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World’s Largest Underwater Theme Park Planned in Dubai

A new underwater attraction in Dubai, apparently inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean, aims to attract scuba diving and snorkelling tourists to the emirates. The Pearl of Dubai, set in the shallow waters of The World Islands development off the coast of Dubai, has been modelled after the mythical lost city of Atlantis and inspired »more...

Did Revlon by Marchesa Copy Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but where do we draw the line between inspiration and a downright rip off?

Crazy Lebanese Football Fan

This is hilarious!

Beirut Municipality Finally Names Street After Said Akl

The decision to name Beirut streets after notable Lebanese was taken last year and we finally have a street for Said Akl. Too bad he couldn’t attend the ceremony given his old age (he’s already 103!).

Ta2 el 7anak

Ta2 el 7anak is the only thing that has a meaning these days in Lebanon.

Gilt’s Desserts: Fine Pieces of Art on a Plate

Gilt… Come to think of it I am surprised that I still don’t have a review about it on NGNO. Passing by for lunch or dinner has been difficult, but since I am looking for the best pain perdu in town, I have heard a lot of positive things about the one served at Gilt. »more...

Al Rabita Al Marouniya goes uber patriotic

Al Rabita Al Marouniya (the Maronite league) is organizing its first meeting (it took place on the 5th of July already) and has gone in overdrive patriotic mode - not surprising considering what it is and what it represents.

Holidays Part 2

Playing Backgamnmon in Shatila, an old argileh café at the sea shore

Now I Know Why People are In love with Bread Repulic

Bread Republic, this popular bakery is indeed a place to visit and discover… So here I am on a mission to find the best bread in town, along side the best Pain Perdu… Bread Republic is inevitably one of the places on my list to visit… I was here to check out their bread of »more...

Pele: The pen is mightier than the 6 inch

No one can accuse Pele of elitism, you can see his face on the Montegrappa Pen (just rollerball pen retails at 4,770 USD at Harrod's), and also associated with Subway which - let's put it this way, one Montegrappa pen can buy you a lot of meals

New ‘Happiness Blanket’ On Board British Airways

Well this is…innovative. British Airways has come up with a unique way to judge the satisfaction of its customers — the “happiness blanket.” It’s not just any blanket, of course, as its designed to determine the “meditative state” of premium cabin flyers, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. The blanket works by using neuro-sensors to asses levels of »more...

Le Pain Perdu du Balthazar

This is not a restaurant review since I came into Balthazar just for the Pain Perdu. It was 09:20am on a calm Wednesday in Beirut when we arrived to Beirut Souks, which felt like a haunted city since it was a parliament meeting day and all roads blocked. But this didn’t stop me from continuing »more...

Special Ramadan Treats: Star and Crescent-shaped Donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts are serving up specially designed star and crescent-shaped donuts, to mark the holy month of Ramadan. These special donuts are available across all Dunkin’ Donuts outlets in the UAE. “The holy month of Ramadan is a special time for all of us here in the Middle East. With our long history of being »more...

Off To Ayia Napa

I am currently in Cyprus and should be back on Sunday night. One of my closest friends is getting married next week so we’ve decided to go to Aiya Napa to celebrate his last single days in style. I’ll be online all the time but won’t be writing any posts before Sunday night or even Monday.
Until then, I’ll be posting pictures on my Instagram so add me if you aren’t already following me. [LeNajib]

حُب Love

(حبر على ورق ink on paper)

Samed to Palestine: " Why should I love again when I have your love? "

النص من أغنية "أنساك" لأم كلثومكلمات مأمون الشناوي

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