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Maya Diab Gets Pranked By Ramez Qersh El Baher

These pranks are not funny and shouldn’t be allowed in my opinion.
Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe and Lebanese actress Cyrine Abdelnour got pranked as well once but on a different show by Ramez Galal.
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Lebanon Water Festival 2014 Edition

The Lebanon Water Festival for the year 2014 will take place between August and September and is open to everyone. You can join in as a participants, spectator or volunteer and take part in activities like Underwater Diving, water skiing, sailing, surfing, stand up paddle and kite boarding.
Check out the full calendar [here] and go have some fun!

Uber: A New Approach to Taxiing… Now in Beirut

Ubers have been roaming around the Middle East since September 2013 and it wasn’t long until the shout out to bring Uber to Beirut City was heard! Yes that’s true…Uber just rolled right into its 6th city in the Middle East to set the coolest trend! Use promo code “uberNGNO” and we both get a free $10 »more...

Lebanese Don’t Like To Admit Defeat, Even In The World Cup

I’ve been asked by at least 5 people today about the stupid rumor circulating that Brazilian players got paid to lose the game to Germany. Apparently there’s an article in Arabic claiming that its source is AFP and that Brazilians lost the game on purpose. Needless to say, the story is fake and no one mentioned it except few lousy blogs and websites and it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Why the hell would the Brazilian team, who’s playing on home soil, want to get humiliated by the Germany team 7 to 1?

Elissa on VOGUE!

 She Never cease to amaze me with her inspired album covers, this one is inspired from many beauty ads and from fashion magazines!
Note: This is a teaser campaign, the real cover might be inspired by Angelina Jolie's latest movie!

Uber Now Available In Beirut

I’ve always heard about Uber but never tried it to be honest. Uber is a transportation app that you can use to request a ride by pinning your location and get picked up within minutes. Uber is available in more than 130 cities and 30 countries.
If you are a new user, here how it works:
1- Download Uber via the App Store on iOs & Android.
2- No need for cash. Register your account with a credit card (Visa/MasterCard).
3- Drop the pin on a pick up location & track the car in real-time.

UBER Launched in Beirut!

WOOOOOOW! I can’t believe Uber is now in Beirut! Uber is the awesome app I use to get around when I’m in a hurry and don’t feel like taking public transportation abroad.

Middle East’s Largest Karting Circuit Opening in Lebanon

It’s gonna be 1.3 kilometers long, the longest kart circuit in the Middle East, and it’s set to open this month! It’s located in Mtein, the hometown of the man behind this project, Walid Bou Sleiman.

Beirut To Nowhere

This is a documentary on the Fouad Boutros highway, a motorway connecting Hekmeh in Achrafieh to Mar Mikhail and piercing through one of the city’s old neighborhoods. There are a lot of people working against the project, but I don’t think it’s as bad as they are making it look. In fact, I got a presentation a while back on the project that I will share soon with you.

How The Lebanese Conquered Brazil

Photo of Beirut Port with ships used for migration (Credit: LERC Archives)

Lebanese Amhaz Electronics Hit By U.S. Sanctions

As far as I know, Ahmaz people were not really hiding their political allegiance, so they must have seen it coming. For those of you who don’t know Stars Group, they basically mobile phones to the majority of shops in Lebanon and always get the new phones ahead of others somehow.

Of all these things is made my summer wine (round up)

It could be the calmness of the summer, or the bad economic situation, or the languishness of Ramadan, whatever it is, there's precious little material rolling in. Still, I managed to gather those.

Newly Discovered Ruins Being Plundered in Downtown Beirut

It looks like the series of outright destruction and theft of Lebanon’s archeological treasures continues. Today, while walking by, a close friend noticed ruins being excavated on a new lot prepped for construction between the Bank Audi HQ and the Elie Saab HQ, just a stone’s throw away from the Prime Minister’s HQ (quite a fancy neighborhood, huh?).

How To Ramadan

What? A non-Muslim telling Muslims how to fast? The nerve!

Lebanon To Import Water From Turkey To Fight Shortage

Lebanon is in the extremely high water stress level [Map]
The previous government had plans to sell water to Cyprus less than a year ago and now we are planning to buy water from Turkey through Spragg bags due to the shortage we’re facing.
This is both sad and hilarious!

How To Find Your Soul Mate

Although my Facebook timeline has been flooded with puffy white wedding gowns and cute chubby newborns lately, a portion of my dearest friends (both ladies and gents) are a long way from settling down anytime soon. I say this with confidence because they’re either single and really fed up with mingling or they’re dating someone casually who they would never dream of introducing to the parents.

Batroun Khallia A7la: Beach Clean Up Campaign

A group of young Lebanese have started an initiative “Batroun Khalia A7la” aimed at keeping beaches in Batroun clean. They’ve already cleaned with the help of volunteers the Ghleyghile beach and gathered over 40 trash bags that included a TV, some car wheels, used baby diapers among other things. I uploaded before and after pictures from their Facebook page.

Hallab tastes much better than their bland campaign.

I am glad Hallab 1881 tastes much better than its campaign, because the campaign it launched is bland - "incolore inodore".

Between The World Cup And Israel’s Military Offensive Against Gaza

Ever since Israel started its offensive against Gaza few days ago, a lot of people have been showing their support for the Palestinian people while some of them have been bashing football fans for not caring enough about Gaza and cheering for their teams. “How could you watch the World Cup while children are dying?” and “Shame on you for ignoring the massacres on Palestine” are some of the messages I got and I couldn’t but laugh at them.

Lebanese Government Plan To Fight Water Scarcity

via Al Jomhouria
Brazil fans can be quite helpful if that’s the case lol!

UK Embassy Updates Travel Advice To Lebanon

Bass fi a7la min Lebnen?
The security situation in parts of Lebanon can deteriorate quickly. There is potential for further violence, which could restrict departure options. The ability of the British government to provide assistance with departures may be limited. Keep up to date with developments, be vigilant, follow local advice and avoid any protests or demonstrations. Roads can become blocked due to protests. See Political situation

10 Gino’s Guestlist Passes for The Garten This Saturday

So, it was bound to eventually happen. The nice guys and gals at Uberhaus have given this blog’s reader’s the chance to be on the guestlist this Saturday for SERGIO & BENOIT‘s LIVE set.

FAIL: Sami Gemayel’s World Cup Tweet and Carole Samaha’s Lebanese English

I don’t know what has gotten into Sami’s head, or whomever is managing his account, to tweet such a thing, but I am glad they deleted the tweet quickly. This is a football game and it has nothing to do with Hitler, genocides or world wars.

Everything You NEED to Know About Civil Marriage in Lebanon

Some Background
Most of us believe that the reason we can get married a civil marriage in Lebanon, is because of a loophole left over from the days of France’s mandate over Lebanon post World War I. It’s called “Karrar 60″ and was issued in 1936, and it elaborated that individuals who do not belong to the 18 recognized sects, can choose to get married a civil marriage.

All About Brazil’s Humiliating 7-1 Defeat To Germany

Image by Michael Steele
I still can’t believe Germany won that easily yesterday against Brazil, and I really feel bad for Brazil fans as this is by far the most humiliating defeat Brazil has ever witnessed. In fact, it is even worse than the 1950 loss because the Brazilian team didn’t even put on a fight, and if the 2-1 loss to Uruguay at Maracanã Stadium still haunts the Brazilian team, I don’t know how they will get over yesterday’s trashing.

New detergent from Abou Fouad: Ja 7 bi 1.

After yesterday's World Cup sweep, Abou Fouad - our household trouble-shooting extraordinaire - is marketing a new detergent Ja 7 bi 1 a new and improved version of Yes 3 bi 1 except it comes from Germany. I hear it's very efficient on salsa spots.

Pew: 92% of Lebanese are Concerned About Islamic Extremism

Among Arab countries, and practically all the surveyed countries, Lebanon ranked #1 in terms of people being concerned over rising Islamic Extremism.

Artist Saint Hoax is Lebanese! (CORRECTION: SYRIAN)

After more intel gathered, I apologize for the mistake. Saint Hoax is actually a Syrian, living in Lebanon. Sorry for the mix-up, but I’m sure we’re all as excited and proud!

A series of shocking posters went viral online over the past couple of weeks. They featured Disney princesses like Ariel, Jasmine and Cinderella either beaten up Rihanna-style, or locked in a forceful embrace and kiss with their dads.

Print your phone pictures anywhere with Pringo!

I really like when occasionally people send me cool stuff to review on my blog;Pringo has been officially launched into the Lebanese market and I was lucky enough to be one of the first to test it, so thanks again Gulbenk Trading Company for this amazing gadget!
All you have to do is download the Pringo App, create an account and you are ready to snap pictures and print them. Very easy!

Boutros-Francois Harb-Mitterand (the coypcat)

Oh dear me! How does one react when a prominent Lebanese politician (currently a minister) who steals BLATANTLY one of the most famous political slogans in the history of communications - "la force tranquille" for Francois Mitterant becomes "al quowa al hadi2a" (which litteraly means "la force tranquille" in Arabic). Please Mr. Harb stop insulting our intelligence, this is nothing but pure theft.