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Rachid Louis Labaky Running For Presidency

I was watching him on MTV’s Hayda 7aki and I thought it was a joke or something. As it turns out, the guy has an official Facebook page, he thanked MTV for mentioning him and he even has a [song] for himself.
I was reading his electoral program and I still can’t believe this guy is for real.

My Latest Discovery: Soft and Tender Tasty Sfouf

Sfouf is a Lebanese almond-semolina cake. It is made from semolina flour flavored with turmeric, sugar, and pine nuts. This simple to do creation has many advantages other than being delicious – plus it doesn’t contain any eggs or milk. Known to be served around lent period, it can be enjoyed during breakfast or a relaxing five o’clock tea.

Lunch at Taybet Zaman Village: Petra, Jordan

During our visit to Petra, we took a short bus ride to a Taybet Zaman Village just a few minutes away from the tourist site. Beautifully decorated, the resort takes you back down memory lane with a beautiful view of stone structure, timber ceiling and arches.

A hotel, village, shops and restaurant it seems to be a busy area during the season.

"Beirut-ing" or BS-ing?

The photo above was posted on the site "Beirut-ing," a very popular local events site. The headline: "Snow in March" seemed to be an obvious reference to the very recent and late snowfall of last weekend, when some Lebanese slopes opened for the first time.

Marina Blue - a rhyme, a crime.

Exasperating... who comes up with this stuff? "filet ma 7ada fi leh" - it rhymes perfectly and it is as corny and tacky as all hell. The slogan mean "an unmatched filet" but also implies "a filet that no one can finish". And yes, it is all part of fish ads for lent that no one admit to. And it is really, really annoying as an ad.

Lebanese Festival Day 2014 In London

The Lebanese Festival Day is an annual event held in London aimed at bringing together members of the Lebanese community in the UK. Around 7000 people attended last year’s event and the organizers are working on attracting more Lebanese to the 2014 edition.
Here’s a link to the event if you wish to join or help out. [LebFestivalDay]

No Gun Sign In Gemmayze

I found by mistake this picture of a no gun sign in Gemmayze but I don’t remember ever seeing it there. I managed to dig out the original picture that was taken by Patrick Baz and the sign looks few meters away from Kayan.

Coca-Cola’s Exclusive Crystal Glass by Riedel

Coca-Cola now has something in common with chardonnay, cabernet and champagne – an exclusively designed crystal glass from Riedel Crystal. The 258-year-old custom glass maker known throughout the wine world for its varietal-specific stemware and decanters, has released a glass designed to unfurl Coke’s complex flavors, aromas and feel.

Easy To Read Ingredients…

In today’s fast world, we often grab a quick sandwich for lunch and leave, with that in mind BVD a Swedish agency created a new way to design labels.

“More and more we choose a quick sandwich, wrap or salad for lunch. But if you are in a hurry, it can be dif­fi­cult to see what is hid­den in the pack­ag­ing and tricky to find what you are look­ing for. Is the food fresh? Is it healthy? With new pack­ag­ing 7-Eleven and Press­byrån in Swe­den want to enhance their fast food range.”

Disperse Flavor with Seasoning Sticks

Infuse your beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and seafood with flavor from the inside out with this cool Seasoning Stick.

Brazilians Caught With Cocaine In Their Stomachs At Beirut-Rafic Hariri Airport

I wonder how they caught them.
Customs authorities at Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport on Monday foiled an attempt to smuggle into the country a quantity of cocaine that came from Brazil via Ethiopia, state-run National News Agency reported.
“Three Brazilians arrived from Brazil via Ethiopia. Two of them had quantities of cocaine in their stomachs while the third hid a cocaine stash in his double-bottomed suitcase,” NNA said.

Bureau Social redefines love!

Bureau Social (full name Bureau Social des Peres Lazaristes) hits the jackpot with this ad. It is about redefining love and commitment! And of course a play on words as to what marriage means. Do I love this ad? Yes I do(nate). Good one out from left field as they say!

Vice Report: Miss Camel Beauty Contest In Abu Dhabi

Quite an interesting pageant. It’s unbelievable how much money is spent on camels!

Sukleen Giving Out Recycling Boxes For Offices

Sukleen are delivering the above shown recycling boxes specially made for offices for those interested and will come regularly to pick up the recyclables. All you have to do is drop them an email at recycle@sukleen.com with the below information:

Review: O&C The Fresh Market

O&C is a supermarket and restaurant that’s located on the Jal el Dib highway. I love shopping there as it’s a relatively small market where you can easily find everything you need, but I’ve never had lunch or dinner at their restaurant on the 2nd and 3rd floor. I remember once ordering Sushi and picking up a fish order for my parents, but that’s about it. O&C restaurant only serves fish and sushi.

China now cares about 239 measly lives!

Tiananmen square graffiti by Captain Borderline based on the famous Tiananmen Square protester who blocked a full file of tanks in 1989.

What You See is Not a Cucumber. Or Is it?

Tokyo-born artist Hikaru Cho disguises fruits and vegetables as other foods. It may sound easy but it actually isn’t… He uses a paintbrush and a strong eye for detail to transform what we see… Completely.

Liza Beirut Restaurant Mentioned In The Architectural Digest

The Architectural Digest is also known as the International Design Authority and has been out there since 1920. Liza Beirut is a contemporary Lebanese Restaurant that first started in Paris and is now open in Achrafieh on the second floor of a 19th century palace. Everything’s great about this place, from the decor to the ambiance and the food of course!
In case you missed my review of Liza, you can read it [Here].

Joseph Sader Case Brought Back To The Spotlight

Joseph Sader is a Lebanese that has been missing since 2009. Sader worked as an IT Operations Managers for MEA and was kidnapped on his way to work near the army checkpoint on the approach to the airport. It’s such a weird case specially that the man has been working at MEA since 1982 and isn’t affiliated politically or anything, at least as per his wife’s testimony. Sader is married to Salma and has three children: Sofia, 23, Ralph 17, and Tina, 10.

Aline Lahoud No Longer Singing At Mon General – Zouk Mikhael

She’s been singing there for years now but that’s definitely a step in the right direction for her specially after her appearance on the Voice France. I heard she’s been working on some TV series as well.

BMW’s New Design Chief is Lebanese Karim Habib

The German luxury car company is beloved by most Lebanese. You see BMWs every other car or two on Beirut’s street (or Mercedes =P). Today, there was some good news for us Lebanese, when BMW promoted Lebanese-Canadian designer, Karim Habib, to head of BMW’s design team.
So, every BMW from now on, both inside and out, will have the direction of an awesome person from Lebanon.

Will The Movie Noah Be Banned In Lebanon?

UAE, Qatar and Bahrain have already banned the Hollywood film “Noah” because it contains scenes that are seen as offensive to Islam. I am not sure whether it will be banned in Lebanon as well but I highly doubt that it will get approved by the censorship bureau.
I wonder how long will it take us to realize that any form of censorship is wrong.

Reasons for Living—or Not

It often begins with the low light of early spring:
the distant sounds of life on a chilly Sunday;
your reflection in a screen, bigger than it needs to be;
a dog nearing the end of her life, turning away
from food like only a dying animal can.
                                                            The last
to surrender is often the sense of the beginning,
that what might have been can still be. Instead
is a rigid sense of awakening, that this is all there is
and will be: a cold counting of assets, tabulating life,
seeing it on the losing end.
                                        And in the silence
connecting all—bathing you with your own thoughts
and the smelly leftovers of yesterday’s dream—

Lykan Hypersport Cars Spotted on Fast and Furious 7 Set

So, after the tragic death of Paul Walker, and Jason Statham starring in the upcoming FF7, there is some good news coming out of all this (yes, Jason Statham is bad news for me. Unless there’s an epic fight scene between him and The Rock).


 Wanted to go to Feraya and ski, but didn’t go. Wanted to paint the bedroom white but didn’t do it. Wanted to find two flexible wall lamps but found only one. Wanted to buy and wear a dress, but couldn’t wear it because the sales lady forgot to take off the plastic anti-theft clip. Wanted to make a chocolate mint cake but couldn’t find the ‘mint extract’ the recipe asks for in the supermarket. Wanted to share a Google doc with colleagues on what to present in Monday’s 9:00 meeting, but left my notes in the office.

A city that will never give up nor will we give up on it

Restuarant Mazzat produced a video about Happy Lebanon. They say that they “would like to thank Pharrell Williams for inspiring us to be Happy, Just the idea of doing Happy Beirut version, over whelmed us with volunteers, what was impossible on paper translated to 70 volunteers between crew and cast, 17 unique locations around Beirut and 3 days of filming”.

On Nadine Labaki - the brand.

 She made the transition from behind to in front of the camera for Coca-Cola light...

 And made shiny silky hair important for movie directing....

The Longest Way: Walk Through China and Grow a Beard… A Photo Every Day

In 2008, Christoph Rehage walked through China – one year, more than 4500km. All the while, he let his hair and his beard grow. This is the resulting video.

Additional info:

Loving letters

Last month’s post on my two-year old starting to read was something of a non-sequitur. It’s been quite a long journey, in fact, as my little Beiruti learnt her letters over a year ago. When it comes to learning of this sort, I’ve been very influenced by a book written in another era entirely by a mother who homeschooled her 11 children in the fifties and sixties. It’s called Anything School Can Do You Can Do Better, by Máire Mullarney. It’s a book I discovered on the shelf at my parents’ place, a remnant from when we kids were taught at home for a few years.

A eulogy for Lebanon's historical and urban heritage

We deplore to you our dearly departed
With a lot of sadness and sorrow
After a long struggle with haphazard concrete building.
Its mothers, women losing their houses every day,
Its children, youngsters who only want a space
With a little greenery and a glimpse of sun,
Its fathers, men losing their identity, history and roots,
Accept condolences
On the 1st of March at 3 P.M. in Mar Michael, Armenia Street

Update: Daily Beast removes "worst countries to visit" article

After an uproar from critics, The Daily Beast has removed an article that labeled Lebanon and four other Middle Eastern countries as "The worst places (on earth) to visit." The link now directs to a blank page with no explanation.

Khouza3balet - unique gift for a unique mother!

It is always a pleasure for me to talk about my friends at Khouza3balet! They recently offer me the coolest personalized mug ever (me as The Hulk! - see, there's nothing wrong accepting gifts as long as one admits it!) but that's not I am posting - it's because I know for a fact that they can create exceptionally customized gifts that really portray the essence of a person.

"In Spring (2)" by Joe Bolton

You do what you can
to be modern in a country
of fields stitched together
with barbed wire the hunters cut through
before it has a chance

to rust, fields
mapped off by gravel roads
that refuse to swerve,
that make paths for the sun to follow each day.
You do what you can.

But you are late
or early for stylishness,
and all the cities and affluence you will know
are delicate tendrils the white motion
of your slender hands