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يا غزة Oh, Gaza

(حبر ورصاص على ورق و ألوان رقمية ink and pencil on paper, digital colors)
نشرت في شباب السفيرالاربعاء 16-07-2014
مع نص لأنيس غنيمة (غزة)

In Shabab Assafir
Wednesday 16-07-2014
With Arabic text by Anees Ghanima 

Is online media avenging women's maiden name?

Miss Mommy - Egyptian film starring Sabah

Now that is interesting, I remember almost a decade ago when Marianne Khlat was sitll collaborating with a Marc Kodeih at the height of his creative powers, she had a monologue which spoke as to the different titles a woman has during her life, except that the man never changes his - he's always "monsieur".

You are what you say

My Beirut Baby turned three last week. Watching her language develop still astounds me. And it’s not just linguistic; listening to her speak teaches me a lot about her personality, too.
My little control freak, having breakfast on the terrace:
“Wind, don’t blow my hair when I’m eating!” …or…
“Fly! Fly! Come to me!”
My little humorist, who loves the huge calendar I make her every couple of weeks, with a cheeky smile:
“Is there a “L” in the middle of Wednesday and we say ‘Welensday’?”
Or, deliberately showing me her “Domino” box upside down:
“Do we say ‘Onimod’?”
My little obsessive (eating an olive oil biscuit called torta con aceite) the day after discussing how we don’t say the last letter often in French:

There’s No Forgetting (Sonata)

I have been aching for words to say it; but words are failing me again, and again, and again... Like the world failed Palestine, and Lebanon, and so many other places before... And in the end I just return to this haunting poem by Pablo Neruda, perhaps my favorite of his, and on which I based my thesis, "Memory for Forgetfulness”: Registering/Effacing the Memory of the Lebanese War, which has, at once, tragically come back to life and become laughably irrelevant...
Ask me where I have been
and I’ll tell you: “Things keep on happening.”
I must talk of the rubble that darkens the stones;
of the river’s duration, destroying itself;

Mahmoud Darwish: "On This Earth" محمود درويش: "على هذه الأرض

على هذه الأرض
:علَى هَذِهِ الأَرْض مَا يَسْتَحِقُّ الحَياةْ
تَرَدُّدُ إبريلَ
رَائِحَةُ الخُبْزِ فِي الفجْر
آراءُ امْرأَةٍ فِي الرِّجالِ
كِتَابَاتُ أَسْخِيْلِيوس
أوَّلُ الحُبِّ
عشبٌ عَلَى حجرٍ
أُمَّهاتٌ تَقِفْنَ عَلَى خَيْطِ نايٍ
وخوفُ الغُزَاةِ مِنَ الذِّكْرياتْ

:علَى هَذِهِ الأَرْض مَا يَسْتَحِقُّ الحَياةْ
نِهَايَةُ أَيلُولَ
سَيِّدَةٌ تترُكُ الأَرْبَعِينَ بِكَامِلِ مشْمِشِهَا
 ساعَةُ الشَّمْسِ فِي السَّجْنِ
غَيْمٌ يُقَلِّدُ سِرْباً مِنَ الكَائِنَاتِ
هُتَافَاتُ شَعْبٍ لِمَنْ يَصْعَدُونَ إلى حَتْفِهِمْ بَاسِمينَ
وَخَوْفُ الطُّغَاةِ مِنَ الأُغْنِيَاتْ

:علَى هَذِهِ الأَرْض مَا يَسْتَحِقُّ الحَياةْ
عَلَى هَذِهِ الأرضِ سَيَّدَةُ الأُرْضِ

Shakira tagged with the #Lebanese flag!

For closing ceremony during the 2014 World Cup final match between Germany and Argentina the lebanese designer Charbel Zoe custom made Shakira's outfit, well this is not that unusual, Lebanese designers always dress the stars! what interested me is that he tagged the dress with the lebanese flag!

Aux larmes citoyens: One-sided love from Lebanon to France.

Modified image from source

Lebanon still celebrates an annual mass for France every Easter Monday, such is our affection for our former colonialist power. But is the love shared? Well, maybe the simplest way to know is trying to visit back "al oum al hanoun" (the tender mother) as France is still called.

Daimler Henegelo spotted in Beirut

A Daimler Henegelo was spotted in Beirut! Despite the absence of any branding to identify the car, with a little help from online resources, I managed to find the identity of the car.

Holidays Part 3

Playing Backgammon in Caracas , between the manakish vendor and the suitcase salesman I have gone on my annual Trek to the Motherland: I have to replenish my body and soul with energy in order to be able to deal with another year of Lebanon. It is a country of incredible beauty and wonderful people, but the place is a paradox. What you experience in Lebanon in one year, you experience in another country in a life time. The pace of living is so fast, yet so relaxed at the same time, that it drains your energy like no other place.

Go Green Lebanon: Send it by Bike

Roger Le Boulanger tells me about Deghri: “You know that you can ask for your bread to be delivered all over Beirut with Deghri?“. I was curious to know what is Deghri until I watched their video. I immediately believed in their idea and think we should all give them a bit of support. DeghriMessengers provide Beirut’s »more...

Celebrating Brazilian Gastronomy at Le Gray with Chefs Paolo and Erik

On the occasion of the Brazilian Gastronomy Festival organized at Hotel Le Gray, Chef Paulo Machado and chef Erik Nakonechnyj were invited to Lebanon to share three nights of Brazilian culinary wonders. Before dinner I had the chance to meet with the chefs and ask some questions about the Brazilian cuisine and its origins. Of »more...

Chef Alain Ducasse Brings Rivea to London

Legendary French chef Alain Ducasse has extended the Rivea restaurant name (his other one is at Hôtel Byblos in St Tropez) to London, at the Bulgari Hotel & Residences.  Inspired by the vibrant food markets in Italy and Provence, the Mediterranean restaurant serves a mixture of French and Italian cuisine in a chic, convivial and relaxed setting. »more...

A Chilling Solution with these Coolsticks

It is so hot outside…these cool new Blomus Mesco Coolsticks fuse stirrers with ice cubes into a single drink are the chilling solution. Just place the stainless steel stir sticks into the silicone freezing tray, fill with water and pop in your freezer. Then whenever you have a drink that needs to be chilled and »more...

Roger le Boulanger: The Excellence of an Artisan Baker

Waking up every day at 6am to prepare the dough, mix it, carve and bake it… Roger spends all his day creating fine pieces of bread for the connoisseurs. Two years ago, Roger Nasr a photographer and cinematographer who worked all his life producing documentaries decided to start a new chapter in his life, a new »more...

Wolf at the door?

I know I’m not the only parent in families with several languages to obsess over how much exposure our progeny get to each language. When I read other blogs or forums there’s often a sense of the struggle for survival. Parents racing to stay ahead of the majority language, an unstoppable wave. If we hesitate for but a moment, we’ll see the minority language(s) engulfed by it.
Just to update on our situation, Beirut Baby is nearly three, and Paris Baby is now ten months. I speak English to the kids, my husband speaks French (one of his three family languages) to them and together we two speak English and French. We have been living in Spain for a few months. We spend a lot of time with English friends and there aren’t many French living in the area.

Lebanese MMA Fighters Impress At The 2014 IMMAF World Championship

Six MMA fighters from Lebanon went to participate for the first time in the IMMAF tournament in Last Vegas which is sponsored by the UFC. The fighters were Joeshwa Mortada at 70 KGs, Richard Saliba at 77 KGs, Imad Hoayek at 84 KGs, Ricardo Bachir at 94 KGs, Mohamed Yakzan at 120 KGs in addition to Rachel Abou Abdullah at 52 KGs and they produced impressive and encouraging results.


This is a really good funny video.
We all know these people... Right?  ;)

Maya Diab Gets Pranked By Ramez Qersh El Baher

These pranks are not funny and shouldn’t be allowed in my opinion.
Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe and Lebanese actress Cyrine Abdelnour got pranked as well once but on a different show by Ramez Galal.
via +961

Lebanon Water Festival 2014 Edition

The Lebanon Water Festival for the year 2014 will take place between August and September and is open to everyone. You can join in as a participants, spectator or volunteer and take part in activities like Underwater Diving, water skiing, sailing, surfing, stand up paddle and kite boarding.
Check out the full calendar [here] and go have some fun!

Uber: A New Approach to Taxiing… Now in Beirut

Ubers have been roaming around the Middle East since September 2013 and it wasn’t long until the shout out to bring Uber to Beirut City was heard! Yes that’s true…Uber just rolled right into its 6th city in the Middle East to set the coolest trend! Use promo code “uberNGNO” and we both get a free $10 »more...

Lebanese Don’t Like To Admit Defeat, Even In The World Cup

I’ve been asked by at least 5 people today about the stupid rumor circulating that Brazilian players got paid to lose the game to Germany. Apparently there’s an article in Arabic claiming that its source is AFP and that Brazilians lost the game on purpose. Needless to say, the story is fake and no one mentioned it except few lousy blogs and websites and it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Why the hell would the Brazilian team, who’s playing on home soil, want to get humiliated by the Germany team 7 to 1?

Elissa on VOGUE!

 She Never cease to amaze me with her inspired album covers, this one is inspired from many beauty ads and from fashion magazines!
Note: This is a teaser campaign, the real cover might be inspired by Angelina Jolie's latest movie!

Uber Now Available In Beirut

I’ve always heard about Uber but never tried it to be honest. Uber is a transportation app that you can use to request a ride by pinning your location and get picked up within minutes. Uber is available in more than 130 cities and 30 countries.
If you are a new user, here how it works:
1- Download Uber via the App Store on iOs & Android.
2- No need for cash. Register your account with a credit card (Visa/MasterCard).
3- Drop the pin on a pick up location & track the car in real-time.

UBER Launched in Beirut!

WOOOOOOW! I can’t believe Uber is now in Beirut! Uber is the awesome app I use to get around when I’m in a hurry and don’t feel like taking public transportation abroad.

Middle East’s Largest Karting Circuit Opening in Lebanon

It’s gonna be 1.3 kilometers long, the longest kart circuit in the Middle East, and it’s set to open this month! It’s located in Mtein, the hometown of the man behind this project, Walid Bou Sleiman.

Beirut To Nowhere

This is a documentary on the Fouad Boutros highway, a motorway connecting Hekmeh in Achrafieh to Mar Mikhail and piercing through one of the city’s old neighborhoods. There are a lot of people working against the project, but I don’t think it’s as bad as they are making it look. In fact, I got a presentation a while back on the project that I will share soon with you.

How The Lebanese Conquered Brazil

Photo of Beirut Port with ships used for migration (Credit: LERC Archives)

Lebanese Amhaz Electronics Hit By U.S. Sanctions

As far as I know, Ahmaz people were not really hiding their political allegiance, so they must have seen it coming. For those of you who don’t know Stars Group, they basically mobile phones to the majority of shops in Lebanon and always get the new phones ahead of others somehow.

Of all these things is made my summer wine (round up)

It could be the calmness of the summer, or the bad economic situation, or the languishness of Ramadan, whatever it is, there's precious little material rolling in. Still, I managed to gather those.

Newly Discovered Ruins Being Plundered in Downtown Beirut

It looks like the series of outright destruction and theft of Lebanon’s archeological treasures continues. Today, while walking by, a close friend noticed ruins being excavated on a new lot prepped for construction between the Bank Audi HQ and the Elie Saab HQ, just a stone’s throw away from the Prime Minister’s HQ (quite a fancy neighborhood, huh?).

How To Ramadan

What? A non-Muslim telling Muslims how to fast? The nerve!