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FASHAL – Nike, Just Do It?

Taken by Hamza Mekdad in Hamra

Getting Used To Bombings In Lebanon

Three explosions have taken place ever since I started writing this blog post almost a week ago. I don’t know why the bombings are all of a sudden back but the summer season is ruined that’s for sure and more innocent civilians and brave security members are dying. The one thing that did not change is how Lebanese react after every bombing, and how quickly they forget and move along with their lives, as if they’ve gotten used to explosions and they’ve become part of their everyday life.

Keep Your Bombs Away From Lebanon

Spotted in Sin el Fil

Bonsoir... Bonsuarez!

So you know the greeting "bonsoir", and a Lebanese would reply "bonsoirien" (two bonsoirs!) - but this time it's a bonsuarez what's with the Urguayan player having had a antipasti from the Italian player.

Lord of the Wings EPIC Luis Suarez Joke

I have to say, there were plenty of good taunts and jokes, but this one was brilliantly adapted to turn it into a cheeky advertisement. I’m suddenly craving wings! Photo from the Lord of the Wings FB page.

A Friendly Post to Muslims About Ramadan

I’m a very outspoken, irreverent atheist. This makes a lot of people dislike me, and I don’t have a problem with that. I am wholeheartedly convinced religion is not only wrong, but very detrimental to our lives and humanity’s progress. However, please put this aside for this post, and I promise I’ll be as respectful as possible.

Come Watch the World Cup Tomorrow in Uruguay St and Support SKOUN!

Skoun are the awesome people fighting for drug users’ rights, and take care of drug addicts’ treatment, free of charge. It’s thanks mainly to them, that drug users from now on don’t face torture, humiliation and jail time, but instead get the necessary help they need, as they say: “Support, Don’t Punish”

Five Lebanese bands with cool names!

Before anything let me stress this - I have little experience in music, I am not here to critique the output of the bands in questions, and most of these bands are foreign to me. This post is exclusively aimed at arabic-named bands (hence Who Killed Bruce Lee, the Kordz (for whom I have written a song), Arcane, etc.... will not be included). Also since the post is not about musical merit but about funkiness of name Mashrou3 Leila, Adonis, and other bands are not in.
So here they are, five Lebanese bands with cool names (in no particular order).

New Annahar ad has been done before. And better.

The new Annahar ad which has been online today of the word "Lebanon" written on the sand has been done before. Here's the visual proof above taken from my archive.

Forever 21 Set to Open in Beirut

The LA-based retailer Forever 21 is finally coming to Beirut. It’s set to open in mid-August at City Centre Beirut in what seems to be quite a large space.
For anyone who’s been abroad, especially the gals out there, you know how affordable and trendy the place can be. At least that’s what I can tell based on the amount of bags embalzoned with “Forever 21″ whenever I go shopping (more like window-shopping =P) in the GCC or the States.
More details when I get them!

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Recognizes Lebanese Elisabeth Sioufi as a 2014 TIP Report Hero

It’s good to hear some Lebanese are actively contributing to ending human trafficking and are being recognized for their efforts. Congrats to Elisabeth!

Lebanon Not So Stable And Secure

Just when we thought things had calmed down in Lebanon, suicide bombers are back to remind us of how fragile the situation is. The only “positive” aspect of the last two bombings is that the ISF were able to stop these terrorists before they reached their final destination and avoided Lebanon a true massacre.
Respect to the ISF and Lebanese Army martyrs.

"Bouée" a new series by Tarek Chemaly

Apprends a nager (detail)

Gaby Lteil (detail)

Lykan Hypersport Driving In Monaco

The Lykan is a bad ass super-car but we have yet to see it racing or speeding on a track. The only video that came out in November shows nothing and the engine sounds were pretty dull.
They should let Top Gear review it.

Chou We2fit 3al Shabeb? Bride Shooting In The Air At Her Wedding

The video says it’s in Lebanon but there’s no proof of that, even though it does look like a Lebanese wedding.

Rubik Opening July 4th: Here’s the Where and What

So, you’ve all seen the Rubik teaser campaigns all over social media. So, I dug a little deeper and got the information we’ve all been wondering about.
Rubik is a pop-up club. It doesn’t have a specified venue, and will be moving around Lebanon to do parties twice a month. The music promises to be great, with Gunther on board to help make sure the musical menu is something we’ll like.

The Happy Prince… The Transformation!

Almost a year passed since my last visit to The Happy Prince, so it was time to come back for an update. I was not impressed with last year’s visit, maybe because the restaurant was newly opened and they may have been overwhelmed by the thousands of customers who all came at once to try »more...

Najwa Karam’s Take On Domestic Violence

Taken from @NajwaKaram
I am not sure what she meant by this reply but it didn’t sound right at all. She could have condemned domestic violence and that’s about it.

Moschino uses Arabic calligraphy for SS'15

After Kenzo and KTZ now comes Moschino (newly creatively directed by Jeremy Scott) with its own take on Arabic calligraphy on their clothes. Interestingly, Scott goes as far as using graffiti lettering as well. I guess now it's some established trend to use Arabic!

Maison de la Gaufre: Dark Chocolate Stuffed Waffles

One of Zaitunay Bay’s newest spots is a Waffle parlor that caught my attention while walking along the corniche. “Maison de la Gaufre”, which translates to “The House of Waffles” welcomes you in a cozy and chic setup preparing waffles a-la-minute for those of you with a sweet tooth. Established in 2003 and under-license from Belgium »more...

Fayrouz Has A New Song

The song is in memory of Assi Rahbani.
via Abir

Profiling Lebanon’s Next First Lady: Marianne Henry Helou

Meet Marianne Helou, wife of Lebanese presidential candidate Henry Helou who’s name is currently being deliberated as a possible consensus candidate by the Progressive Socialist party. But it’s not Henry nor his political aspirations we’re interested in rather it’s Mrs. Helou, his French wife.
She’s a top tier socialite and a regular front rower at Paris Couture Week with her “glossy fur coat, her blonde hair perfectly coiffed.” 

Project By International Lebanese Firm “Domaine Public Architects” Chosen By Adobe For The Launch Of Photoshop CC 2014

The product launch and thirty second feature presentation is accessible on Adobe’s website [Here].
You can check out Domaine Public Architect’s projects [Here].

Gemmayze Pub: Shirtless Girls Get Free Drinks

Maybe this pub is the reason why mystery nudists are being spotted in Mar Mikhael.

Real life Lemony Snicket has been found in Lebanon

For those of you who do not know Lemony Snicket - he's the author of (and also a character in) "a series of unfortunate events" which is a line of books whereby every imaginable bad thing that could happen, ends up happening (comparatively Murphy's laws are benign when you put them to the scale of horror of Lemony Snicket), and here ladies and gentlemen we have found the real life Lemony Snicket boy in Lebanon.
Introducing the boy who lost his parents in the SOS villages ad and the one whose father comes back to beat him the March ad against domestic violence. The poor kid is having it bothways - first no parents, then an abusive father shows up.

Video Showing Zghorta’s Mayor Toufic Moawad Fatal Car Crash

LBCI shared today a security camera footage showing the moment Toufic Moawad’s Audi Q7 crashed into a truck on the Dora highway. Looking at the video, and regardless whether the drive had been drinking or fell asleep or was speeding, this truck should not be parked that way on the freaking highway! Moreover and like Yasa has pointed out in the picture below, Toufic could have survived the crash if the proper road safety measures were taken on the back of the truck.
In all cases, whatever we say won’t bring back Toufic who was loved and admired in his hometown.
May he rest in peace.

Frozen Beer Slushies

Get a cold cap on your beer and enhance your thirst-quenching drinking experience with the Frozen Beer Slushie Maker by Kirin Ichiban. Created by Kirin, one of Japan’s top drink manufacturers, this is part of a big recent trend in “cold” or even “super cold” beers in Japan. These “frozen beer” slushies were a huge »more...

Global Eclair Program by Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts

In anticipation of National Chocolate Éclair Day (June 22), Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts announced the launch of its first-ever global éclair program in partnership with award-winning pastry chef and new LM100 member Johnny Iuzzini. As part of the brand’s new culinary program, Le Méridien hotels and resorts worldwide will offer guests the opportunity to »more...

Celebrate Chocolate Eclair Day. Where Would You Go?

June 22 is National Chocolate Eclair Day… Yey… as if we need another reason to treat ourselves to something sweet. The eclair has been a favorite treat since its creation in the 1860s, and it will undoubtedly continue to be a bakery shop staple for a long time. Today go grab some eclairs, guilt free, »more...

Lebanon vs Worldwide Obesity Levels: 15.9% Of Boys Under 20 Years Are Obese

According to a new study by the Lancet, the world is getting fatter and the prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased in children and adolescents in developing countries to 12.9% in 2013 for boys and 13.4% in girls. Here are some of the numbers related to Lebanon and the Arab countries that I’ve collected from the study.

Is Diego Maradona Really Coming To Lebanon?

I read on Beiruting that Maradona is coming this September to Lebanon to reach at a high school in Broumana but I can’t find the news anywhere else. It would be awesome if we could meet him in person while he’s here.
Lebanese football federation agrees with Diego Armando Maradona to teach in lebanon, in September 2014 he will teach in one of the most important high schools in Broumana-Lebanon.

Almaza pisses on itself, recycles slogans.

They say pissing is recycling beer...

Did Castania just steal BeirutNTSC? (UPDATE)

I published my own on June 5 theirs on June 18. So apparently they did take it from me.

I just got this message from Castania Nuts via Facebook after mailing them:
Thank you for your message. Tabit awkatoukom was not stolen , but i guess great minds think alike. We always look forward to be creative and different. We are big fans of Beirut/Ntsc as well. Have a nice weekend.

Another round up (but it's scrapping the barrel).

I admit, I had to resort to my unpublished photos to make my round up today so much the market seems so empty these days (and yet it's full-on summer)!

 AFDC (Association for Forests, Development and Conservation) bring us "Albi min el nar lawi" which means "my heart is the fire is scorched", originally a lovers' term to express affection but in this case it is about preventing wildfires.