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Wooden Bakery and the useless teasing.

Anyone who read Beirut/NTSC chronically (that would be about three people I guess :) ) would know I am not in favor of teasers and revealers.

La Creperie Opening Soon

via Bob
La Creperie is one of the most beautiful and authentic restaurants in Lebanon and is located on top of a cliff offering a breathtaking view of Jounieh’s gulf. The restaurant was closed for renovation a couple of years ago and is set to reopen very soon. I don’t have the exact details or how the place looks like now but I will update you very soon with pictures and information.
La Creperie is my favorite restaurant in Jounieh. I miss sitting on the balcony and enjoying their amazing crepes and meals.

Lebanese Fan Defects From Italian Football Team

I guess he’s a glory hunter, or as Figo would describe him, he supports whoever is winning and getting the results, while claiming they he has been supporting them before the inception of mankind. That’s a funny video nevertheless, I hope it doesn’t get him into trouble.
Check out the 8 types of FIFA World cup fans you’ll encounter in Lebanon and the 4 other types that my friend Mohammad added.

Discover Abdel Wahab Sodeco Car Free Day CANCELLED

The below statement was posted yesterday night on Achrafieh 2020‘s Facebook page. It’s quite shameful that they had to cancel it, but that pretty much tells us how critical the situation is.
Till next time.
Dear Friends, Supporters and Loyal Fans,
We are sorry to have to inform you that we have had to CANCEL “Discover Abdel Wahab Sodeco Car Free Day” which was supposed to be held on SUNDAY 29 June 2014.

LBCI Celebrating News Anchor Dalal Abou Haydar’s Engagement

Here’s a happy event to counter the unfortunate incidents that took place yesterday. Dalal is one of my favorite news anchors on LBCI. Congrats and all the best!
via LBCBlogs

Jim Beam Rocks Preps Almost Ready for Tomorrow!

The stage is ready.
The local superstars are doing their final rehearsals.
Rasmus just boarded their plane.
See you all tomorrow at La Marina!
RSVP here ^^

Lebanese Security Forces 3 – 3 Terrorists

Some background for people confused about how our security apparatus works, the General Security (Amen 3am) is mainly an intelligence agency, which also issues Lebanese passports, visas and residencies. It’s sort of like the Department of Homeland Security in the US, and with that, it means it does practically everything.

FASHAL – Nike, Just Do It?

Taken by Hamza Mekdad in Hamra

Getting Used To Bombings In Lebanon

Three explosions have taken place ever since I started writing this blog post almost a week ago. I don’t know why the bombings are all of a sudden back but the summer season is ruined that’s for sure and more innocent civilians and brave security members are dying. The one thing that did not change is how Lebanese react after every bombing, and how quickly they forget and move along with their lives, as if they’ve gotten used to explosions and they’ve become part of their everyday life.

Keep Your Bombs Away From Lebanon

Spotted in Sin el Fil

Bonsoir... Bonsuarez!

So you know the greeting "bonsoir", and a Lebanese would reply "bonsoirien" (two bonsoirs!) - but this time it's a bonsuarez what's with the Urguayan player having had a antipasti from the Italian player.

Lord of the Wings EPIC Luis Suarez Joke

I have to say, there were plenty of good taunts and jokes, but this one was brilliantly adapted to turn it into a cheeky advertisement. I’m suddenly craving wings! Photo from the Lord of the Wings FB page.

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