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Campagna T-Rex 16S Spotted On Dbayyeh Highway

I am not sure if it’s safe to drive these things in Lebanon.
Picture via BeirutBeasts

Fair Trade Lebanon: Supporting Lebanese Farmers in Remote Areas

Set off in the sixties with the motto «Trade, not aid», fair trade aims to establish trading relations that agree to all, from producer to consumer.

Pointure copycats Premonition.

Research: Joe Prince

Hot on the heels of Silkor appropriating Easy A, bang! Pointure goes and steals the poster of Premonition starring Sandra Bullock. Apparently, they did not have the premonition that they will be caught and that whomever done this has creativity several sizes too small!

Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon: Good Food with Positive Vibes

I can just hear you saying: “He went to Lisbon to eat at Hard Rock Cafe!?”

Dear Hallab, stop the Douaihy silliness

How can a nice ad be bad? Follow this logic - "mish ma3mooooul chou tayyeb" - a small play of words from Abdul Rahman Hallab sweets on the word "ma3moul" which is the traditional Easter sweet, and "ma32oul" which means "incredible" so the gimmick is "how incredible/ma3moul this tastes".
Fine - cute - and shooting yourself in the foot.

Lafayette Gourmet: Paris’ Food Extravaganza

Enter into a world of a hundred aromas and colors that activates all your senses. A place where when you enter you won’t feel like leaving… it is a place rich in ingredients and flavors as well as products to enjoy.

World’ Biggest Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas – For Now…

The world’s largest Ferris wheel has opened in Las Vegas, at 550 feet or 168 meters high. The Las Vegas High Roller provides a 30-minute spin that includes a video and music presentation that fades out for guests to enjoy the beautiful sky…

And The Winners of The Chili’s Competition Are …

Karim Awad
Pierre Debs
Sarah Zoghbi
Diala Mehanna
You will receive an email later on today on how to claim your prize. Thank you all for participating!

Orgasmic… To Say the Least: Prepare Yourself To Get Hungry

This French Ad Has the Most Unbelievably Gorgeous Food Shots Ever
If you like to cook, eat or look at pretty things, enjoy this gorgeously hypnotic bit of food porn from French coffee brand Carte Noir.

Lebanese Alternative Rockers Mashrou’ Leila On The Cover Of Rolling Stone – Middle East Magazine

The issue will be released for public on April 6 for those interested. Mabrouk to [Mashrou3Leila]!
Rolling Stone Middle East has chosen the first regional artists to appear on the cover of their next magazine issue: Lebanese indie band Mashrou’ Leila. Set for public release on April 6, the issue will feature an in-depth look at a band that, since being formed six years ago, has risen to the “forefront of the alternative Arabic music scene,” according to Rolling Stone Middle East.

Zein El Atat Health Club

Only in Lebanon
Thanks Elie!

Some day

Some day
when it’s all done
and the white foam pours forth
you’ll be telling me
that song we drew when
the grass was freshly mown
was embroidered into
your mother’s skirt.

I will turn
and absorb your face
like it was the last kite of summer
and together we will drip
like old wounds
at the back of the throat.
There will be nothing that night
but the bees that circled our heads
and a sigh that congealed
with a dream.

(Originally posted on February 25, 2005)

Lebanese-Brazilian Driver Felipe Nasr To Drive For Williams At The Bahrain F1 GP

Williams has confirmed today the signing of Felipe Nasr as its official reserver and test driver behind its drivers Felipe Massa and Valtteria Bottas. Nasr will partake in five free practice sessions during the 2014 seasons. Felipe Nasr is a Brazilian of Lebanese descent.
Here’s what Frank Williams had to say about him:

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Sneak Peek

I got a sneak peek at the Samsung Galaxy S5 yesterday and I will definitely consider buying it once it’s out or at least after a while. The reason I said after a while is because I’ve always had issues with the early Samsung releases and prices usually drop after 2 or 3 months.

Food Pays Tribute to Art

Food seems to playing a big role in art these days… And I’m enjoying it.

Un hôtelier de Byblos Propose des Chambres à 1 Dollar La Nuit

Crise économique oblige, les professionnels du secteur touristique touchés de plein fouet doivent se montrer créatifs pour continuer d’attirer des touristes. C’est le cas de Thierry Abi Saab, hôtelier à Byblos. L’hôtelier est revenu au Liban il y a trois ans pour gérer « L’hôtel de mon père », bâti l’an dernier sur le terrain familial. L’investissement initial d’un million de dollars s’inscrivait dans le cadre d’un partenariat avec l’agence de voyages de sa famille en France. Le but : faire découvrir la ville de Byblos aux touristes européens.

Colonel Beer: Batroun Has its Own Beer… Coming Soon

Resilient. Pioneering. Innovative. These are just some of the words that best describe Lebanon’s entrepreneurial landscape. And Jamil Haddad, the latest entrepreneur to emerge from this world, fits the description entirely.

The Real Story Behind The Semi-Naked Man In Beirut’s Protests

He was arrested under no charge, but under the command of the General Prosecution, and swallowed a light bulb in his prison cell before he got released and transferred to a hospital.
Here’s the original story in case you missed it.

Adel Karam For President

Via @AdelKaram9
I like Adel Karam but I’ll never vote for him as president. He’s not serious enough for the job lol!
Anyway let’s see what he’s up to next Tuesday.

1 Million Syrian Refugees In Lebanon

Yesterday, the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon officially passed the 1 million mark according to the UNHCR. Lebanon has now become the country with the highest per-capita concentration of refugees worldwide.

Is Farid (Chehab) "unique"? Yes you "bet".

My recent post regarding the crossing over of some figures from advertising to environmental consciousness was hailed by some, and not liked by others - and for a reason - I was mentioning specific people, including Farid Chehab, the honorary chairman of Leo Burnett MENA.

Beirut River Crocodile Captured

via LBCI
I am not sure if it’s the same crocodile they’ve spotted before, as I heard that there may be more than just one.
Update: Check how big that crocodile turned out to be lol!
Update2: Jason from Animals Lebanon just told me the crocodile measures 130cm.

Beirut: The Last Home Movie (1987)

I had posted about this movie back in 2010 and couldn’t find it anywhere in Lebanon. It’s a documentary that sheds the light on the fancy living of the Bustros family in war torn Beirut, and how “the biggest problem faced by the Bustros family was that the chandeliers occasionally vibrate from the distant explosion of bombs and artillery.” [NYTimes]

Stop Brand Bashing on Social Media

Sometimes I feel like doing some public brand bashing like most of people do on social media but i won’t, and not because I work in social media and always deal with different brands.

Lebanese Civil Defense volunteers Have Every Right To Protest

I am not for implementing the new wage scale proposed by the Unions but fire fighters have every right to protest and block roads. These men have been working and risking their lives for years for a miserable $200 monthly nothing in return. I don’t think it’s too much if they turn them into full employees and finance a much needed restructuring of the Civil Defense units and branches.
Civil Defense volunteers are not government employees who take bribes and do nothing all day. They volunteered to save lives and should not treated that way. If a salary increase is not feasible, they should be at least equipped with the proper tools to do their job.

The Miracle Machine: Make Your Own Wine at Home

We have heard of  machines that brew beer at home but what about brewing your own wine? The Miracle Machine is the world’s first affordable accelerated winemaking device for the home.

The Grandparents Frame by JOHNSON’S Baby

My brother and sister-in-law live abroad and just had a baby girl a month back. Ever since, my parents who are now grandparents ask me almost every day if my brother sent me any new pictures or videos of the baby. I taught them how to use Skype on the iPad but the picture is not always crystal clear because of the internet connection, and it’s a hassle to regroup pictures from different sources in one place, so this Grandparents App is a really nice and simple idea.

Let’s Have Some Sushi Cupcakes

Have you heard about the edible cupcake wrappers made from Nori seaweed? Traditionally these wrappers are made from paper or plastic, but things are changing… you can now eat the cupcake and the wrapper with it. I am not sure seaweed would be a good mix with cake, but I can imagine some rice and raw fish on them, some vegetable maybe?

Edible Water Drops: Yes They Exist…

If you’re an advocate for saving the environment, then these edible water drops may help play a part in avoiding the ever-growing pile of plastic water bottles in landfills?

Hamburger Gourmet: A Book to Have if You Love Burgers

Reflecting the recent trend for burgers of every stripe and description, Hamburger Gourmet is a colorful book that takes you from the beautiful simplicity of a classic beef burger to the burgers made of everything from chicken to quinoa.

Lebanese Kid Hits His Mother On Future TV

WTF is wrong with this kid?

He is not in need of (Syrian) laborers

"He is not in need of laborers - and thank you".