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Beirut is a city that never sleeps

BeirutSource: newropeans-magazine.org
Ed O Connell RAND wrote about “what can a traveler expect when making Lebanon their destination of choice?
Beirut, the capital city, was ranked No. 1 for nightlife in 2009 by the New York Times for its unique nightlife and hospitality… In the past decade reconstruction has boomed and the Lebanese culture, clubs and restaurants have reemerged.

Amal, A Movie By Yasmine Ghorayeb On Domestic Violence and Marital Rape

Domestic violence and marital rape are still unfortunately very common in Lebanon and there are still no laws to properly protect women from abusive and possessive husbands. It’s hard to believe but a woman was killed each month in Lebanon as a result of domestic violence between 2010 and 2014.

Beirut is Amazing City Greening Plan

The “Beirut Is Amazing” project was launched a couple of years ago in an attempt to green up the capital. The plan is to improve and increase green spaces and provide Lebanese with more accessible and attracting streets.

Lebanon To Toughen Regulations On Unofficial Beauty Clinics

It’s about time the authorities decide to close down these beauty “mini-markets” spread around the country. I’ve heard of so many cases where patients sustained serious injuries in these parlors or even died in some case.
In response to the phenomenon, the Cabinet and the Health Ministry have recently put forward a draft law to be voted on by Parliament that addresses the issue.

U.S Military Assistance To The Lebanese Army

480 anti-tank guided missiles, more than 1500 M16-A4 rifles and mortars were delivered yesterday to the Lebanese Army in the presence of US Ambassador David Hale. The Ambassador seemed pretty confident that this is exactly what the Lebanese Army needs at the moment and said:

Roll Out the Ice Cream

The Kickball Ice Cream Maker is the ice cream maker one kicks, shakes, or rolls to churn a delicious frozen confection. Simply place cream, sugar, vanilla or other flavoring into the ball’s food-safe sealed compartment and ice and rock salt into a second compartment and start toe-flicking, back-heel kicking, or spinning the ball. It makes »more...

Total Super Stage Video Compilation – Rally of Lebanon 2014

Check out this cool [compilation] done by our friends at Biser3a.com. To be honest, I went to the event yesterday and it was a bit boring. The track is way too long for a super stage and the drivers were going easy on their cars.

Lina’s: Fresh Salads and Tasty Sandwiches

Lina’s has a new menu, well maybe it’s not so new but it was for me, since I haven’t been there in a while… The menu, printed with a hard cover, hosts 12 glossy pages  with beautiful mouthwatering images of their best sellers. The menu offers 15 choices of salads followed by 25 choices of »more...

Coco, the Commodore hotel parrot lives again.

Photo credit: Nick Waite

Photo credit: Nick Waite

Michael Kors Opens Its First Store In Beirut

I’ve seen the brand in malls like ABC but this is the first standalone store in the country. Michael Kors is now open on Fakhry Bey Street in the Beirut Souks area.
I checked the official Michael Kors website and the Beirut store is still not added.
American fashion brand Michael Kors hosted a party Tuesday night for the opening of its first store in Lebanon. Dozens of women wandered through the shop at the opening event, ogling walls of the brand’s popular solid-color handbags – or carrying their own – and eyeing cases of watches and eyewear.

14 Ridiculous Foods You Need to Eat Before the End of Summer

Original article published on Brosom.com 14 Ridiculous Foods You Need to Eat Before the End of Summer… And surely have a medical test afterwards. It’s time to whip out your grill and feast on all the magnificent foods of summer. Here are some ridiculous foods you need to eat before the end of the season. »more...

Feniqia: Byblos’ Jewel and the Place to Be!

I must say, every time I hear the word “Jbeil”, my eyes start to sparkle! Among all the hotspots in this enchanting city, one is definitely not to be missed.  Trust me when I say: If you haven’t been to Feniqia, you are missing out on a lot! As soon as you reach Feniqia, you »more...

Rayane Moussallem’s Great Documentary On The Intervention Of Politics and Religion In Lebanese Sports

I really applaud Rayane for compiling all these events and speeches and coming up with this great documentary. Politics and religion are ruining sports in this country and we are all to blame for that. I’ve been raising this issue forever and asking to keep politics and religion away from basketball and football in Lebanon but as long as we have a corrupt system and powerless federations, then there’s no hope in any change.

Home work - For Maronites, salvation begins in Lebanon

The patriarchs and bishops of the Eastern churches met on Wednesday in the presence of several foreign ambassadors to sound the alarm on the Christian presence in the Middle East.

In reference to the offensive by the Islamic State, the clerics condemned “the silence in the face of what is happening, in the absence of a unified regional plan on the part of [those with] influence in the world –notably Islamic, spiritual and political authorities – as well as the lukewarm international attitude toward these events.”

Their anxiety is understandable. Christians face an existential threat. Even in the best of scenarios it’s difficult to imagine that the communities in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon will go back to where they were demographically even a decade ago.

Colour Factor

That’s it: I’ve finally ordered my Colour-Factor Set. I can’t wait to start using it with my oldest. Created by Seaton Pollock in the early sixties, its a way of using 3D objects to represent the relationship between numbers. Pollock found it strange that so many kids hate maths and consider themselves bad at the subject. He wanted to overthrow traditional teaching methods which he blamed for putting pupils off maths. His new way was to teach maths using something other than numbers: a set of coloured blocks for making shapes which “behave” like numbers.

Children Selling Flowers In Kaslik

I don’t know what’s the deal with kids selling flowers in Kaslik, but I spotted one of them sitting at Starbucks and texting on her phone all the time, while another one refused a nicely wrapped cookie that I had just bought from Starbucks. I don’t know what’s up with these kids, and what they’re doing on the street but I am not giving them anything anymore.

Maurice Phelan: “You’d think we were living in Beirut”

Thanks to Wisam for bring this to my attention.
Let’s head over to Cork, Ireland where 76-year-old, Maurice Phelan, has a problem. Here is a photo of him with the problem visible. Can you see it (he does look quite grumpy, doesn’t he)?

The 37th Rally Of Lebanon Kicks Off Tonight!

The 37th Rally of Lebanon kicks off tonight with the Total Super Stage at the Beirut Water Front starting 6:30 pm. It would be nice to see someone other than Roger Feghali win the rally this year. You can check out the full program [Here].

What Christians mean to Walid Jumblatt

Walid Jumblatt has faced a wave of criticism in recent days over his comments on the presidential election. For the Druze leader, Lebanon needs a president quickly, and he recently observed that the presidency did not belong solely to the Christians.

On Monday, in a speech in Bsharri, the parliamentarian Strida Geagea expressed her “surprise” at Jumblatt’s comments, asking “would [he] accept that the head of the Lebanese Forces, Samir Geagea, discuss the number of Druze parliamentary seats with the speaker of Parliament?”

What We Need and Don’t Need In Lebanon

We all want Muslims and Christians to love and respect each other in this country but the last thing we need are armed gunmen protecting religious shrines in the name of unity. We don’t need Muslims protecting Christians and vice versa, we need LEBANESE and only LEBANESE to protect their country regardless of their religion.

128 Tomatoes To Say #NoToExtension (#لا_للتمديد)

128 tomatoes were sent this year to the 128 representatives of the people, with a sticker reading “No to extension”, and a demonstration is planned tomorrow starting from the Ministry of Interior in Sanayeh till Riad al Solh square to reject the extension of the Parliament. This is the second extension to the current members’ mandate after last year’s extension in November.
Needless to say, I am totally against any extension and I believe whomever is blocking presidential elections or any elections for that sake in Lebanon is committing a huge mistake.

District S ruins finally revealed

Many readers of this blog will remember when I was physically assaulted by site staff at the excavation for the $300 million District S development in downtown Beirut last year.

Some fact checking never hurts

Some news editor at elnashra.com must have stumbled upon this old satire article about human meat that has been found in one of McDonald’s meat factories in Oklahoma and decided to make a story out of it!

What to do This Weekend: A Big One!

NRJ Music Tour

For my younger readers, the NRJ Music Tour is an annual summer staple. On the lineup this year are the likes of Magic System, India, Graham Candy, Conor Maynard and many others. It’s under-18s friendly, and tickets are starting $50 with a split section for underage peeps.
Check out the event details here.


Spotted in Jounieh by Tina S.

Take It Outside! By MamaRowana

There’s something about being outdoors in nature that just gives me a sense of “aaahhhhh this is so much better” (than being home). Kids can discover and run around everywhere and anywhere, touch everything they find and listen to as much as their little ears can take in.

Fashion Report: Emmys 2014 Red Carpet Best and Worst Dressed

Always one to make a dramatic statement on the red carpet January Jones donned this fiery strapless Prabal Gurung gown which on its own with those heels are smashing. And though I love her for always being experimental I’m stunned by how unflattering and greasy those messy and uneven bangs look on her. In fact from her neck upwards her head looks like it could be Photoshopped on.

Crystal Clear Brooks - Roger Waters' Gaza Poem

Artwork from "The (Com)Promised Land" series by Tarek Chemaly

Below is a poem by Roger Waters inspired by Gaza sourced here.

Crystal clear brooks – Roger Waters

Crystal clear brooks

The battle against extremism throws Al Assad a lifeline

The Syrian regime’s effort this week to portray itself as part of an anti-terrorism coalition was rich in irony and vulgarity. At a press conference in Damascus, foreign minister Walid Al Muallem declared that Syria was ready to collaborate in the fight against terrorism, embodied by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

It was lost on no one that the regime of president Bashar Al Assad had facilitated the rise of ISIL, in large part to create the very enemy that would allow it to portray itself as a victim of terrorism. And yet Mr Muallem’s hypocrisy aside, the Syrian regime, in its efforts to survive a domestic uprising that began in 2011, has bought more valuable time to do precisely that.

Bayan Bibi's "Gaza in my heart" products

It's good to know someone is doing something apart from throwing ice buckets on themselves for no apparent reason. Bayan Bibi, ever the maverick and the activist, has launched a line of products in support of Gaza. Drawing from the Palestinian visual heritage of the Koufiye she applied the motif to a panoply of products (from the mini bandana to the pin or fridge magent).

How NOT To Lose A Guy In Two Dates

Dating and fishing are more similar than you think, to get them hooked you gotta have the right bait. The time between when you meet a guy and your first few dates can be critical. If some guys have been pulling a disappearing act on you then you need to follow the directions below.
1) No kissing on the first date, no matter how strong the sparks are even if it’s a good bye I had such a great time peck. As much as you want to believe you’re both on the same wavelength he will judge you and wonder if this is a frequent habit of yours.

Lebanon’s Vineyards: How To Make The Sexiest Wine On The Planet

Lebanon’s wine industry has been suffering lately due to the recent events in Syria and Lebanon. The number of visitors to Lebanon’s vineyards, specially those in the Bekaa, has dropped and wine exports have dropped as well. I want to believe that this is just temporary but things are not going to end in Syria anytime soon unfortunately. At this point, what we are still hoping for is for Lebanon to stay away from trouble.
Check out the CNN report [Here].