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ASHEKMAN: Covering And Replacing Ugly Political Slogans With Beautiful Graffiti Murals

The highly talented ASHEKMAN brothers have been covering the ugly political slogans and stencils from Beirut’s walls way before the Ministry of Interior decided to do so, and they’ve been sending out positive messages through their amazing graffiti murals, Arabic calligraphy, as well as Arabic rap music and street wear.

What’s So Controversial About “American Sniper”?

I finally got to watch American Sniper yesterday and I don’t understand the controversy over it. Clint Eastwood’s Oscar-nominated movie tells the story of Chris Kyle, a Texan marksman who has become the most lethal sniper in US military history and portrays what an American sniper goes through during war. The movie may seem like an American propaganda for some and a tribute to American heroes by others, but there’s nothing really controversial about an American director bragging about US troops specially those who fought in Iraq.

Valentine Means Doggy Style According To Rikkyz

via Rikkyz
What a nasty post to promote their Valentine’s event.

I Watched Birdman And I’m Speechless

A Lebanon-edition poster for Birdman

Animal Abuse Will Soon Be Illegal In Lebanon!

The Animal protection and welfare law has been finally approved by the council of ministers and will soon be presented to the parliament! Animals Lebanon have been working for 3 years now to implement this law and have collected over 25,000 signatures for that purpose and their efforts have finally paid off.
It’s about time animal abuse becomes illegal in Lebanon and we are almost there!


بعد انتصارك عليه والرقص على جثته تقرر ان تزوره اليوم .. هو الموت.. تدخل بيته لتجد زوار غيرك جالسين تنظر الى عيونهم لتجد صورتك.. تقول: انا لست من قرر المجيء إلى هنا.. يقولون: ونحن كذلك.. تقول: هزمته سابقاً.. يقولون: ونحن … Continue reading →

School Enrolment part 2

After a good look at “colegios públicos” on Google Maps, I went along to the ayuntamiento (town hall) to start my real-people-research. The ‘Department of Education’ ended up being a nameless office on the second floor. In fact, a lady from the information desk readily accompanied me to make sure I got the right place. I’m consistently surprised by how patient and helpful people are despite my terrible Spanish.

In fact sometimes I wonder how they understand me at all. I stammer out stuff that I’m not even sure is Spanish, it’s probably French with a few more o’s and a few less nasals, muddled with English word order, and yet somehow they get it (probably from my body language) and answer me as if I were a normal respectable citizen.

So A Beirut Graffiti That Says “To be free, or not to be” Is A Threat To Civil Peace Now?

The beautiful Tabaris mural that was painted by the awesome ASHEKMAN brothers was removed today by the Beirut municipality, as part of the campaign to remove “all political slogans” from Beirut. I don’t understand how this graffiti has anything to do with the stupid redundant political slogans that were being removed today, noting that ASHEKMAN and March NGO had received an authorization from Beirut’s governor and the building owner to draw this graffiti. Moreover, Beirut’s municipality should be supporting and sponsoring such positive messages and art works instead of painting over them!

From Football Teammates In Lebanon To Sworn Enemies In Syria

Picture taken from Al Akhaa Ahli Aley Football Team Archive
This picture, which was shared by Hazem al Amin today, pretty much sums up how the Syrian Civil War has spilled over into Lebanon. It shows two Lebanese football players Ahmad Diab and Hussein el Amin celebrating a goal back in 2013 in a game against Ansar club.

Remembering Sarah el Khatib On World Cancer Day

via ArtSheep
Sara el Khatib was a 4th year pharmacy student at LAU and was battling cancer, living with an amputation and enduring the accompanying pain. Sara gave the below inspiring TEDx talk 14 days before she passed away, leaving us with 4 objects, symbolizing 4 lessons she had learned while battling cancer.

The new Ashekman Grendizer calligraffiti...

Photo credit: Ashekman

The Ashekman boys are back to their tricks, this time gifting us a Grendizer "people's hero" calligraffiti mural right at the exit of the ABC mall in Mar Mitr (right beneath the bridge junction). In their own words: We are living at a time where villains are rockstars. Who will save us from them? Presenting the undisputed people's champ بطل الشعب Grendizer 10m x 8m Arabic calligraffiti!
No, it is not rude to stare! I for one a relishing it....

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