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Absolut Karnival Special Edition: Passion Fruit and Orange Blossom

Introducing Absolut Karnival Edition, a passion fruit and orange blossom- flavored limited edition capturing the transformative energy of Carnival.

My Top 5 FIFA World Cup Songs

The official song for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is out and it’s a horrible one. I can’t believe they picked Pitbull for such a song. Looking back at the old world cup songs, whether official or not, the “Carnival de Paris” is by far my favorite one.
You can check it out below:

H3: And they Call Themselves a Burger Place…

Here we are at a place, discovered by pure coincidence. H3 burgers made us come back for it since large marketing banners on the door write about Time Out and other magazines stating that it’s the best burger in Lisbon.

Illegally Held Chimpanzee In Lebanon Freed After A Nine-Year Struggle!

Animals Lebanon recently took up the case to free Charlie, a nine year old chimpanzee that was smuggled into Lebanon in 2005 and sold to Animal City zoo, and they finally managed to free the animal yesterday after a court ruling. Charlie is the last known chimpanzee in Lebanon. He will be moved to approved chimpanzee sanctuary where he could get expert care and live with other chimpanzees in a natural enclosure.

Cozmo, Zaitunay Bay: A Casual Mix of Dining Possibilities

I’ve already visited Cozmo before, this trendy cosmopolitan restaurant located in the middle of Zaitunay Bay. On my last visit there, I tried their pizzas and other items on the menu, but this time round, I was planning on trying their sushi, especially that my friend Pedro and I were craving for some.

Aypples and Beenanas

I suppose you could say I was indirectly influenced by Mullarney’s book on the issue of letter sounds versus names. I say indirectly as I remember being taught this way myself by my mum who had read this book, so I am really just repeating my own experience. As with teaching any new skill, you need to make the information clear, simple and bite-sized. It seems to me eminently simpler to teach a child something like the sound ‘huh’ for the letter H, than to teach her the name ‘aitch’ and then have her learn the sound that it makes as a second stage. Even the vowel names don’t match the sounds they make in easy words (m-a-t, not m-ay-t, and p-i-g, not p-eye-g, for example).

What’s Inside The Lebanese Parliament Drawers?

Here are few examples of bills buried in the Lebanese Parliament drawers and that need to be tackled ASAP!
1- Retirement Benefits Bill
2- Civil Status Laws Bill
3- Mental Health Bill
4- Women Citizenship Bill
5- Anti-Corruption Bill
6- Anti-Censorship and Freedom of Theater and Cinema Bill
7- Penal Code Revision
8- Labor Law Revision
For those interested, Gino who first wrote about this gave a brief explanation of every bill.

Safineh By Gab Ferneiné

“Safineh” is a personal project initiated by Gabriel ferneiné, gathering footage through the years of views from Beirut rooftops and specially the Port. Pretty cool video!

Soon Vero Modca store at Station Beirut.

Soon, very soon, Vero Modca will open at Station Beirut in the realm of In Medias Res.

“Safineh” A Video of Beirut from Above, by Gabriel Ferneiné

“Sometimes I forget that Beirut is a Port And it kills me to keep forgetting”.
“Safineh” is a personal project initiated by Gabriel ferneiné, gathering footage through the years of views from Beirut rooftops and specially the Port.
Trash Inc, Nabil Saliba, came along and produced a track to fit with the edit.
Later on, graphical animation tagged smoothly to it and gave a nice taste to the edit.

Safineh from Gab Ferneiné on Vimeo.

Thought of the Day: Love Your Beautiful Country… A Video Says it All

We look to travel outside our country while we live in a gem that just needs some cleaning up around the edges. Together we can make a difference, each and everyone can stand strong and scream out “We want our Lebanon back…” the one with no political side affects, the one that’s always smiling to the world, the one people envy us for, the one that’s free from prejudice, pain and fear…
Many may have already seen this… But I thought I would just shed some light at how beautiful it was and can still be…

In Pictures: Huge Storm Hits Lebanon, Drowns Roads

via YazbekWehbe
Of course it wasn’t a huge storm that hit Lebanon this morning, but if you look at what happened today after it rained for a couple of hours only, you’d think a tsunami had hit the Lebanese shores.
Here are few pictures that speak for themselves:


     SAFINEH from Gab Ferneiné on Vimeo.

"Sometimes I forget that Beirut is a Port And it kills me to keep forgetting". Safineh's footage were shot from Beirut's rooftops that have a view on its port. Very creative video, the music is a bit annoying. Enjoy it! 
Music: Trash Inc. 
Directed, animated and edited by Gabriel Ferneiné.

Al Balad: Same Quality, Same Taste… A Pleasant Meal

I’ve always been a fan of Al Balad, the first authentic Lebanese restaurant with a twist where, flavors and colors are all mixed together to come up with fine oriental delicacies that you will definitely enjoy. 

I won’t go into the complete process of describing the place and its staff since I’ve already done so man

Lebanese Reporters Show Support For The Civil Defence Volunteers By Taking Off Their Shoes

The Civil Defence Volunteers went to the sea yesterday and threatened to keep on swimming until the law is passed. Some of them almost drowned and others fainted before the law got approved by the parliament. Meanwhile and in order to show support, Lebanese Reporters from various TV stations decided to share pictures of their shoes.

The Alphabet Sandwich? What’s in It?

Called the ‘Alphabet Sandwich’, DudeFoods has created a mountainous sandwich that 26 different ingredients – one ingredient for every alphabet… yes, A for Avocado, B for Bacon and so on… and there are a few fun add-ons in there like Krispy Kreme doughnut .

The full list of ingredients is as follows:

Aston Martin and Champagne ? A Match Made in Heaven

Would you pay $42,000 for an Aston Martin limited edition… Before getting your hopes too high this is not the price for a limited edition car from Aston Martin… Wouldn’t that be a dream come true… An Aston Martin for $42,000. For this price you will get a limited edition bowl for cooling champagne branded by the British manufacturer.

Britain’s Favorite Take-away Is Lebanese

A Lebanese Diner called The Cedar has won the title of Britain’s favorite take-away, after receiving the most positive votes from millions of reviews of more than 9000 eateries. The Cedar Chef and Owner Sami Khoueiry says all his recipes are 100% home made and approved by his mother.

8 Life-Changing Bills the Lebanese Parliament Buried in Drawers

1- Retirement Benefits Bill
We’re all going to get old. A civilization is only as good as its treatment to its elders. Of course, this doesn’t mean we let our lives get governed by old men in black robes, but it means we make sure our senior citizens have everything they need once they retire, from healthcare benefits and pensions and onwards.
2- Civil Status Laws Bill
The root of many of Lebanon’s problems can be traced back to Lebanon’s dependence on each sect’s personal status laws. This means everything linked to marriage, birth, death, inheritance, etc. is controlled by opaque religious courts with rarely any due process or rational thinking. We need a civil status law to equalize the Lebanese in the eyes of the law, regardless of their faith (or lack-thereof).

Ceci n'est pas un Tarboush

Oh the endless social media dramas! It seems a consumer found a nail in a product by Gandour, namely the Tarboush. The guy - John Kairouz, a trainer in human behavior and a Stanford graduate - plastered it all over the place. Gandour mishandled the whole drama completely both online and even on television bringing less than credible people to justify their case (a "facebook" expert and an insulting lawyer). I think the caricature I just did above completely "nails" it!

Women's roles played by Men!

Commercials tend to show women in provocative poses no matter what product is being sold, so Buzzfeed decided to recreate three of them with men. Via: Adsworld

Apparently the buzzfed team haven't seen the biscoleta silly ad yet !

Blue is the warmest color in Beirut.

It happened before (1, 2, 34 and 5), and here is another example of how Beirut - the uncompromisingly aggressive city - can mellow down and offers one a respite from a bad day with a poetic note.

Dubai The Only Arab City Among TripAdvisor’s 25 Most Popular Travel Destinations In The World

Let’s hope Beirut will get back soon on the tourist map.
Istanbul topped the TripAdvisor list followed by Rome, London and Beijing. Dubai ranked 17th. To check out the full list, click [here].

The Bayrut Express: eco-friendly style

Ziad Dagher is not your usual investor and The Bayrut Express is not your typical fashion store. Almost everything there has a story rooted in environment, recycling, eco-friendliness and - of course - style and fashion too. Dagher is trying to mix between fashion and environment and has managed, in just a few months, to attract a faithful clientele that wishes to distinguish itself while being environmentally-conscious.

Lebanese Parliament Approves The Employment of Civil Defence Volunteers

Civil Defense volunteers protested in a weird way today to claim their rights by swimming deep into the sea in Ramlet al-Bayda and threatening to drown if the parliament doesn’t approve their full-time employment. Some of them were rescued and hospitalized and the parliament ended up approving the draft-law for their employment.

Cookies’n'More: Maamoul Reinvented…

You are faced with two challenges a few weeks before Easter. The first one is to loose a few kilos before the big day to be able to enjoy some Maamoul without moderation… and the second is to find out where or who makes the best maamoul in town. Is it your mother? My mother? Is it this shop or that one? The only thing we’re all agreeing on is the fact that we can’t wait to indulge in these popular Lebanese sweets called Maamoul – in all its forms and fillings.

7 Ways To Own Your Online Reputation- Ivy Says for Entrepreneur Middle East

Whether you’re a brand, celebrity or professional in an industry; chances are you’re always looking for ways to improve your online reputation. I share seven tactics as part of my contribution to Entrepreneur Middle East’s April Issue.

Base Down Low [NEW SEGMENT]

It is with great pleasure that I announce the first dedicated segment to someone other than myself on this blog. I’m hoping to expand on these weekly posts by contributors I feel would go perfectly with the general content and attitudes of the blog. The segment is “Base Down Low” with my very good friend, Hollywood-based producer and DJ Base (Bassel Naaman) and will focus on all things music-related.

About The Gandour Tarboosh Controversial Story

Ever since I woke up this morning and people have been talking to me about that guy who found a metal nail inside his Tarboosh (Ras el Abed). I read the whole thread, including Gandour’s responses and claim that his story is a fabricated one.

Executive Magazine’s Guide To Lebanon’s Presidential election

Here’s a [cool guide] to the Lebanese Presidential elections prepared by Domhnall O’Sullivan from Executive Magazine.

Lebanon Among The Top 20 Countries With The Largest Flows Of Remittance Payments From The U.S.

Migrants to the United States are responsible for sending almost a quarter of the global total of intentional remittances. While the countries with the biggest flows are Mexico, India and China, Lebanon is in 14th position and sent over 1.5 Billion Dollars in the year 2012.
The map was done by Pew Research Center based on data from the World Bank.
Read the full article [Here].

Lebanese Driver Nicolas Amiouni Crashes Out Of The Portugal Rally

Picture via NicolasAmiouni FB Page
I couldn’t find any video of the crash but it looks like a big one from the picture above. I hope Nicolas’ fine!

Babies Trying Lemons for the First Time in Slow Motion

Someone got a brilliant idea: Let’s give babies lemon wedges for the first time— just like every single parent does in the privacy of their home—and record their reaction in slow motion so the entire world can laugh and go aaaaawwwwwww at the same time.

Why Blue Gold is starting to make sense.

Blue Gold book can be read here.

Since January 2007, Beirut/NTSC has been challenging established orders, shaking any status quo, and been bashing whomever needs to be bashed left and right (and center), oh, and my criticism is not for the faint of heart.

Love Cloud: What Happens in the Sky Stays in the Sky!

Have you heard of the Love Cloud? Imagine stepping into a plane all to yourself, only with your loved one, and find a comfortable custom cabin with pillows, cushions and blankets to relax on… fly high and enjoy the ultimate intimacy from above…Does that sound kinky or not?