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Where to Party This Techno Weekend


Inside O1NE Beirut By SKYBAR: Lebanon’s Hottest Night-Life Venue In Winter

If Skybar is the place to be during summer in Lebanon, O1NE Beirut is the best place to party during winter. What started out as a huge pink round building was transformed into a true artistic landmark for Lebanon and the region. Talented graffiti artists from all over the world came to Lebanon to interpret the theme of music on the 3,000 sqm wall and the outcome is an awesome venue featuring the world’s largest privately owned graffiti wall.

The First Naturalized Foreign Citizen In China’s History Was Lebanese-American

This is a rather old story but a fascinating one and I am surprised I’ve never heard about it until now. It’s about a Lebanese-American doctor called Georges Hatem, also known as Ma Haide or Dr. Ma, who became the first foreigner to be granted citizenship in the People’s Republic of China. He was also the first foreign member of the Chinese Communist Party and Mao Zedung’s personal doctor.

The best of enemies - New ‘rules of the game’ are emerging on the Golan

If Hezbollah and Israel avert a major confrontation of the kind that took place in summer 2006, it would show that both sides still have an enduring tendency to accept “rules of the game” to govern their contentious relationship.

In the aftermath of Hezbollah’s attack on Wednesday, which led to the death of two Israeli soldiers, many in Lebanon held their breath. Would this be a repeat of the last war between Israel and the party, which significantly reduced the number of Hezbollah attacks against Israeli forces? Apparently not, as both sides interpreted the latest operation against Israeli troops in the context of a longstanding “deterrence dialogue” and avoided a major conflagration.

Translated books: The Gruffalo

Although I do OPOL English with my kids I am still trying to indirectly bolster the French they get with their dad. We aim for consistent OPOL-ing, but we do allow ourselves to sing in other languages. Another good way I try is through books. Songs and books seem to work well as an exception to the OPOL rule, without undermining our consistency the rest of the time. It’s a bit like playacting, so it seems alright to transgress, as it were, into the other language, without fear of abandoning the spirit of OPOL.

A New Level of Absurdity for Censorship in Lebanon #SenselessCensorship

At March, we’re used to the impolite and juvenile way the General Security’s Censorship Bureau deals with us. The former chief, upon banning our play satirizing the bureau’s work, made it his sacred mission to go on every talk show in Lebanon and elaborate how “stupid” “childish” “uneducated” and “far from reality” our work was.

A Reminder To Lebanon’s Young Generation of Just How Bad Things Were In 2006

I was surprised to see so many Lebanese excited about the possibility of a new war between Lebanon and Israel yesterday. Taking aside politics and the fact that Israel admitted defeat in its 2006 adventure into Lebanon, there’s nothing good about war and we shouldn’t get too excited about the prospects of a new one. I refuse to live in a basement not because I am afraid of Israel but because I want to have a normal peaceful life and I assume and hope most Lebanese want the same.
In all cases, here’s a reminder to Lebanon’s young generation and to those who forgot already of what we had to endure back in 2006:

How A Lebanese Southerner Reacted To The Israeli Bombings

An Arguile is harmful but it’s definitely better than celebratory gunfire.

Obama refuses to adapt in the Mideast

These days whenever criticism is leveled at the Obama administration’s Middle East policy, one finds sympathetic voices in the United States defending President Barack Obama. The gist of their argument is that this approach merely downplays the responsibility of regional states for the chaos in the Arab world. Perhaps, but in the past six years the region has been through monumental transformations, at a time when the United States has irresponsibly disengaged from the region. Washington’s policies have been ill-adapted to dynamics in the affected countries. Worse, the administration has done little to adjust as its policy failures have multiplied. Most perniciously, it has misinterpreted its options in order to avoid taking action.

Boubouffe Opening 6 Branches in the UAE!

So, Boubouffe, the shawarma icon in Ashrafieh, has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. Two years ago, it switched venues and identity, becoming “A Lebanese Brasserie”.
Now, it looks like the restaurant famous for its shawarma wraps, is setting up shop in the UAE. The first of 6 branches is set to open this June in Dubai, with another in Abu Dhabi recently after, totaling to 6 branches by 2017.

Israel and Hizbullah: A quick round up

This is a summary of the latest events between Israel and Hizbullah. It starts when Hizbullah’s SG Hassan Nasrallah engaged in a long description of Hizbullah’s readiness to fight Israel even if involved in the Syrian quagmire, on Mayadeen TV. Obviously, I would be simplifying if I started the story then, as it is involved in a general buildup of coalitions in the regional arena. Israel’s actions are partly a result of freaking out when Nasrallah boasts about Hizbullah’s capabilities and partly to test if the new regional situation can work on its favor.

Teaching Lebanese News Portals How To Verify A Picture

I’ve spotted at least 3 or 4 old or fake pictures being shared by various Lebanese TVs and news portals ever since the Hezbollah attack on the Israeli convoy. Here’s one of them showing a picture of a destroyed US combat vehicle in a 2013 article.
These pictures reminded me of an old post I wrote two years ago where I explained how you can verify if a picture is fake or not using Google. I hope they make good use of it and avoid the embarrassment.

Hizbullah Retaliates for Quneitra Attack

UNIFIL-11-12This is an open thread for comments, press reactions, and analyses to Hizbullah’s attack on an Israeli convoy in the Shebaa Farms earlier today. I will add relevant clippings and analyses from the comment section throughout the day.

Do you need a "license" for shoe shining in Beirut?

As seen on Sassine square, not just any "license" (plate) but a German one specifically... oh well, you live you learn. And next time some stuffed up gendarme asks you to show your license, it's right there as big as his ego....

Like father, unlike son: how Bashar Al Assad lost control

If Hafez Al Assad could come back and see what his son, Bashar, has done in Syria, he would re-enter his mausoleum and slam the door. Virtually every principle the late president sought to impose to enhance his country’s autonomy and regional power has been ignored by his successor.

This was brought home 10 days ago when Israel killed a top Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander, Mohammed Allahdadi, in Quneitra. According to the Lebanese newspaper Al Joumhouria, which cited diplomatic sources, General Allahdadi was tracked through his mobile phone, and was reportedly assassinated only days after the establishment of a joint operations room of Iranian, Hizbollah and Syrian officers in the area.

Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – January 28th 2015

As usual, Lebtivity has plenty of things to do and events happening around the country, and here are my weekly 10 picks. But let’s just hope thing don’t escalate further in the south so that we carry on with our lives!

Lebanese Songs Like You’ve Never Heard Them Before

I love how serious both of them are. Action, Brandor Action!
Full Version:
Thanks Menaribo

France and antisemitism: It’s the politics stupid!

The recent events in France betray the primacy of the political (and not religious) dimension in the way different communities, groups, and states have handled (and have been handled in) this affair.
One facet is Israel’s urge to profit from the situation and attract a few more Jews to the promised homeland to which France has answered through Holland’s “Holocaust day speech” that urges Jews to reconsider and reflect on the fact that they are, after all, French.

Zaatar Zein is back!

Back in 2011, Zein El Atat took a blow when his products were banned in Lebanon and several Gulf countries. But for some reason, he seems to be back now with these ugly billboards and an even uglier TV commercial!
With the food safety campaign being carried out in Lebanon right now, I believe Zein El Atat’s comeback is more like a slap on Abou Faour’s face!


Kill, kill, kill everything.

Kill the light falling on this page
like a false promise of warmth;
kill the news of a world in spiral.

Kill time, cruel time, ruthless time,
endless time, fleeting time, time
laying at your feet like a bored dog.

Kill hope, lazy hope, easy hope, hope peeking
like misguided blossoms in a snow storm.
Kill this, the need to reach out and touch,
say I am here, and you?

Kill that, the urge to call them, to hear them,
to assure them as only you want to be assured.
Kill it, kill it all, kill the want to live again, kill
the want to die, kill the want to be, to become.

Kill it and remain, not a reminder, just
a hollow shell mistaken for what was,

Catchy Headlines To Make A Pointless And Useless Story Go Viral

I am sure you’ve all clicked on such titles only to find out the story is lame and stupid. I wouldn’t go as far as to say “Journalism is dying” in Lebanon but the amount of pointless and stupid online stories that are being published is increasing dramatically and we are to blame as well as the journalists.
PS: The above titles were all made up so don’t go looking for them

Miss Lebanon National Costume From 2011 Till 2014 At Miss Universe

It won’t be easy for Miss Lebanon to win Miss Universe anytime soon but since we have all these world renowned Lebanese fashion designers, it shouldn’t be hard to come up with a nicer national costume and have a chance at winning the Best National Costume award.

Don't Let Morality Die

When you look back at Auschwitz 70 years later and still feel the guilt of a collective moral catastrophe... 
Don't let history repeat itself...

Mind-Blowingly realistic miniatures of Lebanese homes | Bananapook

Unfortunately we’re seeing less and less of the traditional Lebanese home. Luckily, there are tremendous efforts to preserve and pay tribute to Lebanese architecture, including those of Chawki Yazbeck.
via Mind-Blowingly realistic miniatures of Lebanese homes | Bananapook.

Can Someone Explain This Article To Me?

I’ve read this story three times and I can’t figure out if the author is trying to be funny or is for real. He’s basically suggesting Bou Faour should go check if the food in Dubai is safe because Myriam Fares got poisoned? Is he seriously doubting the food safety standards in Dubai and praising what we have in Lebanon?
I am not sure if delusional is the right word to describe the author of this article.

How Much Does A Ski Trip Cost In Lebanon?

I was preparing a post on the cost of a ski trip in Lebanon but LBCI’s Lea Fayad beat me to it so I will make use of her report as a reference to my post as it has the Laklouk pricing which I didn’t know. As you can see below, the highest ski ticket during the weekend is at Mzaar (around 47$), followed by the Cedars (40$) and Zaarour (40$) then Laklouk (23$).

Hiba Tawaji Explains Why She Participated In The Voice France

PS: In case the original link to Hiba’s performance is broken, here’s another one. [Hiba Tawaji At The Voice France]

Voila ce que j'ai compris

Eh oui, it takes 21 days to form a habit.
Donc ça se lance. Je lis! et ç'est pas dire que je comprends tout ce que je lis mais bon c'est parti.

-Ce livre devrait me permettre de résoudre le conflit au Proche-Orient, d'avoir mon diplôme et de trouver une femme. 
Sylvain Mazas

Week12: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

Gemmayze by Charbizie
Here are the best pictures from the storm that hit Lebanon last week. You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram [Here]. I’m also on Instagram and you can follow me [Here] if you like.

Inspire Change

Yesterday I was skiing on the peaks of Mzaar (2,456 meters)

Hiba Tawaji Is Not The Only Lebanese At The Voice France

Hiba Tawaji is apparently not the only Lebanese who impressed at the Voice France this year as there’s another 19 year old called Lea Tchéna who also made it to the next round and joined Zazie’s team.
She says she’s half Lebanese at around minute 6. Mika’s reaction is hilarious.
Thanks George!

I Am A Friendly Dog But No One Wants To Adopt Me

BETA‘s shelter for abandoned and abused dogs in Lebanon is now full due to low adoption rates and no kill policy. As a result, they’ve decided to start a new campaign ” The Expats Pets Program ” to help find loving and permanent homes abroad for these animals, while raising awareness on this forced immigration to encourage local adoption.

Hiba Tawaji Sings La Bidayi Wala Nihayi And Impresses All Four Judges At The Voice France

Update: Here’s a [link] to the first interview with Hiba after her performance.
Hiba is a great talent and her debut in the Voice was as expected and more. She has what it takes to go all the way so let’s cross our fingers and hope she wins!