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Lebanese Civil Defense volunteers Have Every Right To Protest

I am not for implementing the new wage scale proposed by the Unions but fire fighters have every right to protest and block roads. These men have been working and risking their lives for years for a miserable $200 monthly nothing in return. I don’t think it’s too much if they turn them into full employees and finance a much needed restructuring of the Civil Defense units and branches.
Civil Defense volunteers are not government employees who take bribes and do nothing all day. They volunteered to save lives and should not treated that way. If a salary increase is not feasible, they should be at least equipped with the proper tools to do their job.

The Miracle Machine: Make Your Own Wine at Home

We have heard of  machines that brew beer at home but what about brewing your own wine? The Miracle Machine is the world’s first affordable accelerated winemaking device for the home.

The Grandparents Frame by JOHNSON’S Baby

My brother and sister-in-law live abroad and just had a baby girl a month back. Ever since, my parents who are now grandparents ask me almost every day if my brother sent me any new pictures or videos of the baby. I taught them how to use Skype on the iPad but the picture is not always crystal clear because of the internet connection, and it’s a hassle to regroup pictures from different sources in one place, so this Grandparents App is a really nice and simple idea.

Let’s Have Some Sushi Cupcakes

Have you heard about the edible cupcake wrappers made from Nori seaweed? Traditionally these wrappers are made from paper or plastic, but things are changing… you can now eat the cupcake and the wrapper with it. I am not sure seaweed would be a good mix with cake, but I can imagine some rice and raw fish on them, some vegetable maybe?

Edible Water Drops: Yes They Exist…

If you’re an advocate for saving the environment, then these edible water drops may help play a part in avoiding the ever-growing pile of plastic water bottles in landfills?

Hamburger Gourmet: A Book to Have if You Love Burgers

Reflecting the recent trend for burgers of every stripe and description, Hamburger Gourmet is a colorful book that takes you from the beautiful simplicity of a classic beef burger to the burgers made of everything from chicken to quinoa.

Lebanese Kid Hits His Mother On Future TV

WTF is wrong with this kid?

He is not in need of (Syrian) laborers

"He is not in need of laborers - and thank you".

The World’s Tiniest Sushi – On a Single Rice Grain

Fine dining may have a tendency for skimping on portion sizes, but Tokyo sushi chef Hironori Ikeno has shrunken his craft to a whole new level of tiny. Mr Ikeno, who appears on a video by Reuters, has spent 13 years perfecting the art of scaling his sushi pieces down to a single grain of rice.

Half Naked Man Spotted At Today’s Protests In Beirut

Am I human? Am I Lebanese? I’m an ass. Picture via LBCI
The Syndicate Coordination Committee organized a general strike today in protest against the failure to refer the new wage scale to parliament for approval.

FAIL: Very Ambitious Hyundai

“When I Grow Up I will be FJ Cruiser”. I really want to know who comes up with these stickers.

Busy? The Yacht Induction Cooker is For You

An innovative kitchen appliance that uses the power of a magnetic field to heat up pots, the Yacht Induction Cooker allows of an automatic cooking system that many people, especially busy ones, will appreciate.

Designed by Lee Dawi this cooker looks futuristic as it sounds.

‘Cut Food’ Mouthwatering Shots of Your Favorite Bites

You’re going to get hungry after looking at these pictures… mouthwatering shots by food photographer Beth Galton and food stylist Charlotte Omnès of your favorite foods cut in half. The series is called ‘Cut Food’ photo series.
Cup of hot coffee, a bucket of pop-corn, packets of mashed potatoes, and sumptuous stuffed turkey… strawberry jam donuts… and more…

Lebanese Parliament Votes On New Rent Law – Old Rent Law Abolished At Last

I really can’t believe it took this long for the parliament to drop the ridiculous old rent law, but they’ve finally done and I think the new law proposed is fair for both tenants and owners. For those of you unaware of the old rent law, it was enacted after World War II and is one of the weirdest laws still in existence, as it gave more rights to the tenants over the owners, and kept the rents at the same fixed price as originally agreed. As a result, there are still people paying 400$ a year for an apartment in Beirut while market rent prices are at their highest level.

Fares Karam El Ghorba Song Stolen by an Israeli Singer

Sadly enough, he got more hits than the original song.

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