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Emirates Palace Becomes First Hotel in Middle East to Deploy Gigabit Wi-Fi

Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s most prestigious hotels, is the first hotel in the Middle East to deploy a 802.11ac wireless network allowing guests to use gigabit wireless across the sprawling property.

What do Pétanque, Fishing and Knitting Have in Common?

When is the last time you and your friends gathered around the television to watch a good game of pétanque? Right. Pétanque players, knitters, fishermen,… they don’t get the glory soccer players get. But wouldn’t it be nice if for once they got some more support? Coca-Cola asked 5 ordinary people if they could film them while going about their hobbies. They had no idea they were about to turn their quiet pastime into a crazy experience, just by adding zero each time.

Oscar Nominated Movies In a Whole New Light, Or Should We Say Foam

Even if you’ve seen all the Oscar-nominated films, you haven’t seen them like this. Mike Breach, 28, a New York barista, specializes in “baristart,” a self-coined term for art made in the foam of lattes. Using only a toothpick, Breach is able to mark detailed faces in the foam, only to have his coffee creations fade away quickly.

The Microwave That Listens to Itself Cook

Meet the new microwave that listens to itself cook from Whirlpool. The latest microwave, 1.9 cu. ft. Microwave Hood Combo with TimeSavor uses a new technology called the Accupop, a feature powered by a sound sensor that helps the machine adapt its cooking time. AccuPop™ cycle adapts cooking time automatically using sound sensors. If you’re making popcorn, the microwave is able to find those kernels that have not popped yet…

Clever Caps: Collect and Play

Bottle caps often contribute to plastic waste rather than being recycled but not Clever Caps. Created by Brazil-based innovative packaging developer Clever Pack has redesigned them to give them extra use as Lego-style bricks after they’ve finished their life as a bottle cap. The caps are designed with ridges on top and underneath which means that one can be clipped onto another.

Mini Pepsi Attends the Oscars

Pepsi mini can received the limelight during the 86th Academy Awards as they celebrated some of the most famous quotes from legendary films in its 60-second spot that aired during the ceremony’s live broadcast. The “Mini Hollywood” ad, promoting the smaller version of the soda’s can, communicates the message that even the tiniest amounts (like the smaller can or a quote) can retain the full power of the original product.

Nobu: Most Luxurious Suite To Open in Vegas

The saying goes, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…” I think, acually I know that if I get the chance to stay in this suite I read about on Forbes, I will definitely be telling the world about it…

Worst client comments turned into posters

Client is king but not always right!
Check out more {here}

Ashekman Live Graff Massive BLC Bank Ad Near Forum

So, if you were going into and out of Beirut today, between 7:00AM and 4:30PM, chances are you saw two guys on a crane painting a large canvas on a billboard.
Well, those two folks were the Ashekman twins, Omar and Mohammad, and here are photos taken at different stages of the work.
The revolution is a new method to pay with your mobile phone by BLC Bank, which by the looks of their video, isn’t just NFC, but remotely as well!

How to act British and keep your kids: a guide to Muslim parents

Two men raised as Christians have been recently convicted of murdering a soldier in London and as a result London’s mayor Boris Johnson has concluded that Muslim children who are radicalised by their parents should be taken into care. This may sound absurd but it’s not for us to judge British culture.

Oscars 2014 Red Carpet: The Best And Worst Dressed

The Oscars are one of the biggest nights for fashion as A-listers flock to the red carpet to flaunt it. And though I was expecting a bigger impact from many stars who decided to play it safe, there were also less offenders than usual, that or I’m getting soft!
Here are my best and worst dressed nominees.

Forget Stockholm: It's the Beirut Syndrome.

 Elisabeth Oldgren

Gunnel Birgitta Lundbald

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