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Tripoli’s Bikeathon

Picture from Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi’s FB Page

Blisk: Stir and Scoop at the Same Time

To speed up the process and the time between baking and eating your favorite home made cake, Blisk takes the hard work out of mixing fine ingredients. Blisk could be used as easily as your average spatula, and at the same time offering you the convenience of a powerful hand blender to process the ingredients in your pot.

Magnum Celebrates with a Dress That’s Yummy to Eat…

Magnum turned 25 this year, and the ice cream company is celebrating in a very tasty and fashionable way. Fashion designer, Henry Holland has teamed up with Magnum to design a one-off 1960s-inspired dress in celebration of the ice cream brand’s birthday. A team of expert chocolatiers spent more than 100 hours perfecting the creation, which is equal to the amount of chocolate found on 833 Magnum Classic ice creams.

City Of Dreams Hotel by Zaha Hadid Architects

Melco Crown Entertainment, a developer and owner of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities in Asia, has unveiled the project details and design of the fifth hotel tower at City of Dreams, the company’s flagship property in Cotai, Macau.

In Pictures: Car-Free Day In Monot-Huvelin

You can check out more pictures and videos on my instagram [LeNajib], and on Achrafieh2020 Facebook Page [Here].

Tintin in The Levant

This is just a fan-art cover taken from Saint-Max but it would be awesome if they relaunch the Adventures Of Tintin with that one.

Why the Dutch Rock

One of my readers suggested that what Lebanon needs is more Dutch  (last line). I could not agree more.

Dutch ambassador to Lebanon, Hester Somsen, in Tripoli for the Bikeathon

Beirut Marathon Association’s Women Race On May 4 – #RunForward4

The BMA is organizing on May 4 the second edition of the Women’s race. The run is meant to empower women through running by showing a positive and powerful image of the Lebanese woman, as well as raising funds and awareness for causes.
There are two races you could register for:
- 10Km all women challenge
- 5Km men, women and children support run
You can find more details [Here].

In Pictures: Earth Hour In Lebanon

The Grand Serail In Beirut was turned off – Picture via EarthHourLB
The Grand Serail in Beirut was switched off today at 8:30 for Earth Hour Lebanon. I heard Baabda palace also participated but I don’t have any pictures.

Shake Shack Opening At ABC Achrafieh On April 4

Picture from Esquire.co.uk
I love their fries! Shake Shack is already open at Beirut City Centre.

Gandour: Dabke is as ugly as Unica.

Straight from the Unica fiasco, Gandour doubles down with Dabke. Please, whomever is doing these visual atrocities tell them to stop, to abdicate, to spare us their genius, to go easy on their avant-garde, to stop being "malak el photoshop". How this got made to begin with is a mystery, how it got approved is even a bigger issue.

Lebanese In New York: Hilarious Videos By Pascale

I first noticed Pascale’s YouTube channel when the Jackie Chamoun naked pictures came out, and I didn’t find her Jackie video that funny but her other videos are freaking hilarious!
The one below is my favorite and there are others you can check out [Here].

Jimy’s Beyrouth: A New Pastry Shop in Mtayleb

Jimy’s Beyrouth is the latest pastry shop to open in Mtayleb area in Lebanon. I pass by it daily, to and from work, as I live near by… Of course my curiosity to know more about this place and what it has to offer was killing me.

Wissam Abdallah – Lebanon. Lose Yourself

Filmed and Edited by Wissam Abdallah
This has been something I have wanted to do since the first day of film school. I am lucky and proud to call myself both an Australian and Lebanese but having spent 9 years in Lebanon, from age 8 until age 17, means that Lebanon has a very special place in my heart.

Breakfast at Gordon’s Cafe: Try the Salmon and Eggs

I woke up one morning and felt like enjoying a good hefty breakfast.

Silkor copycats Easy A (UPDATED)

Original research: Joe Prince (via D.B.)

The opening of the Silkor shop in Saida (silkor specializes in body hair removal) marks no new milestone - just a copycat ad from the poster of Easy A (with Emma Stone) complete with the lip-bite. So there ladies and gentlemen, we are incapable of doing an ad fresh by ourselves.

Over Facebook, the following conversation took place:
Silkor said:

Take a Champagne Ride with Veuve Clicquot – Literally

If you love to have a glass of champagne and experiment a bit of adventure at the same time, month of May will be a good time to visit Belgium. French champagne house Veuve Clicquot has announced plans to invite visitors and residents of Antwerp and Brussels to share a toast in a new way, in Clicquot cabs.

Turn On Your Taste Buds While Lights are Off

Earth Hour, the world’s largest movement for the planet is today between 8:30pm to 9: 30pm.  More than 150 countries and territories are participating this year. Millions of people around the world are expected to switch off lights in homes, offices and famous landmarks at 8.30pm local time for an hour on Saturday to mark the annual Earth HourHopefully we can all make a difference one way or another

Beautiful Lebanon: Picture from Baino, Akkar

Picture taken from Baldati
I’ve been to Akkar many times but I’ve never visited Baino. It’s definitely on my to-do list next time I go North.

Achrafieh 2020: Discover Monot-Huvelin Full Program

The car-free day is taking place this Sunday. See you all there!

Darreja, a slogan used for the fourth time....

Did the United Nations Information Center just pull a major booboo?
Seems so.

La Cigale Reinvents Itself…

I was the only blogger invited to have a closer look into La Cigale’s new set up. Together with a group of journalists, we were welcomed into La Cigale’s kitchen to experience one of Lebanon’s first unique pastry and delicatessen spot…

Over 400 People Fall For Fake MEA Instagram Scam

I love these pranks. It goes to show you how naive people can be, and the Lebanese mentality of saying “I didn’t lose anything” instead of “I can’t believe I actually thought someone would spend $500,000 for an Instagram account”. 7arba2a style.
It’s sorta like the New 7 Wonder Jeita scam. Like, they knew it was bullshit, yet still thought they could be the “7arboo2s” and I can’t help but laugh heartily when it fails and say “I told you so!”

Chayeb: Endulge in Some Guilt Free Kaak

Chayeb… I think many of you already know them or have heard about them – A bakery specialized in whole wheat bread and Kaak. Chayeb has been known to provide Lebanon, specialized products based on wheat with the utmost professionalism and perfection. I’ve been a fan of this product for so long and decided to pay the company a visit.

Red Bull Can You Make It?

Can You Make It?” is a challenge by Red Bull for students to travel across Europe with nothing but 24 Red Bull cans as currency.
Throughout their journey, the competing teams will have to trade their cans for every thing they might need like food, place to sleep, etc…
The challenge starts on April 4th with more than 100 teams from all around the world, and Lebanon is the only participating country from the region with a team of three girls from AUB, Lara Talih, Mona Talih, and Shaden Fakih.

FAIL: Taking The Kids For A Ride

Thanks Georges!

Meet Little Doug: Your Little Helper in the Kitchen

Douglas is very protective of kitchen utensils, always on the look out to ensure they don’t disappear into the soup or make a mess while lying around. He is a helpful companion around the kitchen, though he does tend to be a bit clingy… 
Use him to hold your spoon, ladle or any utensils. He can keep the utensils off your counter top, or he can can cling to your pots to keep your utensil from falling off.

The Lebanese Law Allows Teachers To Beat Their Students

Picture from Diane
I guess it’s time for the new Education Minister Elias Abu Saab to ask for this archaic law to be amended and for parents to be punished as well if they are encouraging teachers to beat their kids.

21 Stereotype-Exploding Facts About The Middle East, 5 From Lebanon

It’s a fun read by BuzzFeed but the author apparently ran out of ideas towards the end.
Here are the facts where Lebanon is mentioned:

The Peninsula Paris: New Standards in Design, Luxury and Comfort

The Peninsula Hotels makes its grand entrance into Europe with The Peninsula Paris set to open on August 1.  Setting spectacular new standards in design, luxury and comfort, this century-old classic building has been meticulously restored and modernized to create the latest example of Peninsula excellence.

Bliss Street: A Rich Street that Should Be Alive at All Times…

Visiting Bliss on a Saturday night, I was amazed to find a street that was fast asleep. Understandable since it’s packed with students all day… but why not have it more active all the time, day and night and weekends. It’s an amazing street where a lot of history hides behind every stone and every corner… Why should it only be a university street? Dozens of restaurants are lined up one next to the other waiting to welcome Lebanon’s youth. Let’s make a change…

#MH370 and the Lebanese disappeared

Flowers on the grave of Odette Salem - Part of my installation "no truce in Beirut only virgins"