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The HitchHike Girls Representing Lebanon At The “Red Bull Can You Make It” Adventure

The Hitchhike Girls will be representing Lebanon At The “Red Bull Can You Make It” Adventure after their video was voted the winner out of 37 submissions. The adventure begins on April 4th and you can track the Lebanese Team’s progress on this [Link].
Good Luck Girls!

Lebanese Individuals, Companies and Organizations Participating In The 2014 Green Mind Awards

Ixsir Winery
The Green Mind Award is an annual program that awards the Top Green Achievements done by Individuals, Companies and Organizations in the MENA Region. Here’s a list of participants from Lebanon that you can vote for under their respective category:
The Green NGO Award
- The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), The Green Production Help Desk (GHD)
- Beirut Green Project, Beirut Green Guide

Shockolat: 85% Dark Chocolate, Sorbet, No-Milk Ice Cream

Last year, I was happily impressed to discover what I called “the darkest chocolate ice cream in Lebanon.” Back then, I didn’t get much details about this invention but enjoyed its rich chocolate color and flavor.

Kahwet Leila: I Was Expecting Better…

I enjoy coming back to a place I have tried several times and enjoyed. With every visit comes a different experience, some of which are good and others end up being a bit disappointing. Kahwet Leila is one such place I have enjoyed several times… but this time, although the food was acceptable, a few other things I encountered during my last visit, left me a bit disappointed, especially coming from a brand like Leila. 

The New Royal Jordanian Business Lounge is Breathtaking

You won’t understand why I am describing the new Royal Jordanian Business lounge, Crown Lounge, as ‘breathtaking’ unless you’ve actually experienced the old Jordanian airport.

Cuisipro Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Making delicious ice cream sandwiches has never been easier with the Cuisipro Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker. It’s easy to use.

Remove trucks from our highway!

The highway should not be a parking lot for the trucks @tmclebanon #yasalebanon @KUNHADI #traffic #danger #Lebanon— J o e (@JoesBox) February 27, 2014Every day when driving to my work I got stuck in the traffic jam like all Lebanese drivers, a long trucks parking line causing a huge traffic jam on the safra highway.

LBCI Weather Girl Can’t Stop Laughing

As long as the other girl who fell didn’t hurt herself, I guess that’s fine.

Self-Cleaning Subway Strap Protects Against Gross Germs

Studies have shown that the subway is littered with bacteria, from Enterococcus to Streptococcus (that’s poop and disease-causing bacteria, respectively). Various forms of these bacteria can cause illnesses, especially when trapped in an enclosed environment like a subway car. A team of designers may have a solution.

Earth Hour 2014 In Lebanon

Earth Hour is taking place this year on Saturday March 29th at 8:30pm. Last year, Achrafieh went dark for an hour to celebrate Earth Hour and I hope this years other cities from all around Lebanon will do the same. Thousands of cities in more than 150 countries will switch off their lights for Earth Hour 2014.
This global event is to remind us all that we have to seriously start considering renewable energies as individuals and as a country.
You can check out [Earth Hour Lebanon] for further info.

A Car-Free Day In Monot Street On March 30

In case you haven’t been there to any of the car-free days organized by Achrafieh2020, here’s your chance to attend one on March 30 in Monot Street, Achrafieh.

Hajj Nasr Sandwiches… Doesn’t Seem to be Closing Down Anytime Soon

Many of you may know Hajj Nasr, one of the smallest sandwhicherias in Lebanon. You must have come across it, even if you haven’t actually tried it. Nestled in the heart of Achrafieh’s busy streets, Hajj Nasr, known for his abrupt character, welcomes people who wait in line for their turn to grab whatever is left in the kitchen to make.

Media One Hotel, Dubai: A Fresh Place with Enjoyable Colors

Colors and more colors follow you all around the Media One Hotel in Dubai. The minute you walk into the lobby, into the black elevators and around the corridors that lead to your room – you are overwhelmed with colors that ready your senses for a great experience ahead. Soothing colors that are relaxing and fresh including green and back lit violet create a a zen ambiance… But I must note that the zen ambiance may be altered by the mass advertising internal campaigns that will pollute your well being.

Cool Discovery by Project Revolver: Meet The Sea-Ders (The Cedars), Also Known As “The Beatles of Lebanon”

I love digging out stories from Beirut’s pre-war glory days and I’m surprised that I haven’t heard about the Sea-ders band until now all thanks to ProjectRevolver‘s research. The Sea-ders, who started off with the name “Top 5″ during the 1950s are presumably the first ever rock band to appear on stage in Lebanon. They were inspired by the popular rock bands that emerged at the time, and went on to record a total of 10 tracks and land a major deal in London during the 1960s.

Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Pepsi Max surprise commuters with an 'unbelievable' augmented reality experience at a bus shelter on New Oxford Street in London. 
Via: +Marketing Strategy Local 

Beirut/NTSC lands its Vogue cover

Apparently these days anyone can land a Vogue Cover, so anyone just did. Introducing the Beirut/NTSC new Vogue cover for the month of April! The devil does wear Prada apparently.

Do You Mind if I Eat While you’re Smoking?

A question that we should ask ourselves the other way round, especially since law no. 174 that bans smoking in all closed public places including restaurants was put into effect. However, Lebanon and its Lebanese citizens never cease to derogate from all legal reasoning and logic, wanting to continually be refractory from any obligation or rule of respect for others.

Pizza Hut: Order Your Pizza on a Touchscreen Table

With an interactive concept table customers can visualize their pizza orders and customize them on the spot thanks to a smart partnership between Pizza Hut and Chaotic Moon Studios.

Kunhadi - better late than... Sorry?

Research credit: G.H.

Five Foods That Stay Good Past Their Expiration Dates

A 2013 report from Harvard Law School and the Natural Resources Defense Council states confusion over food dating has led 91 percent of Americans to throw away food prematurely. Interesting to know, as reported on Huffington Post.


You Will Soon Taste Your Food by Smelling It

“Taste” a variety of foods by smelling its scent – a new invention called The Aromafork by Molecule-R. You can now test out different food combinations before actually cooking and eating them.

City Mall - goes monkey business for mother's day

Image source here

City Mall, for mother's day, goes big on transliteration.... The concept is purely entrenched in the region and goes back to the saying "el erd by 3ayn emmo ghazel" (the monkey is a gazelle in its mother's eyes)... And so there is the origin of this ad - but you know - apparently the people of City Mall or their ad agency thought it was groovier to say it in English.
Bah. Law el habal bi wajje3

Kylie Mingoue reunites with... Who?

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly as part of "Lebanon's history book" series.

The Beirut/NTSC mother's day weekend offer

Beirut/NTSC is teaming up with Kisma make up to present to you this offer. A full box complete with a fur brooch, the "Ounousa" perfume bottle, and an elegant handkerchief. This trendy collaboration issued on Mother's day and valid for one week can be found in major stores and in pharmacies.
And with this Beirut/NTSC wishes everyone a happy mother's day weekend!

True Najwa Karam Fan

I would have spent the money on fixing the car.
Thanks Remy!

On the Prowl

To Foxy
It's the absence—always the absence—that gets us.
A habit lingering long after, a slip of the tongue,
a look in the direction of what remains...

And the night—always the night—mercilessly
weaving ghosts out of shadows, the cold
confrontation of mind facing sleep.

Your stained bed turned a wailing pad,
where your smell lingers we now muffle our cries.
Your bowls soaking in the kitchen sink,
your leash by the door, your food going stale
in the closet, along with half-chewed bones.
We no longer have to sneak out, but
nor is there a bark now to welcome us back.
The only sound is his sobbing,
like a jackhammer to my gut.

The last time I saw you,

Chris Daniels Lands Strange Free Throw To Help Sagesse Beat Riyadi In Manara

Hekmeh were up by 1 point with 2 seconds left and 1 free throw left for Chris Daniels. Start watching at 1:34:45 and see how he won the game for his team. I wouldn’t call it a sportsmanlike move but there’s nothing illegal about it.

See How Tobacco Affects Your Body… A Live Feed

Nicotine is the addictive drug in tobacco smoke that causes smokers to continue to smoke. Addicted smokers need enough nicotine over a day to ‘feel normal’ – to satisfy cravings or control their mood. How much nicotine a smoker needs determines how much smoke they are likely to inhale, no matter what type of cigarette they smoke.
Along with nicotine, smokers inhale about 7,000 other chemicals in cigarette smoke. Many of these chemicals come from burning tobacco leaf. Some of these compounds are chemically active and trigger profound and damaging changes in the body.

Walt Disney’s Popular Frozen-Inspired Suite

Walt Disney Studios has unveiled the Frozen-inspired suite at Quebec City’s famed Hôtel de Glace. Created entirely out of sculpted ice and snow and supervised by the film’s art director Michael Giaimo, the “Frozen Suite” is modeled after Anna & Elsa’s (characters in the movie) bedrooms. The collaboration will also include a “Frozen Activity Cave” bringing the wonder of Disney’s wintry tale to life like never before.

Driving Miss Daisy

School's out (for the week)

Drop It Like It’s Hot: Innovation in Restaurant Business

Imagine you order a sandwich and pay via PayPal, and wait at a designated spot that’s marked with an ‘X’ to pick-up their sandwich, which comes floating down from the 7th floor. This is what Jafflechutes does… a popup restaurant that sends down your sandwiches in a parachute.

Oprah Launches Her Own Tea with Starbucks

Just when you thought Brand Oprah couldn’t extend into any new categories, the media queen can now be found in a Starbucks near you: with the Teavana Oprah Chai Tea.

Miyou by Guy Martin: Michelin Style Sandwiches

Miyou by Guy Martin is a place I have been meaning to try for some time now. Checking-in Terminal E-K of the French capital, you can’t but notice the only restaurant or let’s say more of a sandwicheria, called Miyou: Fine sandwiches, salads, bites and desserts created with a certain touch of luxury.

Guy Martin (born February 3, 1957) is

Bubbling Hot Pizza in Minutes…

The Artisan Fire outdoor pizza oven brings modern ease and convenience to the art of old-world pizza making. Once preheated, the oven turns out perfect Neapolitan-style pies with crisp, charred crust and bubbling cheese in mere minutes.

4 Interesting/Funny Things That Happened During The Lebanese Parliament Sessions

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Post by STOP Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon.

I honestly have mixed feelings about the video above. It could be interpreted as a joke but I didn’t find it appropriate at all.