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Lebanon: Insurance Against Terrorism for just $100 a Year

After the 3M shatter-proof blast glass ads, the recent string of terrorism attacks and suicide bombers in Lebanon have inspired North Assurance to come up with an insurance plan just for that… Another sign of how normal the violence has become in our beloved Beirut.

FASHAL – “Normal People Eat Here”

Listen to this resounding endorsement: “normal people eat here.” Mind-blowing!
Taken by @AmarFahs

Lebanon MMA Heavy Weight Champion Mark Tanios Defeats Egyptian Mohamad Abdel Karim At Bahrain’s Desert Force Championship

Mark Tanios is the guy on the right
Lebanese Champion Mark Tanios claimed his second consecutive win in the MMA Heavy Weight Title after defeating Egyptian Mohamad Abdel Karim at the Desert Force Championship that was held in Bahrain last week. He got unanimous decision over the Egyptian fighter and is now a step closer to the regional MMA Heavy Weight Title.

Another Patriotic Lebanese Taxi

I don’t know if that’s the same one Sara spotted back in November as it’s a bit different. Too bad I haven’t had the chance to meet the driver yet.

Why barbarity wins, in Syria and Crimea

News that Syrian President Bashar Assad had been accepted into the Russian Academy of Sciences makes us wonder about the institution.

Perhaps not surprisingly, last year the academy was placed under tighter government control. Assad didn’t complain, declaring “Russia has re-established balance in international relations, after long years of hegemony” by the United States. For three years, Russia has indeed underwritten the most barbaric crimes of the Syrian regime. Yet it was only when President Vladimir Putin began preparing the annexation of Crimea that many people in the West realized the kind of individual they were up against.

Apple Acquires Burstly, A Daher Capital Company

Apple has acquired Burstly, a software company that helps developers create smartphone and tablet applications. Burstly currently owns TestFlight, an iOS service that allows programmers to release and manage beta software to a limited audience, and an ad management platform called SkyRocket. Burstly is a Daher Capital company, which is a Beirut-based family business founded and led by Michel Daher.

Dreaming Whale Tea Infuser

Nothing like a nice cup of hot tea in this weather… loving the rain…You can conveniently enjoy tea time with tea gently brewed through holes of this dreaming whale’s stomach.


Whose Rock is it anyway...

I spent last ten years of my life calling Beirut home. 

They were very eventful years and the archive of this blog can attest to that. While it is a personal blog, my person was mostly just present in the point of view.

But let me share something very personal. Of course, I will use it to get to a public issue, but of course I would do just that.

One of the most amazing experiences in

Unica, 2 tales of an ugly math.

When Unica unveiled their line not long ago "witness to our lives" (3ayech osassna - literally "living our stories" ) to mostly positive enthusiasm, little did we expect that the follow up would be this... ugly. This is definitely a follow up campaign because it features the line "instead of of one story, two stories" (which refers to the original line).

10 Awesome and Punny “Art 7ake” Designs

For the past few weeks, I’ve been delighted to see cool, sarcastic and pun-filled arabic phrases on cool backgrounds on my Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Al Dente: A Fine Italian in Beirut…The Accademia Italiana Della Cucina Dinner

Al Dente, the only Italian fine dining restaurant in Lebanon has never seized to impress guests for the past decade or so. Located in one of the finest hotels in Lebanon and the only Relais et Chateau, the quality is up to the standards of this fine establishment. For The Academia Italiana Della Cucina first dinner in 2014, all guests lived a memorable experience.

La Grande Épicerie du Bon Marche’s New Look in Pictures

A short while ago, La Grande Epicerie reopened its doors after months of renovation. It reopened with a new style, a new look and a fresher feel. The few images I saw on the net were not enough to satisfy my curiosity. This foodie paradise is a must see if you happen to be in the capital.

The Selfiest Cities in the World: Beirut Ranked 210

According to Time, Makati City known as the financial center of the Philippines is the Selfie Capital of the World, or the capital where people take the most selfies. Manhattan came in second spot followed by Miami. As far as Arabic cities are concerned, Doha came first (Ranked 42 worldwide), followed by Dubai (Ranked 63 worldwide). Beirut is in the 5th spot regionally and 210th worldwide.

Zouk Power Plant Emissions Reduced by 80%

Taken by Avedis
The Minitry of Energy and Water announced back in July that emissions were reduced by 80 percent at the Zouk Mosbeh power plant. I wonder how bad the emissions were given that the above picture was taken today.

Lebanese Cameraman Samir Kassab Still Missing In Syria

I don’t know why Samir’s story is not over the news like the Maaloula nuns, but he’s a Lebanese who’s gone missing along with Sky News Arabia Mauritanian correspondent Ishak Moctar back in October 2013 and there are still no news of him. Lebanonfiles reported via Al Jomhouria that he could be in the Rakka area in Syria.

Lebanon’s vacuum should push all sides to compromise

The optimism greeting the formation of a Lebanese government weeks ago soon gave way to pessimism, as the different political alignments failed to agree to a policy statement. If no statement is approved, either a new government would have to be formed, or the present government would continue in a caretaker capacity.

The main bone of contention is how to refer to the resistance, a byword for Hizbollah, and its independent weapons arsenal. This has divided two of the principal forces in the government of prime minister Tammam Salam: the March 14 coalition, led by Saad Hariri’s Future Movement, and the March 8 coalition, which is led by Hizbollah and is allied with ministers named by Michel Aoun.

Easy Catch For The Lebanese Police

Out of the law.

Ethical Terrorists: لبنان بلد العجايب Indeed

Some Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist group in Lebanon has issued an apology for targeting orphans in the last suicide bombing attack to hit Beirut’s suburbs. The Abdullah Azzam Brigades said that a “technical fault” occurred and have requested from their suicide bombers to be more cautious next time.
I still can’t believe they issued such an apology.

Knives Like You’ve Never Seen Before

The designers of Maple Set, Federal Project wanted to look at kitchen knives from a new perspective. They focused on the essence of a knife – that key component that people think about when considering a knife. They isolated the blade as that defining component and designed around it as the highlight of the product.

Liza Beirut Featured in Architectural Digest

It’s always a pleasure to see one of our innovative restaurants featured in international magazines like Architectural Digest. Text by Julie Coe Photography by Marco Pinarelli

From Rooms to Poolside, Lagerfeld Designs His First Hotel

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has plans to build his own hotel under his name. A luxury 270-room hotel will be located in a 20-storey exclusive tower as part of the Lisboa Palace development and is set to open in 2017. It’s the first time for him to design a whole hotel – he has designed hotel emblems, hotel rooms as well as hotel pool sides to name a few but this time a full fledged hotel with Lagerfeld’s touch….

What's being dug up at Saifi Gardens?

There appears to be a lot of interesting ruins being dug up at the new Safi Gardens development.

The residential project occupies two plots at the edge of the Solidere area, at the intersection of George Haddad Street and the General Chehab (ring) highway, just across the street from Bourj Al Ghazal tower.

The site was a parking lot at the lower right corner of this obviously dated Google Map:

Check Out The EyeEm Market!

Follow me on EyeEm Najib
For those of you who don’t know about EyeEm yet, it’s a photo sharing app that’s not just focused on photo sharing, but tries to connect like-minded users through the photos they take. It “combines the familiar ‘snapshots and filters’ approach with metadata that collects not just location and time for each photo, but contextual information like what a user was doing at the time”. What I always loved about EyeEm is that it doesn’t require you to crop your pictures and has some really cool filters.

Artist: One Hell of a Bizarre Lunch… The Food was Superb

Let’s say that my lunch experience at Artist was one of the most bizarre – the good kind – to date… Stopping in front of the “Artist“, a restaurant in Monot, that serves burgers for lunch and a set menu for dinner; But today was different. Ramadan welcomed us; he was actually the chef, the host, the waiter and cashier at the same time. I think destiny played its role today when his assistant took the day off and that they didn’t have burgers to serve for lunch….

SUD Mar Mikhael: Thumbs Up for the Hospitality and Great Service

I visited SUD Mar Mikhael three times so far and I must say, the service has come a long way. On my first visit, I was somewhat disappointed. The waiter who was assigned to our table seemed inexperienced and not well trained. I needed to inquire about one of the items on the menu, to which he did not have the answer. Instead of asking for support, he literally froze. Thankfully, a more experienced waiter who was overseeing the interaction from afar quickly jumped in and saved the day.

Breakfast at The Media One Hotel, Dubai

With a long day ahead in Dubai city, a rich breakfast is a must. Waking up very early, I went down to the eighth floor to have some coffee and grab a few things to eat before heading out. Breakfast at Media One is not bad for a four starts hotel.

Du Pain et des Idees: An Award Winning Bakery

A simple image I got tagged into on Instagram made me want to discover this place. What is said to be one of the best bakeries in Paris for serving the best bread in the capital has won three awards to date.

Are White Belly Dancers Engaging In Cultural Appropriation?

Ranja Jarrar argues in her piece that white women who practice belly dance are, willingly or unwillingly, engaging in appropriation. Personally speaking, I didn’t really get the point the author was trying to make and I never saw a problem in white women learning how to belly dance and finding in it a form of self-expression.

A $100 Tissue Box? Won’t be Wiping My Mouth With These After a Meal

Part of our everyday lifestyle, tissues have rarely been seen around with luxurious tags. But a Japanese paper company, Daishowa First, has changed that by introducing the world’s most expensive tissue box. According to the Daily Mail, the super soft tissues are the latest in their line of high-quality products for the super rich.

Google Glass Becomes a Hotel Amenity

If you haven’t gotten the chance to try on your very own Google Glass yet, just stay at ACME Hotel in Chicago’s River North neighborhood and you’ll enjoy using them for free. Beginning March 10th, guests can reserve the hotel’s pair of glasses in advance for one- to three-hour periods. 

CNN Report On Lebanon’s Slow Internet

While one cannot deny that Minister Sehnaoui has improved the internet situation in Lebanon as a whole, internet is still relatively slow in Lebanon and the data caps are still ridiculously low. I am currently registered to the 1.5GB 3G plan and always exceed my monthly limit, even though I use WIFI at work and at home.
Let’s hope things will improve with the new minister.

A Learning Experience

Today a (a no, yet another?) simple home & garden post. I have to say that the quality of my life has significantly improved now that I no longer listen to the news. As such, I live a rather un-integrated life at the moment, but with the incredible mess in this place, 'un-integrated' suits me just fine. 4 Sisamese kittens

Nahr El Kalb Alarming Pollution Levels

Photos by Haig Melikian

No To Racism

Spotted in Sodeco.