. Celine woke up, went to the maid bedroom, saw somethign horrible, ran back to her bed in 10s. and most probably she saw her dad with the maid. The footage doesn’t add up – someone else other than the maid was at home and assisted with the killing and i think the maid was tiding up the bedroom and cleaning the stuff on the kitchen table whilst the dad was killing Celine. And why would he refuse to do the toxicology if he’s not scared of the result??
Thankfully she’s up in heaven with a real dad that loves her without limits and will never betray her.
I wish JUSTICE to Celine if that sort of things exist in Lebanon.

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Comment on Who Really Killed Celine Rakan? by Tarek

Sat, 2014-10-18 10:10

You sound like a racist, yup

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Comment on Who Really Killed Celine Rakan? by Cynthia

Sat, 2014-10-18 09:46

I think theres 2 assumptions here. Either the vaccination is the reason she died and they threatened the parents not to say anything and made up this whole story and pinned it on the maid. Because the doctor still doesn’t know where he got that vaccin from he first said unrwa it turned out to be a lie he than said al Shahid org. It turned out to be a lie. Where the hell did he get it from than? Or the 2nd one is the guy was in fact having an affair with the maid and she walked in on them and he killed her to avoid being outed and deleted the footage from his surveillance camera that would show. I mean for a guy to look this calm when his little girl was killed a few days ago theres something not right. And they really seem desperately trying to make people believe that the maid killed her and khalas. I donno i really hope this doesnt get forgotten and they get to the bottom of it.

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Comment on Who Really Killed Celine Rakan? by Johnny

Sat, 2014-10-18 09:31

Please let’s stop discussing the Celine story, i’m pretty sure there’s something fishy about this story and we will never know what it is(THIS IS LEBANON). Let’s stop questioning ourselves and the family of the poor girl who was brutally murdered by the maid. AND YES I REPEAT, the maid. Why do we always have to stand against people who claim that a maid killed their loved one and we start making up stories, “THEY USED TO BEAT HER UP…bla bla “Y don’t we just discuss facts, the cameras showed the twisted maid with her twisted head murdering the poor child. You should’ve watched NEWTV .And guess what, the father is free to do whatever he wants, go on TV, write poems, write statuses, it’s his choice. Maybe he expresses himself this way.
Please let me know what would you say if everything pointed to the father. I think we will be firm believers of that, and we will say that “He’s a twisted person”. We are doubtful human beings (I, included) . But maybe for once, just once stop and think?
WE do not get to discuss why the father went on TV it’s out of our business, let’s get down to facts and for once stop defending the murderer claiming we are anti racist!!!!

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