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KunHadi And Almaza Joint Awareness Campaign

It’s a good move but Almaza can do better in terms of wordplay.

Geely And The Da3esh (Da3ess) Trend

I don’t think this was a smart ad by Geely, knowing that the “da3ess” slogans are being used to support the army.
Via Jad

Geely plays insensitively on double-entendres

Photo credit: Georges Najm

Let's recap the facts: ISIS (or da3esh as it is commonly called) is one of the most serious geostratgic threats on Lebanon and the region at large - the way they interpret the Islamic codes and teachings is at best, barbaric, not to mention them kidnapping Lebanese armed forces members after fierce battles whereby they tried to expand to the Lebanese territory.

6 More Arab Crimes Against Beauty

Back in March I waged a full out war on the 9 crimes against beauty that have given us terrifying reputations and landed Arabs on some of the world’s most notorious beauty faux pas lists. Prior to that I launched the Online Petition Against Tattooed Eyebrows to counter the growing  pandemic of creepy crawlers taking over our Lebanon.

September 11, 13 years later.

Manhattan mon amour - Tarek Chemaly

I believe it is not an exaggeration to say that all of us remember where we were on that fatidic moment when the planes hit the twin towers in New York on September 11, 2001 (I was on my desk on my first advertising job in an agency in Achrafieh in Beirut). Not having seen the images yet, when the platinum-blonde colleague said that a plane had hit the tower (at the time it was one plane, one tower), I thought it was some light plane which drifted off-course by mistake.

Beirut Bike Festival 2014

The first ever Beirut Bike Festival is taking place on September 19,20 and 21 at Beirut Waterfront. All bikers from all brands are invited to join bike games, bike challenges and a massive thunder parade. KTM stunt rider Rok Bagoros will be there as well.
You can check out the full program [Here].

Where Did All The Traffic Go In Nahr El Kalb?

I have no clue what was going on this afternoon, but there was absolutely no traffic between Dbayyeh and Nahr el Kalb. The road is always packed there and I pass by it almost everyday at the same time, yet for some unknown reason the roads were empty today. One of my friends told me that it’s due to some army checkpoint on Charles el Helou but still something was not right.
I posted the above picture on Instagram and everyone was as surprised as me, so if any of you knows what was happening please do tell!

Poetry on the Wall

Not much to add

Solar Farm Above Beirut River Construction Underway

The plan to build a solar farm above the Beirut River has started. As you can see if you take the Emile Lahoud highway, you’ll notice the steel frames with solar panels being installed on them. Initially, the farm will supply up to 1 MW of power to the surrounding area, and there are plans to expand the project to supply up to 10 MW of electricity, which roughly would supply 10,000 homes with electricity.

Of Dieter Rams, Apple Watch and Moto 360

You don't know Dieter Rams? I can't blame you. He is the design genius behind Braun. Those sleek, beautifully designed, but very useful products, with minimum fuss and a lot of beauty. The Rams 10 design rules are a thing to behold for every person attempting to do anything related to creating a new product!

Polyathlon Des Cèdres 2014: From Byblos Shore To “Qornet el Sawda” in Less Than 24 hours

This year marks the 7th edition of the Polyathlon des Cèdres & Polyliban and they are organizing two challenges:
The Cedars Polyathlon on the 13th and 14th of September which is a challenge from the Byblos shore to the highest peak in the middle east Qornet el Sawda in less than 24 hours. It includes:
– 3K Rafting
– 2K Swimming
– 95K Biking
– 12K Trekking
The Mountains’ Heritage from the 15th to the 18th of September 2014 which includes crossing 400k North to South to discover our mountainous natural and cultural heritage.

iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus Will Be Available To Order In The UAE On September 27

I wasn’t expecting the new iPhones to be available that soon in the Middle East but according to Apple’s UAE store, they will be available to order starting September 27th, a week after the official release date. The iPhone6 starts at 700$ and the iPhone6 Plus at around 815$.
As far as Lebanon is concerned, you can expect the iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus to be over $1000 in the first few weeks, so I recommend you wait a little bit till prices settle.

Supermoon over Beirut

Supermoon over Beirut  Tonight (Monday night)  will show the third and final supermoonof 2014. A moon is a supermoon when it’s full and makes it closest approach to Earth in its orbit. This month’s moon is also known as the Harvest Moon since it falls closest to the autumn equinox.

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