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British Ambassador Tom Fletcher Worked As A Domestic Worker To Highlight Migrant Worker Rights

Few months back, His Excellency was invited to a formal dinner when he noticed domestic workers were all seated on a separate table, so he went and sat down with them then left the dinner. Today, Tom has decided to fill in the shoes of Kalkedan, an Ethiopian domestic worker, to highlight once again migrant workers rights in Lebanon.

To Our Countries

It’s hard not to shed a tear or two in those deeply moving 8 minutes and 44 seconds. If not for Rihan’s gut-wrenching words, then for Faia’s heart-piercing voice and the medley of song verses and anthems from the Levantine’s absolute best.
I adore my country. I love Syria and Iraq, and some of my fondest childhood memories happened in streets unrecognizable today. I wish I could go to Palestine, and their struggle, for better or for worse, has been ours as well for decades.

One Of The Lebanese Kidnapped Army Soldiers Met With His Family

What these families are going through is unbearable and unacceptable. From one side, the government is barely doing anything to free the soldiers and from another side the terrorists are giving the families false hopes and leaving them anxious and fearful regarding the future fate of their sons.
29 soldiers have been kidnapped for over a month now by al-Nusra Front and ISIS in Ersal.

Fascinating Observations of Life in the West by an Iraqi Anthropologist

Until now there have been very few authoritative anthropological study about the Western World, of which we know very little aside from inaccurate media representations and what we see in TV and film which can be hardly representative of the reality of Western culture. However a major study by Iraqi anthropologist Hassan Daqiq is set to change that. Daqiq spent years living among Western people and meticulously documenting their culture and lifestyle. The result is a rich archival encyclopaedia of the habits and daily lives of Western people.

Hilarious Wissam Kamal: Lebanese Father and Son Driving

This video is so true!
If you haven’t heard of Wissam Kamal yet, like these people, check out his YouTube channel [Here].

Ruptured presents RADIOKVM, album launch at Beirut Art Center

Ruptured presents: A launch concert for Lebanese electronic artist RADIOKVM‘s first release ISSRAR Featuring live music by radiokvm & live video by Rami el Sabbagh [ISSRAR is the first vinyl release from Ruptured. It will be available in a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered LP’s with gourmet jacket]   RADIOKVM Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, SARY MOUSSA […]

3al Lebnené الطاقة الشمسية

The video may be silly but it cracked me up! Check it out [here].
PS: I don’t know if these guys were stuck in traffic when they came up with this video, but it would be nice to see more vines and short videos posted by Lebanese stuck for hours on the road, specially that winter is almost here and traffic will only get worse.

What Will Happen When Lebanon Becomes an Oil Rich Country

I’ve noticed recently an increased interest on oil and gas activities in Lebanon but I can’t figure out why. Executive Magazine has released a couple of articles lately, the Lebanese Petroleum Administration published an assessment report and the Lebanese Gas & Oil Facebook page has been pretty active lately.

Humans of Beirut

Cinderella on the run I am waiting for someone to start a Humans of Beirut site, like its New York counterpart. This girl should feature in it. She came strutting down Hamra Street, all confident, while her dad was busy on his cell phone.

Missing Iraqi Cash ($1.2 To $1.6 Billion) Ended In Lebanon

Stuart W. Bowen Jr., left, a special inspector general who examined corruption and waste in Iraq
After the US defeated Saddam Hussein in 2003, $12 billion to $14 billion was sent to Iraq in the airlift, and an additional $5 billion was sent by electronic transfer to support Iraq’s new government and help the economy. However, and based on an investigation led by Stuart W. Bowen, he found that between $1.2 billion to $1.6 billion had been stolen and moved to a bunker in rural Lebanon for safe keeping.

What’s Happening To The Iconic El-Houssami Old Lebanese House In Byblos?

I am finding this hard to believe but according to the president of Jbeil-Byblos municipality Ziad Hawat, the old famous Lebanese house in Byblos, as well as the sea castle and other ruins in one of the oldest cities in the world are in danger. Jbeil’s touristic sites have been neglected by the authorities and need proper maintenance and renovation.

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