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Fairouz Old House In Beirut To Become A Museum

The old Beiruti house Fairouz grew up in won’t be demolished and turned into a skyscraper. Instead the municipality of Beirut will take over the house and turn it into a museum to honor Fairouz’s career and achievements. I am glad that the house won’t be demolished like Amine Maalouf’s residence and this is the least the municipality can do to one of the most widely admired and respected singers in the Arab world.

#JusticeForYves: Yves Nawfal’s Killer Arrested At Last!

The ISF Intelligence Branch arrested in Brital Charbel George Khalil, who is accused of killing Yves Naufal. They also found the Jeep that was used in the murder. Great News!

Lou3bat al Nissa2 Old Lebanese Movie Trailer

Update: Here’s a [link] to the full video.
Chawki Matta, Houwayda, Rafic Najem and Madeleine Tabbar are in that movie. I saw somewhere in the comments that the guy singing at the end is Sami Clark (Grandizer song) but I can’t confirm. Does anyone know where we can download or buy this movie?

World Agrees Hypocrisy Is Our Only Hope

In an unprecedented realisation that represents global consensus such as we have never seen before, the entire world has awoken to the same epiphany today: hypocrisy is our only hope. A week to the day since the attacks on Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris, and after an intense week of debate and argument, reality has sunk in for all Homo sapiens: we cannot ever hope of living up to any shared principles and we must embrace hypocrisy as our only hope of achieving global harmony.

Is It Legal To Share Charlie Hebdo’s Cover In Lebanon?

Three million copies of Charlie Hebdo were printed and distributed today with a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad holding a “Je suis Charlie” sign on the cover page. Above the cartoon are the words “All is forgiven” in reference to the bloody attack on the magazine last week. I’ve seen a lot of Lebanese and few journalists and medias sharing the cartoon on their social media page but I wonder if it’s legal to do such a thing?

George Clooney Pays Tribute To His Wife Amal Alamuddin At The 2015 Golden Globes

It appears that Amal was the star of the Golden Globes show even though she wasn’t nominated for anything. When asked on the red carpet what she was wearing, Amal ignored the question and pointed out that there’s a #JeSuisCharlie button on her purse in solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo murder.
Check out what Clooney said about his wife (Start At Minute 3:20) and The Guardian‘s spot on tweet below:

#JusticeForYves: How Hard Is It To Find Yves Nawfal’s Killers?

We know every single detail related to Yves’ murder, from the fight that erupted in the night to how they got out and then ambushed. We also know the names of the whole gang involved in the murder and almost every politician denied hiding or covering these criminals, so what’s stopping the police from arresting them?

#shareanutellasawa or #nutellanewname?

After the massive hit that #shareacokesawa was (I know a taxi driver who was paid super handsomely to transport a can from Baabda to Jal el Dib!) which allowed customers to customize their own coke and with whom they wanted to share it.. Now comes #Nutellanewname which... Bummer! Allows people to put their own name on the jar! So basically, the term "me too" has been invented for this campaign which instead of spreading the hashtag #nutellanewname should be #shareanutellasawa.

Where to?

I have changed so much from the person I used to be, something I had always known and felt for the past few years. What has changed is that I have nothing to say, not in writing and not in verbal address. It is almost as if I am empty on the inside, like I have lost who I was, and like I have no memory of things I love and hate, things that make me the person I am.

Who Doesn’t Want Us To Be Fit In Lebanon?

I have no idea who’s behind this campaign. I’m assuming it’s a new gym or health center or dietitian maybe. It could be a Jujuba ad lol!

Phenomena Jordan (2011) vs Phenomena Lebanon (2013)

Hmmmm, created in Jordan in 2011 Phenomena communications has nothing to do with Phenomena creative consultancy which saw the light in 2013 in Lebanon.

Is Yalla 3a2belkon a new model for Lebanese movie production?

Yesterday was the avant-premiere of Yalla 3a2belkon, a movie written and produced by Nibal Arakji and directed by Elie Khalife. I cannot comment on the movie for ethical reasons since I was part of its team, but if I am talking about it today it is because the movie fast-tracked into production merely a couple of weeks when the scenario was wrapped. Knowing how everyone bitches and sighs about the lack of funding and production, the fact that the movie got done so quickly is nothing but a tour de force.

Forget Cristiano Ronaldo, We Have A Ballon D’or Winner From Lebanon

Eurosport shared a video of the Top 5 ‘forgotten’ Ballon d’Or winners and among them was the legendary Lebanese Football player Georges Weah. Of course we all remember Weah’s amazing goals when he played with Nejmeh and his controversial move to Safa club before he was signed by AC Milan in 1995.

Pierre Hashash On Mia Khalifa

I don’t know how I missed that video. It’s hilarious! Watch it [here]. In other funny news, Lebanon’s drug lords say they’re ready to join the fight against ISIS.

When We No Longer Feel Safe in Lebanon. #JusticeForYves

This has been an exceptionally tough topic to write about. I won’t pretend Yves was one of my best friends, he was an acquaintance. But, his cold-blooded murder shook us all. Of course, my first instinct was getting the actual story, from eye witnesses and victims of the barbaric attack, and I did. But, right before I hit publish, I deleted it, for several reasons. What’s the point of sharing the exact details and timeframe? It’ll just fuel more “salon talks” of the Lebanese, who are often fascinated by these (once-rare) crimes.

Another Shooting And Another Innocent Victim This Time In Kaslik

The Lebanese Red Cross reported this morning that they transported a dead person after a shooting took place in Kaslik. The victim was a girl called Eliane who got shot by mistake after few guys were denied entrance to some night club in Kaslik according to LebanonDebate. I heard the similar story from a friend who also told me that the killer was arrested which is a good thing if true.

Ehmej Like You’ve Never Seen It Before – By Charbel Abi Semaan

One year of shooting and waiting for the right moments and the outcome is this breathtaking video! Thank you Charbel!

Golden Globes 2015 Best and Worst Dressed

The award season is finally upon us! And if you’re reading this too then you know the only award we’re interested in right now is the one on the red carpet. It’s been a cold winter and nothing is going to warm it up like some Hollywood couture and this Golden Globes was no exception. So many stars made it out and everybody was happy to give this fashion game a shot.
Here are my best and worst dressed

Week11: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

Batroun by Josephabs
Here are the best pictures from the storm that hit Lebanon last week. You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram [Here]. I’m also on Instagram and you can follow me [Here] if you like.

#JusticeForYves: Video Showing Yves Nawfal’s Killers

The killers did not turn themselves in yet and it doesn’t look like they have any political coverage. Check out this video shared by LBCI. It’s unbelievable how they just parked their cars and shot at Yves and his friends.

The Paris March and March 14...

"We can be a Million on Monday" screamed the text message that was sent to me to be present on March 14, 2005 - which was supposed to be a manifestation as a retaliation against the "day of alliance with Syria" (March 8th, orchestrated mainly by the Hizbollah), and also a way to express outrage over the death of PM Rafic Hariri.

#CharlieHebdo: Lebanese Demonstrate In Beirut And Paris In Support Of Freedom Of Expression

via Gino
Lebanese regrouped at Samir Kassir Square in Downtown Beirut at 4pm today to honor victims of the Paris attack and in support of freedom of expression. Lebanese flags were also spotted in the massive Paris unity rally that attracted around a million people.

On Snow and the Decline of Civilizations

This place is so beautiful!

Walking to Hammana

What Happened in Tripoli a Day Before the Suicide Attack…

The nation was again outraged and heartbroken last night with the return of the suicide bombers campaign to Lebanon’s Tripoli. It’s been a while since Islamist extremist attacked us, thanks largely to their preoccupation in Syria, and the admirable efforts of Lebanon’s army and security forces.

We Want A Clean Hekmeh – Riyadi Game Tonight!

Hekmeh (Sagesse) and Riyadi (Sporting) are meeting tonight at 5pm in what promises to be the hottest and closest Lebanese basketball game of the year. Unfortunately, the question that always asks itself in this fierce derby is whether the game will end with a fight or not? Let’s hope tonight’s game will be a clean one with a clear winner and respectful fans and players.
Good luck to both teams!

Condemned To Be Free

“Liberty! Liberty! Liberty!” they cried.

“Liberty! Liberty! Liberty!” I echoed.

“Our liberty,” they cried.

“My liberty,” I echoed.

“No, ours; not yours.”

“My liberty is yours, and yours is mine.”

“No, you’re not one of us.”

“I thought liberty is universal?”

“Only as long as it doesn’t conflict with ours.”

“And when it does?”

“Then our liberty trumps yours.”

“I thought we’re equal?”

“We made up this equality, so technically we’re more equal.
Besides, you don’t even believe in liberty!”

“But I do.”

“You may, but your religion doesn’t; ours does.”

“I have no religion! And I thought you were secular?”

“We like our churches; aren’t they pretty?”

VIDEO: How Powerful Was The Zeina Storm That Hit Lebanon?

Here’s an amateur video sent to me by Hadi. If I were the driver, I wouldn’t be laughing as salt water is very bad for the car and the engine. Another storm is expected to hit Lebanon soon.

Renault Amphicar - perfect for Lebanese roads

Some of you may remember the glorious Khede vintage cars collection, the same shop brings you today Renault Amphicar, the most adapted car fo

How You Can Really Help Refugees During Winter In Lebanon

At least two children froze to death in Lebanon’s refugee camps the past week and thousands of others are still threatened by this merciless winter. If you wish to help them by donating clothes, blankets or money (not by stripping in the snow), there are several organizations and NGOs accepting donations:

A 1976 Charlie Hebdo Cartoon About Lebanon

This cartoon was published on the 19th of August 1976 by the French satirical magazine. It translates to “Seedy people knife themselves. Rich people are in Côte d’Azur”. I found this cartoon [here] and I tracked down the source to see if there are other cartoons related to Lebanon or the Arab world.

Myriam Klink Figured Out The Best Way To Help Refugees Dying Of Cold In Lebanon

Syrian boy died from the cold in a refugee camp in Lebanon
Thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon are facing a merciless winter and children are dying of cold inside camps. Many refugees don’t have the adequate clothing for this freezing weather and some were seen wearing flip flops only. In order to contain this crisis, a lot of NGOs are launching initiatives to collect clothes and donations to keep the refugees warm.

سؤال وجودي

(ink and digital color حبر ولون رقمي)