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Taste&Flavors: The Best of Artisan Bread in Lebanon

Bread has always been the most basic and homely of foods. Yet what was once a daily tradition is rapidly becoming a luxury. We’re no longer happy with loaves in plastic bags. We now crave artisanal breads with organic ingredients and rare grains. There’s certainly a market, we’ll pay for quality products, but it really »more...

LEBANON: Hosting the Most Refugees Worldwide

For every 1000 Lebanese, the UNHCR confirms there are 178 refugees. That’s almost 1 in 5 people in Lebanon. The report states that Pakistan hosts the most refugees at 1.6 million, but some unofficial figures are even higher in Lebanon, suggesting as many as 1.5 million Syrians, in addition to almost half a million Palestinian refugees (and most recently Christian refugees from Iraq).

Must-Have Breakfast in Lebanon: Zaatar and Jebneh In Tlamé Bread

If you ever go to Akkar, make sure to try out the Tlamé bread. I don’t know if it’s popular elsewhere in Lebanon, but I’ve never had any in the South where I am from, nor in Beirut or Keserwan. The Tlamé is basically a dough baked in an oven made of clay. It comes out a bit thicker than the usual Man2oushe dough and tastier. You can get the Tlamé bread without any fillings or get Tlamé Manakish. Make sure to eat it while it’s still fresh and hot though as it hardens real quickly.

Smoking Bun Mar Mikhael Review

I love places that specialize in one particular item. It makes you certain that that one thing is gonna be definitely worth it. I have a tendency to hover back to these hole-in-the-wall style, small places known for their one item. Places like Artichoke Pizza in New York and Pinky’s Hotdog on La Brea in Los Angeles are such examples. So, naturally, I was gonna try just such a place that opened in my beloved Beirut.

Shots To Go

My brother spotted these alcoholic shots being sold at Stop & Shop in Adonis. There’s the Texas Ranger shot which contains Butterscotch Schnapps and Vanilla Cream Liqueur, and the Money shot which contains Amaretto almond liqueur and Irish cream. He didn’t pay attention to the price but if they’re not expensive, it’s a practical idea to have them at house parties.

Summer Roadtrip Plans: Bkessine

Lebanon’s tiny, but there’s a lot to see which many of us never get to. Most of us live in or around Beirut, and rarely ever venture out except to our hometowns for those of us from the more rural parts of Lebanon. But, years of being a scout and a deep desire to discover every inch of Lebanon has showed me that there’s a lot to see and do, and we never even knew!

Volvo’s Only the Lonely Campaign Stats and Results


  • 38 buttons replaced
  • 19 cameras replaced
  • 6 complete stands replaced


  • 2436 people crossed on the crosswalks
  • 1954 people hailed cabs from the cab stations

What This Says
Perhaps, apart from the serious vandalism the stands got, the municipality’s decision to remove them instead of create their own, or ask for more such stands, goes to show you how lonely doing the right thing still is in Lebanon. And, understandably so. Why would anyone abide by the laws (at an apparent disadvantage) when everyone else breaks it ever so casually…
It’s a cycle no one has figured out how to get out of yet, but, who knows? Maybe someday we won’t be so lonely anymore…

Mommies Need Playtime Too by MamaRowana

As a mom, I have one too many a times forgotten about myself. I take my life for granted and shift my focus solely on my kids and my very lucky husband ;). The mommy lifestyle naturally makes us forget about ourselves often and instead we use up all our energy on our kids who consume it quicker than I consume a gin and tonic. We excuse ourselves and say “it’s OK” because our priorities have also naturally changed.

A Day At La Plage

Most of us would make the hour plus long traffic-ridden stressful commute to either Jiyyeh or Batroun to enjoy a serene sun-soaking therapy session by the sea. But if you’re behind on your tan because you’d rather get pasty-white instead of going through the nerve-racking trip, then La Plage is your perfect alternative.

"How to succeed in blogging without really trying" Auditions now open.

Auditions for "how to succeed in blogging without really trying" now open. #freebies on the way out for everyone. No previous experience necessary.

Kasr El Helou’s Ma2loubé

I was wondering if there’s any arabic sweet called Ma2loubé to use for that picture and Kasr el Helou answered that Knefe is also called Ma2loubé so there you go
Speaking of Knefe, I was at Kasr el Helou in Tripoli on Saturday and had one. One of the best in Lebanon!
PS: I made sure no one was hurt in that accident before posting about it.

Whale Spotted Off Coast Of Amchit

I don’t know if I misheard, but someone on board wants to cross over the whale for some reason. Why is that?
This is not the first whale encounter in Lebanon. Some people even spotted dolphins a couple of years back near Tabarja.

via Bikaffe

Coincidence? Education Minister Elias Bou Saab Also Graduated With A Passing Statement In 1987

It seems our Education Minister knows all about passing statements, as he got one himself in 1987 during the war. Speaking of passing statements, here’s a video that went viral and pokes fun of students who never studied and passed anyway. I personally know someone who just showed up to the exams and just wrote down his name and left.
In all cases, I am with the Education Minister on this decision, even though I don’t like it, as the teachers on strike should not have bargained with the students’ future.

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