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Bkerke Website Hacked

The website is back to normal now.

The Perfect Campaign Ad for Lebanon’s “Presidential” Elections

The above illustration depicts the two main runner-ups in Lebanon’s alleged upcoming presidential elections… No further comment to avoid slander and libel, but I’m sure you all got it =P
It was done by Noura Andrea Nassar, who did the hilarious “If Lebanese Restaurants’ Names Were Honest

Lebanese Civil Defence Volunteers Rescue Woman On Verge Of Suicide

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Post by Civil Defence volunteers.

The woman was identified as being an Ethiopian domestic worker. The Lebanese Police should investigate on the reasons why she was throwing herself off the balcony with the owners.
Great work from the Civil Defence guys!

Douaihy Easter Ads

What does the XO game have to do with Maamoul and is this E-store supposed to mean Easter? I really hope not. On a positive note, I got a Knefe from Douaihy on Friday and it’s still one of the best out there.

Taken from Douaihy

Nadine Magazine Spot On Cover Page And Headline

The woman on the front page with her panties showing told the magazine she will succeed without compromises.
I believe you

Answering ReThinkIsrael’s BuzzFeed Article: The 13 Delicacies That Are Israeli .. Aren’t Israeli

Picture from Al-Abraaj
ThHank you Rumzz for writing this. Read the full article [Here].

Dying for your sins ad(d)s up.

The whole of the advertising market has gone festive it seems. Easter ads - be they relevant or not - are all over the place. Let's examine the exhibits:

 Kurban Tours is playing on "Easter break" - which apparently "breaks the routine" and not just the traditional Lebanese egg challenge (whereby tops and bottoms of rival eggs battle it out until a winner is declared).

What is #InMediasRes ?

#InMediasRes is the man watching the CCTV watching you "for your own safety"
#InMediasRes is Juvenal's who watches the watchmen?
#InMediasRes is Oscar Wilde's "we are all living in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars"
#InMediasRes is "just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you"
#InMediasRes is the "houdou2 hazer" (cautious calm) that used to be code word for "go there at your own risk" during the Lebanese war on radio stations

On April 13: The Lebanese Civil War Mentality We Need To Get Rid Of

When I first saw the announcement above, I wasn’t really sure if I should laugh at it or criticize it, and as it went viral and Lebanese started commenting on it, I noticed that few people were actually defending whomever posted this announcement and saying that this is the reality we live in. I wasn’t surprised to hear these comments to be honest as sectarianism is still infecting our society and has been on the rise lately mainly due to the Syrian conflict, add to that increased racism against Syrian Refugees.

The 'ghabir' (damage expert) and the tow truck driver I was going to write this amazing post about a fantastic hike in Mazraat el-Chouf, an absolutely beautiful region, especially now that spring has started full-force. But I wrecked my car on the way up there, and had to come down riding the cab of the tow truck. The airbags didn’t even go off; yet the entire front of the car is in pieces, and it was leaking some gruesomely smelling liquid. I should be thankful for all the things that did not happen.

In Medias Res - Miha Vipotnik/Mojca Zavolovsek/Tarek Chemaly

Tarek Chemaly (Installation)
Title of the work: Vero Modca/Searching Joe
A past rearranged to suit the present, a present that is not a gift, or is a poisoned gift, but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, yes – never examine its content – never ask the whys and the hows and the what fors, keep pretending that the retrospective version of the past is what happened, so that the current narrative still continue to make sense.

Mojca Zavolovsek (Graphic Art)

According To BuzzFeed: Hummus, Halloumi Cheese, Cactus Fruit, Falafel, Shawarma, Labneh, Kibbeh and Baba Ghannoush Are Israeli Delicacies

This BuzzFeed article by ReThinkIsrael is so ridiculous and disrespectful to international cuisines that I don’t know where to start. The author could have simply stated there are things you could eat in Israel, but to claim that these are Israeli specialties is just too much. Moreover, how can you claim that a fruit is specialty?

Fashionable Candles for Palm Sunday

This doll is part of an art exhibition at the Beirut Souks done by Cynthia’s Candle. The candles on display are supposedly the world’s tallest Palm Sunday Candles which I hope no one will consider buying for their children. I remember when I was a kid, I had to carry my younger cousin’s 1 meter and a half candle for a good hour just because he was too little to hold it.

In Medias Res - Jad Taleb - Station Beirut

Jad Taleb (Sound Installation)
Title of the work: Soundtrack of our lives
Nine to the power four combinations of possibilities, footprints of past experience, of luggage being dragged, of sins and hopes and aspirations being trashed, of futures being dared, of permutations being changes, of tribulations being shared, and of identities being forged.

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