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Lebanese App of the Week: Tari’ak’s Realtime Traffic

Traffic is a daily disaster every Lebanese person grows up with. Eventually, we start understanding certain patterns on the routes we take most often. But, other times, we find ourselves venturing to parts we rarely go to, or can’t foresee an accident/tire burning/roadworks episode that causes even more traffic.

Winter in Lebanon as not seen on TV

Picture via Al Jomhouria
I am loving these campaigns by LiveLoveLebanon and the Ministry of Tourism. This winter will be one of the best in years. Come visit Lebanon and enjoy it!

A Suggestion To Park Meter Lebanon

I spotted one of the Park Meter officer fining a car the other day and I bought from him a Park Meter prepaid card that you can use on machines. As I was giving him the money, he was complaining on how this car has been parked for more than 2 hours without a ticket and that its driver never showed up. Honestly speaking, I agree with the officer but I wonder why Park Meter doesn’t set up prepaid cards dispensers so that people can buy these cards when needed. Most of the time, people don’t have coins and supermarkets and small grocery stores get pissed when someone asks for coins.

Lebanese Minister of Transportation Wants To Ban #UBER

Update2: Uber Beirut confirmed that these claims are not true and that business is running as usual.
Mustapha shared me with me this morning an article from Annahar stating that Uber will be banned in Lebanon after complaints by the taxi syndicate. Uber Beirut launched back in July and has been offering an excellent service at competitive prices. I personally used it at least 6 times so far and I have nothing to complain about.

Holiday Inn, new video art by Tarek Chemaly

The famous hotel wars, are re-seen and
re-imagined artistically… Somewhere between caricature, blood and kitsch. Set
to the Bandali “Do you love me” – an Arab rock song way before its time.

Lebanon Wins Galactic Discovery Competition – MENA Region

My friends from Uf Chou Laziz just informed me that they won the international Land Rover Galactic Discovery Competition for the Middle East North Africa Region! The winning team members are Wajid El Hitti, Sam Nassif, Samah El Hakim and Nicola El Hakim and they won a 6 days wildlife travel adventure to Botswana in Africa in mid-2015. The video was shot in Lebanon of course.
Congrats guys and I hope you go to space one day!

Beirut’s Municipality Has $800 Million In Surplus

Beirut’s mayor Bilal Hamad mentioned in an interview with Executive Magazine that the city has almost around $800 million in surplus and that they are spending money where it needs to be spent. Knowing that the interview focused on the mayor’s strategy to improve green spaces in 2015, it didn’t seem like a top priority for Hamad and I don’t expect to see any new parks next year in Beirut.
Here’s a summary of the interview highlighting the important points raised:

Remembering Gebran Tueni

Picture via sdaouk
Every year, we remember Gebran Tueni while Lebanon takes a step back in freedom and liberty. We need journalists like Gebran to influence the Lebanese youth and guide them in the right direction but unfortunately there aren’t any. We’ve lost la crème de la crème with Gebran Tueni and Samir Kassir and it doesn’t look like we will ever recover from this huge loss.

Don’t Mess With Lebanon’s Call Of Duty Clan

I am a huge Call of Duty fan and I’ve been playing it for years offline and online on my PS3 and PS4 (Advanced Warfare). I never joined any teams online and just played random games but it’s good to hear that we have a highly active and impressive online COD Lebanese clan. They’ve reached 3 times Maximum level in Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2 and Ghosts and they are the only Lebanese clan to win platinum division clan wars.

My issues with je ne sais quoi

Elle Decoration (of course)
One of the problems with moving abroad and immersing yourself in another language is that you forget how to say foreign words in English. I mean all those borrowed words that are commonly used in English. The English language has adopted loads of French words like “ambience”, “connoisseur”, and “rendezvous” (or even fake French words like “en suite”). I’m sure there are plenty of words from other languages that I’m less attuned to as well.

The Wall Street Journal Features Jbeil’s Christmas Tree

The 97-foot-high Christmas tree at the entrance to Byblos, Lebanon, north of Beirut, shown on Nov. 25. The tree is covered with 2,500 gold-colored iron leaves.
The Byblos Christmas tree was featured in the Wall Street Journal as part of Christmas trees from around the world, and not the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world. There’s no doubt though that the Byblos tree and decoration are gorgeous.
Check them out [here].

AC Milan Captain Franco Baresi In Beirut For The “Sports For Peace” Project

via @ACMIlan
Italian former captain Franco Baresi visited Beirut recently to kick off the “Sports For Peace” Project. I didn’t hear about it anywhere in the news here but I found this article in Italian that says that the initiative kicked off in March and that it reached almost 1450 Lebanese and Syrian aged between 6 and 17.

Desperate Massage Parlor Offering Manicure And Pedicure

I’ve seen at least 3 or 4 massage places opening in that same building on the Zouk highway. They were “Anti-Stress” before becoming “Massage” but I think they are still selling the same service (but with manicure and pedicure now) lol!

Linked In Now Open In Keserwan

Pass by and start building your networks!

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