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Lebanese Teacher Caught On Camera Beating Students

The school in question is the Makassid school in Nabatieh and the teacher got fired and is being sued. He deserves to be in jail for what he’s done!

The Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female Chef of 2014: Helena Rizzo

Helena Rizzo of Mani Restaurant, in São Paulo, Brazil has been named the 2014 Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female Chef and will be honoured at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, in London on the 28thApril.

New Telecom Minister Boutros Harb To Lower Mobile Phone Rates

Telecom Minister Boutros Harb tweeted yesterday that he asked Alfa and Touch to revise the contracts signed with the state in an attempt to improve the quality of services and reduce the cost of cellular calls. I honestly don’t think Harb has enough time to make drastic changes but as Matt stated, he could suggest new rates for mobile phone users and let the cabinet vote on them.

Who Do You Want As President?

So, the presidential election is supposed to happen within the next 2 months. But, it’s Lebanon and nothing will go according to the law and constitution.

Horeca 2014: Meet the Entire Food Industry Face to Face

Established in 1993, HORECA is the region’s largest annual meeting place for both the Hospitality and Food & Beverage Service Industries. HORECA 21thedition includes:

  • The International Trade Show for the Hospitality & Foodservice Industry
  • The International Trade Show for the Food Industry
  • Beirut International Wine & Drinks Fair

The event promises an array of exhibitors across all aspects of the industry. 

Small Fridge? Who Wants? Loving it…

How cute… You thought it was a real fridge didn’t you?

Ras Beirut Police Bike Patrol

Can you spot the cop in this picture?
via WeAreLebanon

Tsunami: My Latest Coup de Coeur

Two years have passed since I last published my TOP10 Japanese restaurants in Lebanon and Tsunami was not part of it. To tell you the truth, I have avoided Tsunami for some time now; I encountered two disastrous delivery experiences. After finally taking the step into this Japanese hot spot, I apologize for taking the time to do so.

An Application Encouraging You to Get Drunk! – Drink Til You LIVR

Drinking heavily in the presence of your smartphone is one of the best ways to rebel in the 21st century. Nothing says ‘I’m King Boss and I Do What I Want’ like maybe sending a misspelt text to a friend or leaving hilarious voicemails of you sobbing bitterly on your ex’s answerphone.
Lifestyle app LIVR provides users a revolutionary social experience built around casual drinking and access to a global, online party accessible only by blowing into a plug-in breathalyzer.

YallaCondoms: Why Would I Want To Order Condoms Online?

There’s a new website in Lebanon where you can shop for condoms and have them delivered to you within 48 hours, anonymously and discreetly. I wasn’t aware people are still ashamed of going to pharmacies and buying condoms these days in Lebanon.

BiteLabs: Eat Celebrity Meat… Shocking!


BiteLabs grows meat from celebrity tissue samples and uses it to make artisanal salami.

Exceptionally Beautiful Food Packagings That Will Steal Your Heart

These product packagings are so innovative and creative that you won’t believe your eyes. So gear up for a treat because these products are winners!

Lebanese Desert Runner Ali Wehbe Running For Autism

Ali Wehbi is a Lebanese extreme runner and the first Arab ever to join the very private 4 deserts club. Ali enjoys running in extreme conditions and completing new challenges. He is one of 125 runners to complete the four deserts and the first Arab ever to enter the 7 continents race. He also took on an adventure in the North Pole in the toughest of conditions. He is known as Alain Wehbi in France.

360 Istanbul: A Tour Around the World with a Turkish Touch

If you think that only Lebanese people know how to party, think again. During a special birthday visit to Istanbul with my best friend, I was amazed to see how lively the Turkish are… Fun is part of their culture and refinement and good food comes with it… This is how I can describe one of the many places I visited, 360 Club.

On Medieval Society and Accountability

I woke up Sunday morning to some distant explosions. Turns out they were fighting in Tarik Jdiedeh; a neighborhood in West-Beirut known (these days) for frequent confrontations between sunni and shia muslims, and lately it has the added flavor of anti-and pro-Syria supporters.

Dear Lebanon

Dear Lebanon is a movie showing Lebanese teenagers’s views on Bombings, Religion and Politics. I want to believe that the new generations will make a change in the right direction and rebel against the corrupted political class that’s been ruling and ruining the country for years but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.
What does this constant insecurity mean for them? What are their thoughts on religion and politics? To what extent do they feel personally affected by the bombings?

This Is the World’s Fanciest McDonald’s

Forget about scarfing down your burger on the side of the road. McDonald’s customers in Budapest can enjoy their Big Macs in a historic work of architectural grandeur.

The HitchHike Girls Representing Lebanon At The “Red Bull Can You Make It” Adventure

The Hitchhike Girls will be representing Lebanon At The “Red Bull Can You Make It” Adventure after their video was voted the winner out of 37 submissions. The adventure begins on April 4th and you can track the Lebanese Team’s progress on this [Link].
Good Luck Girls!

Lebanese Individuals, Companies and Organizations Participating In The 2014 Green Mind Awards

Ixsir Winery
The Green Mind Award is an annual program that awards the Top Green Achievements done by Individuals, Companies and Organizations in the MENA Region. Here’s a list of participants from Lebanon that you can vote for under their respective category:
The Green NGO Award
- The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), The Green Production Help Desk (GHD)
- Beirut Green Project, Beirut Green Guide

Shockolat: 85% Dark Chocolate, Sorbet, No-Milk Ice Cream

Last year, I was happily impressed to discover what I called “the darkest chocolate ice cream in Lebanon.” Back then, I didn’t get much details about this invention but enjoyed its rich chocolate color and flavor.

Kahwet Leila: I Was Expecting Better…

I enjoy coming back to a place I have tried several times and enjoyed. With every visit comes a different experience, some of which are good and others end up being a bit disappointing. Kahwet Leila is one such place I have enjoyed several times… but this time, although the food was acceptable, a few other things I encountered during my last visit, left me a bit disappointed, especially coming from a brand like Leila. 

The New Royal Jordanian Business Lounge is Breathtaking

You won’t understand why I am describing the new Royal Jordanian Business lounge, Crown Lounge, as ‘breathtaking’ unless you’ve actually experienced the old Jordanian airport.

Cuisipro Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Making delicious ice cream sandwiches has never been easier with the Cuisipro Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker. It’s easy to use.

Remove trucks from our highway!

The highway should not be a parking lot for the trucks @tmclebanon #yasalebanon @KUNHADI #traffic #danger #Lebanon— J o e (@JoesBox) February 27, 2014Every day when driving to my work I got stuck in the traffic jam like all Lebanese drivers, a long trucks parking line causing a huge traffic jam on the safra highway.

LBCI Weather Girl Can’t Stop Laughing

As long as the other girl who fell didn’t hurt herself, I guess that’s fine.

Self-Cleaning Subway Strap Protects Against Gross Germs

Studies have shown that the subway is littered with bacteria, from Enterococcus to Streptococcus (that’s poop and disease-causing bacteria, respectively). Various forms of these bacteria can cause illnesses, especially when trapped in an enclosed environment like a subway car. A team of designers may have a solution.

Earth Hour 2014 In Lebanon

Earth Hour is taking place this year on Saturday March 29th at 8:30pm. Last year, Achrafieh went dark for an hour to celebrate Earth Hour and I hope this years other cities from all around Lebanon will do the same. Thousands of cities in more than 150 countries will switch off their lights for Earth Hour 2014.
This global event is to remind us all that we have to seriously start considering renewable energies as individuals and as a country.
You can check out [Earth Hour Lebanon] for further info.

A Car-Free Day In Monot Street On March 30

In case you haven’t been there to any of the car-free days organized by Achrafieh2020, here’s your chance to attend one on March 30 in Monot Street, Achrafieh.

Hajj Nasr Sandwiches… Doesn’t Seem to be Closing Down Anytime Soon

Many of you may know Hajj Nasr, one of the smallest sandwhicherias in Lebanon. You must have come across it, even if you haven’t actually tried it. Nestled in the heart of Achrafieh’s busy streets, Hajj Nasr, known for his abrupt character, welcomes people who wait in line for their turn to grab whatever is left in the kitchen to make.

Media One Hotel, Dubai: A Fresh Place with Enjoyable Colors

Colors and more colors follow you all around the Media One Hotel in Dubai. The minute you walk into the lobby, into the black elevators and around the corridors that lead to your room – you are overwhelmed with colors that ready your senses for a great experience ahead. Soothing colors that are relaxing and fresh including green and back lit violet create a a zen ambiance… But I must note that the zen ambiance may be altered by the mass advertising internal campaigns that will pollute your well being.

Cool Discovery by Project Revolver: Meet The Sea-Ders (The Cedars), Also Known As “The Beatles of Lebanon”

I love digging out stories from Beirut’s pre-war glory days and I’m surprised that I haven’t heard about the Sea-ders band until now all thanks to ProjectRevolver‘s research. The Sea-ders, who started off with the name “Top 5″ during the 1950s are presumably the first ever rock band to appear on stage in Lebanon. They were inspired by the popular rock bands that emerged at the time, and went on to record a total of 10 tracks and land a major deal in London during the 1960s.

Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Pepsi Max surprise commuters with an 'unbelievable' augmented reality experience at a bus shelter on New Oxford Street in London. 
Via: +Marketing Strategy Local 

Beirut/NTSC lands its Vogue cover

Apparently these days anyone can land a Vogue Cover, so anyone just did. Introducing the Beirut/NTSC new Vogue cover for the month of April! The devil does wear Prada apparently.

Do You Mind if I Eat While you’re Smoking?

A question that we should ask ourselves the other way round, especially since law no. 174 that bans smoking in all closed public places including restaurants was put into effect. However, Lebanon and its Lebanese citizens never cease to derogate from all legal reasoning and logic, wanting to continually be refractory from any obligation or rule of respect for others.