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CNN Report On Lebanon’s Slow Internet

While one cannot deny that Minister Sehnaoui has improved the internet situation in Lebanon as a whole, internet is still relatively slow in Lebanon and the data caps are still ridiculously low. I am currently registered to the 1.5GB 3G plan and always exceed my monthly limit, even though I use WIFI at work and at home.
Let’s hope things will improve with the new minister.

A Learning Experience

Today a (a no, yet another?) simple home & garden post. I have to say that the quality of my life has significantly improved now that I no longer listen to the news. As such, I live a rather un-integrated life at the moment, but with the incredible mess in this place, 'un-integrated' suits me just fine. 4 Sisamese kittens

Nahr El Kalb Alarming Pollution Levels

Photos by Haig Melikian

No To Racism

Spotted in Sodeco.

Emily's Hair

 Emily James is a precocious 3-year-old girl who volunteered to get her hair cut so that she could donate it to the Canadian Cancer Society. 

“I don’t want any kids to be sad that they have no hair, what I wanna do is give them my hair,” she says. “Cus I have more hair, just cut some of it off and give it to someone.” 
What an incredible lesson to learn from a 3 year old, when we have lots of something - don't hold onto it, give it away to someone else who needs it more.

Classic Burger Joint: Crispy, Crunchy, Golden, Awesome Fries

Last year, I published many reviews comparing different burgers served in various diners in town.

Little Helps: Baking Maamoul For A Cause

A little help from everyone can make a huge difference sometimes. That’s what “Little Helps” is hoping to achieve this year by making, baking and selling Maamoul during April to help the needy in Lebanon. All revenues that come out of the sales will be distributed to underprivileged Lebanese, elderly people, orphans or refugees fleeing the Syrian war. The sales will start during the month of April every Saturday in Souk el Tayyeb, Beirut Souks.

ASHEKMAN x DJ Lethal Skillz HEART Beirut

I am not a big fan of the Lebanese rap music/groups. Not this one! In this video ASHEKMAN shares different classic scenes of Beirut with lots of positive energy in a great music video.Well Done.I am a big fan!

Produced by: DJ Lethal Skillz & DJ X-Method (Phonomefodz productionz)
Scratches by: Dj Lethal Skillz

Director: Hadi Syriani
Editor: Mounir Haydamous
VFX: Pierre Khoury
Colorist: Khalil Abourrousse ( Lila Post)
Producer: Francois Monayer
Creative Directors: Pierre Khoury, Mohamed Kabbani, Omar Kabbani

More Than 1000 Cyclists Take Part In The “Ride For Roy” 65K Memorial Ride

The Ride For Roy is a 65 km ride that starts and finishes at Atlantis, The Palm. It was organized to honor Triathlon Lebanese Champion Roy Nasr‘s memory. Roy was killed by a drunk driver whilst riding his bike near Safa Park back in September 2013.
More than 1000 cyclists joined the ride, noting that all the registration fees will go into the Roy Nasr Memorial Fund.

Tommy Hilfiger Starts Hilfiger Hospitality With First Hotel

Founder of the American brand Tommy Hilfiger is buying his own hotel: The Raleigh Hotel in Miami. The hotel is an Art Deco landmark built in 1940 and has 100 rooms, a pool and several restaurants. According to sources the cost of the hotel is estimated at $100 million and is expected to go through a complete makeover – where a whole new experience will be offered.

Leaning Tower of Pasta

Keep your pasta in something as authentically Italian as it is, the leaning tower of Pasta!

Starbucks Celebrates 40 Years with a Tribute Blend

Starbucks has created the ‘Tribute Blend’ to celebrate its 40th anniversary, honor its customers and partners, and to recognize the work of its coffee producers and roasters.

Ruptures with guest Miran Gurunian (24 February 2014)

Ruptures had the pleasure of welcoming Lebanese musician and producer Miran Gurunian in the studios of Radio Lebanon, last February. What was initially intended as a promotional show for the launch of his band Pindoll’s first album, Twisted Times, turned into an informative, one-hour interview and career retrospective covering various aspects of Gurunian’s work and […]

MIT Student From Lebanon Found Dead

23-year old Hadi Kasab was found dead in his university-owned residence in Cambridge on Thursday night. Hadi comes from Saida, Lebanon and was a second-year graduate student in MIT’s program in computation for design and optimization. He also used to work at the MIT Gas Turbine Laboraty, and if I am not mistaken, this is a [picture] of him.
MIT mourned the young man whose cause of death is still unknown.

Wellness Lunch at éCafé Sursock: Superfood Served in Style and Finesse

Together with a fine selection of people, I was invited to the wellness lunch at Edde Cafe Sursock. Enchanted by a calm musical background of harp, the set up and ambiance were so soothing and enjoyable…while fresh juices provided by “5 a Day” were distributed. I realized, after this tasteful and rich experience, that one can enjoy good healthy food and rich flavors without the guilt…

What’s Opening on Dbayeh Highway? Anyone Knows?

Do you remember Applebees? the standalone diner on Dbayeh Highway. After five years of serving American diner food the place closed down. Now if you pass by the premises you will find a huge advertising roll up. Who’s Lime Tree? What is going to open instead…?

The paralysis of self-loathing

The following piece was published in the May issue of Bold Magazine, but both the subject and self-loathing are as relevant today as ever before.  

The Paralysis Of Self-Loathing

By Habib Battah           


Genius Kids or tech savvy?!

This hilarious commercial from Indian 3G network MTS inspired me to write this post!

So many parents are convinced that their children are exceptional and every Lebanese newborn is genius or simply the best: at his first year he can recognize the colors, 18 months he knows all the days of the week, 2 years he can surf the net and use the I pad, at 3 he can make phone calls (My kid is better, smarter, faster, stronger than your kid ).

British Ambassador Tom Fletcher Strikes Again

This is not my first post on Ambassador Fletcher’s actions and definitely won’t be my last, as I believe this man is doing way more what he’s required and setting the bar very high not just for other ambassadors and foreign representatives but for Lebanese politicians as well.

In Pictures: Lebanese Protest Against Domestic Violence On International Women’s Day

It was great seeing so many people at Mathaf today for the demonstration planned by KAFA. It is time to change all laws that give advantage to a man over his wife or any woman for that sake, and to officially set up an office to follow up domestic violence issues and provide the required protection for victims (A governmental office not one run by an NGO).

Supermarket Najib Atallah bi Ezen Allah

I am so paying this guy a visit! Based on what I was told, his mini-market is located in Achrafieh near Sayde Church.

More Screwed

Here’s more in the category of ‘Screwed’.

Michel Sakr Freed By The Lebanese Police After Getting Kidnapped Yesterday Morning In Zahle

The son of Ibrahim Sakr, a reputed business man in Zahle, was freed after he got kidnapped yesterday in front of his house. Some reports are saying a prominent political figure intervened to release the kid, probably Nabih Berri.
Tens of kidnappings for ransom have taken place in the Bekaa area since last year, and it looks like everyone knows the groups behind them yet nothing’s being done. In all cases, this is definitely good news for the kid and his family.

A HeartFelt Message From A Victim Of Domestic Violence In Lebanon

Here’s a letter I got from a good friend of mine who chose to remain anonymous. I salute her for her courage and hope that tomorrow’s demonstration and many others to follow will give Lebanese women the legal protection needed from abusive husbands.
“Everytime I hear about a woman dying because of domestic violence, every single time, I swear… I think of you. You’re one of the lucky ones. You escaped.”
My best friend just sent me this two months ago. And I have been thinking of how lucky I am ever since!


4 cats on a branch I bet that’s what this cat at the end of the branch must be thinking. “Royally screwed.” She can’t go any further and there’s 3 potential lovers lining up . . . . Screwed indeed. And there was one cat waiting downstairs, on top of the car,  to pick up the pieces, in case she jumps. Or gets pushed over the edge. It must be the season of cat love.  Yesterday I encountered Romeo and Juliet, today it’s a less romantic scene. This is just a gang rape.

Baghdad Airport Deputy Head Arrested Over MEA Incident

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ordered the arrest and dismissal of Samer Kubba, Baghdad Airport’s deputy head as well as all “those responsible for preventing the plane coming from Beirut from landing in Baghdad”. Yesterday, Iraqi authorities forced a MEA airplane to return to Beirut because the son of the Iraqi Transport Minister had missed the flight.

Two More Reasons To Join The Protest Against Domestic Violence In Lebanon Tomorrow

The demonstration is taking place this Saturday March 8 (International Women’s Day) from 2 to 3 pm. The protesters will walk from the Museum to Beirut’s Justice Palace.
Here’s a call from the mothers of the latest domestic violence victims to join the protest:
And here’s another powerful ad by March:

Great Mother’s Day Ad By Exotica

Exotica – الأمهات المتحدة

Romeo and Juliet

What’s this guy staring at so intensely? He doesn't even notice I am there.  
What is it in that first-floor window that got his undivided attention?  

Just Wash: A Waterless Delivery Car Washing Service

I like keeping my car clean but I hate waiting at gas stations for an hour on a Sunday morning in order to wash the car. Few malls like ABC Achrafieh and City Mall have a car wash service but it’s not a practical solution. Having said that, Just Wash looks like the ideal solution for people like me, as it’s a delivery car washing service and more importantly an environmentally-friendly one. They basically send their cleaners to wherever the client has parked his car and clean both the inside and outside for 10,000 LL.

Guess What I’m Driving?

I am going to take this beauty for a spin this weekend. It’s a dream come true and I cant wait!

The Rails That Built Lebanon

Train Stockyard in Tripoli
Here’s a nice [article] by Nicolas Photiades on how the private railroad network helped boost Lebanon’s economy in the late 19th century, and how the best way today to bring back the trains is by re-privatizing the network just like the DHP (Damas-Hama Prolongement), the company that operated the railroads for both Lebanon and Syria back in the 1950s.