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Beirut Plus TV: A New TV Station In Lebanon

I have no idea who’s behind Beirut Plus TV but it looks cool. I will ask around see what I can find.


Gebran Bassil Comments On The “Caroline” Video

I am not sure if he made things better or worse by linking what happened to Da3esh. He could have simply clarified the whole situation and apologized from Caroline if she felt offended by what he did.
Speaking of women in the UAE, it is worth mentioning that UAE ranked first in the world for respecting women according to a study back in April 2014.

First Snowfall In The Cedars (And In Zouk Mosbeh)

The picture above was shared by SkiLeb this morning. Let’s hope we will have a decent winter season this year because last year was a disaster. Speaking of snow, I took the below shots on my way down from Zouk Mosbeh. Obviously it didn’t snow in Zouk but the chemicals from nearby industries made it look that way.

First Snowfall in Lebanon This Season!

After am abysmal winter last season, which limited the entire ski and snowboard season to a handful of days, not to mention the more dire issue of drought and water shortage across Lebanon, we really need Mother Nature to be generous this time around.

Ziad Rahbani Is Leaving Lebanon For Good and Moving To Russia

Picture via musicnation
I was never a big fan of Ziad Rahbani. I never liked his plays, his jokes or his views. Some of his songs are ok, specially the ones with Joseph Sakr but that’s about it. He said he’s leaving Lebanon for good but I doubt that Ziad is capable of committing to anything as he wasn’t even showing up to his own concerts lately.
PS: Someone should tell Ziad Russia is no longer communist.

Red Bull Car Park Drift At The Charles Helou Bus Station

The Red Bull Car Park Drift National Final is taking place this Saturday at the Charles Helou Bus Station starting 4pm. The Red Bull CPD is an event I always look forward to and the Charles Helou Bus Station sounds like the perfect location for it. See you all petrol heads there!

The Chase Kaslik Closed For Renovation

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is closing for good not just renovation. Business has been really slow in this part of Kaslik and a lot of restaurants have closed down there. The Chase holds a lot of memories for me as it used to be one of my favorite spots. The salad bar, the pizzas, the desserts and the merry cream during summer were the best!
I will keep checking to see if it’s going to reopen or not.

MSN is back. Seriously.

MSN from the Tanaklogia series by Tarek Chemaly

MSN is back. No, seriously,MSN is back. You know that retro vibe sweeping over everything from fashion to tech-styling (heck, there's even an arcade stand for the iPad called iCade and cassette iPhone cases), vintage clothing has never been more "in" (old school Versace and classic Pucci to name but two), and recup' is all the rage in interior decoration... Hence, MSN is back.
Who knows, the next Microsoft product might just be a newly revamped geocities complete with guestbooks!  

Sick Arguile Skills

Don’t try this at home and don’t smoke arguile at all if possible. If you are wondering why, click [Here].

Revealed: Amal Alamuddin is Wonder Woman.

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly

So now it's been revealed: Amal Alamuddin is the real Wonder Woman. Hollywood casting agents take note (and Mr. Clooney AKA Mr. Amal Alamuddin should get her signed to some top notch agent). This woman - like in the Percy Sledge song - "can do no wrong". Brains: check, education: check, style: check, and the list goes on.

Lebanese man goes nuts in Sydney airport

Old but Gold
Typically Lebanese :)

FASHAL – Driver’s Asleep

Taken by Lori Kh.

How to Access Banned Websites in Lebanon – Part 2

After so much amazing feedback on the first video, as promised, here’s the second, slightly more complicated, but much more reliable and secure method: using TOR and the TORbrowser.
Use this wisely, as on Lebanese Internet speeds, it’ll take a lot, lot longer than usual. But, worth it for the anonymity and by-passing unacceptable website bans in Lebanon.

Sneak Peek Pictures: Walkman Opening Tonight In Hamra

Walkman is a new pub and restaurant created by the same people behind February 30 and Checkpoint Charlie, two of my favorite pubs in Beirut. I love the 80s and Walkman is all about the 80s, so I am looking forward to visiting it.
I will post a full review soon. Until then, you can check further info [Here].

Beyond letters

Can you guess which four Arabic letters these are?

Profiling New Global Fashion Icon: Lebanon’s Amal Alamuddin

The world is smitten by its latest fashion icon, Amal Alamuddin or the new Mrs. Clooney. She’s managed to not only snag one of the most-coveted bachelors in the world but she’s also landed herself in the same ranks as some of the world’s fashion royalty and to get the nod from just about every usually unimpressed fashion editor out there.

Lebanese Detroit Doctor Pleads Guilty To Cancer Treatment Fraud

Almost a year after his arrest, Dr. Farid Fata has pled guilty to 16 counts including health care fraud, conspiracy to receive kickbacks and money laundering. He admitted to administering anti-cancer drugs that were medically unnecessary and filing claims to Medicare he knew to be fraudulent. All in all, Fata’s oncology centers submitted about $109 million in Medicare claims for chemotherapy and other cancer treatments between August 2007 and July 2013.
What a horrible human being!
You can read the full complaint [Here].

Pierre Hachache Answers Dr. Faisal al-Qassem

Check the video [Here] it’s hilarious!

On Religion

The rains have come (by the way) For months on end I diligently post my thoughts on odds and ends, yet never seem to elicit many comments. I get the occasional compliments, which I value tremendously, although I am rather lax when it comes to replying to them (but be advised, I do appreciate it!! . But in general, it is quiet in the comment section: this silence is fine with me: I write for me, and not for others.

Chanel: de Beauvoir feminism and Sartre existentialism

Source: Elle

One of the most insulting ways designer Karl Lagerfeld (creative director of Chanel) defended his use of exceptionally skinny models was to say "its easy to make clothes look good on a human hanger" - the same man finished the Chanel Spring Summer 2015 show today by holding a mock feminist parade with models such as Cara Delevigne, Kendall (formerly with a Jenner family name), or Gisele Bundchen carrying banners with messages such as "history is her story" or "he for she" (a nod to the Emma Watso

Of Amal or Hope

Yasmine is an inspiring young woman who is raising awareness about a very important cause in Lebanon. Domestic Violence.

Domestic violence is still taboo in Lebanon and even worse it is seen as permissible. The woman gets beaten up, she goes to her parents' house, they tell her to go back to her husband and the vicious cycle continues. Partly to spare the family from a "Fadiha" or scandal, partly because well what do you do? where do you go from here? How do you empower yourself?

You are somebody's daughter and now somebody's wife. But you never had the chance to be somebody yourself. Most often than not you do not have a steady source of income and even if you do, you probably have young kids to protect. And it goes on and on in a dizzying spiral.

Is It Possible To Change a Picture’s Caption On Instagram?

A friend was showing me how some Instagram account uploaded a picture of Amal Alameddine and George Clooney and wrote Anal instead of Amal, which is quite hilarious. However, I looked back at the account and the name was correctly spelled even though some of the comments were still laughing at the mistake and asking them to fix the name. As far as I know, the only way to change a picture’s caption on Instagram is by deleting it and rewriting the whole thing but then it will show under all the comments not at the top.

Couple Fighting In Hamra Street

I don’t really know what’s happening but it’s quite surprising that no one intervened to stop the man.

Hello Kids! Here’s How You Give Them The Finger

Spotted in Dbayyeh.
Thanks Chahe!

A 24 Hour Gym In Beirut

I don’t know if Goodlife Fitness is the first 24 hour gym in Beirut but that’s the first time I hear about one. Goodlife Fitness is opening in a couple of weeks in Ain El-Remmaneh, Aley, and Jal El Dib.

DiminBeirut: Premier League Clubs as Lebanese Religious Sects

Here’s a funny post on how Premier League Clubs can be seen as Lebanese Religious Sects. Manchester United are compared to Sunnis, Liverpool to Christian Maronites, Arsenal to Druzes, Christian Orthodox to Everton, Shiites to Chelsea etc ..
Check out the full article [Here].

A Night at O Monot Boutique Hotel

When it comes to hotels in Beirut, surprisingly your options are not as vast as one would expect from a country that relies so heavily on hospitality. You’d either have to check yourself into one of the usual larger five star suspects or take a gamble at one of the smaller less established “city” hotels with random, less comforting names that may leave you with a very bitter taste in your mouth, perhaps even literally.


Gebran Bassil And The Caroline Video: Scandals bi Samné w Scandals bi Zeit

I disapprove of what Gebran Bassil did in this video, and how our Minister of Education laughed at the joke, but it’s quite ironic how some Lebanese made a big deal out of this incident while disregarding the real scandals around them. Any scandal related to gender equality or women respect should be highlighted regardless of the political affiliation of the person behind it. There are still many Lebanese MPs and ministers who refuse to sign laws to protect women from violence and abuse yet barely anyone mentions them.

Lebanese Boxing Champion Alaeddine Ramadan Shot Dead In Vancouver

Alaaeddine is the one on the right
Alaeddine Ramadan is a 20-year old Lebanese boxing champion in Vancouver who was shot dead as he was leaving the sports club. The authorities are saying the shooting was premeditated and Canada’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has taken over the case. Some are saying the likely motive was preventing Alaeddine from winning the Vancouver boxing championship, as the Lebanese boxer had won his last five matches.
Here’s a [link] to the original story.