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MIT 35 Innovators under 35: Fadel Adib and Ayah Bdeir from Lebanon on the list

The MIT Technology Review recently released their list of 35 Innovators under 35, which is an annual lineup that highlights young professional who are reshaping the way their respective fields think with their research.

Some of the Finest Artisan Bakers in Lebanon

Bread has always been the most basic and homely of foods. Yet what was once a daily tradition is rapidly becoming a luxury. We’re no longer happy with loaves in plastic bags. We now crave artisanal breads with organic ingredients and rare grains. There’s certainly a market, we’ll pay for quality products, but it really »more...

Arabnet: 5 Mistakes Ruining Your Blog

Published on Arabnet.me By Maysaa Al Ajjan | August 18, 2014 While the first blogging activity could be traced back to 1994 in the USA, it took the MENA region well over 10 years to catch up to this now infectious trend. Closer to home, many tech-savvies in Lebanon have taken to blogging as a fun challenge and found »more...

Check into Your Underwater Room

Located in Pemba Island, Tanzania, the Manta Underwater Room is a room belonging to the Manta Resort. Designed by Genberg Underwater Hotels, this floating glass cube allows guests to be completely immersed in the ocean where amongst the multitude of fish species that swim by, the star of the show is the manta ray. Easily »more...

Steam: Stove-top Tea Maker

Steam is a stove-top tea maker. It brews tea by passing hot water pressurized by steam through stacked kettles. Reflecting upon tea culture in east, Steam has stacking teapots specially designed for tea preparation. Larger lower kettle is filled with water to boil, and then boiled water evaporates into upper kettle, steeping loose-leaf tea blend »more...

So why did mobile prices suddenly increase?!

If you have been following smartphone prices in Lebanon over the past couple of weeks then you might have noticed the weird increase on all handsets.
For some unknown reason, prices have increased by around 10% in the latest price list published by Amhaz (Stars Communications) and are now similar to the prices during the period when the government cracked down on smugglers by requiring IMEI registration. The table below shows the difference between the prices on August 6th and 18th for some selected devices.

Taste&Flavors: Finding the Lost Bread… Lebanon’s Finest

Some culinary traditions live on and over the years move on to different parts of the world. In our dear Lebanon, we have been heavily influenced by French traditions, naturally so, look back into history… and some of these traditions have found their way into a number of dishes that have become classics in different »more...

Taste&Flavors: The Best of Artisan Bread in Lebanon

Bread has always been the most basic and homely of foods. Yet what was once a daily tradition is rapidly becoming a luxury. We’re no longer happy with loaves in plastic bags. We now crave artisanal breads with organic ingredients and rare grains. There’s certainly a market, we’ll pay for quality products, but it really »more...

Beware of the scammers on Lebanese classifieds websites

A friend of mine was looking to buy a used car through Lebanese classifieds websites like Al Waseet and Bey3. Among several cars he was interested in, two were selling for a very attractive price, so he eventually started messaging their owners until he learned that they live outside Lebanon and were asking for the whole money or a down payment to be transferred through Western Union!

Kasr El Helou’s Ma2loubé

I was wondering if there’s any arabic sweet called Ma2loubé to use for that picture and Kasr el Helou answered that Knefe is also called Ma2loubé so there you go
Speaking of Knefe, I was at Kasr el Helou in Tripoli on Saturday and had one. One of the best in Lebanon!
PS: I made sure no one was hurt in that accident before posting about it.

Whale Spotted Off Coast Of Amchit

I don’t know if I misheard, but someone on board wants to cross over the whale for some reason. Why is that?
This is not the first whale encounter in Lebanon. Some people even spotted dolphins a couple of years back near Tabarja.

via Bikaffe

Coincidence? Education Minister Elias Bou Saab Also Graduated With A Passing Statement In 1987

It seems our Education Minister knows all about passing statements, as he got one himself in 1987 during the war. Speaking of passing statements, here’s a video that went viral and pokes fun of students who never studied and passed anyway. I personally know someone who just showed up to the exams and just wrote down his name and left.
In all cases, I am with the Education Minister on this decision, even though I don’t like it, as the teachers on strike should not have bargained with the students’ future.

Holidays Part 8

Playing backgammon in Basta Tahta

FAIL: Valit Parking

Spotted in Batroun.
Thanks Rachel!

The SerLea: A Double Barrel 9mm Submachine Gun of Lebanese Origin

The SerLea is a machine gun that was apparently designed by a Lebanese gunsmith and veteran of Beirut street battles. The weapon has twin barrels, twin magazines and twin open bolts. There’s a synchronizing device to turn the weapon into a single high rate of fire, allowing each barrel to be fired one after the other, producing a rate of fire around 1,000 rounds per minute. The Los Angeles Police Department showed interest in the SerLea machine gun back in the 1990s but only few units were produced.

Marcel Ghanem’s Storming Intro and His Take On Charles Aznavour

It seems Marcel Ghanem managed to anger a lot of people (not me) during his last show including Charles Aznavour fans. In fact, towards the end of his 8 minutes long intro, He bashed Aznavour’s suggestion to put Iraqi refugees in French deserted villages.

Tabliyet Massaad: Zahle’s Famous Taouk Place Now Open In Gemmayze

Picture via IvySays
I was talking about new food places with Dana (Ivysays) and she mentioned that the famous Taouk place from Zahle Massaad has opened in Gemmayze and that it’s really good! Massaad’s taouk sandwich is rolled and put over the fire to make it crispy, with zaatar with olive oil smeared on top. The sandwich is filled with fries and a lot of garlic and served with hummus, pickles and coleslaw.

Live Love Beirut by Big Addict

Grafitti Lebanon
“Graff Me Europe” have chosen to honor the graffiti in Lebanon because it taps into people’s differences while giving the opportunity to live in the similarities of all. Film by Big Addict.

Look At His Emergency Fuel Tank

He doesn’t even have a plate number and has a small fuel bottle placed dangerously underneath the car. This thing could explode at the slightest accident!

To Naji يا ناجي

(mixed media on paper مواد مختلفة على ورق)
"I wanted to draw "Ein El-Helwi" (refugee camp) from the road that leads to our house.. But today, Ein El-Helwi is fenced, Naji."

CONFIRMED: Passing Statements Issued To All Grade 9 and 12 Lebanese Students

via Lebanese Memes
This is definitely not the best way out of this crisis between the Syndicate Coordination Committee and the Education Ministry, but the students’ future is a priority as they need the results to enroll in universities either inside Lebanon or outside the country. Personally speaking, I am still against the wage increase requested by the SCC and I really think they should reconsider their demands. While some of them truly deserve a raise, there are plenty of others that are abusing the system.

Fenicia bank, continuity via Chinese whispers.

Fenicia Bank (formerly known as Bank of Kuwait and the Arab World) is emphasizing its heritage with a cheesy ad. I think though not sure that the client is actually old and the "client service" people (just look at the name card in case you did not get it) are young to emphasize continuity? The line is "lifelong relationship" - for a more confusing take, check this on their own homepage. Under the line of "there are things you'd rather not inherit".

Male bellydancer woos audiences

The news has been a bit heavy lately, so I thought I'd let you know that joy still exists out here.

Take The Ice Bucket Challenge To Help Raise Awareness on ALS

Check out the ice bucket challenge video that a group of Lebanese took part in to raise awareness on ALS.
You can read more about ALS [Here].

Changing the Traditional Image of Coffee

Earlier this year Also Known As was challenged to re-imagine the traditional approach to packaging coffee and create something that we could share with their clients and friends – and so, Wishbone Brew was born. Conceptualized and created by the team at AKA and assembled together by hand, it’s been a long time in the »more...

Why ISIS Are Not Coming To Beirut Anytime Soon

Photoshopped Picture of an ISIS Tank stuck in traffic
Forget all the conspiracy theories and geopolitical and intelligence reports, ISIS will never get to Beirut because of the traffic. Read the whole article [Here].

How To Make Meghli (Caraway Pudding)

Picture taken from here
I was looking for online Meghli recipes in English to send to a friend and I found a really cool website with a detailed and illustrated step-by-step recipe. It’s called JourneyKitchen and here’s a [link] to the Meghli recipe.

19-year Old Lebanese Behind The Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade (لواء احرار السنة) Twitter Account

The ISF has finally caught the guy behind the Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade’s Twitter account and revealed that he’s a 19 year old young man from the Baalbeck region. This kid has terrorized the whole country with his tweets specially after he threatened to attack Christians and burn Churches to the ground. The so-called Free Sunnis of Baalbeck Brigade also claimed responsibility for several rocket and bomb attacks in Lebanon, including the latest suicide bombing at Raouche’s Duroy Hotel.
Let’s just hope that this is the full story and it was indeed some kid fooling around.

Beautiful graffiti vanishes in Hamra

Hamra mural before (1)

Hamra mural after (1)

Lebanese Amale Andraos Appointed Dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture

Lebanese architect Amale Andraos has been appointed as the new dean of the Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation and Planning at Columbia University (GSAPP) in New York City and will assume the position on September 1, replacing Mark Wigley who announced his retirement last year.
Amale is presumably the first woman to become a dean at the school.

ISIL Could Become the Voice of Sunnis If We Don't Find a Way to Stop It Soon

August 12, 2014The New RepublicBy TThe Islamic State in Iraq and Levant’s deep-rooted sense of purpose and its political, financial, and military ability have helped it carve out a safe haven between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.