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Not Much Love Across The Lebanese Twittersphere

Twitter uploaded a map showing people saying “I love you” across the world in 100 languages, ranked by Tweets per million population. Lebanon ranked 88th way behind UAE in 4th position, KSA in 11th position and Kuwait in the 24th spot. The two most loving countries in the world are Sweden and Slovenia.
Check out the full map [here].

Vintage Arab Advertising 1968 (part 2)

After the Part I of the 1968 vintage advertising found in Annahar newspaper, here is the second batch:

Admiral refrigertors

US Calls It Quits In the Middle East in Response to Constant Whining

Following its recent withdrawal from Yemen, the US administration has surprisingly taken the decision to call it a day in the Middle East and cut its entire links with the region. The move follows decades of constant whining and criticism of the role that the US has played there, which has made it impossible for the superpower ‘to continue to perform its imperialist functions in a satisfactory manner’.

Vintage Arab Advertising 1968 (part 1)

 Sometimes, I really, wonder if such things happen to other people! There I am innocently returning my borrowed books from the library when right there on the table, was a stack of Annahar newspapers dating back to 1968 some other researcher left behind. Was I interested in the May events in France? No. The Kennedy special report? Guess again! Vintage advertising? Bingo!

Fiat 124 spider

Chef Antoine’s Special Valentine Recipe

Chef Antoine never ceases to crack me up. Make sure to read the small headlines in the video as they are hilarious!
Here are two of them:

And here’s chef Antoine’s “light” Valentine recipe:

Avoiding Valentine’s Day Clichés For Kotex’s

I know a lot of us both in relationships and single are kind of over Valentine’s day. It can feel so outdated at times. So as one of Lebanon’s first online and radio relationship experts KOTEX has asked me to come up with some new ideas that could shake things up a little this V-Day .

What If We Let Kids From All Over Lebanon Fix Our Problems?

Four years ago, the Happiness Heroes helped students from schools all across Lebanon to become socially aware at a younger age and encouraged principals to become more socially responsible and environment-friendly. This year, Picon’s Machrou3 el Jil el Jadeed initiative was launched to empower young Lebanese students, encourage them to serve their community by presenting their creative ideas and showing what they are capable of.

Beards and Eiffel Towers: Reflections on My First Night in Paris

For those of you who saw me live in the past few weeks, you know that my beard has become exceptionally long and bushy. One reason is that, in all honesty, I love my beard. Another, is I wanted to experiment what someone like me, backpacking through Europe with a big beard, would run into.

#Ma3Leila: You Still Have a Chance to Write a Song with Mashrou’ Leila and Absolut

I’m definitely not the best when it comes to Arabic poetry and lyrics, but I’m liking the suggestions people have been putting forth since the launch of the #Ma3Leila campaign earlier this month. We’re at the halfway mark almost, and later today, the last piece of incomplete lyric will be posted on the Absolut Facebook page, so, you still have a chance to help write the lyrics of the most refreshingly transformative band in the past few years.
Here are the two previous posts, which you also can still suggest additions to!

Good Storm

 How do you know you’ve got a good storm? Count the number of umbrellas you see lying in the gutter. I spotted four in one street alone.

Five Great Tales Ruined By Mobile Phones

The Odyssey
After the end of the ten-year Trojan War, Odysseus is trying to return home to Ithaca to be reunited with his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus. Fearing that Odysseus had died, Penelope and Telemachus are in agony. They are tormented by the prospect of life without him. Fortunately, after half an hour of this mental anguish they receive a text message from Odysseus saying that he is on his way home. Odysseus books a trip on his mobile phone app and manages to return home in time for dinner that night.

The Sisters Show: The Lebanese Edition Of The Kardashians

The Abdel Aziz sisters (@StyleinBeirut) will apparently star in a new reality show on LBC called the Sisters, a show similar to the Kardashians based on what Mondanite said, which is not really a good thing if you ask me. I personally can’t watch the Kardashians for more than 2 minutes.
Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how Lebanese react to such reality shows. One thing is for sure, the Kardashian sisters are much prettier.

Why ZeeZee M’s Banana Song Is A Failed Publicity Stunt

When I first shared the horrible Banana song, a friend told me that she knew the girl and that she’s studying theater at the Lebanese University so I had a feeling that this could be a joke but couldn’t prove it. A week later, the girl shows up with Adel Karam on Hayda 7aki and claims the whole thing was a publicity stunt organized by MTV, Impact BBDO and Sa2afetna aimed at bringing back our true culture and encouraging people to make a difference and share the stories that matter most.

How Russia Responded To The Kidnapping of Four Soviet Diplomats In Beirut In 1985

A friend was showing me a post on 9gag about kidnapped Soviets in Beirut and how Russia’s counter-terrorism Alpha Group handled the situation. I’ve read a lot about kidnappings, specially from the PLO, in the 1980s but I’ve never heard this part of the story.

Kids’ books in Arabic

I realise it’s a bit odd trying to introduce Arabic to my kids when it’s not my language. I know that out of the three key factors - need, exposure and prestige – none are really present enough for Arabic in our family. There’s really no need to speak of, since all the Arabic speakers in the family have a second native tongue, French or English. As for exposure, the kids only get a tiny bit of exposure from my in-laws, but at least it’s authentic. However, I’m not aiming to teach them the language as such. I couldn’t if I wanted to. I just want to open their minds to it, to give them the option of tuning in to it, rather than tuning out when they hear it spoken.

New “Lebanon High School” In Texas Causing Controversy

There’s a new high school set to open next year in a town called Frisco in Texas and some parents are upset with the name and want it changed. The school is expected to be named Lebanon High School because the building currently under construction sits in the middle of what was once an old farming town called Lebanon, but some parents are not convinced and believe that the name doesn’t fit the community and that Lebanon reminds them of wars and the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East.

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married

1. You don’t trust each other, even when you’re together. This kind of relationship is toxic-trust me. You know he has a wandering eye but you’re hoping marriage will fix that, because then he’ll only be yours. Nice try… Why spend your life trying to catch him instead of just going with your gut?

"Helping" you celebrate Valentine's at home.

Whereas this initiative is UAE based, I ended up getting it in my email and lo and behold, thought it worth sharing.

Beirut River Solar Snake Project To Start Generating Electricity Soon!

Phase 1 of The Beirut River Solar Snake (BRSS) is almost complete and the photovoltaic (PV) farm currently set will generate 1.08 MWp and help light up around 1000 houses by Q1 2015. The BRSS is expected to generate up to 10 MW to support the EDL (Electricité du Liban) once done and will feature high-level security, with a 3-meter fencing around the plant and CCTV cameras, in addition to around the clock security personnel.

Why I Am Against Destroying 51,000 Trees To Build The Janna Dam

There are 15 domestic and inter-country rivers in Lebanon, yet we have an annual water deficit of 425 million cubic meters and Lebanese pay hundreds of millions of dollars yearly to cover their water needs. Ending this water-scarcity problem requires building dams and having a better water management policy, but this should not be done by wiping out green areas and destroying tens of thousands of trees unless there’s no other alternative.


We're waiting for another storm, but in the mean time the almond trees in the mountains are already blossoming
Visits to official government institutions in Lebanon in order to get paperwork done are always good for an elevation in your blood pressure. Monty Pyton-esque scenarios will unfold right under your eyes.  It still is a surprise to me that people do not go postal here. It must be the olive oil. Or maybe the understanding that nothing will change, no matter how much you rant and rage.

Is Tripoli’s Huge Allah Sign A Political Or Religious Sign?

The Tripoli Nour Square with a sign saying “Allah, Tripoli the Muslims fortress” and a Merry Christmas banner underneath it

Portofino? No Dior-to-Himo....

To start off the week, what better than to point the similarities between two ads? Himo Jewelry pulled off a lovely ad for their Portofino collection, "the occasion is you" says their beautiful selling line. Sadly, I had ALREADY found "Love in Portofino" by way of he 2012 Dior ad and instead of an Elissa lookalike (with more reasonable lips) it was famous model Jac Jagaciak who was - writing on a typewriter on her hotel room bed, having coffee outdoors in white sunglasses (note the omission of the dog which is considered impure in Moslem religion and Himo has to cater for clients from across the spectrum),  enjoying the sepia colors of the city a la Dolce Vita, and so on and so forth. Himo looks like a condensed version of the Dior ad with product placement for jewelry.

Décalages (1 February 2015) -full show-

Sunday 1 February 2015, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (10am-12pm) 1. Leonard Cohen 2. Piers Faccini 3. Angus & Julia Stone 4. Julia Stone 5. Laura Marling 6. Robert Plant 7. Slow Joe > Listen to Part 1: decalages 1 feb part 1 8. Portugal The Man 9. The United States Of America 10. Stereolab 11. Diagrams (aka Sam Genders from Tuung) 12. John Foxx & The […]

Week14: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

Barouk Cedars by RogerGaspar
You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram [Here]. I’m also on Instagram and you can follow me [Here] if you like.
On top of Harissa – by AntoineMenassa

Who Is Lebanon’s Sexiest Doctor?

Update: The girl is called Maguy Farhat and is studying medicine at the LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine.

ASHEKMAN: Covering And Replacing Ugly Political Slogans With Beautiful Graffiti Murals

The highly talented ASHEKMAN brothers have been covering the ugly political slogans and stencils from Beirut’s walls way before the Ministry of Interior decided to do so, and they’ve been sending out positive messages through their amazing graffiti murals, Arabic calligraphy, as well as Arabic rap music and street wear.

What’s So Controversial About “American Sniper”?

I finally got to watch American Sniper yesterday and I don’t understand the controversy over it. Clint Eastwood’s Oscar-nominated movie tells the story of Chris Kyle, a Texan marksman who has become the most lethal sniper in US military history and portrays what an American sniper goes through during war. The movie may seem like an American propaganda for some and a tribute to American heroes by others, but there’s nothing really controversial about an American director bragging about US troops specially those who fought in Iraq.

Valentine Means Doggy Style According To Rikkyz

via Rikkyz
What a nasty post to promote their Valentine’s event.

I Watched Birdman And I’m Speechless

A Lebanon-edition poster for Birdman

Animal Abuse Will Soon Be Illegal In Lebanon!

The Animal protection and welfare law has been finally approved by the council of ministers and will soon be presented to the parliament! Animals Lebanon have been working for 3 years now to implement this law and have collected over 25,000 signatures for that purpose and their efforts have finally paid off.
It’s about time animal abuse becomes illegal in Lebanon and we are almost there!


بعد انتصارك عليه والرقص على جثته تقرر ان تزوره اليوم .. هو الموت.. تدخل بيته لتجد زوار غيرك جالسين تنظر الى عيونهم لتجد صورتك.. تقول: انا لست من قرر المجيء إلى هنا.. يقولون: ونحن كذلك.. تقول: هزمته سابقاً.. يقولون: ونحن … Continue reading →