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Lykan Hypersport Cars Spotted on Fast and Furious 7 Set

So, after the tragic death of Paul Walker, and Jason Statham starring in the upcoming FF7, there is some good news coming out of all this (yes, Jason Statham is bad news for me. Unless there’s an epic fight scene between him and The Rock).


 Wanted to go to Feraya and ski, but didn’t go. Wanted to paint the bedroom white but didn’t do it. Wanted to find two flexible wall lamps but found only one. Wanted to buy and wear a dress, but couldn’t wear it because the sales lady forgot to take off the plastic anti-theft clip. Wanted to make a chocolate mint cake but couldn’t find the ‘mint extract’ the recipe asks for in the supermarket. Wanted to share a Google doc with colleagues on what to present in Monday’s 9:00 meeting, but left my notes in the office.

A city that will never give up nor will we give up on it

Restuarant Mazzat produced a video about Happy Lebanon. They say that they “would like to thank Pharrell Williams for inspiring us to be Happy, Just the idea of doing Happy Beirut version, over whelmed us with volunteers, what was impossible on paper translated to 70 volunteers between crew and cast, 17 unique locations around Beirut and 3 days of filming”.

On Nadine Labaki - the brand.

 She made the transition from behind to in front of the camera for Coca-Cola light...

 And made shiny silky hair important for movie directing....

The Longest Way: Walk Through China and Grow a Beard… A Photo Every Day

In 2008, Christoph Rehage walked through China – one year, more than 4500km. All the while, he let his hair and his beard grow. This is the resulting video.

Additional info:

Loving letters

Last month’s post on my two-year old starting to read was something of a non-sequitur. It’s been quite a long journey, in fact, as my little Beiruti learnt her letters over a year ago. When it comes to learning of this sort, I’ve been very influenced by a book written in another era entirely by a mother who homeschooled her 11 children in the fifties and sixties. It’s called Anything School Can Do You Can Do Better, by Máire Mullarney. It’s a book I discovered on the shelf at my parents’ place, a remnant from when we kids were taught at home for a few years.

A eulogy for Lebanon's historical and urban heritage

We deplore to you our dearly departed
With a lot of sadness and sorrow
After a long struggle with haphazard concrete building.
Its mothers, women losing their houses every day,
Its children, youngsters who only want a space
With a little greenery and a glimpse of sun,
Its fathers, men losing their identity, history and roots,
Accept condolences
On the 1st of March at 3 P.M. in Mar Michael, Armenia Street

Update: Daily Beast removes "worst countries to visit" article

After an uproar from critics, The Daily Beast has removed an article that labeled Lebanon and four other Middle Eastern countries as "The worst places (on earth) to visit." The link now directs to a blank page with no explanation.

Khouza3balet - unique gift for a unique mother!

It is always a pleasure for me to talk about my friends at Khouza3balet! They recently offer me the coolest personalized mug ever (me as The Hulk! - see, there's nothing wrong accepting gifts as long as one admits it!) but that's not I am posting - it's because I know for a fact that they can create exceptionally customized gifts that really portray the essence of a person.

"In Spring (2)" by Joe Bolton

You do what you can
to be modern in a country
of fields stitched together
with barbed wire the hunters cut through
before it has a chance

to rust, fields
mapped off by gravel roads
that refuse to swerve,
that make paths for the sun to follow each day.
You do what you can.

But you are late
or early for stylishness,
and all the cities and affluence you will know
are delicate tendrils the white motion
of your slender hands

iPhone To Be Officially Released Soon By Lebanon’s Alfa Telecom

According to 9to5mac, Apple is signing deals with new carriers worldwide and among them Alfa in Lebanon. Alfa’s CEO Marwan Hayek confirmed it in a tweet that iPhone will be soon officially released in Lebanon.
That’s definitely good news but we still have to see whether Alfa (and maybe Touch later) will offer reasonable prices and plans. I will try to figure out how soon the launch will be for those interested.

No Escape

A wise mad man once said,
Imagine that you had to do it again,
the same all over again...
But he couldn't, not without
losing it all...
If I were to do it all again,
would I have the courage not to?
Or would I let your dimples fool me
—once more—
with the promise of another end?

But I am no wise man,
I am no brave man,
I am chapped and cracking
like the dashboard of an old car
that has long lost its charm
and is fast running out of utility...

Tomorrow, before I throw it all away
in a fit of forgiveness, I shall take
one more look at the sunshine falling
like a smirk on the pebbled floor,
at the books, stacked and oblivious
to having never been read, to the

Lebanon’s Mayors Share Their Funny Stories

There’s an ongoing competition on Gandour Unica’s Facebook page whereas mayors from all around Lebanon share funny stories from their hometown and upload them on the page. The videos I was able to view (as some are locked for some reason) weren’t that funny to be honest, except for the Rmeil mayor’s one.
The competition reminded me of LBCI’s Kalamanji show. It was a hilarious show and I wish they bring it back!

Old Beirut: Hôtel Excelsior & Les Caves du Roy Night Club

Hotel Excelsior was one of Lebanon’s most famous hotels back in the 1950s and 1960s and its nightclub “Les Caves Du Roy” was one of Lebanon’s hottest nightlife spots. Excelsior was located next to Beirut’s Palm Beach Hotel in Ain el Mreisseh and was featured in several scenes from Georges Lautner’s 1967 film La Grande Sauterelle. The movie includes a scene “where Lebanese restaurant and nightclub owner Pepe Abed sits at the famous pool reading a newspaper”.

Your Instant Wine Cooler

Friends coming over unexpectedly? The Ravi Instant Wine Chiller is a cool new wine accessory that lets you chill wine instantly as you pour. Simply keep it in your freezer and when you need it, insert it in your wine bottle and pour.

Buenos Aires' Two Hughs of Blues

One of the great perks about pretending to be a writer is that you can do any type of shit and call it research for a story.

Oh, sure I have a pathetic profile on a dating website, but it's only because I want to see how people react to creepy declarations of love. It's for a love novella I'm writing. 

"Stumbling home drunk at sunrise in a city where I don't speak the language" is the

Or how to ride the Camry as if it were a woman.... (UPDATE)

Perhaps I am reading a lot into a silly ad, but it did bother me a lot the utilitarian way the Camry was compared as it if was a woman. Obviously the ad is directed to males, and it describes the car as "attractive, reliable, low maintenance - it's the ideal relationship".... Hmmmm, OK so your (female partner) should have those qualities too - no brains, no education, no self-esteem, no dignity, no pride, no initiative - oh...

How I met your mother - in the kitchen.

Just in case anyone is confused in 2014 - a woman's place is STILL in the kitchen. Or if one disagrees, he or she is put back in their place by the ads running for Mother's day (which falls on March 21st in Lebanon). 

Moulinex has a very very far fetched outing this year (three billboards, all more difficult to explain than the other).

Pessimism On This Once Beautiful Memory

Today is the anniversary of that beautiful day when for a couple of hours, many Lebanese people had hope, and put aside their political and sectarian egos to fight a common enemy: the Syrian regime that had occupied Lebanon for almost 3 decades.

Defend Lebanon’s Oil. Everyone Wants It!

Does everyone include Lebanese parties as well? Because they are the ones I am mostly worried about
The game is not really fun. You can check it out [Here].

Lafiesta Beirut, An Event Supporting the Lebanese Autism Society

The Magic is here with Lafiesta beirut on the 14-15 of March at the Phoenicia Hotel Night Club!!

Come and party in a one of a kind clubbing experience with superstar Anastasia Sokolova and Amadeea the violin girl while supporting the good cause of the Lebanese Autism society.

Souk el Tayeb now in Saifi Village Every Saturday Afternoon

Souk el Tayeb is launching an additional weekly market with a new identity that complements the Saturday morning Souk. It will take place in Saifi Village every Saturday afternoon (4pm – 8pm).
Focused around ready-to-eat food, arts & crafts and entertainment activities in general, it creates a new platform supporting local talents alongside the farmers and producers, mixing together Beirut’s finest flavors & talents.
A pleasurable atmosphere to enjoy quality time at the heart of Beirut city.

Sass Cafe Now Open in Dubai

Monaco based Sass Café announces its soft-opening on March 19th.
The launch sees famed restaurateur, Salvador “Sassa” Treves and son Samy Sass partner with hospitality pioneers Bulldozer Group for their first venue outside of Monaco at the prestigious Al Fattan Currency House in DIFC.

Abroad, alone - John Kerry feels little love from Barack Obama

US Secretary of State John Kerry has often seemed out on a limb, alone, when conducting American foreign policy. President Barack Obama has been supportive in general ways, but, overall, remains detached from foreign policy concerns.

On Syria, the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations, and much else, Obama has stayed aloof. That’s not to say the president doesn’t meet foreign dignitaries or pick up the phone now and then. A crisis such as that in Ukraine certainly holds his attention. But on other matters rarely is there much direct engagement by Obama in America’s foreign policy agenda.

Ski Slopes To Open In Kfardebian This Weekend

Mzaar Ski Resort will open gradually its slopes starting tomorrow. The Jonction and Baby will be open on Saturday 15th while the rest will follow. You can follow updates on [Mzaar] and [SkiLeb] Facebook pages.

Ski Season Opens in Kfardebian Tomorrow!

On a normal year, this is when we’d start wrapping up the ski season and laser hair removal salons are fully booked before the luxury beaches open their “doors”. But, this year’s disappointingly warm and dry winter, has finally produced a strong enough storm to make some skiable snow in Kfardebian.

About That Video On Syrian and Ukrainian Refugees In Lebanon

Picture via GlobalPost
I am sure you’ve all seen this [video] showing how Lebanese reacted when asked about Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and the possibility of having Ukrainian refugees following recent events in Ukraine and the Crimea region.

Blue Screen Of Death

Spotted at Spinneys
Everyone gets the blue screen of death at some point.

Swiss Curve Peeler

This innovative peeler is not only modern and beautifully designed, it ensures that peels will never get in your way again because of its patented peel back blade!

9 Arab Crimes Against Beauty

The misguided Beast

So by now you have heard that "The Daily Beast" has rated Lebanon the worst place in the world to visit. Of course that's ironic because it was just last year that Conde Nast, which probably has a lot more experience in travel journalism than the Beast, rated Lebanon as one of the best places to visit worldwide, just above Paris.

Lebanon Worst Place to Go On Vacation: The Daily Beast

Usually, we’re celebrating being among the best something. This time though, The Daily Beast has named Lebanon the #1 worst place to go on vacation for Westerners right now… We beat delightful places like Iran and Senegal, and outdid fellow Arab countries Jordan, Morocco and Egypt.
On the best 10 places list, Brazil is number one and Australia comes in second, with destinations mostly in South-East Asia and the Southern Hemisphere, and of course Canada.

Women in Politics 2014 Report: Lebanon At The Bottom of Rankings

According to The Women In Politics Map 2014, Lebanon only has 3.1 percent of female representation and was ranked at the 139th position, noting that the last position is the 145th. There are currently only four women in the 128-member parliament in Lebanon and only one woman in the government (There were none in the previous government).
Quite shameful.
Check out the whole map [Here] and an article on these rankings [Here].