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By not replying, Crepaway replies to Shawarmanji

Crepaway - having been just spoofed by Shawarmanji - was too busy to reply. The alibi can hold in court any day of the week - they were busy carving burgers (the rest of us don't carve them, we crave them).
PS - dear Crepaway, even if you had invited me to sample your new menu, I wouldn't have come (not that you invited me I am not hip enough!), as a diabetic, your food is something I can no longer eat.

The Official Halloween Parties List

Friday October 31
Olivier Giacomotto at b018

Musically, this is the absolute best party for Halloween in Beirut. Olivier Giacomotto is a god, and he’s supported by one of our local heroes Ziad Ghosn on the night. Excitement!? Costumes are mandatory, and so is dancing to this track:

in your costumes. Party starts 1:00AM, so go wherever you were going and then descend into the underground club that is b018 ^^
RSVP here

My Luxury Outlet Special Sale Week

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with My Luxury Outlet, but I know a lot of girls (and very few guys) who wait for this special sale week to go and buy stuff there. The only reason why I know about this shop is because it’s located on the Mar Nicolas stairs and every time I go to Gemmayze I see it. MLO is part of the Holdal Abou Adal group and is a multi-brand outlet store that sells luxury brands such as Lancel, Longchamp, Fratelli Rossetti, Kipling, S.T.Dupont and others. A friend was telling me yesterday how people go crazy over these sales and that once she saw a couple of ladies fighting over a bag.

What You Need To Know About Digital Drugs In Lebanon

The last time I heard about “digital drugs” was a couple of years ago when they decided to ban them in Dubai If I am not mistaken. I don’t know why the phenomenon just got to Lebanon, or at least the Lebanese media just found out about it, but I second Gino that you have to be stupid to buy this stuff. Moreover, I am not sure how the Lebanese authorities are planning to ban this thing as it’s impossible to do.

Shawarmanji’s Halloween Campaign

That’s a hilarious campaign and I like the fact that CBJ and Crepaway replied positively. Nevertheless, that’s not enough and one of them should come with a really smart reply.

What Really Happened With Sukleen’s Sleiman?

We are all glad that Sleiman is better now but I believe this report was needed to clarify what really happened and Sukleen should issue a clear statement to explain who really assaulted Sleiman and whether he was arrested or not.
PS: Last two seconds of the report should have been omitted.

USJ Suspends Student Elections: All Universities Should Do The Same In Lebanon

Saint Joseph University issued a statement earlier today and stated student elections will be suspended for the current academic year. The decision came after NDU suspended its elections following the quarrel that took place between Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic Movement students on Wednesday.

Ayia Napa’s Senior Frog’s Coming To Beirut

I am sure every Lebanese who traveled to Ayia Napa has been to Senior Frog’s. It’s the best place to kick off the party there as it’s always crowded and there’s always live entertainment. Well guess what? Senior Frog’s is coming to Concrete 1994 in Sin el Fil, Beirut for two nights on November 21 and 22.
Regular entrance tickets are at 45$ and 55$ (65$ at the door) and VIP tickets are at 100$.

Halloween Events & Parties Happening This Weekend In Beirut

Here are some of the Halloween events and parties happening in Beirut this weekend. If there are other events that I have missed out, let me know and I will add them. Too bad no one has organized a Zombie walk in Beirut yet but there’s the Halloween night ride which is close enough.

Update: Walid Joumblatt Is Tweeting Himself

For those of you still doubting if it’s really Joumblatt tweeting, His Excellency Tom Fletcher, among others, “confirmed” in a tweet the authenticity of Joumblatt’s Twitter account. If you think about it, his tweets do sound like him.

NDU Should Not Have Canceled the Elections, but Learn from AUB

Yes, that’s in NDU, not a zoo somewhere where a piece of meat was thrown into a holding area with dozens of carnivorous animals. The difference here is that this is a university campus, not a zoo, and the animals are actually loyalists of Geagea and Aoun, two of the warlords Lebanon was never really able to get rid of. It’s so embarrassing that the supposedly “educated youth”, still have so many testosterone-crazed baboons that often spend over a decade in universities to be the “representatives” of their political macho men, ruining any chance of meaningful political reform at an early stage in hopes they’ll graduate knowing how to run a proper political campaign and elections, far from the norm their leaders outside campus set. Watch more of the fight here:

Ghadi The Movie To Represent Lebanon At The Oscars

This is great news for Lebanon as Ghadi is the 11th Lebanese movie to make it to the Oscars since 1978 and will be competing against 80 other entries in the foreign language category.
Check out my review of Ghadi [Here].

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