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Kidnapping In Tripoli Caught On Tape

That’s pretty messed up. It happened in broad day light in a relatively busy area.

On Goat Meat (and Butchers)

Today a ‘house, garden and kitchen’ post, as we say in Dutch (which translates itself into ‘simple’ or ‘common’). 
The road to the Beqaa valley was wet and muddy; with total precipitation so far this winter already exceeding the yearly average for this time of year,

Snow Pictures from Faraya, Kfardebian and Ehden

Picture via Al Jomhouria
If someone has any pictures from the Cedars, please email them to me. This is a great start to the winter season!

Via Ehden FB page

Five Things Less Important Than Lebanese Flag Shoes

As you all know, highly hazardous and dangerous Lebanese flag shoes were confiscated two days ago for reasons that I still can’t understand. On another note, here are few meaningless issues that were taking place the same week:

Jet Skiing In The Streets Of Tripoli Mina

The storm Micha didn’t stop Lebanese from having some fun in the flooded streets. Here’s the full [video].

1860 Lebanese Created The World’s Biggest Human Letter

via TimesOfLebanon
We entered today the Guinness book of records by creating the biggest human letter “U” which stands for unity, a unity that is unfortunately as superficial as this record as we can’t seem to agree on anything lately.

Huge Bat Spotted In Tripoli Mina

The news are saying the bat was hurt but I don’t know if they took care of him or not.


Here, in this dark little space before sleep,
I take a look back at the day, limp with apathy,
and the days before it, the wide
yawning expanse of them...
I glimpse behind the purpose I made for it,
ill-fitting like an older sibling's,
and tenuous like hesitant sunlight...
What else are we to do, with this drudgery
of time making a mockery of us all?
What idols are we left with, now that
family and friends are only two more f-words?
The dark isn't dark enough, I can feel it in me.
It's not still enough, the scratch of my breath keeps it awake...
As if the gray creeping up my temples
wasn't sufficient a delusion of adulthood--
just because I look it doesn't mean I'm ready.

How El Nashra Translates To Those Who Don’t Read Arabic

via ElNashra
Check out the first three comments. The woman said she doesn’t read Arabic and asked if they could translate it, and whomever is managing that page answers in Arabic. Honest mistake but funny nevertheless!
Thanks Dory’s Wife!

The 2012 Alfa Telecom army line ad

The above video by Alfa Telecom dates back to 2012 but it still works. I admit it's a bit cheesy in the end but the first bit is truly nice with citizens performing army duty. Today it's independence way - or what's left of it - so I guess this prompted them to broadcast this ad which basically adverises as special line for the military.

A (Hot) Nurse’s Prayer?

That’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a Lebanese hospital so far.

Google Dances Dabke As Lebanese PM Cancels Lebanon’s 71st Independence Day Celebrations

Isn’t it weird that we don’t have a national Dabke day? We should have one where everyone meets to dance Dabke. That’s one thing we can’t possibly argue about.

Salt Basins of Enfeh

Salt basins bordering the sea in EnfehA little under Qalamoun (yes, we’re still up North with this story: Road Trippin' Part II) you find the salt basins of Enfeh. It is winter now, the slow season; salt is typically ‘farmed’ or harvested during the summer heat, but it is still a pretty interesting place to stop and check out. The mining of salt through evaporation pools is a very old process; we were already doing it while still out there hunting and gathering our food, way back when.

View from the Top Floor of Sama Beirut

So, the Sama Beirut tower in the Sodeco region is done construction, and these are 3 photos taken from its top floor by my good friend Elie Koueik, one of the engineers on the project. More to come soon hopefully!
See that tiny building with the “SS”? That’s the Sodeco Square “tower”…

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