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10 Years Later…

I’m alone a lot. I know folks think I’m always at a party or exploring some cool stuff with cool people, but remember, my Instagram is the stuff I choose to share. I live alone. I travel alone. I work alone. Sometimes I watch a movie alone. Sometimes I even go clubbing alone.
Being alone allows you to think a lot. Thinking uninterruptedly because the free WiFi is just 30 minutes at that airport. Thinking uninterruptedly because there’s no smoking area in that terminal (the one that caters for the budget airlines). Thinking uninterruptedly because you’re not worried someone traveling with you forgot something and you need to go back to the security check.

Migrants Detention and Deportation Practices in the Gulf – A spotlight on Saudi, Oman and Kuwait

Migrant-Rights.org the online content-based advocacy forum that aims to advance the rights of migrant workers in the Middle East and to encourage social action to address human rights abuses, published today an infographic on the detention and deportation practices in the gulf, with a special focus on Saudi, Oman and Kuwait.

Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – February 25th 2015

… and yet another week goes by! A lot of events are happening in the next few days in Beirut and the below 10 are my favorites from Lebtivity.

FAIL: Omak For Sale, Lebanese Buses Humor And Whitney Houston Brought Back To Life

via Amer
Here’s a bunch of funny stories that I picked up in the past few days. The Omak ad is hilarious and reminds me of that spa in Achrafieh that was called Ommak or something like that. As for the Whitney Houston article, it was shared by my friend Dyala but I couldn’t confirm yet if it’s a recent magazine or not. The sure thing is that Whitney Houston doesn’t have a daughter called Sarah.

An Oriental Version Of John Legend’s All Of Me

Lebanese music producer & composer Jean-Marie Riachi released a Middle Eastern version of John Legend’s biggest hit ever and one of the best performing R&B songs of 2013/2014 “All of me”. Riachi basically added an oriental twist to the song and it turned out to be pretty cool.
Here it is:

A Lesson For Every Lebanese Driver Trying To Skip Traffic Illegally

via Yasa
Every day, I see drivers specially those with 4×4 vehicles trying to go from one side of the highway to the other to skip traffic, specially on the Dora highway. Aside from the fact that it’s against the law and considered very dangerous driving, I don’t understand why people are so reckless about their cars in Lebanon. Why would you put your life in danger and drive like an idiot? Why would you wreck your car if it’s a rental? What’s the logic behind that?

To Be Free Or Not To Be: MARCH & ASHEKMAN’s Mural Is Back!

Pic via Ashekman
Update: Here’s the latest and final picture of the mural

Hellofood celebrates Oscars with... Food!

Hellofood has decided to celebrate the Oscars with... food! Films that we remember due to food-related items...
The press release was too good not to be replicated (almost) verbatim!

Lebanese U17 Football Team Crowned Arab Champions!

Lebanon’s U17 national women’s football team beat Djibouti 1-0 and was crowned Arab champions few hours ago! The only goal was scored by Haneen Tamim in the first 10 minutes. Even though this is the U17 team, I think this result is a very important now specially that Lebanon was playing against well prepared and financed teams. We have plenty of talents and a victory like this one is important to bring attention to this young team and all talented athletes in Lebanon.

Lost in the Olive Gro(o)ve

Smoke in the olive grove 
 Got lost in an olive grove this past Sunday. You see, something in the country side attracted our attention; a little white church, it looked a little like a Spanish mission. We weren’t sure how to get there, but there was this one little road that seemed to lead in its directions. Only, it didn’t. The road stopped, but there were olive trees everywhere, and so we figured that if we’d just walk through the olive grove, we’d get there.

Le Bristol’s Sunday Buffet At Achrafieh’s Splendid Villa Linda Sursock

Le Bristol‘s Sunday buffet has been known for years as one of the best buffets in Beirut and is recently being held at Villa Linda Sursock in Achrafieh as the hotel is closed down since 2012 for renovation. The only other Sunday buffet I’ve tried in Beirut so far was the Phoenicia hotel one so I was interested to see how different and special this one is.

Nasri Khattar book launch at Dawaween on February 28th.

After an unfortunate false alarm earlier due to logistic reasons the "Nasri Khattar: Fighting illiteracy with type design" book will be launching on February 28 at Dawaween starting 6 PM.
The official launch invite also includes this intro: "Nasri Khattar is the inventor of Unified Arabic type. He is an architect and a type designer who has dedicated his whole life for the proliferation of Arabic script through the use of Unified Arabic letters that do not change shape according to their position in the word. A visionary work of 30 letter forms that fought their way through the corridors of diplomacy, international business and the minds of Arabs".

Oscars 2015 Red Carpet Best And Worst Dressed

There’s no strut down the red carpet like Oscars walk and you can count on the A-listers to pull out all the fashion stops. Designers from every major couture house all over the world sent in their best gowns but it’s up to the celebrities and their stylists to choose and pair the right gown with the right look that works for them.
So like I do every year, I stayed up and kept a watchful eye for you on the carpet and here is my list of the big hits and misses.

Nezil Ski 3al Cheghel

We all joke about skiing to work or to Beirut specially during storms but this guy did it for real on the Beirut-Damascus road.
Check out the [crazy video].

Week16: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

Zaitunay bay covered in white – Pic by MohammedAjlabi
I think we can all agree that we’ve had enough of storms this year. I can’t wait for summer to come at last! You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram [Here]. I’m also on Instagram and you can follow me [Here] if you like.

I’m Flying To Barcelona For Samsung’s #Unpacked Event & MWC 2015

I am traveling next Saturday to Barcelona to attend Samsung’s #Unpacked event where the much anticipated new Galaxy S6 will be released. The event will take place right before the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2015) which is happening between March 2 and March 5.

On naming the enemy: Is Obama failing the labeling game?

Because it’s easy, everyone’s favorite sport is often second-guessing US foreign policy and the Obama administration. These days, it’s over semantics. How do we label ISIS (or ISIL)? Are they “Islamic terrorists”? Are they “Islamists”? Or are they just violent extremists?
This labeling dilemma is causing much anguish, mostly among pundits of Western origin and/or leanings. In much of the Arabic speaking world, where people are most impacted by ISIS thuggery and violence, it was settled: piss off ISIS and use the pejorative Daesh

Blanc Mais Faisable

 “How’s the road up to Feraya?”

تُراثُنا اللبناني : معالِم وعلامات – حرمون ونيسا

Source: The Center for Lebanese Heritage. (مركز التراث اللبناني)
Magazine: Maraya Al-Turath, 1st issue. (مرايا التراث)
Author: Dr. Youssef Hourani.
Pages: 36-41.

Anthony Hamawi (AKA Overly Confident Man) Explains Saudi Sheikh’s Revolutionary Planetary Theory

It totally makes sense lol!
For those of you who missed it, check out how this Saudi cleric is trying to prove that the Earth does not rotate and how Anthony proves him right.

The Hezbollah Misconnection

A confidential document obtained by CBC news which connects Hizbullah to the Hariri crime. Click to enlarge. (h/t BeirutSpring.com)A confidential document obtained by CBC news in 2010 which allegedly connects Hizbullah to the Hariri crime. Click to enlarge. (h/t BeirutSpring.com)

There’s An Israeli With Hiba Tawaji On Mika’s Team

An Israeli singer called Sharon Laloum has recently joined Mika’s team on the Voice France just like Hiba Tawaji did a week before. We’ve all seen how people made a fuss out of Miss Lebanon’s picture so let’s hope Hiba won’t face such problems during the competition.

Gaza Font: Every Letter Hides a Story

Gaza Font is an initiative aiming to shed the light on ‎Gaza hidden stories. Stories that were kept out of the reach of everyone because of the deliberate and complete media blackout. Every letter and number are the beginning of a story little-known, now revealed and eternalized.

Good Snow Year

Some years are good wine years. Others are ‘long summer’ years.

Rare Footage From 1941 Of Lebanon’s Ski School In The Cedars

Old Picture of British Troops in the Cedars Back In the 1940s – via Old Beirut
Check out this pretty cool footage from 1941 that was shot by the Australian Imperial Forces in the Cedars. There was a storm probably similar to the one we’re having this week and Becharre residents helped dig out the snow to clear the road for the trucks as the supplies were running low.

It’s (Almost) Snowing In Beirut

Biel – via Sara Assaf
It’s freezing outside and all of Lebanon is covered in white even Beirut. Check out these amazing pictures from Beirut and its surrounding. That’s one heck of a storm!
Achrafieh Sassine – via Achrafieh Stairs

Obama Outlines His Vision for a Likeable, Watered-Down Version of Islam

Following his recent statements about the US being 'at war with those perverting Islam', American president Barack Obama has now expounded his vision for ‘a likeable, watered-down version of Islam’ that is sure to get the approval of a large number of non-Muslims. In an exclusive interview with our blog through which Obama wanted to reach out to a wide audience of ‘not too Islamic folks’, the president outlined his ideas for a ‘cooler, lighter Islam’, in a bid to galvanise support against the Islamic State.

Six Lebanese Among The Top 100 Powerful Arabs 2015 List

It’s great to see Karl Sharro on that list! Congrats man!
Here’s the list of all Lebanese who made it on that list with their corresponding ranking:

Kicking Off The Day With A Laugh

If you are 99 and your father is still alive, you can pay on credit lol! via Annahar
I compiled these funny pictures from last week into one post.
Classy Driver – Thanks Rachel!
Tripoli kind of love – via Lebanesememes

Eyeless on Tehran - Iran’s aim is Arab fragmentation, but America won’t see it

There has been much partisan discussion in Washington over the Obama administration’s efforts to reach a nuclear deal with Iran. However, a different concern emerged this week in newspaper articles and commentaries, namely how the actions of pro-Iranian Shiite militias in Iraq were undermining the campaign to defeat ISIS.

In a column for the Washington Post, David Ignatius echoed this view, noting that Iraqi Sunnis were wary of cooperating with the government of Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, because it had allowed Shiite militias to operate in mainly Sunni Anbar Province.

The region crumbles and Lebanon trembles

As prospects for the emergence of new sectarian and ethnic entities rise in the Middle East to replace illegitimate, authoritarian states, it is necessary to ask what will happen to Lebanon, the only Arab state that has sought to build its political system around a formula for sectarian compromise.

Lebanon’s most pressing danger is the presence of some 1.5 million Syrian refugees in the country, most of them Sunnis from areas the Assad regime considers vital for its political survival. Many have fled Homs and Qalamoun, which sit on vital communication lines between Damascus and the coast. These are both places the regime intends to retain, even as it has given up on far-flung districts that it has no real hope of controlling, such as Syria’s north, northeast and east.

The Problem With Arabic

Anyone who has put their minds to Arabic will know that the initial major issue is WHICH Arabic to learn, classical or dialect and if dialect, which one. Do you study the written language you can find in books, or the daily conversation Arabic which has no written form?