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Nothing Beats Your Mom’s Cooking… Happy Mother’s Day

Let me tell you something…
Between every restaurant review, every delicious food discovery I enjoy and share, every image I upload on Instagram and every tweet… I still crave for some home cooked meal prepared by my mother… 
Nothing beats a yummy heart filled home cooked meal prepared by the one person who knows and loves you unconditionally….

Dining Etiquette Around The World

When it comes to dining, customs vary from country to country. If you’re eating out abroad it’s important to know traditions and meal time practices to ensure that you don’t offend your host or fellow diners. The Restaurant Choice have put together a list of dos and don’ts on everything from tipping to giving your compliments tot the chef. 

Breakfast at The Mövenpick Hotel, Dead Sea

This is the second time I visit the Dead Sea in Jordan, and every time I stay at the Movenpick. This hotel is well prepped, well maintained and boasts a professional and well-trained staff…Breakfast at the Movenpick enjoys all the points that makes it tasty and good. I’m not going to compare it to a luxurious five star hotel in Europe, but as a place on its on, it’s good.

Meet Rasha Bazzi

I get asked a lot what other blogs do I read. To be honest, not very many. I never did read blogs before starting my own, and it’s been that way ever since. However, I do have my secret fancies and one of my absolute favorites is Rasha Bazzi. Poetry is something I’m neither particularly fond of, nor any good at.

Lebanon’s Product of the Year: 2014

‘Product of the Year’, renowned worldwide across 42 countries and the largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, honored this year’s most innovative consumer products, on March 19th, at its 4th annual award ceremony at the Movenpick Hotel in Beirut. The gala dinner was attended by hundreds of guests, distinguished business people and media partners.

President’s Son Instagram Account Joe Maalouf Appreciation Post

It’s no secret I am no fan of Joe Maalouf or his shows. The deliberate misinformation, cheap tricks and bigotry we got used to on his old show (and many parts of his new one) make him a controversial figure, with its ups and downs.
I am also a fair person. I will acknowledge and give credit where credit is due, regardless of whether or not I like the person or not. Joe Maalouf’s piece on the president’s insane Instagram account, earned Maalouf respect from my part, and for several reasons.

Stop Smoking Arguileh, Now

Loopstache Cover The Beatles

Loopstache are good friends of mine. They’re the kind of folks that can make me endure a live music performance and actually enjoy it. It’s no secret my electronic music bias makes me usually anti-bands, but Loopstache’s brand of music smartly merges both the acoustic and the digital to create the music that’s defining our modern era: one where genres mean nothing, and music is more diverse than ever.
Anyway, they released a cool stop-motion video the other day, covering The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” in their own way. Have a listen, I’m sure it’ll be a much-welcome break from your work or studies! And check them out here on Facebook if you love what you listen to.

Naked on the Inside

It’s on nights like this
that the wall of smiles crumbles,
dimple by sparkling squint,
with a only a faint sigh to be heard
as it crashes.
How is it that things so labored
falter so quietly?

As the roads spread ahead of us,
vast and dim,
lit half-heartedly and glistening
with the sheen of a promised storm,
the night, worn out of shopping
late at resoundingly vacant stores,
hung lifeless and limp,
an expanse of exhaustion,
over our worn out being.

Nothing was left for us,
not the effort of pretense,
not the thrill of acquisition,
not even the recurrent name of a friend.
There we were, naked on the inside,
bereft of even the comfort of joy.
We had only for company,

Guerrier du Clavier

A Magic School in Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires 

I want to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

How cool would that be?

It's almost magical. 

You have this slick thing where you just want to stick your head, and then just like that you pull out a living creature out of its hole. 

I don't want to suit up, though. It seems like too much of a hassle. The getting dressed part is already too

Update On The Noah Movie: Banned Or Not Banned In Lebanon?

Grand Cinemas tweeted few days back that Noah will start showing on March 27th but they said it didn’t pass the censorship yet. Cinemall posted today on their Facebook page (See below) that the movie won’t be released but I can’t find the post on their page (It looks like it got deleted).

GAP styld.by + IvySays = Spring Statements

My ultimate spring outfit fix is a crisp white shirt and a flattering pair of cut-out blue jeans, it’s a versatile and simple combo that can be dressed up or down. For my most recent collaboration with GAP styld.by I wanted to add as many statement pieces as possible to this classic favorite.

Aziz Zada has an awesome mother!

My friend Aziz Zada issued this facebook cover that says "thank you mom... I'm awesome" - do note that anyone with knowledge in psychology would tell you that there are two reasons to give: Altruism and egoism.

Little Helps: This Season’s Maamoul for a Good Cause

With today’s economic and social crisis, as well as political unrest in Lebanon, a group of women have joined our hands to Bake for a Cause.

“This season, YOU can make a big difference”
We are friends, we are foodies, we are party animals but we also Bake for a Good Cause! Oh and we don’t just bake… we Rock in baking!

Events in Syria and outside have turned in Assad’s favour

With President Bashar Al Assad’s term scheduled to end in July, the Syrian regime is apparently preparing for new elections that Mr Al Assad will surely win, by foul means if not fair. This has alarmed the United Nations mediator, Lakhdar Brahimi, who has warned that it may doom prospects for future talks.

Elections have yet to be finalised, but Mr Brahimi told reporters that if they were held, the opposition would be unlikely to talk to the regime. A presidential election represents the last opportunity to transition away from Mr Al Assad, otherwise Syria’s conflict could be without political resolution.

Elsa: The first Organic Restaurant Being Awarded a Michelin Star

The Monte – Carlo Beach is now part of an elite group of great French and Monegasque restaurants thanks to the talent and creativity of executive chef Paolo Sari.

Being awarded a first Michelin Star for Elsa is a guaranty of quality, a reward heralding a future close to nature, a philosophy defining it as the first certified 100% organic restaurant.

Is an Aoun presidency more realistic?

Some circles in March 14 are openly talking about the possibility that Michel Aoun, all 80 years of him, may be the next president of Lebanon after Michel Sleiman’s term ends in May.

While this may be speculation, that it is being discussed at all indicates how the political scene has changed since 2008, when Sleiman took office. So what would a serious Aoun presidency entail and how would it gain steam?

Lebanese Vans: Wisdom Of The Day

At least he’s honest about it.
Thanks Jad!

Ginette: The Eatery, The Fashion Boutique, The Art Gallery

Ginette,  located in the heart of Gemmayze, has been the talk of town for sometime now. This funky and trendy concept space hosts a coffee shop and restaurant, an art gallery, and a boutique… all in one location hidden behind tall green trees that offer a calm shade for anyone dropping by. I’ve been here many times but have never for lunch. Let’s see what this place has to offer.

Capitals for clarity

I’ve racked my brains and I think the only book I have read in full since my first baby was born (over 2 and 1/2 years ago) is Máire Mullarney’s Anything School Can Do. I have started a few other books but it’s the only one I finished. That’s pretty indicative of how busy life has been, from someone who wouldn’t put a book down while walking to school and back. However, this particular book so fascinated me that soon after finishing it, I started over. I still dip into it on a regular basis as my Beiruti grows up, even though it is neither long nor complicated.

LOL: No More Men In Lebanon, No Chance, No Chance!

What is that accent by the way? I’ve never met a Beiruti or Lebanese who speaks that way.

Clorets tries to "engage" and fails miserably!

Remember the days when brands did not "engage" with their audiences? Remember the days when super nice ads could be seen without the torture of coming up with an online story which needs to spread all over social media? Where consumers do not interact with those stories and supposedly follow them? You do remember? Good, because I miss those days.

No Chance – انقرضوا الرجال بلبنان

This woman is hilarious. I guess she was just requested to chose the word of the day and she ended up coming up with all of this!

Happy Mother’s Day

A powerful message on Mother’s Day by March.

How quickly did Lebanon adopt the internet?

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the world wide web, Mashable shared an interesting interactive map by Esri today showing how the web spread across the world over the past quarter-century.
The map shows that 2.7% of us the Lebanese were connected to the internet back in 1998, and the percentage has increased to 8%, 22.5%, and 61.2% in 2003, 2008, and 2012 respectively.

Chef’N Herbsicle: Perfect for Fresh Herbs

Chef’N Herbsicle is an innovative little contraption that acts like a spice jar for fresh herbs. Simply grab fresh, leafy herbs like basil, cilantro, mint, and more, stuff into the container, twist the handle to compress them down, label the herb name on the handle, and store in the freezer.

Johnny Rockets Dubai: Not Something I’ll Repeat Again

The last time I tried Johnny Rockets was in March 2012 during a visit to Riyadh. Back then, the experience was exactly as I had expected it to be – juicy fatty and oily. A burger exactly like the ones we have at typical American diners; and Johnny Rockets is an American spot, after all. Remembering the experience while I was in Dubai, I started craving for some junk food.

Lebanese Selfie

This one is epic!

This parody of The Chainsmokers’ Selfie is a collaboration between Olga Habre, Daniel Abdel Sater, Mark Abou Jaoude, and Beirut Night Life.

Reason Behind The Traffic In Beirut Today

I don’t understand why they have to close the road all the way from Annahar building if they are holding a session at the parliament. Moreover, isn’t it better to close it starting 9am and let people get to work on time?
In all cases, the road will be closed tomorrow as well so watch out for traffic and leave early.

An Ode to Flavorful Sushi and Mimi’s Sweet and Welcoming Smile at Le Sushi Bar, Beirut

I visited Le Sushi Bar last week after being away for a very long time and I was highly pleased with the overall experience.

Mouth-Watering Maps Created with Countries’ most Famous Foods

World geography just became a lot easier to digest, thanks to a new collection of maps crafted entirely out of food.
New York-based photographer Henry Hargreaves and food stylist Caitlin Levin created snapshots of countries using ‘iconic’ delicacies from each region.

BEATING FOOD POVERTY is “A piece of cake”

Because BEATING FOOD POVERTY is  ”A piece of cake”!