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Visit The Sesobel 2014 Exhibition At Le Royal Dbayyeh

Sesobel is holding its annual exhibition between December 4 and 7 from 10am to 9pm. They will also be at IRIS hotel in Jezzine today and tomorrow from 10am till 7pm. Sesobel is an NGO that has been working since 1976 for the welfare of Lebanese children and we should all support it. Moreover, their products are really good and they make some of the best chocolate and sweets in Lebanon.
Check their [Facebook page] for more info.

2014: An Extraordinary Ordinary Year

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly

This article appeared as the Carte Blanche of the december issue of ArabAd magazine:

LiveLoveBeirut & JoueClubLiban Launch The #WeLiveToLove Initiative : A Gift For Every Child In Need

The LiveLoveBeirut guys have already figured out a way to make good use of my picture and help out children in need. They’ve launched the #welivelove campaign whereas every child in need that you find in the streets will get a Christmas gift from JoueClubLiban.
So go ahead, take pictures of children in need and make their Christmas a joyful one!

How Can We Bring This Kid Back To School?

I took this picture yesterday of a small kid begging in the street and looking at a group of students coming out of Empire theater in Achrafieh and probably wishing he’s among them. I’ve spotted a lot of kids begging in this area and this picture pretty much sums up the struggle that they are going through.

Zalfa Will Answer All Your Questions On #Law293 That Protects Women From Family Violence

Zalfa is a woman who lives in Lebanon and suffers, like many, from discrimination, violence and injustice. She’s here to help other victims understand the newly adopted Law 293 to protect women and other family members from family violence. Zalfa is an initiative from KAFA to inform women in Lebanon about their rights and legal choices while warning them against the legal loopholes that could hamper their full protection.

American Students in Iowa Singing the Lebanese National Anthem

I’m not sure how many times we Lebanese folks sing the whole national anthem…
Roudaina Al Zohby, from Akkar taught ninety fellow American students in the choir the Lebanese National Anthem.
“I’ve been working on a project in choir. I taught them the national anthem. It only took then a couple of days to learn it as they were very excited. I also took a video of them because I want to post it on our Independence Day.”

Barbara Sweets

via MarmiteetPonpon
It was Saint Barbara yesterday in Lebanon and I always look forward to this day for two things:
– The Atayef (قطايف) that my mum prepares.
– Other Barbara sweets like the Macaron and Ouwaymet and wheat.

Playing truant

This is likely the last year I’ll get to dodge the back-to-school rush. While everyone else was wrapped up in the “vuelta al cole” in September, I dawdled in the near-empty park with my two little ones, and enjoyed the peace of the library on weekdays. People are curious about why my three-year old isn’t in school, even though, like in most European countries, the mandatary age for schooling is six. Notwithstanding our disregard of popular opinion on the subject, it has been a very interesting phase in terms of learning. Some snippets from the past few months show that plenty of learning (including academic knowledge) takes place when kids are just getting on with life.

Beirut+TV Launched: Episode1 Is Out

Beirut+TV is not yet another TV station in Lebanon. It’s a new animated web series that will tackle topics and situations that every Lebanese experiences in a way or another. I think there’s a lot of potential behind Beirut+TV and I have tons of ideas to share with the super talented Maya Zankoul, Tony of course and the whole WeZank team.
We saw a couple of episodes at the launch but the first one is only available for now. Stay tuned and keep checking [Beirut+TV] for further updates.

Paris, new video art by Tarek Chemaly

Beirut, Paris of the Midde East. You can swim
and ski in the same day, etc… Melhem Barakat sings “we come now to Beirut” an
awkward Arabo-English song from the Rehbani repertoire (from “el rabih el
sabeh”) over archival footage of a city that never was.

Sagesse Wins Abu Dhabi Tournament

Picture via Arabasket
Hekmeh won today the second Abu Dhabi basketball tournament after defeating Sala 86-69. This is the second tournament they win in few months.
Congrats to the Sagesse fans!

Plane Stuck In Traffic In DownTown Beirut

Picture via G.Cubic
Update: This is apparently an old picture for a plane used in Kidzmondo. Thanks Mahmoud Ghazayel!

I’m Going Live With Ivy Says On NRJ Lebanon Tonight At 7!

Tune in tonight at 7pm to hear me live on Ivy‘s new show #Ivysays on NRJ Lebanon. I will be live tweeting before my interview and you can use the hashtag #Ivysays and my handle (@LeNajib) to send in your tweets.

Albedo Creative Platform launches tonight!

It is truly a pleasure for me to announce that tonight, Albedo Creative Platform will be launched!

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