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Latizi La Terja3é

L3ama chou sar ma3o el shab? Ma badda hal2ad!
Just when I thought Myriam Klink songs are bad, this changes everything.

Return of the native - Why we may see Muhammad Dahlan back in Gaza

As the war in Gaza grinds on, it remains unclear what kind of political order will govern the territory once the fighting stops.

The American secretary of state, John Kerry, faced criticism last week when he formulated a ceasefire plan in consultation with Turkey and Qatar, two states regarded as particularly close to Hamas. Kerry’s plan was to stop the fighting, with the more contentious issues left to be discussed at a later stage. This angered the Israelis, but also Hamas’s opponents in the Arab world, who view the conflict as an opportunity to reassert their influence in Gaza, at Hamas’s expense.

How To Clear Traffic On The Highway In Lebanon

via YASA
Even if this is just a water gun or a toy, that’s a very dangerous thing to do!
Thanks Marwan!

917 Road Accidents In July Only!

The Lebanese Red Cross reported 917 road accidents in Lebanon during July, which resulted in 1222 injuries and 20 casualties. This is quite a scary number and a very high one when compared to the stats provided by Kunhadi (via ISF).
We need more awareness campaigns, better roads and more importantly we need the police officers to fine heavily people who endanger others with their reckless driving or stunts.

The 69th Lebanese Army Day – 2014

I am not sure why they linked the presidency vacuum to the Army day in the video. It didn’t seem very relevant to me but the campaign is a nice one. I will be adding more ads during the day.
via Exotica
via Almaza

Lebanese Army - is it a faux pas?

Before I start getting the backlash, I wish to emphasize that not only was I previously in the Lebanese Army (as a lieutenant during my military service) but that later I was responsible for some of their ads and know how difficult it is to come up with new themes year after year for them.

“The Only Democracy in the Middle East”

Please leave your house immediately. Do not call it a home. This is our home not yours. Security demands it. Always, always, security. Our security. Take nothing, ask nothing. Stand over there, against the rubble, where you belong. All young men, come with us. You may not see your families again. No saying goodbye or hugging. We have suffered too much thanks to everyone but you are the only ones we can touch. Don’t give us any trouble.
-from Transfer (American Poets Continuum) by Naomi Shihab Nye:https://kindle.amazon.com/work/transfer-american-poets-continuum-shihab-ebook/B004TEVQB0/B006R6Z3XU

Lebanese-Australian Woman Accused of Bigamy And Barred From Leaving Lebanon

A Lebanese woman called Mahassen Issa might be jailed for 6 months after she was charged with bigamy during her stay in Lebanon. The woman apparently got married during her last visit to Tripoli even though she lives in Australia where she’s already married and has two kids. Issa is saying that she got separated from her husband but no one’s believing her and now she can’t even leave the country!

Hamas and the Peace Process

hamas-fatahOn May 13, 2008, Yuval Diskin, the director of the Israeli Internal Security Service, Shin Bet, met with U.S. Ambassador Richard Jones to discuss the prospect of a “cooling down” period with Hamas.

Ksara: the sun stood still while setting

Ksara came up with a super summerish campaign, makes me regret I used the title "of all these things is made my summer wine" not so long ago as it is very fitting for this post. Still, there are three visuals, the one above, one with a man and a woman with their lips about to be interlocked with the line "linger", and one of a group of friends eating at dusk with the headline "long lunch".

FASHAL: Elmarada.org Posts Bush Cocaine Satire As Actual News

This news of course is not true. It was published on Empirenews.net, a satirical news website. Unfortunately, the ElMarada website didn’t let that stop them from publishing a translated version of the story under the name “Al Anba2″ (which is unclear if they man the newspaper in Lebanon, or an “Anba2″ category on their website).

Another Shark Killed in Tyre And Sold For $450 To A Restaurant

800kg Shark Killed off the Mina Coast Of Tripoli a month ago
A fisherman from Tyre caught a 90Kg shark on Tuesday and sold it to a restaurant for $450. That makes it 3 or 4 sharks killed last month and yet nothing’s being done to raise awareness on that matter.
We are not even sure if the sharks are dangerous to humans or not. We just hear that they were killed and thrown away or sold which is wrong by all means.

It is called Beirut!

I didn't  know that it is legal to name your product after a city until I found out that there is a beer called Beirut. The name is just great it is better for a restaurant in my opinion since Beirut is the most original interesting place in the middle was, and you can drink beer wherever you want!
The message of this video is to be special or original. However, in my opinion originality is lacking in this commercial and it doesn't look like Beirut to me compared to other competing brands like this one below. 

Eat Out for Life and Help a Child… From August 1st till August 7th

From August 1st till August 7th, save children’s life without spending more than a meal. Just by visiting the participating restaurants, you would be supporting the kids fighting cancer at Children Cancer Center as a percentage of the restaurants’ profits during that week will be donated to CCCL.  CCCL’S MISSION: To support all children with cancer and their »more...

RPM Karting Opens TOMORROW! Here’s My Test-Drive.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the awesome new racing park opening in Mtein, Lebanon: RPM. The excitement was insane, and I’m finally happy to announce that it’ll be open for everyone to try starting tomorrow!

Maid of Honor? Not Quite. By MamaRowana

Picture via ILO


via TasteOfBeirut
I tried the Lawziyeh for the first time last year and I loved it! It’s basically an almond shortbread cookie but it tastes really good and is quite addictive (you can’t just have one), so if you are on a diet, stay away from them.
If you are interested in making them yourself, check out Taste of Beirut’s Recipe [Here].

The limits of Hezbollah’s conciliation

As Iran continues to absorb its recent setbacks in Iraq, one place where both the Islamic Republic and Saudi Arabia appear to be aiming to contain any Sunni-Shiite confrontation is Lebanon. That should be good news.

Hezbollah has toned down its rhetoric of late, preferring to push to the forefront the speaker of Parliament, Nabih Berri, who has taken on greater prominence in the search for a new president. In Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech last week on Jerusalem Day, he spoke about Gaza, steering clear of domestic politics.

Georges Wassouf Singing Again

I am glad to see that he’s recovering well from his stroke and I wish him all the best, but he’s no longer the Wassouf we all know and I wouldn’t bother watch him perform live anywhere. Abou Wadih is one of the very few Arab singers that I listen to.

Growing Home


Tired of defending them like they were my own,
Tired of grieving them as if they were my kin;
I too am tired of seeing their bloodied faces on my screen.
They're not mine. I thought they were humanity's,
But there is no such thing. They're noone's.
Alone they passed through that gate,
Alone they moved beyond...
Beyond this world, beyond its ugliness,
And beyond ours.
May we never be forgiven; we unworthy of clemency.
May their wretched ghosts haunt us, we who watched on.
May their truncated lives curse ours; we deserve no better,
We who live on, as if they never happened.

Securing al-Sham: Syria and the Violence in Iraq

June 25, 2014SNAPSHOTBy Andrew J. TablerUprooting the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) from the swath of territory it now holds between Aleppo and Baghdad will take a lot more than airstrikes or a change of government in Iraq. Although the 2003 war in Iraq might have led to the formation of the jihadi group, the chaos in Syria provided it the space to metastasize.

Jordan and the Syria Crisis: Mitigating the 'Known Unknowns'

POLICYWATCH 2261Andrew J. TablerAlso available in العربيةMay 30, 2014

Ruins discovered under Saifi 477

It's not been easy to post about Beirut with all the carnage happening in Gaza. But that doesn't mean Lebanese developers have paused their activities. Here are some pictures I took a few weeks ago in Gemmayaze, where a new tower is coming up.

Khod Nafas: Join The Beirut Yoga Festival

Remember the picture of that woman doing yoga in the middle of the street in Achrafieh? Well it wasn’t a random act but a stunt to promote the first yoga festival in Beirut which will take place in Pleine Nature in Mansourieh on the 20th of September 2014.
Check out more info on [Facebook] and the [website].

US policy reflects America’s lack of interest in the world

Hardly a day goes by in the United States without the publication of a commentary critical of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. The general tenor of these pieces is that Mr Obama, in reducing American intervention overseas, has created a dangerous void that threatens American interests.

Yet the American president is under little pressure at home to change his ways. Polls suggest that a significant percentage of his countrymen are even more reluctant to intervene in the world than he is. For instance, a recent Politico poll showed that a substantial majority of Americans, around two-thirds, supported either current levels of American involvement or less involvement in Syria, Iraq or Ukraine.

Taxi night is back

Reseach credit GH (soon to be GM)

Taxi nightis back, and apart from the laudable effort of actually getting drunk people home and thus avoiding fatalities, their ads this year are quite on the spot. "So you feel suffocated in a taxi?


: Of Hope III
when it’s all done
and the white foam pours forth
you’ll be telling me
that song we drew when
the grass was freshly mown
was embroidered into
your mother’s skirt.

I will turn
and absorb your face
like it was the last kite of summer
and together we will drip
like old wounds
at the back of the throat.
There will be nothing that night
but the bees that circled our heads
and a sigh that congealed
with a dream.
(Originally posted on February 25, 2005)

A Night At Monte Cassino Hotel

Out of the hundreds of hotels that have set up camp in the Maameltein and Tabarja area, less than a handful are actually decent enough to recommend, in service, quality and reputation. So when Monte Cassino invited my man and I to be amongst the first guests to stay at this hotel which opened its doors back in June, we were taken aback by the grandiose establishment situated only a stone’s throw away from the landmark, Casino du Liban.

Drunk Woman Roaming Beirut Streets

I really don’t understand the Lebanese people anymore. First they film and make fun of a topless (mentally ill?) woman and now they harass a drunk girl walking in the middle of the highway instead of calling the police?
The good thing is that the guy who filmed her apparently ended up calling the police, but that’s not enough as he shouldn’t have filmed her and tried to calm her and keep her away from the cars if he wanted to really help.

Movie + Pictures: Massive Attack Show Support For Syrian Refugees & Palestinians in Gaza During Byblos Concert

via Glamroz
Here are some of the supporting messages (with a couple of spelling mistakes) that were shown during Massive Attack’s concert at the Byblos International Festival.

Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta From the American University of Beirut In Gaza To Provide Medical Care

Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta is the head of the Plastis Surgery division at the American University of Beirut and this is his 4th trip to Gaza to help the injured Palestinians. That’s really brave of him to go to Gaza as the Israelis are even targeting hospitals. I wonder how he managed to get to Gaza though.

36 Photos by Tarek Chemaly on 7UPstairs Publishing

Today, I am pleased to bring you "36 photos" a film that lingered in the camera far too long before being exposed. Actually, the works are originally part of my Superm-Art-ket exhibition (plus a few previously unreleased works) which took place in early 2002 (but the works themselves were done between 1996 and 2001). The current versions have been reworked so as to respect the people who own the artworks (either as sale or gift or other means of acquisition).