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Beirut – Martyrs Square Christmas Tree From 2009 Till 2014

I dug these pictures out just to show you how we moved from an Elie Saab Christmas tree at some point to the one we have this year.



Lebanese Students Win Gold At The Seoul International Invention Fair 2014

A group of Jamhour students apparently impressed at the Seoul International Invention Fair 2014 and won the first prize with their “Controlling The Mind” invention. To be honest, I didn’t really understand what their invention is nor what they really won because I barely found information about it anywhere. Of course I am happy for them and I hope they get somewhere with this idea, if it’s truly a promising one.

Noel a Badaro: A Carefree Weekend!

I’ve been talking about how Badaro is gonna be the next it-place when it comes to nightlife in Lebanon. With the dozens of bars and restaurants open and opening soon, this event couldn’t have come at a better time.

Josons’ Christmas Ad

via Josons
This ad cracked me up because I never know what to get my dad and always end up buying a tie, a shirt or a scarf. Unfortunately, my dad doesn’t hunt so the rifle is not a good idea.

AP Archive: Old Footage From Lebanon

I found this old footage showing military checkpoints back in 1975.

Ali Bazzal’s last phone call with his wife

Ali was killed by Nusra terrorists yesterday.

Save The Flag & Watani Apps Win CME Offshore Independence Day Competition

Two apps won the competition CME Offshore launched for Lebanon’s Independence day, one called “Save the Flag” where you have to fly an army helicopter through obstacles and another app called “Watani” where you move from one army rank to another after correctly answering a list of questions.

Street Harassment: Walking in Beirut as a Woman

This video is part of an academic project to show how women are harassed when walking in the streets of Beirut. I think it’s a good idea but that needs to be executed in a much better way. They should do something similar to the video “10 hours of walking as a woman in NYC” whereas we hear what people are actually saying about that women, not just someone repeating some cliché phrases (even though chou hal tiz mitil madfa3 el ingliz cracks me up everytime).

Dalila Color, new video art by Tarek Chemaly

Dalila, Samar and Rima were photoromanze
magazines for women, mixed with the louche ambiance of brothels, seduction, and
“artistes” of the Zaytoune area (artiste is the code name for call girl), this
video – set on the late Sabah’s song “maximum you can touch me” (from the movie “Man
from Teheran”) – explores the limits of seductions in an oriental society.

Saint Nicholas in Beirut

The Dutch celebrated their annual Saint Nicholas Feast in Beirut, an event that has an obscure religious back ground (A Turkish bishop, ending up in Spain, with assistants from the North African continent, who hands out presents to children on his birthday), and that these days it shrouded in controversy as well. Even the Americansinvolve themselves in the debate. That’s an interesting twist, especially after the recent incidents that involved white officers and black suspects, I’d say.

Why Is Beirut’s Christmas Tree So Ugly?

The lights are ugly, that thing on top is hideous and the decoration is poor. Is it too much to ask Beirut’s municipality to install a decent Christmas tree like they used to do every year? I am sure a lot of companies and brands would love to sponsor it. That’s just unacceptable!

Nusra Terrorists Execute Ali Bazzal

After months of indirect negotiations and after the government decided to seek direct negotiations, Ali was executed yesterday. I hope this will make it clear to the Lebanese authorities that you can’t possibly negotiate with terrorists. Six more soldiers got killed in a trap last week and we are still trying to dialogue with these scumbags.

Visit The Sesobel 2014 Exhibition At Le Royal Dbayyeh

Sesobel is holding its annual exhibition between December 4 and 7 from 10am to 9pm. They will also be at IRIS hotel in Jezzine today and tomorrow from 10am till 7pm. Sesobel is an NGO that has been working since 1976 for the welfare of Lebanese children and we should all support it. Moreover, their products are really good and they make some of the best chocolate and sweets in Lebanon.
Check their [Facebook page] for more info.

2014: An Extraordinary Ordinary Year

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly

This article appeared as the Carte Blanche of the december issue of ArabAd magazine:

LiveLoveBeirut & JoueClubLiban Launch The #WeLiveToLove Initiative : A Gift For Every Child In Need

The LiveLoveBeirut guys have already figured out a way to make good use of my picture and help out children in need. They’ve launched the #welivelove campaign whereas every child in need that you find in the streets will get a Christmas gift from JoueClubLiban.
So go ahead, take pictures of children in need and make their Christmas a joyful one!

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