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VEA: A Better Use for Old Tires in Lebanon [Hint: NOT Burning Them]

The image above is almost an icon for Lebanon in recent history. Existential crisis? World Ward? Fight with your neighbor? Pissed Barca lost to Real? Let’s burn a tire! And even though I never really got the point or effectiveness of this act, I’ve come to terms with the fact Lebanese folks from all sects and walks of life will resort to this unhealthy, ugly and environmentally irresponsible act.

One Year After #IVYsBigReveal and A New Ambassadorship

It’s been one hell of a year for me.

Exotica as part of our collective memory

I am part of the generation that remembers Exotica, not as a florist, not as a wedding supplier, not as a landscaper, not as an advertiser, but more as a part our collective memory. I am talking of a different Exotica naturally, specifically an image frozen in time, the one above.
Which lead me to the one below taken from the packshot of the ad in question.

The iPhone 6 To Be Released Officially soon in Lebanon

According to 9to5mac, Apple’s next iPhone 6 rollout will include Lebanon among others and will take place on November 14th. Back in March, we heard that the iPhone will be officially released in Lebanon but these things take time so let’s hope it works out this time.
I will try to get further updates and will keep you posted.

Apocalyptic Storm Clouds Over Jounieh

Thumbs up for this great picture Rodrigue!

FAIL: Chamsine Backery Pastry

Chamsine is really good by the way. I remember we used to stop quite often at his branch on the Khaldeh highway on our way to the South.

For All German Fans In Lebanon: Die Mannschaft The Movie Will Be Out On November 13

I don’t know yet which Lebanese theaters will be showing Die Mannschaft movie, but I am pretty sure thousands of Lebanese fans will be looking forward to watching it and relive the last World Cup magic.
I will update the post as soon as I figure out more details.

The Fara (Mouse) Song

Latizi La Terja3é has some serious competition.
Thanks Terry!

O1NE Beirut Opening On November 7

Skybar is now closed for the winter and O1NE is preparing to open soon for an exciting second season. I’ve been to O1NE twice last year and I had a blast but I didn’t have time to write a proper review. I will try to do so by Tuesday and tell you what to expect this year.
Until then, check out Mark’s review of O1NE in Abu Dhabi which is very similar to the one in Beirut.

Lamborghini Murcielago Crash In South Lebanon

Picture from BeirutBeasts
The car has a Dubai plate but the crash happened in Tyre. What a waste!

Lebanese-born Harry Zakour Running For Ruling Party Chairmanship in Ghana

I was googling his name and the second article I found was about him slapping some customer but it seems he had a good reason to do so.

What a million could buy you at H and M

I was first introduced to H&M when it was still Hannes and Mauritz, I was in Stockholm and room service was late with the laundry so I needed something fast to get on with the day - and upon the suggestion of a Swedish friend I landed there.

Week3: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

Apocalypse Now – By Abraham Helal
Clouds were gorgeous this week and we got some breathtaking lightening pictures. A perfect weather for fresh Manakish and a hot cup of tea.
You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram [Here]. I’m also on Instagram and you can follow me [Here] if you like.

Indian Summer

Our Indian Summer is definitely over: Fall has set in; gone are the beach days. Here in the mountains it has rained pretty much 24 hours on end. In Beirut it’s been a little drier.  Changing colors in an orchard up in the mountains I am doing the 10K next Sunday during the Beirut Marathon, and I hope it’ll be dry by then. Aregu Sisay, my famous housekeeper, is running her very first marathon. She finds herself between a rock and a hard place on this run.

Victoria’s Secret 2014 Fantasy Bras By Mouawad Jewelry

The 2013 Fantasy Bra was worn by Victoria’s Secret Angel 23-year-old South African model Candice Swanepoel and cost $10 million dollars. These two new fantasy bras which were made by Lebanese jewelers Mouawad cost each two million dollars.

The W Motors Lykan Hypersport Featured In Fast & Furious 7 Trailer

Fast & Furious will mark the final film appearance of Paul Walker in this series and the first appearance of the The W Motors Lykan Hypersport in a movie.
The W Motors Lykan Hypersport is the world’s most exclusive supercar with only 7 units produced and is the first hypercar designed in the Middle East. It is worth noting that W Motors, the company behind the car, is a Lebanese-based one.

More Lightening Pictures From All Over Lebanon

Taken By Toni Obeid
Taken by Rodrigue Zahr

The Beirut Book by David Hury launches tonight

Credit: David Hury

"The Beirut Book"" by David Hury on Tamyras editions is launching today. Started as scribblings on his stand during last year's edition of Salon du Livre Francophone, it was a bit of a Hyde Park about the city. My own contribution is the one you see above.... NTSC (Never Twice Same City).

The Legendary Sami Clark Performing At Kahwet Leila

I love this man! Every now and then, I listen to the Grendizer song. He will be at Kahwet Leila in Gemmayze on November 7th.

FAIL: Army Storms Into Battlefield Vegas

Lebanese media and journalists have become so unprofessional in this country that it’s really hard to believe any of them. The above picture was apparently shared by an LBCI reporter called Maroun Nassif (I couldn’t find the post though) about a weapons cache found in Saida, but someone made the link to one of Dan Bilzerian’s pictures and the Lebanese-Forces website quickly posted it and trashed the journalist. The picture is indeed taken from Battlefield Vegas which is one of the largest shooting ranges in the US.

It’s Snowing In The Cedars

It’s not yet snowing in Mzaar but this is a great start to the winter season.

BD Athlete Brittany Griffith Bolts in Lebanon’s Tannourine

Ballou3 Tannourine is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Lebanon. Check out more pictures of it [Here].
Image by Ralph Azar
Thanks Mustapha!

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Already Available In Lebanon

I got Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for PS4 yesterday night even though the release date is on November 3. It’s a pre-release edition and it’s selling for 95 or 100$ depending on the shop you are getting it from. I got mine from Nets DVD in Jounieh and Nino in Beirut probably has it as well.

Almaza STEALS Nissan Micra ad.

Almaza has stolen the Nissan Micra ad, the concept and idea and even execution are the same. "Wanted" means both "in the security sense" but also "popular with consumers". Nissan did it way before, Almaza is nothing but a thief. Exhibit A above. I rest my case.

Halloween Ads From Around Lebanon

If I missed out on any ad, email it to me or leave the URL in the comments.
Happy Halloween!

Undressed: Society's reflection in its brands

Johnnie Stalker - Boo

Smack Daniels - Boo

The Jezebel Complex and Lebanese Women Today

There’s a persistent stereotype when it comes to Lebanese women today that I often come across both in real-life conversations and on social media. Lebanese women pay excessive attention to their appearance, they do too much plastic surgery, they use too much makeup and so on.

Walid Joumblatt’s Best Twitter Conversation So Far

I read it on Qifanabki but checked Twitter just to make sure it really happened. Someone should tell Joumblatt not to share phone numbers on Twitter.

By not replying, Crepaway replies to Shawarmanji

Crepaway - having been just spoofed by Shawarmanji - was too busy to reply. The alibi can hold in court any day of the week - they were busy carving burgers (the rest of us don't carve them, we crave them).
PS - dear Crepaway, even if you had invited me to sample your new menu, I wouldn't have come (not that you invited me I am not hip enough!), as a diabetic, your food is something I can no longer eat.

The Official Halloween Parties List

Friday October 31
Olivier Giacomotto at b018

Musically, this is the absolute best party for Halloween in Beirut. Olivier Giacomotto is a god, and he’s supported by one of our local heroes Ziad Ghosn on the night. Excitement!? Costumes are mandatory, and so is dancing to this track:

in your costumes. Party starts 1:00AM, so go wherever you were going and then descend into the underground club that is b018 ^^
RSVP here

My Luxury Outlet Special Sale Week

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with My Luxury Outlet, but I know a lot of girls (and very few guys) who wait for this special sale week to go and buy stuff there. The only reason why I know about this shop is because it’s located on the Mar Nicolas stairs and every time I go to Gemmayze I see it. MLO is part of the Holdal Abou Adal group and is a multi-brand outlet store that sells luxury brands such as Lancel, Longchamp, Fratelli Rossetti, Kipling, S.T.Dupont and others. A friend was telling me yesterday how people go crazy over these sales and that once she saw a couple of ladies fighting over a bag.