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Driven MBC: Abdo Feghali Crazy Drift At Pit Stop Zouk

This is such a small circuit yet he makes it look so easy. If you like drifting, check out Ken Block’s latest and sickest Gymkhana Seven in the streets of Los Angeles.

Haifa’s Dress May Have Upset Da3esh

Haifa’s sexy dress has made it all the way to the Figaro website who’s claiming that Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi is upset and wants to blow up Star Academy.
I had no clue ISIS members were allowed to watch Star Academy haha!

So how is Spain?

“So how is Spain?” our friends in Paris asked us all summer. And I didn’t really know what to tell them. To be brutally frank, changing nappies in Spain is quite a lot like changing nappies in Beirut or in Paris. This year will not be the year of discovering Andalucia’s charms. In fact, we did far more of that in just a fortnight, pre-kids, than we have in the ten months we’ve been living here. Hopefully we’ll be freer to do more soon. But apart from this being that awkward stage of family life where naps and bibs and accidents make staying out all day long more trouble than it’s worth, there’s another reason I find that question hard to answer.

Paragliding Santa Over Jounieh Bay

Isn’t it a bit too early for Christmas?

An Old Picture Of Lebanon’s First Mental Institution (“3asfouriyye”)

The first picture was posted by Qadiman and a recent picture of the mental institution was shared by Simon Assaf in the same thread. The place looks really nice and is somewhere near Hazmieh but what caught my attention were the camels. Why are there camels there?

LIVE FROM NEPAL With flydubai

Sooooo, when the guys at flydubai found out I’ve never been on their airline, they were kind enough to offer me a round-trip ticket to any of their 86 destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa. Nepal was a no-brainer choice. It was remote, peaceful and gorgeous. Also, I’m hoping to find a secret psy rave somewhere in the jungle. But really, the “visa upon arrival” with my Lebanese passport was what sealed the deal.

Week6: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

Amazing capture By Charbel Bouez
You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram [Here]. I’m also on Instagram and you can follow me [Here] if you like.
Fury of the sea – Picture via Bjaber

Kidnapping In Tripoli Caught On Tape

That’s pretty messed up. It happened in broad day light in a relatively busy area.

On Goat Meat (and Butchers)

Today a ‘house, garden and kitchen’ post, as we say in Dutch (which translates itself into ‘simple’ or ‘common’). 
The road to the Beqaa valley was wet and muddy; with total precipitation so far this winter already exceeding the yearly average for this time of year,

Snow Pictures from Faraya, Kfardebian and Ehden

Picture via Al Jomhouria
If someone has any pictures from the Cedars, please email them to me. This is a great start to the winter season!

Via Ehden FB page

Five Things Less Important Than Lebanese Flag Shoes

As you all know, highly hazardous and dangerous Lebanese flag shoes were confiscated two days ago for reasons that I still can’t understand. On another note, here are few meaningless issues that were taking place the same week:

Jet Skiing In The Streets Of Tripoli Mina

The storm Micha didn’t stop Lebanese from having some fun in the flooded streets. Here’s the full [video].

1860 Lebanese Created The World’s Biggest Human Letter

via TimesOfLebanon
We entered today the Guinness book of records by creating the biggest human letter “U” which stands for unity, a unity that is unfortunately as superficial as this record as we can’t seem to agree on anything lately.

Huge Bat Spotted In Tripoli Mina

The news are saying the bat was hurt but I don’t know if they took care of him or not.

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