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School Enrolment in Spain Part 3

Part 1 and Part 2 of School Enrolment in Spain can be found here.

I have pursued my real-person-research involving lots of legwork and in-the-flesh encounters to add to my confusion by visiting several state schools close to my house. First, I visited the school 4 minutes walk away but which is across the rather arbitrary municipal border.

Where to Party This Weekend

So, after a few weeks of clubbing and partying in Europe, I miss Beirut! And what an epic weekend we have ahead, with massive names like Ame LIVE in Beirut!

25% of Lebanese Left, 35% Leaving Soon

The Lebanese Emigrant Statue in Beirut [image source]

IvySays x Adidas IT BEGINS

Why We Never Go to Downtown Beirut

Downtown Beirut, which the most zealous of the pro-Hariri camp always hail as the reason he should be idolized by every single Lebanese person, is a massive failure. Apart from the fact that how it came to be rebuilt, is everything but transparent, if not outright criminal, it was built and invested in for all the wrong reasons:

40+ opening tomorrow at USEK

The exhibition, with details stated above, will include my vide art Holiday Inn.. so if you wish to watch it live, and in loop, would be great to see you!


Mjadara: McDonald's vs Beirut Beer

Photo credit Georges Rahme, original research Deborah Phares

When McDonald's came up with this ad I forgot to mention that Mjadara a dish which is based on lentils and rice is a perfect alternative for meat-abstaining Christians during lent and that Shrimp burger makes a suitable alternative to it. I mention this because creatively the idea of mentioning mjadara was spot on creatively.

Want Your Coffee Cup Read? There’s An App for that Now

Lebanon is a country full of superstitious people. Now, I know many of you will probably deny that, as you silently check your Horoscopes and re-watch Leila Abdellatif on Youtube. Problem is, most of you forgot to disable the feature that tweets your daily horoscope automatically (which makes me unfollow you, like, instantly).

10 Tips To Becoming A Happier Person

1. Drop a grudge. It doesn’t mean you should befriend someone who hurt you it just means you should rid yourself of the hatred you’re harboring. It takes up too much energy. Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die.

لنطرد كابوس الفوضى والإرهاب خارج محراب الوطن

المهندس حميد عوّاد*
تتنوّع أسباب الخلافات والنزاعات في تحديد واحترام معايير القيم والحقوق والواجبات كما تتشعّب جذور الخلل في التفكير والفهم والسلوك، وتتفاقم نتائجها، فتورّط المصاب بهذه الإنحرافات في ارتكاب أعمال مؤذية لنفسه ولمن تمسّه نتائجها.
من المحبط جدّاً الفشل في إقناع الضّال بفضيلة الرجوع عن الخطأ وهدايته إلى جادّة الصواب.
من يعصى عليه تقبّل المنطق والحوار الراقي واحترام الكرامة البشريّة يعميه الجهل ويلفحه الجنون ويعتصره العنف.
هناك من “تقمّص” شخصيّة “دراكولا” وسكر من شرب دماء ضحاياه وهناك من ابتزّ الطاعة مدّعياً أنّه سبط منبثق من لدن الألوهة فاستعبد الناس وروّع من لا يخلع عليه هذا الرداء وهناك “قياصرة” سفكوا دماء من ينازعهم السلطة.
لقد ظنّ هؤلاء أنّ إشعال جهنّم على الارض وهدم المعالم الحضاريّة هو ضمانة الوصول إلى الجنّة والخلد.

On Chaos and Order

We’re standing at the entrance to the Lebanese Navy Seal Head Quarters in Amchiit, Aregu’s trainer and I. We’re waiting for Aregu, and her fellow team mates, to begin the race.   Entrance to the Navy Seal Barracks in Amchiit 

Off To Barcelona!

I’m on my way to Barcelona to attend the Samsung #Unpacked event and the Mobile World Congress #MWC2015. Samsung has invited me to the exclusive launch of their new Samsung Galaxy S6 so I will be live tweeting from both events and sharing pictures and posts on my Instagram and Facebook page. I will also be enjoying Barcelona and sharing my experience there. For those interested in following, here are my users and FB page:

Understanding the Middle East with better clichés

Some people feel that western media coverage of the Middle East is dominated by too many clichés and stereotypes. However an emerging view now believes that there are actually too few rather than too many clichés, thereby making reporting less accurate. This radical critique of what is really wrong with Western media coverage has already produced enlightening pieces that allow us to understand what exactly is happening in the Middle East far better than we have managed in the past.

It’s Like Beirut. It’s Absolutely Disgraceful

Isabel Roberts, who has lived in the area for 38 years, added: “These were lovely houses. People wanted these houses. They were lovely and clean. I mean you can see a house there in the middle of it. It’s like Beirut. It’s absolutely disgraceful.”

10 Years Later…

I’m alone a lot. I know folks think I’m always at a party or exploring some cool stuff with cool people, but remember, my Instagram is the stuff I choose to share. I live alone. I travel alone. I work alone. Sometimes I watch a movie alone. Sometimes I even go clubbing alone.
Being alone allows you to think a lot. Thinking uninterruptedly because the free WiFi is just 30 minutes at that airport. Thinking uninterruptedly because there’s no smoking area in that terminal (the one that caters for the budget airlines). Thinking uninterruptedly because you’re not worried someone traveling with you forgot something and you need to go back to the security check.

Alfa’s Epic Reply To Lame Troll

I don’t think it’s funny to troll companies like that, specially when there are people working late night shifts to provide support. Nevertheless, Alfa’s reply was epic and spot on.

Chou 3emleen on Feb30?

Ana nezil 3a Feb 30
Thanks George!

Migrants Detention and Deportation Practices in the Gulf – A spotlight on Saudi, Oman and Kuwait

Migrant-Rights.org the online content-based advocacy forum that aims to advance the rights of migrant workers in the Middle East and to encourage social action to address human rights abuses, published today an infographic on the detention and deportation practices in the gulf, with a special focus on Saudi, Oman and Kuwait.

Ya Jagal Ma Yhezzak Ri7

I was looking for “Ya Jagal Ma Yhezzak Ri7″ on YouTube and fell on this song. It’s old but pretty cool and hilarious!

It Feels Good When Your Bank Pays For Your Valentine Dinner

50 couples in 6 different restaurants had their bills paid by Bank Audi as part of the ‪bank’s Valentine campaign #‎BankAudiLovesMe‬. The couples were surprised by my good friends and the talented Uf Concepts guys who had prepared a song for the occasion.
I thought the idea was pretty cool and well executed. Check out the [video].

Google creates artificial intelligence that drinks overpriced independent coffee

In a major breakthrough for artificial intelligence, Google has created AI that learned how to play 80s computer games, drink overpriced independent coffee and dress in checkered shirts and vintage denim. The announcement by Google this week has set the world of technology abuzz at this huge leap in the field of artificial intelligence.

It’s Confirmed! Whitney Houston Is Still Alive According To Nadine Magazine

Since a lot of people have asked me about the Whitney Houston article I shared this morning, I asked a friend to pick up the Nadine Magazine from a nearby library and see if it’s there and it turned out to be true. Whitney Houston is still alive and is feeling sad over her daughter’s accident according to Nadine Magazine.

Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – February 25th 2015

… and yet another week goes by! A lot of events are happening in the next few days in Beirut and the below 10 are my favorites from Lebtivity.

في المقال In the Article

(digital collage)
Headline reads: The Lebanese Response to the Syrian Crisis..
 boy to friend: "So.. when they finish reading the article, what shall we play?"
مع ملحق "مشروع بناء السلام في لبنان" الصادر عن برنامج الأمم المتحدة الإنمائي

FAIL: Omak For Sale, Lebanese Buses Humor And Whitney Houston Brought Back To Life

via Amer
Here’s a bunch of funny stories that I picked up in the past few days. The Omak ad is hilarious and reminds me of that spa in Achrafieh that was called Ommak or something like that. As for the Whitney Houston article, it was shared by my friend Dyala but I couldn’t confirm yet if it’s a recent magazine or not. The sure thing is that Whitney Houston doesn’t have a daughter called Sarah.

Pop Up concepts: Pump up the design volume

Literally one day to the next, the brown paper that was covering the windows (and which promised to something to the effect of "soon, something exciting will be happening" or whatever new shops seem to say) went down, the result made me do such a double take I almost fell: There they were, prominently displayed, the covetable Thom Browne sunglasses. Further look behind them revealed the unmistakable Marcelo Burlon iPhone cases.

An Oriental Version Of John Legend’s All Of Me

Lebanese music producer & composer Jean-Marie Riachi released a Middle Eastern version of John Legend’s biggest hit ever and one of the best performing R&B songs of 2013/2014 “All of me”. Riachi basically added an oriental twist to the song and it turned out to be pretty cool.
Here it is:

A Lesson For Every Lebanese Driver Trying To Skip Traffic Illegally

via Yasa
Every day, I see drivers specially those with 4×4 vehicles trying to go from one side of the highway to the other to skip traffic, specially on the Dora highway. Aside from the fact that it’s against the law and considered very dangerous driving, I don’t understand why people are so reckless about their cars in Lebanon. Why would you put your life in danger and drive like an idiot? Why would you wreck your car if it’s a rental? What’s the logic behind that?

To Be Free Or Not To Be: MARCH & ASHEKMAN’s Mural Is Back!

Pic via Ashekman
Update: Here’s the latest and final picture of the mural

Hellofood celebrates Oscars with... Food!

Hellofood has decided to celebrate the Oscars with... food! Films that we remember due to food-related items...
The press release was too good not to be replicated (almost) verbatim!

Lebanese U17 Football Team Crowned Arab Champions!

Lebanon’s U17 national women’s football team beat Djibouti 1-0 and was crowned Arab champions few hours ago! The only goal was scored by Haneen Tamim in the first 10 minutes. Even though this is the U17 team, I think this result is a very important now specially that Lebanon was playing against well prepared and financed teams. We have plenty of talents and a victory like this one is important to bring attention to this young team and all talented athletes in Lebanon.

Lost in the Olive Gro(o)ve

Smoke in the olive grove 
 Got lost in an olive grove this past Sunday. You see, something in the country side attracted our attention; a little white church, it looked a little like a Spanish mission. We weren’t sure how to get there, but there was this one little road that seemed to lead in its directions. Only, it didn’t. The road stopped, but there were olive trees everywhere, and so we figured that if we’d just walk through the olive grove, we’d get there.

Le Bristol’s Sunday Buffet At Achrafieh’s Splendid Villa Linda Sursock

Le Bristol‘s Sunday buffet has been known for years as one of the best buffets in Beirut and is recently being held at Villa Linda Sursock in Achrafieh as the hotel is closed down since 2012 for renovation. The only other Sunday buffet I’ve tried in Beirut so far was the Phoenicia hotel one so I was interested to see how different and special this one is.