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Lebanese-Brazilian GP2 Driver Felipe Nasr Scores His Fourth Victory At Spa-Francorchamps

Carlin racer Felipe grabbed his fourth GP2 victory of the season at Spa-Francorchamps today and closed the gap on points leader Jolyon Palmer. Luiz Felipe de Oliveira Nasr is a Brazilian-Lebanese auto racing driver. He is the 2009 Formula BMW Europe season champion and the 2011 British Formula Three season champion. He is also the official test driver for Williams F1 Team.
All racing drivers love winning at Spa-Francorchamps as it’s one of the most beautiful and exciting races. It’s personally my all-time favorite.
Congrats to Felipe and I hope we will see him in F1 soon.

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video

I decided not to take the ice bucket after all and just donate money to the ALS instead. I hope this thing dies out in Lebanon soon enough because most people are now doing it just for fun and wasting water without even spreading awareness or actually donating.
For those interested, you can donate [Here].

FAIL: Beiruting.com posts Pan-Arabia Enquirer Article As Actual News

The article was posted two days ago and is still there.
Thanks Kriks!

Back in Town

Last view of Holland. That rainbow was temporarily.   Not ever will I complain about in the heat in Lebanon ever again! Never ever again!!!  The last three weeks in Holland have amended that problem forever.

Man Cursing On MTV Live

Nice catch by Plus961


After a long hectic season, Summer 2014 is almost over! I’m going to take a little break from work and blogging. I’m really excited about the new content coming up, and hope you’ll return to read in september.
Follow me on instagram for updated pictures: @joesbox #SummerBreak

Summer Roadtrips: Off-Road with Helmets On!

We all love going off-road. Usually, we think of off-roading as either on ATVs, or 4×4 SUVs. But, truth be told, it’s all about the buggies. Incredible machines like the RZR series are lightweight, pretty safe (seat-bealt and steel cage, unlike ATVs) and get to speeds off-road that’d give you goosebumps.

Pop-up Yoga Studio at Heathrow Airport’s SkyTeam Lounge

London’s Heathrow Airport has become the latest hub to offer harried travellers a new way to take the stress out of flying with the launch of a new yoga studio. Passengers flying with SkyTeam airlines out of Heathrow’s Terminal 4 can partake in a pre-flight yoga class as part of a two-month pilot project aimed »more...

Finger Condoms – An Amazing Creation…

The worst moment is: While enjoying some BBQ chicken wings while watching TV and you have to change the channel at some point. Grrr wash your hands because your fingers are too sticky to touch anything? In the mood to get up? I know I wouldn’t be… This is why FingerNaps, finger condoms, are one »more...

Veuve Clicquot Teams Up with Ferrari… The Result?

A match made in luxury heaven: Veuve Clicquot has teamed up with Ferrari to create limited edition Champagne set ‘Veuve Clicquot Maranello’. By limited we mean only total of 20 sets were created and being sold at $10,000 a set. Each set includes three handmade gift boxes containing exclusive Jeroboam of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. »more...

CNN: Exploring The Secrets Of Beirut

We need hours and hours to explore the hidden gems of our beloved city Beirut. I hope to see more of these videos.
Check it out [Here] and what Zawarib is all about [Here].

HVOB Back At Skybar Beirut This Sunday

Sundays at Skybar are proving to be a huge success and HVOB are coming back for the 3rd time to set the perfect mood for a Sunday evening! I’ve already booked my seats and I am hoping I can make it this time since the past weekends have been crazy.

The Extravagant Junkyard Has Seen the Light…

I’ve been waiting for so long… So long for this unidentified project to see the light. More than six months ago, I had the chance to take a sneak peek into what was to become one of the most daring architectural wonder Lebanon has ever witnessed… The Junkyard is a restaurant built from scraps, metals »more...

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