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Coast erasing in Batroun

A new project seems to be chewing away the coastline in Batroun.  I was able to get a few shots when I was passing by the area last weekend.

Journalists banned from entering Beirut park

Citizens and journalists were held up at the park's main entrance on Saturday.

Municipal police prevented reporters from LBC and Ad Diyar newspaper from entering Horsh Beirut during a rare opening of the city's largest park this weekend, eyewitnesses said.

District S ruins finally revealed

Many readers of this blog will remember when I was physically assaulted by site staff at the excavation for the $300 million District S development in downtown Beirut last year.

Panel to challenge Boutros Road

The Civil Coalition Against the Boutros Highway is hosting a panel and discussion this Tuesday on the battle against the $75 municipality-led project that will cut through one Beirut's greenest neighborhoods. The speakers include architects, urban planners and activists leading the campaign to create a park instead of the 1.3km road that will destroy several historic homes, including one of the last remaining terraced farm in the city. 

Worst NY Times lead paragraph ever

The New York Times logo

Update: New photos inside Saifi dig

Soon after posting about the ruins discovered at the Saifi Plaza excavation, an activist got in touch over a Facebook thread and shared a series of photos of the dig in the months before it was cleared. 

Ruins cleared at Saifi Plaza

There appears to be nothing left of a major downtown Beirut excavation that took place here a month ago. Compare the photo above to photos I took in June:

Male bellydancer woos audiences

The news has been a bit heavy lately, so I thought I'd let you know that joy still exists out here.

Guy in "ISIS photo" can't stand ISIS

In a story going viral on social media, John McCain is supposedly pictured with members of the extremist armed group ISIS, which everyone from Obama to Hezbollah is now calling the worst terrorists on earth.