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Ramly, interview + live performance on Ruptures (9 June 2014)

Lebanese folk singer/songwriter ELIE RAMLY was the guest of Ruptures for an exclusive interview and two live performances of tracks taken from his forthcoming EP, Beneath The Morning Sun. Listen to Part 1: ruptures ramly (part 1) (Ramly / Led Zeppelin / Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young / Ramly) Listen to Part 2: ruptures ramly (part 2) (RAMLY LIVE / […]

Interior Minister Machnouk Did The Right Thing By Postponing Game 5 Between Riyadi and Sagesse

Neshan wasn’t very happy with Machnouk’s decision
Game 5 between Riyadi and Sagesse was about to kick off yesterday when officials received an order from the Interior ministry to postpone the game due to security reasons. While I find it weird that both teams weren’t informed ahead of time of such a decision, I think Machnouk took the right call by banning fans and holding the games an on a neutral ground, which will be Emile Lahoud’s stadium in Mar Roukoz.

Watching The World Cup for Free + Thoughts

UPDATE: The Telco industry is gonna pay the money. It’s now free for all. No need to do all the below =P
via Chi7as
Before reading this, I recommend you read Mustapha’s take on why watching the World Cup isn’t really a “right” like so many people are calling it.

Intellectual Property Ethics and Online Content Creation For Your Brand: Ivy Says for Entrepreneur

In June’s issue of Entrepreneur Middle East I discuss the ethical quagmire of online content creation and your brand. Does drawing constant inspiration through recycling ideas and recreating  visuals make your idea original or does it constitute intellectual property theft?

Over 3 Million Internet Users In Lebanon By 2017

According to a study conducted by Madar Research & Development center, 69.2 percent of the Lebanese population will be using the internet by the end of 2017, as opposed to just 45.1 percent in 2012. That means we will reach 3.2 million users in 2017 and will have the 5th highest number of internet users in the Arab World, after Bahrain (87.4 percent), Kuwait (73.7 percent), Morocco (72.4 percent) and the United Arab Emirates (72.2 percent).
Of course what matters most is that we have an internet as quick and abundant as the ones in other Arab countries and it looks like we are on the right path.

Lebanese Ministers Trying To Resolve World Cup Broadcasting Rights In Lebanon

via Chi7as
Telecom Minister Boutros Harb, as well as the Finance minister and Sports minister are apparently working on resolving the World Cup broadcasting rights in Lebanon with Sama, the sole agent responsible for broadcasting the tournament. Minister Harb said he should be making a pleasant announcement in the upcoming hours.

“Satanic Worshipping”: Only People Stupider than Police is Future TV

It’s funny that right after the child-rapist Mansur Labaki was “mysteriously” exonerated the day after the Maronite Patriarch went to visit Pope Francis, the unbelievably stupid and idiotic practice of “cracking down of satan worshippers” is back. Here, I’m going to ask a few questions:
1- Darak, have you heard of Jaegermeister? Or is it just Red Label and Farrouj you take as bribes?
So, one of the world’s most known brands of alcohol (whose recipe was concocted by monks btw, oh the delicious irony!) sponsored and marketed a “black mass” right off the main highway of the capital? I mean, come on, people are stupid, but not everyone has the IQ of a police officer or Future TV correspondent.

Lebanese Cyclist Toni Khoury Dies In Kuwait Accident

Lebanese Cyclist Toni Khoury was killed in Kuwait when a taxi hit him as he was cycling a couple of days ago. Toni is originally from Amchit but has been living in Kuwait for the past 16 years, and is a member of the Kuwait Cycling team. He was married and had two children.
May he rest in peace.

Jägermeister Demonic Worshippers Arrested In Lebanon

I couldn’t stop laughing while watching the report and seeing the pictures shared online. How could they have missed the Friday 13th hashtag on the wall and what does Jägermeister have to do with anything here?
I love Jägermeister and I attend creepy Halloween or Friday the 13th themed parties. Does that make me a devil worshiper?

FAIL: Number Buzy

via YasaLebanon
It shouldn’t be so hard for the police to spot and stop this car. After all, aside from not having any plate number, he definitely didn’t pass the “Mecanique” if he ever went there.

Of yellow vintage cars in Beirut.

 Peugeot 304

 Porsche 1600 Super

Dekkenet El Balad Offering Free Diplomas + List Of The Most Corrupt Public Institutions

Since it’s the Lebanese official exams’ season, Dekkenet el Balad decided to hit the streets and distribute free Brevet and Baccalaureate diplomas for those interested. Moreover, they published on their website the below “Champions of Corruption” list showing where most of the bribes are taking place in Lebanon.

Dabboussy Moghrabieh Sandwiches: An Ancient Inspiration in Tripoli

My latest discovery is something unique to the city of Tripoli. We all know moghrabieh, but did you ever imagine it as a street food and not just any street food, but as a sandwich? Yes, in the heart of the old souks, built more than 900 years ago, is a small shop that has been »more...

Smile! We're In!

 At a Beirut pub, somewhere in downtown Beirut, the Dutchanxiously awaited the verdict; Were we going to meet our demise, just like 4 years ago? Was it going to be an early ending of a World Championship? The Spaniards are an opponent not to be taken for granted. Actually, they’re an opponent we kind of fear. So we went without a lot of hope. After all . . .

Woman Comes Back To Find Her Mar Mikhail House Partly Demolished: Developer Promises To Buy Her A New Home

Updates: One of the people who commented, is saying he is the lady’s son and the developer didn’t offer anything or even show up. On the other hand, Prad is saying the contractor had warned the woman prior to demolishing the building next to hers and had signed an agreement with her two months ago to terminate her rental agreement.

Mezze (A Labor of Love)

Hummus and tabbouleh are not considered foreign words any more—through sheer good taste and a growing interest in a healthy Mediterranean diet, they have earned their place in the common vernacular of English speakers around the world. But the Lebanese have a secret which, thanks to Barbara Abdeni Massaad, is now yours to make your own: their beloved hummus and tabbouleh are »more...

Four Seasons Beirut Lebanese Street Foods Photo Contest

The Four Seasons Beirut Hotel is running a pretty cool competition asking people to take shots of their favorite Lebanese Street Foods and share them [here], or on Instagram/Twitter by using the hashtag #LBStreetFaves (and tagging @FSBeirut) for a chance to win a stay at the hotel.

The Lebanese Association For Democratic Elections (LADE) Launches Mobile App to Monitor Elections

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections, also known as LADE, is a civil, independent and nonprofit organization specialized in monitoring the elections, studying the electoral systems and laws and pushing local political parties to introduce reforms in line with the international standards of electoral laws.

What If Charbel Zoe Had Picked PitBull’s Outfit?

Charbel with Carmen Electra


via StopCulturalTerrorismInLebanon
I am not sure if this is a stunt or not but I thought it was fun. If it’s a stunt to advertise for some yoga or meditation classes, she chose the perfect spot as all the drivers go crazy at this intersection.

Be My Eyes and Taste Buds on June 20

Just heard about this… Exciting news for those who happen to be coming to Lebanon from Paris on June 20 on board Air France? To be more specific, on board flight number AF562 CDG-BEY, departing from CDG at 4.30pm… If so, you’re in for a treat… and I would love to hear all about it »more...

Al Zahra, Tripoli: Sweet Delights Since 1930

Breakfast at Akra led us to a quick discovery before lunch. We were informed that the finest ice cream spot is located a hundred meters down the street, so we started walking. Al Zahra, Zakaria brothers located somewhere in the heart of Tripoli has been producing ice cream since 1930. I’m sorry but I can’t tell »more...

Asshole Contractors Damage Old Woman’s House to Force Her To Evacuate in Mar Mikhael

Imagine leaving your home, the one you’ve been living in for decades, and coming back to realize that one of its entire sides is gone, demolished. This is what happened to an elderly lady in Mar Mikhael yesterday. A construction project had taken over two adjacent buildings from the 1920s (facing Locale), and wanted to include the house she lives in (from the 1900s!).

Revolution in Wine Aeration

Introducing the all-new aerator by Vinaera, the world’s fastest electronic air pressure opener, that processes 4 ounces of liquid every 8 seconds – which is 6 times faster than your ‘now-outdated’ funnel style aerator. Now you can aerate your wine in seconds… while showing off your new advanced gadget.  The handy device can be fastened »more...

Where To Watch The FIFA World Cup In Lebanon?

Check out this cool list on Lebtivity of all the venues that are showing the World Cup games in Lebanon. It’s not just restaurants that are broadcasting the games but also nightclubs and pubs like The Gärten, B018, Feb30, Checkpoint Charlie and many others.

Akra Tripoli: Enjoying Foul The Old Fashioned Way

Our Tripoli street tour started at Akra, a renowned foul and hummus place known as ‘the cave’. In the heart of the old souk, a few meters away from the clock, Akra is a wonderful place and I’m happy we came here. Foul, hommos madkouk, foul bi thini, hommos lahme, malizia and fatteh, everything is »more...

Lebanese Flag Spotted At The Brazil World Cup Opening Ceremony

via Mayssa
There’s another picture circulating with the same guy holding the Amal party flag. I don’t know if it’s a photoshopped one but I will stick to that one. Speaking of the ceremony, I didn’t like it much to be honest and the first game that followed was a huge disappointment, as Brazil sucked and the referee was the uncontested man of the match, specially with that outrageous penalty he gave to Brazil.

Helping A Young Lebanese Talent Pursue Her Dreams: Send Reine To Ballet Camp in New York

Reine seems like a very talented ballet dancer and has been working hard for years to pursue her dream. Going to a two-week intensive ballet class in New York may change her life forever and I think she deserves that chance. British Airways has already offered Reine and her mother two free round-trip tickets to New York and her dance instructor in New York has offered them a place to stay in her home. What’s left is for Reine to collect the trip expenses to make this trip a reality.

This Weekend’s Party Schedule

Thursday: SKYBAR Opening / B018′s 80s Night World Cup Theme

It’s the opening tonight, so make sure you’ve already booked cause it’s gonna be packed. Check the details here.