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Kids’ books in Arabic

I realise it’s a bit odd trying to introduce Arabic to my kids when it’s not my language. I know that out of the three key factors - need, exposure and prestige – none are really present enough for Arabic in our family. There’s really no need to speak of, since all the Arabic speakers in the family have a second native tongue, French or English. As for exposure, the kids only get a tiny bit of exposure from my in-laws, but at least it’s authentic. However, I’m not aiming to teach them the language as such. I couldn’t if I wanted to. I just want to open their minds to it, to give them the option of tuning in to it, rather than tuning out when they hear it spoken.

New “Lebanon High School” In Texas Causing Controversy

There’s a new high school set to open next year in a town called Frisco in Texas and some parents are upset with the name and want it changed. The school is expected to be named Lebanon High School because the building currently under construction sits in the middle of what was once an old farming town called Lebanon, but some parents are not convinced and believe that the name doesn’t fit the community and that Lebanon reminds them of wars and the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East.

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married

1. You don’t trust each other, even when you’re together. This kind of relationship is toxic-trust me. You know he has a wandering eye but you’re hoping marriage will fix that, because then he’ll only be yours. Nice try… Why spend your life trying to catch him instead of just going with your gut?

"Helping" you celebrate Valentine's at home.

Whereas this initiative is UAE based, I ended up getting it in my email and lo and behold, thought it worth sharing.

Beirut River Solar Snake Project To Start Generating Electricity Soon!

Phase 1 of The Beirut River Solar Snake (BRSS) is almost complete and the photovoltaic (PV) farm currently set will generate 1.08 MWp and help light up around 1000 houses by Q1 2015. The BRSS is expected to generate up to 10 MW to support the EDL (Electricité du Liban) once done and will feature high-level security, with a 3-meter fencing around the plant and CCTV cameras, in addition to around the clock security personnel.

Why I Am Against Destroying 51,000 Trees To Build The Janna Dam

There are 15 domestic and inter-country rivers in Lebanon, yet we have an annual water deficit of 425 million cubic meters and Lebanese pay hundreds of millions of dollars yearly to cover their water needs. Ending this water-scarcity problem requires building dams and having a better water management policy, but this should not be done by wiping out green areas and destroying tens of thousands of trees unless there’s no other alternative.


We're waiting for another storm, but in the mean time the almond trees in the mountains are already blossoming
Visits to official government institutions in Lebanon in order to get paperwork done are always good for an elevation in your blood pressure. Monty Pyton-esque scenarios will unfold right under your eyes.  It still is a surprise to me that people do not go postal here. It must be the olive oil. Or maybe the understanding that nothing will change, no matter how much you rant and rage.

Is Tripoli’s Huge Allah Sign A Political Or Religious Sign?

The Tripoli Nour Square with a sign saying “Allah, Tripoli the Muslims fortress” and a Merry Christmas banner underneath it

Portofino? No Dior-to-Himo....

To start off the week, what better than to point the similarities between two ads? Himo Jewelry pulled off a lovely ad for their Portofino collection, "the occasion is you" says their beautiful selling line. Sadly, I had ALREADY found "Love in Portofino" by way of he 2012 Dior ad and instead of an Elissa lookalike (with more reasonable lips) it was famous model Jac Jagaciak who was - writing on a typewriter on her hotel room bed, having coffee outdoors in white sunglasses (note the omission of the dog which is considered impure in Moslem religion and Himo has to cater for clients from across the spectrum),  enjoying the sepia colors of the city a la Dolce Vita, and so on and so forth. Himo looks like a condensed version of the Dior ad with product placement for jewelry.

Week14: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

Barouk Cedars by RogerGaspar
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On top of Harissa – by AntoineMenassa

Who Is Lebanon’s Sexiest Doctor?

Update: The girl is called Maguy Farhat and is studying medicine at the LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine.

ASHEKMAN: Covering And Replacing Ugly Political Slogans With Beautiful Graffiti Murals

The highly talented ASHEKMAN brothers have been covering the ugly political slogans and stencils from Beirut’s walls way before the Ministry of Interior decided to do so, and they’ve been sending out positive messages through their amazing graffiti murals, Arabic calligraphy, as well as Arabic rap music and street wear.

What’s So Controversial About “American Sniper”?

I finally got to watch American Sniper yesterday and I don’t understand the controversy over it. Clint Eastwood’s Oscar-nominated movie tells the story of Chris Kyle, a Texan marksman who has become the most lethal sniper in US military history and portrays what an American sniper goes through during war. The movie may seem like an American propaganda for some and a tribute to American heroes by others, but there’s nothing really controversial about an American director bragging about US troops specially those who fought in Iraq.

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