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A Delineated Horizon

A delineated horizon  

Can Minister Abou Faour Implement The Smoking Ban (Law 174) In Lebanon?

Health Minister Wael Abu Faour announced that indoor smoking ban will be enforced, and that the ministry will be raiding restaurants and other enclosed public places to make sure the law is being implemented. The first attempt to ban smoking took place two years ago and failed miserably as the majority of restaurants, pubs and venues are breaking Law 174.

Zahle Is Getting 24-hour Electricity Soon And Some People Are Demonstrating Against It!

It may seem hard to believe but these people are demonstrating because Zahle is getting 24-hour electricity soon and their generators will become useless. I think they should be held accountable for ripping off people with ridiculous generator bills all these years.
Thanks Mustapha!

The Lebanese Government’s Incompetence Finally Paid Off

A car filled with explosives was apprehended by the Lebanese authorities after it flipped due to bad road conditions. The driver abandoned the vehicle on one of the Arsal roads after he fell into a pot hole on and lost control of the vehicle which contained 120kg of explosives.
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Mimmo Jodice in Proustian voyages at the Byblos headquarters

Yesterday, the Photomed festival was kickstarted in grand form at the

What Happens When You Try To Do The Right Thing In Lebanon?

Every year, I tell myself that driving can’t get any worse in this country but I am proven wrong. Drivers are becoming more violent, more reckless and unpredictable and what happened with Johny is a clear proof of that. The last time I got into a verbal dispute with a driver, it was a 60 year old man who cut me off and almost hit me. I was with my brothers and we could have easily kicked his ass but I just ignored him and drove away because he was with his family and I don’t believe in violence, even though he was cursing at us and broke my front mirror.

Smoke An Arguile While Getting A Haircut

This picture was taken in a Beirut hair salon. Aside from the fact that this guy will end up with hair in his mouth and on the arguile pipe, how come he’s smoking inside?

Charlie Abdo – Cartoon Series by Claude El Khal

Most of you shared this cartoon of Mia Khalifa supporting Charlie Hebdo in her “own way”, but what you probably didn’t know is that it was only the first in a series by Claude El Khal, meant to illustrate Lebanese events in the form magazine covers similar to Charlie Hebdo, but this one is instead called “Charlie Abdo” (pronounced 3abdo).

Things to Do This Week in Lebanon- January 21st 2015

As usual, if you’re out of ideas for things to do or see, here are my 10 picks for this week.

May Hariri Knows Something We Don’t

Thank you Facebook for the edit history feature
I am definitely not referring to her English or hashtaging skills.

How Lucky Is This Guy?

The person who uploaded this video said he took the film from the store owner and that it happened somewhere in Beirut. I can’t really tell where the crash took place but that was a very close call!

What Yves’ Killers Had To Say Before Turning Themselves In

I can’t believe what I just watched! Are these guys for real? They didn’t mean to kill him? Yves khaykoun sar halla2??
LBCI stated this video was shot right before the two killers turned themselves in.
via LBCI

It’s More Expensive To Live In Lebanon Than In The United Arab Emirates

According to Numbeo’s cost of living index, Lebanon is the third most expensive Arab country to live in after Kuwait and Qatar. Lebanon came ahead of UAE even though UAE’s local purchasing power is twice as much as Lebanon’s, which is definitely not a good sign. Moreover, if we look at the quality of life index, UAE is in the top 20 while Lebanon is in the bottom 20. Switzerland and Norway topped the list with the highest cost of living index while Pakistan, Nepal and India were found to be the cheapest countries to live in.

To Lebanese Christians: Please Stop Being Stupid Hypocrites

As a recovering Maronite, when Christians in Lebanon behave in a stupid, naive way, it makes me exceptionally sad. After all, even if you don’t identify with a group anymore, you still hold them dear to your heart and care about the mistakes they do more than you would a group you never belonged to.
The past week, I’ve been flabbergasted with how childish and extreme they’ve been, and how poorly their understanding has been, and how quick to jump to conclusions they are, absurdly contradicting every single teaching of the lord they worship, Jesus Christ.

Allo Taxi: Lebanese App of the Week

With the recent excitement about Uber launching in Beirut, I was very pleasantly surprised to find out local taxi company Allo Taxi have their own app to order their cabs, with a few extra perks and an extremely impressive platform considering it was made for Lebanon and the Lebanese, not the entire world.

Why I Never Let People Call Me An “Activist”

I hate the word. It represents a particular interest towards a certain issue that defines the life of the individual activating for it. I don’t, and I don’t ever want to, and for several reasons.
The Causes Should be a Given
The causes I support are not extraordinary and unheard of to the general public. It’s not like trying to fight a massive corporation that people love which might not know is actually causing a lot of harm to other people or the environment. It’s not asking for something that isn’t already a reality on the ground and people’s minds, but just not in legal papers.

Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel, 1993 hasbara version


Following the conundrum in which Miss Lebanon Sally Greige found herself for (depending on which version you believe) having her selfie photobombed by Miss Israel or alternatively taking a full fledged photo with her, I was reminded of the same incident in  the Miss World1993 when Ghada al Turk took a photo with then Miss Israel Tamara Porat.

Quartet of Endless Grey

Wipe your foggy breath off the cold bus window;
the snow-covered scape outside is darker than it.
Watch your faint reflection in the streaky glass;
the bus's harsh fluorescent lights do you no favor.

I never thought hunger could grow larger than the body,
but you don't let go of a chance to prove me wrong.
Never did I look so large as I do through your eyes;
nor have I felt so small.

I once said I'd never regret a thing--
I regret it all now, even the regret.

It's done:
no more happy endings,
no more new beginnings,
no more looking forward,
no more then...

It's all been done:
there's no tomorrow here;
there's only an endless now,
not interrupted by night or day--

A Puzzling Escalation in the Golan

Jihad Mughnieh appears above in photographs with Qassem Soleimani and Hassan Nasrallah. Jihad Mughniyeh appears above in photographs with Qassem Soleimani and Hassan Nasrallah. Mughniyeh was killed in a strike by an Israeli gunship in the Syrian-controlled portion of the Golan Heights yesterday.  (h/t Firas Maksad)

Human Rights Watch Report: Lebanese Laws Discriminate Against Women

source: The Daily StarLebanese laws discriminate against women, surprised much? I didn’t think so.Human Rights Watch latest report reveal the inequality that women face in Lebanon due the the religion-based personal status laws.

Mimmo Jodice at the Byblos Bank Headquarters

So Byblos Bank does it again, this time bringing the Mimmo Jodice photography exhibition at Byblos Bank Headquarters in Ashrafieh. “Mediterraneo” is the first solo exhibition of this world-renowned artistic photographer in Lebanon and is the official launch event of the PhotoMed Beyrouth photography festival which will take place in Beirut from January 21 to February 11, 2015.

Bonjour tout le monde !

Bienvenue dans Les Blogs du Liban. Ceci est votre premier article. Modifiez-le ou effacez-le, puis lancez-vous !
Cet article Bonjour tout le monde ! est apparu en premier sur L'espace Lunaire .

Lebanese Lawyers Delegation Assaulted In Cairo

Members of the Syrian delegation assaulted Fadi Saad, a Lebanese lawyer, after he spoke against the Syrian army and the Syrian regime during the 23rd conference for Arab lawyers that was being held in Egypt. You’d expect lawyers to be the last people to resort to violence but then again everything is different in the Arab world.

Faten Hamama, a bitter day

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly

Faten Hamama, dubbed "sayyidat al chacha al Arabiya" (the grande dame of the Arabic screen) is no more. In reference to one of her popular movies "yawm murr, yawm helou" (a bitter day, a sweet day) the above work says.... A bitter day.

Lebanese team president says Australian Football bolsters multiculturalism | Herald Sun

Team Lebanon President Richard Kerbatieh, Sammy Yagi, Fouaz Akkari and coach Akram Kassab prepare for the world cup. Picture: Rchard Serong
FOURTEEN nations will go head to head in March as Australia’s favourite game goes global.
The Australian Football World Cup — an extension of the Harmony Cup — is an opportunity for different communities to connect over sport while promoting AFL overseas.

Miss Lebanon’s Selfie Photo-bombed By Miss Israel

PS: It seems Miss Israel photobombed Sally’s selfie by taking her own selfie. This calls for a new hashtag #Incelfie

A Cool Tribute To Faten Hamama By Lebanese-Texan Artist Corinne Martin

Update: Check out this amazing tribute by Magda Abu-Fadil from The Huffington Post.
Faten Hamama, an iconic Egyptian film star and the “Lady of the Arabic screen” has passed away yesterday at the age of 83. Faten Hamama lived in Beirut and London between 1966 and 1971 as she was being harassed by Egyptian intelligence during that time. She was awarded the “Al-Arz” decoration by the Lebanese President in 2001 and got an honorary doctorate from the American University of Beirut in 2013.

Of Malcolm Kerr or the Symbol of Resilience

Malcolm Kerr, a highly respected American Arabist, stayed on as president, keeping alive a small flame of optimism for the future of AUB and his beloved Lebanon.
On January 18, Kerr left the president's house and walked across the quiet, tree-shaded campus, passing under the old stone archway bearing the inscription "That They May Have Life and Have It More Abundantly". He entered College Hall and went to his office on the second floor. Outside the door, two young men stepped out of an adjacent hall, raised their pistols, and fired. Kerr died instantly.

-Lebanon, Susan Mackey