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Of FreeCell and Phone Chargers: A Lebanese Parable

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 6.11.43 PMLebanese politics often resembles a game of FreeCell to me. Or, for the millennials among us: 2048, which I often catch my students playing on their phones before class begins. For long stretches, the board is locked down. There is an occasional opening, a small shift in the grid, but it comes to nothing. Hardly anything moves for several rounds as the prospect of a game-ending rigor mortis looms.

Live Love Lebanon: Dans Mon Pays Que J’aime Tant, Il y a Pappaz et Silicon

Here are the lyrics:
Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
A Jal el Dib
y a plus de pont
Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
Au City Mall
y a plein de ponts
Dans mon pays
Il ya des gens
qui roulent trop vite
out trop doucement
Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
Il ya pappaz et silicon
Dans mon pays
y a de l’Embouteillage
Du Centre ville lal casino
Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
A Jal el Dib
y a plus de pont

انتفاضة القدس Intifada in Jerusalem

(حبر على ورق ink on paper)
انتفاضة في حي شعفاط في القدس إثر قيام مجموعة من المستوطنين الاسرائيليين بقتل الفتى محمد أبو خضير  
An uprisal in Shuafat neighborhoud (Jerusalem)- The aftermath of killing young Muhammed Abu Khdeir  by a bunch of Israeli settlers


(رصاص وحبر على ورق pencil and ink on paper)
محمد أبو خضير (17 عاما) كان ذاهبا لأداء صلاة الفجر في مسجد قريب من منزله في القدس عندما تم اختطافه على يد مجموعة من المستوطنين الاسرائيليين قاموا لاحقا بقتله و حرق جثته
Muhammed Abu Khdeir (17 years old) was going for the morning prayer in a mosque near to his house in Jerusalem when he was kidnapped by a bunch of Israeli settlers who eventually killed him and burned his body.

Stand Up Comedy By A Salafi Sheikh From Tripoli

That was surprisingly funny but I am not sure if it will help improve the images of Salafists in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Racing Park Mtein (RPM Lebanon): A New Karting Circuit In Lebanon

Picture via Biser3a
I was told about this circuit a week ago and I just looked it up and found it on Facebook. Racing Park Mtein is expected to open within weeks from now and is presumably the biggest kart track in the Middle East.

Where Are The Public And Free Beaches In Lebanon?

Tyr Beach – Taken from BeirutNightLife
I was in Ayia Napa a couple of weeks ago and all the beaches were accessible to everyone for free. You only had to pay in case you want a long chair, a towel or drinks. Unfortunately for us Lebanese, the majority of Lebanon’s coastline is privatized and entrance fees to the 250+ beach clubs can range from 10$ to 40$ or more.

Picture Of The Ballouneh Explosion (Not A Terrorist One)

Picture via Annahar
They are saying the explosion was caused by some substance in the sewers (or sanitary hole in that case) but the picture is terrifying. It’s a good thing no one got hurt.

Idiot of the day

This is terrible yet funny! According to LBCI,  some guy decided to fix his building’s overloaded sanitary sewer near Ballouneh last night by dumping some (too much) carbide into it, a substance that is sometimes used to make explosives, which unfortunately led to blowing up the sewer and part of the building!

Jamaa al-Yad and a project still relevant sadly.

أمن بالحجر تحيا
Believe in the stone you shall live

يا حافر حفرة يا واقع فيها

Where To Find Used Books In Beirut?

Al Sa2eh Library in Tripoli
If you are looking for places in Beirut that sell used books, here’s the list that AgendaCulturel came up with:

New MOT ad: The power of humbleness

I love the new Minstry of Telecom ad! I love that humble tone in it which recognizes how far we still have to go (compare it to all the other official braggish ads from other ministries and you will get my point). At least the ad admits "so we didn't make it to the moon" - using the moon footage landing with an astronaut putting a Lebanese flage there, only for this to appear with the shadow of a cameraman shooting. A little humbleness goes a long way as the famous Lemon ad from VW showed us!

Middle Eastern Artist Saint Hoax Uses Disney Princesses In Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist, presumably from Lebanon. He/She came up recently with a series of disturbing posters called “Princest Diairies” to highlight the fact that many sexual abuse victims are abused by their own family members. For that purpose, she used Disney princesses like Jasmine and Ariel because she felt that it’s a visual language that her targeted audience would be attracted to.

Slashing internet prices in Lebanon is still not enough

Following the announcement of the ministry of telecommunications on their plan to lower internet prices and boost speeds last month, we all thought it would now be affordable for us to get the high speed connections we always wanted, and this was proven true after some ISPs started rolling out their plans with 4Mbps subscriptions for as low as $19.

Cool Lineup At The Summer Misk Festival

Gypsy music maestro Goran Bregovic, Salsa and Latin jazz master Yuri Buenaventura and Global House Sensation John Martin are performing at BeitMisk on July 10,11 and 12.

Casey Kasem: How Lebanese Culture influenced His Storytelling Style and Life outside Radio

Kasem was a proud Lebanese American. Born in 1932, Kemal Amin “Casey” Kasem was the son of Lebanese immigrant parents. He was raised in Detroit, Michigan, and had a large extended family. As a Lebanese American father, he wanted his children to learn about their background.

Telecom Ministry Ad

We are still under the sea level when it comes to the internet. The latest upgrades were more than welcome but there’s still a lot to do before we can start praising our internet speeds and packages.

Lebanese war art

I recently stumbled upon a familiar sight at a Middle Eastern art exhibit in Chelsea, New York. It was a view anyone living in Lebanon during the 2006 war may have seen.

The piece by Ali Cherri was projected on the wall at the center of the gallery:

Is "Achra Abid Zghar" a racial slur?

Achra Abid Zghar! Based on Agatha Christie's book "Ten Little Niggers" which itself is based on the nursery rhyme "Ten Little Indians" (for the American edition the title was changed into "And Then There Were None" just like the nursery rhyme now uses "soldier boys" instead of "Indians").

What To Do When You’re Ripped Off in Lebanon (Fake Sales, Bad Food, Sham Jewelry, etc.)

CALL 1739
I don’t always do this, but the Consumer Protection Bureau in the Economy Ministry in Lebanon does a pretty decent job.
I’ve had the unfortunate chance on several occasions to deal with them, and so have several close friends.
On one occasion, my friend bought a gold bracelet for his girlfriend. A week later, the bracelet got discolored, making it obvious it’s a knock-off. My friend reported it, and a week later, the fancy place in downtown Beirut issued him a check with the full amount he paid including taxes.
In my case, a promoter had lied about the act he was bringing in from abroad. The next day, he was interrogated by the police and all the ticket-holders were reimbursed.

Video of Jounieh 2014 fireworks

For those who missed Jounieh’s fireworks show Friday night, I found the below video of it from MTV Lebanon. (Start watching at the 4 minute mark)
Also, make sure to check these 10 cool photos of the show compiled by Ralph.

Ivy Reviews: La Petite Maison Beirut

It’s true, over the past couple of years Beirut has been flooded with French Bistros, but the same doesn’t apply to authentic French restaurants serving gourmet French cuisine. In fact it may come as a surprise to know that there are a very few restaurants in Lebanon that specialize in serving French chic food, not the usual suspects that we see on almost every menu today and that’s what the renowned La Petite Maison Beirut brings to the table.

Looks Like Beirut.

A lot of lebanese living in lebanon or abroad always write bad things about Lebanon on the internet while foreigners who live here only write up the good stuff; weird right?

A Blessed And Peaceful Ramadan To All!

I wish I could have just wished everyone a Ramadan Kareem and moved on with other posts but given what’s been happening in the past week in Tripoli and before that in Abra, it looks like some people, aside from the terrorists and suicide bombers, are trying to ruin Ramadan for all the Lebanese.

Survivor: Beirut (applications now accepted)

Written originally in 2006 and published in "Getting the News from Poems", these are the rules of Survivor: Beirut as based on the ABC application.

Survivor: Beirut (Based on the real application form for Survivor as downloaded from the ABC website)


So you've seen the show and lived it between
1975 and 1990 and now want to know how to become a part of SURVIVOR Beirut II.
Here is a breakdown of the selection process:


Rihanna has an ISIS tatoo, not of the caliphate, of the goddess.

Rihanna has an ISIS tatoo - no, no, not for the Caliphate of The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria - I mean the egyptian Goddess! Yes, tends to be pretty confusing these days. It's a sad state of the affairs, (unless you remember the tatoo is her thoracic cage and every time she shows it there is bound to be a boob spill-over).

Lebanese Student Jade Bassil Got 20/20 On The French Baccalaureate

I don’t know how she managed to pull that, but she got 770 over 760 which is even more than 20 over 20. As she said in the report, the electives helped her gain extra points, but still there are exams like the philosophy one where you can’t possibly get more than 15 or 16 (I got 8/20) unless you are a genius!
In all cases, congrats to her and I hope she’ll get a full scholarship at some respectable university.

What Your Drink Of Choice Says About You

What’s your favorite drink to have? It could be a mimosa or a glass of wine. Whatever your deal is, the type of drink you choose can say a lot about the type of person you are. Buzzfeed got together a “A rowdy group of social drinkers and former bartenders” to discuss this very subject. The comments, »more...

From Girls In Bikini To This

via Yasa
Bring back those girls lol!

Yumi: Sushi and Drinks in the Heart of Monot

Yumi, this special bar/restaurant located in the heart of Monot Street, is not like any other Japanese place around. It all starts with the location, in the middle of a nightlife district where things are casual and laid back. This feeling continues as you enter this casual fine dining space that’s simple and not pretentious. »more...

Guilt Free Chips: Baked Apples

Last Sunday, I spent a day at Bioland Farms. This little piece of heaven nestled in the heart of Batroun mountains where fresh and organic produce from the land are sold. Surrounded with nature, you already feel healthy… As I walked around discovering the place, one item caught my attention: Baked Apple Chips. Bioland’s concept »more...