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touch 4G new ad

speedy and amigo
Speedy and Amigo’s previous ad was one of the coolest ads in 2012, and I think it’s great to see touch maintaining their originality in this new one.
via @chemali

كافيه عم يرعاني

I can’t believe I stumbled upon this on Facebook!
ِAnyone knows where in Lebanon is this cafe located?

Pick Up Your Christmas Ball At Le Gray Beirut To Help Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon

If you happen to pass by Le Gray Hotel next week, go in and check out their Christmas tree in the lobby. They have Christmas balls signed by the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon that you can take in exchange of any donation you wish to give. Once you take the ball and place the donation inside the box, replace it with a plain ball from the wooden basket on the floor.
It’s a simple and easy way to help out children in need during Christmas.

Lebanese ISF Teaching Girls How To Change A Flat Tire

I love how they chose a girl for the picture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl changing a flat tire in Lebanon as there’s always some guy volunteering to do it for her. In all cases, I hate changing flat tires too and I wish someone would volunteer to change them for me.

Hiba Tawaji Doesn’t Need To Go To The Voice

Hiba is a very talented singer but I don’t know if it’s good idea to take part in the Voice, specially after what happened with Aline Lahoud and Anthony Touma. The judges are very random and she might lose out because of that, not because she’s not talented enough.
Anyway, that doesn’t mean that I am not excited about her participation and I will be encouraging her all the way till the end.

Who Wants The PS4 20th Anniversary Edition?

You can still enter the draw to win the PS4 20th Anniversary Edition. Here what you need to do:
1- Follow SonyLebanon on Instagram.
2- Check the questions shown [here] and answer correctly under the original post not this one.
The questions are very easy and the gift is priceless!

Lebanese Consume More Wine Than Beer But Are Not Drinking Enough

According to BBC’s Booz calculator, the average resident of Lebanon drinks a total of about 2.4 liters of pure alcohol a year, making it the 39th lightest-drinking country. The lightest-drinking country in the world is Kuwait with 0.1 liters while Belarus is the heaviest-drinking country with 17.5 liters.

Lebanon Is Getting Worse In Terms of Internet Freedom

Freedom on the Net 2014 is a comprehensive study of internet freedom around the globe. Internet freedom is in decline around the world and Lebanon is no exception. We moved from a 45/100 score in 2013 to 47/100 in 2014 which is not a good sign. The three emerging threats according to Freedom House are:

Snayniyeh with M&Ms and Marshmallows?

Whenever a baby gets his first tooth, Lebanese families make a traditional dish called Snayniyeh. It’s usually made out of wheat with almonds and nuts but I’ve been seeing marshmallows and M&Ms as well which is pretty weird specially that Snayniyeh is served cold. I don’t know if this is a relatively new thing but I am wondering who decided to mix marshmallows with it.
I am trying to imagine what Meghleh would taste like if we added M&Ms and marshmallows.

Pierre Hachach – Ya Ret

Pierre Hachache ya ret
Uhh ok… and why exactly do you need a provocative video for that song?

Why do Lebanese fishermen insist on killing these sharks?!

It’s not the first time a shark is spotted off the shores, and it isn’t like they are threatening anyone. Yet, fishermen insist on killing them for no reason at all…!
This shark was spotted 3Km into the sea and managed to escape from these guys.

Bel Lebneneh A7la

This is hilarious stuff! Check out the page [Here].
Thanks Kriks!

The New Lord Of The Wings 2014 Menu

I was at Lord of the Wings a couple of weeks ago to try out their new menu in their Kaslik branch. That’s my favorite LOTW branch since it’s at really cool spot in Kaslik and is very close to my house. Here’s the list of new items that we were trying out:
Individual and Shareable Appetizers
Smoked Salmon and Avocado Potato skins
Loaded Chicken Quesadillas
Loaded Veggie Quesadillas
American Artisan Flatbreads
BBQ Chicken
Crisp Salads
All Natural Quinoa Salad
Asian beef

Secret Santa

(ink on paper حبر على ورق)
Samed: "Ain't got no secret Santa.. ain't got no secret to begin with..."

Minister Bou Faour Issues New List Of Violating Restaurants And Supermarkets

Minister Bou Faour having lunch with Dima Sadek
Minister Bou Faour is still issuing new lists of “bad” restaurants and supermarkets and confusing the hell out of every Lebanese. I am no longer following up on this matter but I’ve noticed that the minister is now mentioning which restaurants are no longer bad. Unfortunately he hasn’t released yet a full detailed report on the whole campaign and we can’t track the progress on the ministry’s website or anywhere.

Christian Louboutin Visiting Beirut And Loving Elissa’s Soft Singing Lips

I spotted a picture of Christian Louboutin on Le Gray Beirut’s Facebook page. I don’t know what he’s doing here exactly but he posted a picture of Elissa kissing him and complimenting her “soft singing” lips. I wish he had asked her what the hell happened to those lips? Specially the upper lip?

Ivy Reviews: The Shogun Lounge

If there’s something I love more than shopping, its shopping and sushi together, in the same place. So after doing some heavy Christmas retail therapy at Dunes Verdun on Tuesday I headed over to dinner at The Shogun Lounge, my favorite sushi spot in Verdun located on the 1st floor of the mall.

Grey Beirut’s Heartwarming Christmas Greeting Card

Grey Beirut created this beautiful greeting card to salute the Lebanese army in a very subtle and innocent way. Let’s hope that all kidnapped army members go back to their families this Christmas.

Tamanna making wishes come true

This isn’t the first time Tamanna grants a wish for a critically ill kid, and I’ve actually loved each and every video they’ve published so far, but this is the first time I get really moved by one of their videos. Not because of how good the whole thing was executed, but because I have a kid now and I know how awful it feels for parents when their children get sick, even if it was as simple as a stupid flu virus.

Miss World Is Not Lebanese But Her Chair Is

The chair on which Miss World sat when she won was designed and made by a Lebanese called Edmond Boutros. It seems we are only good at making chairs these days, not filling them.
It’s been almost 9 months now that we don’t have a Lebanese President.

Flash Mob At Beirut Souks

The flash mob was performed by the Viva Maria Choir.

Now on Instagram!

So it had to happen.... I opened an Instagram account, and I promise you this - there will be no photos of every meal... Actually, it will be an outlet for my artistic archive. Starting with the work above from the "tanaklogia" series.... Hope to meet you there!

Even Dogs Wanna Leave: BETA Launches Lebanese Expat Pets Program

It’s no secret many of us dream of a a visa to live and work abroad. Lebanese folks with dual citizenships are often seen as the lucky ones, and even a good catch if you’re looking to get married. This sad reality isn’t just for Lebanon’s humans though, it’s also applicable to Lebanon’s shelter dogs.

I’m Giving Away The PS4 20th Anniversary Edition!

The PlayStation turned 20 on December 3 and Sony released a limited edition PS4 to celebrate. This gorgeous 90s-era PS4 was designed to look just like the original PS and I am giving it away to one lucky reader of the blog!

The Devil's Anvil: Hard rock from the Middle East, 1967

Can you believe it? The Devil's Anvil, a very very early precursor of world music fused Arabic beats with Western ones since 1967.

acoté Mar Mikhael Review

Mar Mikhael is in a phase where it’s almost saturated in terms of real estate and capacity, just enough to start revealing somewhat more unique concepts to stand out from the rest of the pubs and restaurants in the area. Acote is one of those places, and last weekend, I went there with a few friends to try the newly open gourmet sandwich place right next to Prune.

Why We Don’t Want Weed Legal in Lebanon (YET), Just Decriminalized (NOW)

I have been a very vocal advocate of decriminalization of marijuana in Lebanon for years. If not for my personal appreciation for the plant, for the extremely brutal, vicious, barbaric and sometimes even deadly reaction by Lebanon’s super corrupt judiciary and police force.

After Georges Clooney, Largo Winch Falls For A Lebanese Woman

Cool find by Ralph Aoun from Blog Of The Boss. Read more about it [Here].

Let’s Forget What Fattoush Did And Focus On Bernadette Ojeil For Now

I watched this video yesterday morning even before it went viral and was disgusted by what this judge and her husband have done. What they did was wrong on so many levels and you’d expect them to get arrested on the same day, but then I remembered that MP Fattoush almost did the same thing by assaulting a female employee at the Justice Palace and got away with it, and then his son attacked a journalist few days ago and also got away with it somehow.

Lebanese drivers logic: What i decided to do about it!

A woman with a child on her bicycle navigates through Beijing traffic.
I’ll start off with a simple logical description of the issue on hand: On a single-lane road, two cars can pass faster when they are moving one after another. But when next to each other, one car has to slow down in order to let the other pass. In other words, lamma ykoun 3adad l siyarat yalle meshyin 7ad ba3d aktar mn 3adad l lanes, hol l siyarat bya3mlo 3aj2a la2an ma bise3o yo2ta3o 7ad ba3d w bisiro majbourin ykhaffefo ta ymar2o ba3d.
This effect, scaled up, creates irrelevant, unneeded, ugly traffic.

Amal Alamuddin is Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating Person of the Year For The Wrong Reasons

There’s no doubt that Amal Alamuddin is a fascinating woman and deserves to be among the most fascinating people of the year, but it’s not of her very high profile marriage to George Clooney. Honestly speaking, it’s rather insulting and disrespectful to Amal to be named the “Most Fascinating Person” for marrying Clooney only.

Barbara Walters names Amal Alamuddin as the most fascinating person for 2014

amal alamuddin
It’s funny how Barbara Walters basically picked Amala Alamuddin for nothing related to her successful career but for rather marrying George Clooney which Walters referred to as one of the greatest achievements in human history!
Walters called the wedding perfect — from Amal’s bespoke hat to the spectacular wedding dress designed by the late Oscar De La Renta.