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Domino’s Pizza Army Offer

This is a nice offer from Domino’s but we need our army soldiers to be as fit as possible in these circumstances

Art for a Change at The Garten Saturday!

When I saw the boys hanging up an old VW beetle cut in half in the chill-out area at The Garten, I was like, “lolwut?!”. But then I realized it was gonna be a canvas for live graff by a series of awesome Lebanese graffiti artists, it was more like “bring it.”
The finished masterpieces were displayed in the food court area for the summer, and now, it’s time to auction them off for the benefit of Kunhadi! They include:

Traffic in 50s-60s Beirut

Here’s a few photos of traffic back in the good old days before the Lebanese Civil War, courtesy of yet another amazing page on Facebook dedicated to old photos of Beirut and Lebanon: Old Beirut Lebanon, check it out here!

So The iPhone 6 Bends …

via cnet
Some iPhone 6 users are complaining that the phone bends under pressure or when they leave it in their pocket for a long time. I’ve seen a couple of photos online and someone actually did the bend test. I remember the issue was raised as well with the iPhone 5s but I don’t remember what happened back then.
In all cases, Apple has not commented yet on the #BendGate but that’s a serious design flaw if it turns out to be true and applicable on all new phones.

Dolphins Spotted in Beirut

A group of scuba-divers and spear-fishermen spotted dolphins while diving the other day and filmed them. That’s the first time someone actually spots them in Beirut films them underwater. Pretty cool!
Check out the video [Here].
Thanks Mirna!

Keep Honking I’m Deaf

I am sure no one would be honking at her if she drove properly.

Thanks Remy!

In Hamra

 To all those nay-sayers that argue the Daash won’t stand a chance in Lebanon as nobody supports this kind of life-style, even the sunni muslims, I tell you: you’d be surprised. Even in Hamra, which is probably the most non-religion affiliated neighborhood in town, you’ve got them. New posters that have appeared on walls in Hamra  basically call for you to go halal (follow the muslim dietary rules) or otherwise get the hell out of here. I, as an agnostic entity, interpret that as pretty insulting. This is my part of town, has been so for the past 24 years, and I will be darned if someone tells me what I can and cannot eat.  So Daash doesn’t stand a chance?

AMAZING Timelapse Collection of Lebanon’s Sky

Moophz is a good friend of mine, and we’ve been through a lot of good and tough times in Lebanon over the past few years.
He has quite the artsy side, and his timelapse videos are always a pleasure to ogle at. He’s released a medley of his best ones, and they’re breathtaking (one of the locations is my beloved hometown of Ehden!). They’re a reminder of the good things in Lebanon amid all the horror and anger and hopelessness.
Despite everything, look up at the night sky tonight, and remember how insignificant we are, and how insignificant our problems are compared to the awe and beauty of our galaxy and the universe…

VIDEO: How to Access Banned Websites in Lebanon

Here’s a very simple way to use Hola! to access websites being banned in Lebanon (free, super simple). It’s an unacceptable practice which needs to stop, but it probably won’t in corrupt Lebanon, so, as usual, we need to find the right loopholes!
Oh, and as a cherry on top, you can also access stuff like Netflix and Pandora, which aren’t banned by the Lebanese government or judiciary, just not available outside the US and a few other countries.
Hope it helps!
And, if you’re pro-freedom of speech and anti-censorship too, join us in March!

Ahmed Imad Eddin scores new Pink Floyd album cover

Image: Ahmed Alam Eddin/Pink Floyd

A very young Egyptian digital artist (reportedly 18 years old) has just scored the cover of the upcoming Pink Floyd album "the endless river". Pink Floyd fans are already divided (and not just by the bell!) as to wether the cover is worthy of the pantheon of the previous albums - let's face it, this image will not look good on black t-shirts like "Dark Side of the Moon" or on white t-shirts such as "The Wall".

(Fake?) Armed Robbery At Roadster Diner – Kaslik

I am sure it’s fake because the Kaslik branch is always packed lol! (Plus customers are looking way too calm).

Illegal Bird Hunting In Lebanon

It’s not an open season for hunting and he’s killing illegal birds. Full story [Here].

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