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Interview with the creator of Noteholics

I  recently had a chat with Hadi Radwan creator of Noteholics site about how he got started, how he went about getting traffic to his website and much more…

1- Can you give me some information about yourself and your website ?

The Story Of The Fake Bomb Detectors Still Being Used In Lebanon

Even though the man who sold these fraudulent bomb detectors was sentenced to seven years in jail, some governments and security companies are still using these devices. I’ve been talking about this matter for 3 years now yet only few malls and businesses have decided to drop these useless devices in Lebanon. Luckily enough, we haven’t had any bombings in crowded places for the past few months but that’s not a valid reason to keep using these detectors.
Here’s the [latest] on this story by BBC’s Caroline Hawley.


I went for a walk in the park this morning. I am not going to tell you where it is; I'd like to keep this park to myself in the mornings. It's not in Taanayel, in case you are wondering. (The pictures in this post are not related to the text, btw)

Bassam Zahalan Wins The 2014 Lebanon Red Bull CPD King of Drift

via Biser3a
The event took place today at the Charles Helou station and I was there to enjoy it. Bassam Zahalan was crowded winner, while Kifah Hilal and Mohammad Baalkabki finished second and third respectively. I took a lot of pictures and small videos which I will share tomorrow.
Check out the winning run [Here].

Eid greetings from Arab Museum of Modern Art

A splendid card from the Arab Museum of Modern Art, with a wonderful work entitled "Al Ka'aba" by Egyptian artist Omar el-Nagdi. And with this, best wishes from myself for a Eid Moubarak.

Eid Adha Moubarak

Happy Eid everyone!

Les Angles by Hala Moubarak on 7UPstairs Publishing

7UPstairs Publishing is delighted to share with you Hala Moubarak's first book outing (eventhough she has been published widely previously in print and online this is her first "book" format) concentrating on her trained architectural eye which sees edifices "with angles" (hence the title "les angles"). Hala's Instagram account (from which these works were taken) can be found here.

Tripoli Remembers Robin Williams

He looks more like Georges Clooney than Robin Williams.

Audio Kultur’s Launch Party: Fighting for the Right to Party

Despite the many subjects I tackle on this blog, I pride myself in that my main “area of expertise” and the posts that have gotten most attention over the past five years, were the ones related to nightlife.

Children Causing A Major Traffic Jam In Beirut

If you wanna know why, check out this [video] and spread the message.

Beirut Will Always Be The Middle East’s Party Capital

Everything has gone from bad to worse in the past few years in Lebanon except partying. Every year the parties get hotter and better and that’s one of the few things we can still brag about as Lebanese. Sundays at Skybar, Decks on the beach, Mar Mikhael’s Train Station, Garten, O1NE, B018, C U NXT SAT and other venues made Beirut’s nightlife this summer the best in years and I am positive things will only get better.

Travel Advice

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent me a messagelast week; a travel advice, or rather a change in the travel advice. I cannot quite remember what the previous one was, but I assume the current one is a little more stringent than the last one. And as you can see, there aren't a whole lot of places I can go to these days, according to my government.  

Beloved Nahr Ibrahim and Chouen Being Destroyed

Greed. Greed characterizes most legislation in Lebanon. It’s never because it’s for the common good. It’s usually to force something upon the country, with one or many of the legislating sides getting a LOT of cash for it. It’s in everything, from sanctioning ads for ministries when your relative owns the ad agency, to forcing people to buy fire extinguishers when there’s only one supplier, who just happens to be also related to those that enacted the law.

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