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Epic Fail: Who Wants an Iphone5 6?

I don’t know in which country this was taken exactly but it’s hilarious!

Lebanon Is In For A Harsh Winter

[Picture from sietske-in-beiroet]
Last year we heard the same thing yet we barely got a winter season. Let’s hope they are right this year as we desperately need it.
Usually swarms of wasps and bees are not seen as a good omen, but the large numbers spotted in coastal areas up north are being hailed by some as a sign of a rainy and snowy winter to come, something Lebanon desperately needs after a year of drought and low rainfall.

Ahmend Proposes To His Lebanese Fiance On A Starbucks Cup In Calgary

They should have a Starbucks-themed wedding.
Dania Melhem ordered her piping cuppa joe expecting to see her name scribbled in across the cup. But when her order was up and she turned her brew around she was surprised by the curly writing: “Dania, Will you marry me?”
Ahmend Rammay, her partner of about a year dropped down on one knee before she had the chance to process.

Silence before the Storm

No no, not some metaphor of the current political situation (although that'd be pretty accurate); we have an actual thunder storm heading our way, and the sounds and feeling of impending doom is just overwhelmingly beautiful.

Ello or work in progress

got my Ello invite a couple of days ago.
Still not sure what to do with it.
Somewhat excited to work it out as it goes.

Qassem Suleimani Iran’s Shadowy Commander Who Has No Shadow

It was a hot summer evening in Tehran, as the scents of spices wafted through Tehran’s Grand Bazaar and the voice of the muezzin could be heard in the distance calling the pious for the evening prayer and something suitably mysterious and oriental about Persian carpets, a group of official-looking people were walking silently among the crowd.

Latizi La Terja3é Singer Just Released A Song For The General Security

Firas Al Hamzaoui, the Syrian singer behind the “Latizi La Terja3é” hit just released a song praising the ISF. He has also a song called “Assabi3 Ijraiki” in case you’ve missed it.

Myriam Neaimeh The First Lebanese To Score In The FA Women’s Premier League!

Myriam joined Newcastle United a couple of years ago and has scored in their last game against Guiseley AFC Vixens. I don’t think we ever had any Lebanese playing in the FA Women’s Premier League so congrats to Myriam! I tried looking for a video but couldn’t find any.
Myriam plays in the FA WPL league, which comes right after the FA WSL which is the highest league.

A few months

A few months ago someone sat across the table from me. He asked me a silly question, like what was my favorite book or something. I squinched trying to remember, and I did. It was a book I had read many, many summers ago lying between the light blue sheets in my bed in Africa. I realized how much of what I am today is the product of who I used to be when I lived in Africa. A lot of my favorite things belong there...

The Golf Club In Beirut Pays 1,100 LL Annual Rent

I once asked if anyone can go play Golf there and I was told we need to get an invite. Has anyone been there already?

Global South Launches ‘Best White Saviour’ Award

From Bono to Al Gore, there can be no doubt that white saviours are great. Sadly the Global South has done little to acknowledge the greatness of white people over the recent decades, claiming it was busy with the challenges of post-colonisation, nation-building and fending off hunger. These are poor excuses however and a wide coalition of Global South governments, NGOs and ordinary people are now attempting to rectify this historic omission by launching the ‘Best White Saviour’ award this year.

First Look: The New Apple iPhone 6

I got to try out the new iPhone 6 last week and I am really glad that Apple decided to go for bigger screens. The iPhone 6 looks huge when compared to the iPhone 5 and 5s and even though some iPhone users may disagree, I think Apple did the right thing by making the screens larger. The iPhone looks and feels great and the screen resolution is quite impressive. It’s also curvy and more comfortable to hold but it’s also easier to drop now. The camera is great as always and the phone is a bit faster than the iPhone 5s. The battery life is also slightly better.

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