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128 Tomatoes To Say #NoToExtension (#لا_للتمديد)

128 tomatoes were sent this year to the 128 representatives of the people, with a sticker reading “No to extension”, and a demonstration is planned tomorrow starting from the Ministry of Interior in Sanayeh till Riad al Solh square to reject the extension of the Parliament. This is the second extension to the current members’ mandate after last year’s extension in November.
Needless to say, I am totally against any extension and I believe whomever is blocking presidential elections or any elections for that sake in Lebanon is committing a huge mistake.

What to do This Weekend: A Big One!

NRJ Music Tour

For my younger readers, the NRJ Music Tour is an annual summer staple. On the lineup this year are the likes of Magic System, India, Graham Candy, Conor Maynard and many others. It’s under-18s friendly, and tickets are starting $50 with a split section for underage peeps.
Check out the event details here.


Spotted in Jounieh by Tina S.

Take It Outside! By MamaRowana

There’s something about being outdoors in nature that just gives me a sense of “aaahhhhh this is so much better” (than being home). Kids can discover and run around everywhere and anywhere, touch everything they find and listen to as much as their little ears can take in.

Fashion Report: Emmys 2014 Red Carpet Best and Worst Dressed

Always one to make a dramatic statement on the red carpet January Jones donned this fiery strapless Prabal Gurung gown which on its own with those heels are smashing. And though I love her for always being experimental I’m stunned by how unflattering and greasy those messy and uneven bangs look on her. In fact from her neck upwards her head looks like it could be Photoshopped on.

Crystal Clear Brooks - Roger Waters' Gaza Poem

Artwork from "The (Com)Promised Land" series by Tarek Chemaly

Below is a poem by Roger Waters inspired by Gaza sourced here.

Crystal clear brooks – Roger Waters

Crystal clear brooks

Bayan Bibi's "Gaza in my heart" products

It's good to know someone is doing something apart from throwing ice buckets on themselves for no apparent reason. Bayan Bibi, ever the maverick and the activist, has launched a line of products in support of Gaza. Drawing from the Palestinian visual heritage of the Koufiye she applied the motif to a panoply of products (from the mini bandana to the pin or fridge magent).

How NOT To Lose A Guy In Two Dates

Dating and fishing are more similar than you think, to get them hooked you gotta have the right bait. The time between when you meet a guy and your first few dates can be critical. If some guys have been pulling a disappearing act on you then you need to follow the directions below.
1) No kissing on the first date, no matter how strong the sparks are even if it’s a good bye I had such a great time peck. As much as you want to believe you’re both on the same wavelength he will judge you and wonder if this is a frequent habit of yours.

Lebanon’s Vineyards: How To Make The Sexiest Wine On The Planet

Lebanon’s wine industry has been suffering lately due to the recent events in Syria and Lebanon. The number of visitors to Lebanon’s vineyards, specially those in the Bekaa, has dropped and wine exports have dropped as well. I want to believe that this is just temporary but things are not going to end in Syria anytime soon unfortunately. At this point, what we are still hoping for is for Lebanon to stay away from trouble.
Check out the CNN report [Here].

Miraculous Escape From A Buggy Accident In Ehden

He’s very lucky to come out in one piece from this accident.
Thanks George!

Bodo or Boob?

Spotted in Jounieh.

"The journey is the destination" a new series by Tarek Chemaly

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly

It is rare for me to have unfinished projects sitting idle (I have an obsessive-compulsive streak), so to know that this project was first initiated in 2009 and was left unfisnished is a rarity itself.

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