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Get in touch with your MPs now

Screen Shot of Nouweb site

One of the best ways to hold government accountable is to get in touch with your representatives and let them know how you feel. Let them know what concerns you. Most of all, let them know you are listening and watching what they are doing. 

Spoiler alert: The town is full of bad ads.

This round up is not very flattering, so be forewarned.

Activiyeahhhh - your happiness is in your health. Oh and a downloaded royalty free image from one of those online banks. Seriously corny ad.

Nouwweb by SMEX and Lamba Labs: For a More #OpenLeb

Access to information is extremely hard and tricky in Lebanon. We don’t even know which MP voted for what, much less how to get in touch with them.
The guys and gals at SMEX and Lamba Labs have started an online tool that will hopefully snowball into the kind of information we demand becomes available, and is our right as Lebanese taxpayers.
The usual scenario is, if you tell your friend “General X has stolen so much money”, his answer will usually be, “Well, so has Dr. Y”. It’s an endless circle jerk with no real effect on political decisions and attitudes. But, if I can show you what, how, when, etc. You probably won’t defend the corrupt and wrong so easily anymore.

If You Smoke Weed in Lebanon, Know Your Rights.

  • 11,443 people arrested for drug use between 2009-2013
  • 42% were between the ages of 18 and 25
  • One person arrested every 3 hours

The numbers are shocking, but trust me, they’re not even a fraction of the horrifying reality. Those 11,443 were actually on the books, so most probably didn’t bribe themselves out early enough. Imagine how much higher the real number is.

Translating Disney’s Frozen into Arabic

disney-frozenSee below for an excerpt from my latest piece for The New Yorker, on Disney’s translation of its hit musical Frozen into Modern Standard Arabic. We’ve discussed this subject before on this blog. If you’re interested in reading earlier discussions, check out the following comment sections:

Feral House

Getting involved

We have been doing plenty of silly rhymes about ants and pants, and the ark in the park in the dark. We’ve also been grouping words in categories, such as lists of animals, and menus of food. Then we wrote this together and read it a couple of times.
Part 1

Ruptures (23 May 2014) -full show-

Friday 23 May 2014, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (8-9pm) 1. Factory Floor 2. OkyDoky 3. Cabaret Voltaire 4. Funny Death 5. Four Tet 6. Munma 7. Neneh Cherry > Listen to Part 1: ruptures 23/05 (part 1) 8. Jad Atoui 9. Darkside 10. OkyDoky (radiokvm rmx) 11. Shackleton 12. Tripnol 13. tUnE-yArDs 14. The Incompetents > Listen to Part […]

NBC Reports About Ancient Phoenician Relics Unearthed in Lebanon

11Image: Mahmous Zayat. AFP – Getty Image
Alan Boyle from NBC reports that archaeologists have found a treasure trove of ancient artifacts at a dig in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, including a statue of a Phoenician priest dating back more than 2,500 years.

On Past Civilizations and Marathons

Aregu warming up in front of the temple of Bachus, with the walls of the Great Court on the right.  Now that I highlighted a cultural difference, how about pointing out something on civilizations?

Syrian elections put Tehran and Moscow in a fix

In June, President Bashar Al Assad will be “re-elected” as Syria’s president, closing the door on any political settlement of the Syrian conflict. For his Iranian and Russian backers the difficulties will begin.

In war, Tehran and Moscow have been successful at keeping Mr Al Assad in power. They have armed him, sent combatants to reinforce his exhausted armed forces and have reportedly taken strategic decisions allowing his regime to regain territory.

Stop "LIKING" blindly

CreditsEveryday i log on to facebook, i see these stupid posts getting millions of likes, comments and shares."Like this if you like Jesus, ignore if you like satan", "Like to save this life"...and people think that by engaging with these posts, miracles will happen!
Guess what? Nothing will.

On Cultural Differences

A sail boat on the Mediterranean Sea An interesting anthropological experiment took place this Saturday. It took place on a sail boat.  Owning a boat in Lebanon is an expensive business. And the price of the boat is not the most expensive part of it. Due to a sharp imbalance between the number of mooring spaces and boats, the price to moor your boat is ridiculously high. All marinas on the coast around Beirut are full, and have waiting lists. As such, mooring fees are sky-high.

"No" means... Perhaps?

This year, the March 14th celebrations will take place on the 13th - conveniently, a Sunday - Moustapha from Beirut Spring, has a rule of thumb for knowing if there will be a turn out or not (his mother and her sisters are showing up, first time since 2005).

See you all at #GeekFestBeirut tonight

Are we finally going to have a proper lebanese e-bookshop?

So far Antoine Online have their heart in the proper place. They are renewing their online shopping site and have signed multiple agreements with international retailers like Amazon to ensure you are really able to get ANY book you want.

I’m now a Common Folk

Movie Review: The Social Network

I wrote it last week, just as I came back from a special press screening of The Social Network Movie, which will be released on October 28th, courteously provided by the lovely and amazing guys at Cineklik (with no strings attached as usual).

My Thursday Evening Without Water #BAD2010

Yesterday evening I had a call from my husband listing my 3 options for a dinner meal:
1- I buy something ready made
2- He makes me a quick sandwich
3- I do not eat a thing
This was prelude to him announcing that I can not cook anything at home since there was no water (apparently something is wrong with our water tank) and we have only a couple of water bottles…

يحدث الآن

الرابعة فجراً في حي بيروتي "ذو طابع تراثي" الشرطي رقم 1:"رجاع رجاع الطريق مسكر، في حريق. دخلك معك شي طفايه بهل جيب تعيرنا اياها؟"الشرطي رقم 2:"دق للاطفائيه عل 120 مدري ال-125."الشرطي رقم 1:"مع معي يونيتس، دق إنت."الشرطي رقم 2:"ال-120 مع بدا يونيتس يا حمار."

ألف مبطوحة

حاولت إنقاذها، لكن وصلت متأخّراًولمّا حاولت أن أعطيها تنفّس إصطناعي، إتّهمت بقلّة الحياءفما العمل؟


3ashr sneen. Bta3rifeh shou sar bi hal 3ashr sneen. Sar ktir, aw2et b2oul ya raytik ba3dik mawjdoudeh, la t3isheh w tshoufeh shou 3am min shouf w n3ish, w aw2et b2oul mni7 yalli fallayteh w khloste min hal 7ayet wil 2araf yalli bit khallikeh t7issih bi wa2et mnil aw2et.

Ma ba3rif iza ba3dik mawjoudeh shi ma7al, bi hal dineh, bi hal 3alam, bil hal kon. Ana ma b2emin inno fi ghaymeh el kil bi 3isho fiya, 3laya bil a7ra. Gharib inno ba3dneh bitzakkar sawtik. W tari2et 7akyik. W nazertik.

Bis2al 7aleh la 7adit lyom, lei 7abbaytineh, w lei 7abbaytik. Sara7a, ana w bi iyem zighareh, ma kenet fattish 3ala fata el a7lem, kenet fattish 3an sadi2a! btitzakkareh Gibran shou al? w 7solet 3ala sadi2te, yalli la ekhir 7ayeteh ma ra7 ensiya.