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Mahmoud Darwish, "Memory for Forgetfulness" - محمود درويش، "ذاكرة للنسيان"

".ولكن ما نسيَت ان تفعله الخناجير البدائية فعلته الطائرات الحديثة التي لاتتوقف عن قصف البقاء البشري الى أين؟الى أين؟ من مذبجة الى مجزرة يُساق شعبي ويتناسل في محطات الأنقاض. ويرفع شارة النصر ويرفع الأعراس أللقذيقة أحفاد؟..نحن أللشظية أجداد؟...نحن" محمود درويش، من ذاكرة للنسيان -


: Of Hope I
Take a deep breath.

Hold it
Until you can feel its green lime
Bite at the edges of your being.

Now release it
So far that you cannot tell
It was ever yours.

As required.
(Originally posted on May 8, 2005; re-posted on July 24, 2006)

La Maison de la Forêt In Bkassine

Has anyone been to La Maison de la Foret? It looks really nice and the prices are quite reasonable. There are cottages, tents and a nice restaurant but it’s definitly not just 1 hour drive from Beirut! You easily need an hour and a half to get to Bkassine but it’s a very good road.

Footage of Pointure Antelias Robbery

The report says the thief tried for almost one hour to break the glass and go in and the owner is saying the police should be doing an extra effort in patrolling the streets but I have to ask here:
- How come no alarm went off as he was tried to break the front door?
- How can the police catch thieves without any alarm or alert sounds?
I think the best way is to have more police patrolling the streets and enhancing the alarm systems of all shops and linking them to the police station.

Eid Mubarak To All!

Picture by Muhanned

Holidays Part 5

Playing backgammon (in a suit) in Mar Elias  I have gone on my annual Trek to the Motherland: I have to replenish my body and soul with energy in order to be able to deal with another year of Lebanon. It is a country of incredible beauty and wonderful people, but the place is a paradox. What you experience in Lebanon in one year, you experience in another country in a life time. The pace of living is so fast, yet so relaxed at the same time, that it drains your energy like no other place. And so I have gone to re-energize.

Extreme Resto-Pub Spotted in Jounieh

What is an extreme resto-pub? How is it any different from a regular resto-pub?
PS: Place looks really nice by the way.

The Loewe Meccano and the Lebanese collective memory

The current Loewe collection includes so many references to Meccano with the new creative director Jonathan Anderson taking the helm (shoes, charms, and a silk scarf seen above). I post this not as a fashion item but more like a social observation. My quest to find that point where personal remembrances become collective memories and hence induce a sense of community and in extenso a national identity will never cease. Note that Meccano made it to my "Lebanon's History Book" project.

Comfortably Numb

: Of Grief IV
Stuff the slices down your throat
And choke on a smile
The end bounces off of a black screen

The line thins between the zenith and the abyss
He tells me my pain is only resistance
"Grieve!" he says, my agony does not suffice
Grieve loss upon loss until you are unaware of losses

Now it's their turn to fall from grace
From the stars, from above
And my turn to put them back up
Where they belong

My laughter sobs
And I become, I hope
comfortably numb
(Originally posted on Aug. 3, 2004; re-posted on July 24, 2006)

Lebanese Basketball Teams Are Pushing For Three Foreign Players Next Season

I’ve heard that the majority of basketball teams in Lebanon, with the exception of Riyadi, are asking the federation to allow three foreign players next season, specially after Ismail Ahmad got the Lebanese nationality. I really hope that this is just a rumor because that’s the worst thing that could happen to Lebanese Basketball.

Why Many Restaurants And Cafes Close Down In Lebanon …

You don’t really have to be a genius or an MBA graduate to conduct a simple feasibility study and see if opening a restaurant or a cafe or any business for that sake at a specific location is a good choice or not. Unfortunately, very few people do that in Lebanon and then they curse their luck when they go bankrupt and have to close down.

Strict Swimming Pool Rules 3al Lebnené: Mamnou3 el Boumba!

Spotted in Zahle. Thanks Rachel!


: Of Grief III
One more night
tumble from grace:
I abandon my senses,
scatter over the gutters
and pray for sleep...

In corners dank and
pungent I find them,
lurking behind my smile.
Throw them across the horizon
that they may cease to be...

Why don't you come
out of your darkness?
Shine once more
like the dying sun!
I curl into a lie and roll...

They cry, but we never hear.
They recede further
into memory;
and in it we drown
behind them...

Do you hear screaming
when it's hoarse?
Do they still rise
like the moon

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