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Old Picture From Antelias

via Qadiman
This is a picture taken back in 1958 showing American units on the Antelias shore which is almost where the Golden beach is now. I had no clue the Americans landed that far from Beirut during the 1958 invasion.

Pictures From The Beirut Art Fair 2014

Plastik VIP stand
If you haven’t been to the Beirut Art Fair yet, I strongly recommend you do. I was there yesterday for the opening and I loved the exhibitions and stands. Here are some of the pictures I took but there’s a lot more to see.
The Beirut Art Fair is taking place between the 18th and 21st September at Biel.
Talented Autistic Artist Ali Tlais (Alfa 4life booth)

Beirut/PAL (Persistence And Longing) by Tarek Chemaly now out!

Beirut/PAL (Persistence And Longing) by Tarek Chemaly is now out on 7UPstairs Publishing. Based upon a very complex mathematical pattern, retro kitsch images were rearranged very rigorously but also according to chance making the final works very representative of Beirut – an organized chaos which can be interpreted depending on the viewer’s circumstances and background.

Nicolas Audi à La Maison d’IXSIR Restaurant Now Open

When I attended the opening of Ixsir winery two years ago (and took a picture with the one and only Carlos Ghosn), I asked the Ixsir people if they are planning to open a restaurant here and the answer was that they are planning to do so in a year or two. It took them almost two years but the restaurant is now officially open for lunch from Tuesdays to Sundays. However it will be closed on Mondays.

Every Law Adopted By The Lebanese Parliament Costs $1.2 Million Dollars

Based on the below LBCI report, every law issued by the current Lebanese parliament cost us more than 1 million dollars. What they did was compute the productivity of the parliament by summing up the expenses we paid our MPs vs the number of sessions held and laws adopted in the past 6 years.

FAIL: Lamp Of The Arabs

A very creative name and song title.


سيأتي يوم والقي بكل هذه الحضارة بسلة النفايات سالغي عبوديتي من الوظيفة وساربي بقرة وبضع دجاجات وتباً للايفون والواي فاي ساحلق ذقني امام شجرة حيث ساعلق عليها مرآة نصف مكسورة… وسأحضر سلطة من خضروات الحقل دون ان اضيف لها موتارد … Continue reading →

Support The Lebanese Army: Keep Terrorists Out Of Lebanon

This is a great commercial! Check it out [Here].

Lebanese Flag Spotted In The Tomorrowland 2014 Aftermovie

I didn’t notice it the first time but one of my friends had posted a screenshot so I went through the video one more time to spot the flag. I know a lot of Lebanese who attended Tomorrowland so it’s no surprise to see the flag there. I was thinking of attending Tomorrowland next year in Belgium but I’d rather go watch the Spa-Francorchamps F1 GP.
Thanks Gabriel!

Middle East Princes Now And Before

Spot on caricature!

Making Good Use Of The New Ugly Rails On Saint Nicolas Stairs

There’s a homeless person who’s making use of the newly installed rails on Saint Nicolas stairs to hang his laundry.

Audi and the #landofquattro

Audi is launching the Month of Quattro and a chance to put one's name on map through #landofquattro - according to their website this is the explanation:
"The Land of quattro is a global campaign that showcases the unique beauty of countries around the world. Now, in our region and during the month of quattro, Audi is on a quest to discover and promote the most exciting hidden trails across the Middle East – and we want you to be our expedition partner.

Home city vs Apple - copycat slogan?

I still smile when I remember that I see similarities everywhere, "laughable" someone recently said. OK, so let's see if this makes you laugh or not. "Live different" for Home City (by none other than the agencies that basically is incapable of coming up with an idea on its own) and the classic "think different" signature for Apple.

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