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FAIL: Very Ambitious Hyundai

“When I Grow Up I will be FJ Cruiser”. I really want to know who comes up with these stickers.

Busy? The Yacht Induction Cooker is For You

An innovative kitchen appliance that uses the power of a magnetic field to heat up pots, the Yacht Induction Cooker allows of an automatic cooking system that many people, especially busy ones, will appreciate.

Designed by Lee Dawi this cooker looks futuristic as it sounds.

‘Cut Food’ Mouthwatering Shots of Your Favorite Bites

You’re going to get hungry after looking at these pictures… mouthwatering shots by food photographer Beth Galton and food stylist Charlotte Omnès of your favorite foods cut in half. The series is called ‘Cut Food’ photo series.
Cup of hot coffee, a bucket of pop-corn, packets of mashed potatoes, and sumptuous stuffed turkey… strawberry jam donuts… and more…

Russia kept Assad in power, but now it’s stuck with him

There has been speculation lately as to whether Russian president Vladimir Putin’s actions in Crimea were improvised, or whether they were the result of a longer-term strategic plan. A similar question can be asked of Russian behaviour in Syria. When Mr Putin decided to bolster the regime of President Bashar Al Assad in 2011, did he have an endgame in mind?

Egypt’s foreign minister, Nabil Fahmy, apparently feels that the answer is no. A Lebanese politician who recently spoke to him says that Mr Fahmy’s impression from speaking to Russian officials was that Moscow is at an impasse in Syria. Mr Putin has blocked all efforts to undermine Mr Al Assad, but that does not mean he has been able to impose a solution of his own.

Lebanese Parliament Votes On New Rent Law – Old Rent Law Abolished At Last

I really can’t believe it took this long for the parliament to drop the ridiculous old rent law, but they’ve finally done and I think the new law proposed is fair for both tenants and owners. For those of you unaware of the old rent law, it was enacted after World War II and is one of the weirdest laws still in existence, as it gave more rights to the tenants over the owners, and kept the rents at the same fixed price as originally agreed. As a result, there are still people paying 400$ a year for an apartment in Beirut while market rent prices are at their highest level.

Fares Karam El Ghorba Song Stolen by an Israeli Singer

Sadly enough, he got more hits than the original song.

Sidon Teacher Forgot Her Baby For Hours In The Car

Source: DailyMail
A school teacher in Saida forgot her baby inside the car during the day and by the time she realized that, the baby boy was already dead. That’s just terrible news and the mother apparently had a nervous breakdown following the incident.

TeleLiban Relaunching With A New Logo

TeleLiban is undergoing some major renovation and will reopen soon with a new logo and a new team. They are already on [Facebook], [Twitter] and their [website] is under construction.

Sanayeh Garden Renovation

Sanayeh Garden is currently being renovated by Azadea Foundation and is set to open again in May 2014 if all went as planned.

Lebanese “President” Equates Atheists to Terrorists

The million dollar quote is: “Peace will defeat war. Faith will defeat fundamentalism and atheism.” [0:30-0:34]
Wow… Just wow… The so-called President of the most “open and free” country in the Arab World just equated filthy religious extremist terrorists who kill our soldiers, to me, and people like me: those who don’t believe in his or any god, or any other regressive, counterproductive fantasy that makes people violent, oppressed and uninformed.
Before we begin, allow me to remind our soon-to-be-retired president of the constitution he swore to protect when we was OK-ed as a weak enough president to not upset any of the warring Lebanese factions.

Odds and Ends

Mountains above Beirut Things are warming up in Beirut. Nothing has exploded recently, but car bombs seem to be getting dismantledon a rather frequent base. The pressure is building up. And the overall well-being of people is not ‘well’. And so this is a post about the things we deal with on a daily basis.

Ma T2oulo Mabrouk Ba3ed: Domestic Violence Law Approved Without KAFA Amendments

Via Almaza
When I first read that the domestic violence law got approved without any amendments, I thought the parliament passed the draft-law including Kafa’s remarks without amending it, but as it turns out, they only voted on the original draft-law and not the crucial modifications requested by KAFA. One of the KAFA lawyer went as far as calling the law a “farce”.

The Lebanese Parliament Passed a Law that Put Women at Further Risk

The only finger and the only vote that Lebanese Parliament deserves!Manal, Roula, Aminah, Latifah, Sonia, Christelle, Marguerite, and all the women who died of domestic violence will not rest in peace, because today the Lebanese Parliament passed a joke of a law, a joke that now legalizes marital rape. No women will leave or face her husband while her children remain at risk… no women will dare to speak up knowing that if she protects herself, her children will be the next boxing bag.

Interview with Bassam Haddad for Guernica Mag

bassam-1 crp copy 2A couple of months ago, I caught up with my friend Bassam Haddad, Director of Middle East Studies at George Mason and a co-founder and editor of Jadaliyyaand interviewed him for Guernica Magazine. The introduction is below, followed by a link to the main body of the piece.

Municipality without a website or public budget

Yes that's right, Beirut a city with over a million residents and among the most influential in the region, has no official website. And it has been offline for over three years, according to this amusing post which noted the phenomenon back in February 2011. This is not an April Fool's Joke. Check it yourself.

Almaza, Al Rifai, Exotica, Himaya and Ksara Show Support to KAFA’s #NoLawNoVote Campaign

The parliament just ratified the law to protect women from domestic violence without making any amendments. Congrats to all the Lebanese!
Update: The law was passed without the amendments requested by KAFA, so it’s not what we were hoping for but definitely a step in the right direction.
Update2: Here’s the statement released by Kafa.

From advertisers to eco-warriors? Ironic.

You see what happens when you finish an illustrious career in advertising? After spending decades raking money selling unneeded things in non-recyclable plastic bottles, advertising high end fashion made in sweatshops, and so on - you end being an eco-warrior. At least this is what Farid Chehab - previously from H&C Leo Burnett (where C stands for Chehab!) - did.

Check Out Kareem Rifai’s Mashkal Flowchart

Believe it or not, I’ve never gotten into a fight in my life. It’s not that I don’t have any wasta or am not strong enough to beat someone up (I played Rugby for two years), it’s just that I don’t like resorting to violence to solve anything.
via Gino

نزيه خاطر


النص والصورة: alre7ab.com.
صنعت مدينة بيروت اسمه، وصنع هو جزءاً من اسمها. عاش العصر الذهبي للمدينة وعاصر تحولاتها. رافق تجارب رساميها ومسرحييها وشعرائها إلى درجة يمكن فيها معاينة منجزه النقدي داخل أعمالهم. احتكَّ نصه النقدي بأعمال الآخرين، مثلما احتكّت أساليب هؤلاء بما كتبه هو عنهم.
على مدى نصف قرن، كتب نزيه خاطر آلاف المتابعات والتغطيات النقدية، لكنه اشتغل بطريقة تجعل هذه المتابعات أكثر ديمومة من متطلبات الصحافة. اليومي والزائل والعابر تحوَّل لديه إلى فنٍّ شخصي ورؤية متكاملة. بطريقة ما، تسرَّبت أفكاره وآراؤه إلى الأعمال التي واكبها، وصارت هذه الأفكار جزءاً من المنجزات الخاصة لأصحاب تلك الأعمال.

Bugatti Veyron Spotted in Beirut

I thought it was the Super Sport model but it’s the normal one, if we could really call this car a normal one!

Pre-Order Maamoul for a Cause This Easter

Maamoul is the traditional dessert we all lover serving. It’s especially the case during Easter, when many Christian families serve the delicacy to their guests wishing them a Happy Easter.

The Mashkal Flowchart by Kareem Rifai

I have a lot of talented, sarcastic friends and sometimes they come up with gems that I can’t help but share with you guys here.
Kareem is a friend I have never seen during the day. I’ve only see him after the sun sets, in deep, dark dungeons of dance music or outdoors in a real-life garten of eden with equally amazing music. So, you could say our friendship is quite a special one with plenty of alcohol and laughs and dancing.

Fahed Supervalue is no April fool's (or is it?)

Interesting that a supermarket would go through the trouble of doing an ad fit for one day - but there it is - Fahed Supervalue goes "prices of days gone by are no April fool's". And today is indeed April 1st. Could this be a double negative? Meaning an April Fool's claiming not to be one?... Only kidding!

#NoLawNoVote: Go Down to Parliament This Morning, Please

All of you have jobs, and school. Maybe you just think you have something better to do. You don’t. Nothing is more important that this.
Far too many women have died, far too many have lived in fear and depression. This is the perfect way to pressure our disgusting MPs into doing the right thing.
Take your lunch break early, and go down to parliament. Please. I beg you. I feel so tormented I am not there myself physically, but I know I can count on all of you.

50% Reduction On Local and International Phone Calls For Telecarte and Kalam Prepaid Cards

Telecom Minister Boutros Harb announced that the prices of phone calls made through prepaid cards will be slashed by 50% for land line calls and 30% for cellular phone calls. International calls were also made cheaper by 50%. Prices will be adjusted starting April 1st which is today.

Replacing Ads With Lebanese Artworks!

Lebanese artists came up with the idea of replacing commercial ads all over Beirut with famous Lebanese masterpieces.Unfortunately I am not familiar with all the Lebanese painters because I am exposed on a daily basis to different kind of advertisements: promoting Energy drinks, flowers, food! Why not get exposed to talented Lebanese artists like these?! I loved this initiative, and looking forward for more educational projects.

#NoLawNoVote: Join KAFA Tomorrow In Front Of The Parliament

The Lebanese Parliament is meeting tomorrow to vote on the draft-law presented by KAFA for protecting women from domestic violence and there’s a gathering taking place at 10:30am right before the voting in order to impact and influence the parliament. If you can’t be there, you can still show your support online by using the hashtag #NoLawNoVote on the various social media tools and spread the word.

Of musical chairs and existential voids

So who knew Lebanese are so obsessed with existential void?

Vote For Us So We Vote For You: MAKE A CHANGE

That’s it! #NoLawNoVote
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Media, activists shut out of municipality talks once again

AUB engineering students have arranged a rare question and answer session with the mayor of Beirut over the most controversial civil works project in recent memory, but the media and activists have been barred from attending. 

Tarboush Shot – London Bar

Picture via Rita
There’s a pub in Hamra called London Bar that serves a Tarboush shot, which is basically a Gandour Tarboush (previously known as Ras el Abed) filled mainly with the Famous Grouse whiskey. I don’t know if they mix it with other stuff but it looks like a very interesting shot, definitly one worth trying.

Tripoli’s Bikeathon

Picture from Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi’s FB Page

Blisk: Stir and Scoop at the Same Time

To speed up the process and the time between baking and eating your favorite home made cake, Blisk takes the hard work out of mixing fine ingredients. Blisk could be used as easily as your average spatula, and at the same time offering you the convenience of a powerful hand blender to process the ingredients in your pot.