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How one tweet ruined my life

This is the first time I speak about my ordeal with Twitter mobs in public, and I do it with a sense of duty and to raise awareness about the dangers of this kind of online bullying, in hope that we could learn something from this unpleasant episode.

WKBL Just Covered Warda’s Betwannis Bik, and It’s Fucking Epic

Who Killed Bruce Lee are awesome, y’all know that. The boys make it possible for me to enjoy something not purely electronic, and that in itself, is quite the statement coming from me. I love Warda. When I was a little kid, I had a video cassette (VHS!) with a recording of Warda’s “Betwannis Bik” at a live show. I watched it so many times, that the tape was no longer usable by the time I was 9 years old.
So, when Wassim told me what they were cooking up, I was absolutely ecstatic, and this morning, finally, as I was boarding my flight to Berlin, I got the link!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It’s quite the energetic, soulful tribute to a musical legend that has passed on, but will always be in all of our most intimate playlists.

Haiifa MJK the Arab Transvestite On Instagram

No I’m not referring to the actual superstar Haifa Wehbe. Meet @HaiifaMJk on Instagram ,at first you’d probably guess this is yet another one of those hundreds of women in the Middle East obsessed with looking and acting every inch like Haifa, with her signature black hair, bee stung lips, colored lenses, striking curves and seductive demeanor.

Red Bull Jump & Freeze Finally Happening In Lebanon!

I’ve been asking Red Bull for years to organize a Jump & Freeze or a Flugtag event in Lebanon and now that it’s finally happening, I won’t be here to participate in it! I’ve watched Jump & Freeze from all over the world and it’s a lot of fun. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, it’s as simple as that:
1- Form a team of 3 and dress up in the most creative costume you can find.
2- Make yourself a crazy little vehicle.
3- Slide down the Mzaar slope as fast as you can and pull a cool trick while jumping into the freezing pool.

Vintage Arab Advertising 1968 (Part 3)

Here is the third installment of the 1968 ads I found in Annahar newspaper, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did finding them!


Chahine au carrefour

First Sneak Peek Pictures Of La Crêperie Restaurant Before Its Re-Opening

This is how La Creperie will finally look like – via LBCI
One of my favorite restaurants in Jounieh is set to reopen soon as renovation works are almost complete. La Crêperie is one of Lebanon’s most authentic and beautiful restaurants and has been serving great food since 1968. The restaurant is an 18th Century Picturesque Ottoman House that is owned and managed by the Khazen family and has welcomed several celebrities, presidents, ministers and diplomats.

Week15: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

Live Love Beirut – By Jadedjad
You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram [Here]. I’m also on Instagram and you can follow me [Here] if you like.
Fierce Yohan – By Hilda_kaa

3 Bad Valentine Ads

I am not sure which is worse, Sushi Ko or Rikkyz’s ad. I don’t even want to know what’s that thing on Moulin D’or lipstick cake.

Décalages (8 February 2015) -full show-

Sunday 8 February 2015, Radio Lebanon 96.2FM (10am-12pm) 1. Stereolab 2. Françoise Hardy 3. David Byrne 4. Laurie Anderson 5. Robert Wyatt 6. Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban 7. Toumani Diabate > Listen to Part 1: decalages 8 feb part 1 8. The Band (live) 9. Otis Rush (prod. Willie Dixon) 10. Solomon Burke 11. John Lee Hooker 12. Bukka White 13. Memphis […]

Brandor Sings A Wael Kfoury Song For Valentine

I’ve already posted about this American guy who’s trying to sing Lebanese songs with his friend, and now he’s back with a Wael Kfoury song.
Check it out [here].

Early Anniversary

To Wojtek

I love you like the simplicity of the air
Like the banality of the life we share
I love you like the pillows on the couch
Like your head resting on my lap
Like hot chocolate after a fight
Or a warm bath right when it was all
About to go down the drain…
I love you like five fifteen years of my life
Like our cat asleep atop the laundry basket
I love you like the wanderlust that possesses you
And like the many lives in many lands
We want to lead…
I love you like the dream I dare to dream again
Like the fear I dare to cherish again
And the certainty I feel
When I’m not too busy doubting our love…

(Originally posted on September 05, 2004)

The horse

Spent most of the day in traffic today. Because of a commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Rafic Harriri’s assassination, downtown was pretty much off limits, and so the entire city tried to weasel its way around it. As a result, everyone was stuck part of the day. I tried all kinds of intricate short-cuts, none of which were very successful as I am obviously not the only creative mind in town, but I got stuck in some interesting neighborhoods. In one of those neighborhoods, I encountered this scene. Love this town, I tell ya.

For valentine's Sushi Ko - miss - Durex - hit!

With every other brand coming up for ads for every imaginable occasion, sometime the results are brilliant, sometimes disastrous. Nothing is more painful that a brand that fakes creativity.
Look no further than Sushi Ko and its inedible ad...

Research credit GHM

And then the world seems a better place when someone sends you the Durex ad via whatsapp...

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