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Ipsos Survey In Lebanon Tips Brazil To Win The 2014 World Cup

The survey was conducted during April and May 2014 in Lebanon and shows Brazil as the favorite to win the World Cup, followed by Germany, Argentina and Spain.
Needless to say, the survey is wrong as Germany is definitely going to win this year

Elie Copter et Alain Terrieur - Moules et Fites on a classic!

Some jokes never grow old or stale! The proof is that they have just been recycled on the Moules et Frites menu (a cozy place in Achrafieh). What jokes you ask? Well, if you look closely on the menu glued on the walls nearby you will find they offer a crepe called "Mr. Copter (Elie of course)" in reference to the old joke "Elie Copter" (in French Helicoptere is the same as its English counterpart). And the second crepe they offer is Dr. Alain Terrieur (a l'interieur - inside - in French).

10 (Other) Problems Every Girl Will Face This Summer

Recently, a blogger exposed a list of 20 problems every girl would face this summer - almost everything was there: From monokini tan lines to choosing between rosé wine and champagne or settling the question of holidaying in Marbella or Mykonos. At the end of the exhaustive run down was the question: Have I missed any?

Beirut/NTSC taking all questions seriously attempted to think of what indeed could have been missed.

Iran benefits from creative Arab chaos

With all the attention focused on a nuclear deal between Iran and the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany, there has not been much discussion in the West of the expansion of Iranian influence in the Middle East.

While Arab states, particularly in the Gulf, have expressed anxiety with Iran’s growing power in the region, little has been said about the limits of Iranian ambition and the strong counterreactions it has provoked and will continue to provoke.

On the presidency, look at Hezbollah

There has been much speculation in Beirut about how to get Lebanon out of its presidential impasse. The focus has been on convincing the main Maronite candidates to withdraw in favor of someone who is acceptable to all, an approach regarded as the key to ending the current stalemate.

With all the attention on the Maronites, relatively little consideration has been given to Hezbollah, which remains the most influential elector in Lebanon and, with Iran, perhaps in the region. Conveniently for Hezbollah, the Maronite rivalry has filled the foreground, and may continue to do so for some time. But it is the background, and Hezbollah’s interests, that may tell us what the ultimate outcome will be in the presidency.

Planning an evening, a weekend or a summer vacation?

Have you ever wondered if there was a single place online that you could go to and find out everything that was happening in Lebanon? Seminars or art exhibitions you’d like to attend, what concerts you shouldn’t miss, where you could take your kids for some fun time, with whom you could go for a fresh nature hike, etc?

Pipp copycats Lala (UPDATE)

Is nothing sacred anymore? Not even roasted chicken? When Lala chicken opened its Kaslik branch it put a sign saying "mich min ma hawwa sar chawwa" (not everyone who fans a bbq becomes a roaster"...

بوارق من ذكرى غياب اللبنانيّ الكبير غسّان تويني

فراغ غياب الجسد فيّاض بحيويّة نتاج فكره المبدع
رجال الفكر الأفذاذ لا يقاس حضورهم بالحيّز الذي يشغله الجسد بل بأهميّة الأدوار التي لعبوها خلال مسيرة حياتهم وعظمة المنجزات التي حقّقوها فتبعثهم مردة عمالقة تضجّ بذخيرتهم العقول والقلوب والوجدان.
غسّان تويني أتاح له فكره، المتوقّد والمتوثّب والزاخر بالثقافة والمواهب والكفاءات والمهارات والحكمة والجرأة ودقّة الإستشعار، أن يلعب أدواراً محوريّة ورياديّة في الحياة الوطنيّة الدائمة الإضطرام وكان سفيراً مهيباً تنصت له الآذان صاغرة في المحافل الدوليّة.
إنجازاته مدوّنة ومدوّية في محاضر المجالس النيابيّة والوزاريّة والمحافل الأمميّة وفي أروقة جريدة “النهار” منارة الشرق ومنبر الرأي الحرّ المسؤول كما هي مخزونة ذخيرة وضّاءة في وجدان المندهشين بذكائه.

Laziz scores big with Captain Majed

So we're already in the Mondial season and most of the ads don't have balls (pun intended). Just flags upon flags upon... flags and all the uncreative gimmicks everywhere. Then out of left field (bummer, another pun!) comes Laziz with this beautiful interpretation "whomever wins you are our hero" in reference to Captain Majed. People nothing can be more manga than this, or pop-culture dipped! It's truly out-of-this-world-cool.

حماية الدولة من شبق الدويلة

المهندس حميد عواد*
كم من طاغية تقمّص حرير التحرّر من سلف فاسد وظالم وتحصّن بدرع المقاومة للعدو “قاطفاً” الرؤوس المعترضة سبيل اجتياحه “جنّة الحكم” على صهوة حصان “المخلّص”!
انكشف زيف إدّعاء العديد من هؤلاء الطغاة واسقطهم انتفاض شعوبهم مدعوماً بتأييد دول آزرتهم معنويّاً وماديّاً، لوجستيّاً وعسكريّا بعد”استهلاك” القدرة على احتمال وطأة فظائعهم.
منهم من “نجا” من تدخّل عسكريّ أمميّ لإسقاطه بتسليمه حمولة ممنوعاته الكيميائيّة وباستناده لدعم عسكري ودبلوماسيّ حليف أعاد الروح إليه كما هو حال النظام السوريّ.

Beirut International Archives Weekend

We had a blast at last year's International Archives Day with Professor George Arbid at the Arab Center for Architecture. This year there are three packed days with 17 archival institutions in Lebanon opening their doors to the public and offering rare tours. It's definitely worth the trip and a great way to support local archiving and public access to it.  
See schedule below: 

Ruptures (30 May 2014) -full show-

Friday 30 May 2014, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm) 1. Alain Bashung (Léo Ferré cover) 2. Bertrand Cantat (Léo Ferré cover) 3. Noir Désir (Léo Ferré cover) 4. Wild Beasts 5. Neneh Cherry 6. Fuck Buttons 7. Tools You Can Trust > Listen to Part 1: ruptures 30/05 (part 1) 8. Scrambled Eggs 9. Who Killed Bruce Lee 10. […]

Khoury Home mobile section app-roved

Well, it's a tough brief so I am cutting them some slack.

Wasted martyr - The plaster saint

Few words are more detestable than “martyr,” and nothing brought that home as well as the assassination of Samir Kassir. This week we commemorate the ninth anniversary of his murder. Has his status as martyr taught us anything?

Perhaps naively, some people, present company included, once thought that Samir’s death would not go unpunished. Almost a decade later, that hope has evaporated, and the only sentiment left is that even the most heroic death in the end is largely meaningless. Beat the drums and play the pipes, but nothing will come of it, certainly not in Lebanon.

20 Problems Every Girl Will Face This Summer

1)      When you’re invited to 6 weddings, 4 of which have groups of mutual friends. Which means you actually have to go out and buy 4 new gowns.

2)      When it’s sunny and nice all week but cloudy on the weekends. Bye bye tan.

3)      How exactly are you supposed to wear your new designer sunglasses when it’s really cloudy?

The fencing of Dalieh

The creative people at 5Ampere have just come up with this striking piece of protest art. The caption reads: "A country that is worth 10 Liras"

Of course this relates to very real fencing of Dalieh, the rocky promontory near the famous Raouche "Pigeon Rocks"

طابة اوقاتكم

!مع اقتراب المونديال.. طابة اوقاتكم

#OnlyTheLonely: Awesome Stuff

I absolutely loved the videos. They capture life in Beirut so perfectly, and in a visually yummy way.
Here’s a few cool videos of theirs:

Anyone who’s ever fought for a noble cause in Lebanon know they’re going to feel lonely while the rest are just stupidly chanting for some political crap.

FUCK DA VALET! Park in parkings. Stop making us feel lonely for not blocking the roads while waiting for thugish valets.

Just obey the damn lights, come on. We can start a conversation maybe at a red light!

The Weekly Leaks: b018′s Train Station Mar Mikhael Opening Soon!

So, the rumors are true. The beloved Mar Mikhael Train Station is becoming a legit venue.
Nestled between a handful of derelict water towers, hangars and locomotives, a lounge complete with good music, barbecues and great cocktails is opening up shop in the old train station at Mar Mikhael.

Ruptures / El Rass & Munma special edition (19 May 2014)

Two years after their first recorded collaboration, the immensely successful Kachf el Mahjoub / Unveiling the Hidden (for the Ruptured label), Lebanese artists and musicians Mazen el-Sayed (El Rass) and Jawad Nawfal (Munma) released its long-awaited follow-up, Adam, Darwin and the Penguin, in May 2014. A few days before the launch concert of the album in a popular […]

Aintoury standoff continues, police deploy

Family and friends continue to gather to resist the demolition of Aintoury Market in Hamra. They blocked the street for about an hour with a shopping cart. The army deployed briefly but now the police have replaced them and are lining up across the street--the fear is that they will soon raid the building. Aintoury owners claim they were only offered $90,000 to vacate after running the family business for over 50 years. More to come...

Obama’s lack of interest opens the door for Iran

Recently, in response to questions about the Obama administration’s disengagement from the Middle East, a former American official visiting Beirut offered his interpretation. Though he was not necessarily advocating Washington’s actions, what he presented revealed the incomprehensibility of the American strategy towards Iran and the Arab world, Syria in particular.

Explaining why the United States had not exploited the opportunity to severely weaken Iran in the Levant by helping to push President Bashar Al Assad out of office in 2011 and 2012, the former official presented what, by now, has become a familiar refrain: the administration, facing a major economic crisis, did not have the latitude or desire to act in Syria.

Raï in Jerusalem

Maronite-Cardinal-Beshara-Rai-Getty-1The new Christian maronite patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros el Rai, has been making some bold moves since the beginning of his mandate. First his visit to Syria in the midst of the conflict degenerating, and now his decision to visit Jerusalem as the Catholic pope has schedule a Middle East tour, all show that Rai wants to re-assert some form of power for Christians in the Middle East.

Ruptures with guest Yasmine Hamdan (26 May 2014)

Ruptures had the pleasure of welcoming Lebanese singer Yasmine Hamdan in the studios of Radio Lebanon, for an in-depth interview revolving around the renowned vocalist’s past and current projects. Listen to Part 1: ruptures yasmine hamdan 26/05 (part 1) (Yasmine Hamdan / Yasmine Hamdan / Nick Drake) Listen to Part 2: ruptures yasmine hamdan 26/05 (part 2) (Yasmine Hamdan / […]

"No" means... Perhaps?

This year, the March 14th celebrations will take place on the 13th - conveniently, a Sunday - Moustapha from Beirut Spring, has a rule of thumb for knowing if there will be a turn out or not (his mother and her sisters are showing up, first time since 2005).

See you all at #GeekFestBeirut tonight

Are we finally going to have a proper lebanese e-bookshop?

So far Antoine Online have their heart in the proper place. They are renewing their online shopping site and have signed multiple agreements with international retailers like Amazon to ensure you are really able to get ANY book you want.

I’m now a Common Folk

Movie Review: The Social Network

I wrote it last week, just as I came back from a special press screening of The Social Network Movie, which will be released on October 28th, courteously provided by the lovely and amazing guys at Cineklik (with no strings attached as usual).

My Thursday Evening Without Water #BAD2010

Yesterday evening I had a call from my husband listing my 3 options for a dinner meal:
1- I buy something ready made
2- He makes me a quick sandwich
3- I do not eat a thing
This was prelude to him announcing that I can not cook anything at home since there was no water (apparently something is wrong with our water tank) and we have only a couple of water bottles…

يحدث الآن

الرابعة فجراً في حي بيروتي "ذو طابع تراثي" الشرطي رقم 1:"رجاع رجاع الطريق مسكر، في حريق. دخلك معك شي طفايه بهل جيب تعيرنا اياها؟"الشرطي رقم 2:"دق للاطفائيه عل 120 مدري ال-125."الشرطي رقم 1:"مع معي يونيتس، دق إنت."الشرطي رقم 2:"ال-120 مع بدا يونيتس يا حمار."

ألف مبطوحة

حاولت إنقاذها، لكن وصلت متأخّراًولمّا حاولت أن أعطيها تنفّس إصطناعي، إتّهمت بقلّة الحياءفما العمل؟