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The World’s Largest Ancient Stone Block Found In Baalbeck!

Photo credit: Deutsches Archäologisches Institut.
German Archeologists have discovered right next to the “Hajar Al Hibla” in Baalbeck, or the stone of the pregnant woman, the biggest known ancient stone block. The stone is more than 20 meters long and weighs 1,650 tons. It was meant to be transported without being cut but archeologists will need to extend the trenches to determine its exact height.
Baalbeck is one of the largest Roman sanctuaries known and has some of the best preserved Roman ruins in Lebanon.

For The Love Of Hummus: All About That Paste

This is the same guy from the “Chicken wings and Hummus” video. I love hummus but I only have it if there’s Taouk or grilled meat. It’s not that great by itself.
via LBC

Lebanese University Students vs Administration

Picture via Marie-José Azzi

The Great Said Akl Has Passed Away

Sabah and Said Akl in the same week. Said Akl was 102.

Hayda El عفش La 2elak?

via Jad
I’ve never noticed that sign at the airport but it’s quite weird that they are using the word “عفش” as it’s not a term we use formally. I know we say “Chellé 3afchak min hone” or “hayda 3afchak chi?” when we refer to someone’s bunch of stuff or furniture. I guess “غرض” would have been more appropriate.

BRGR Co. Opening In Chelsea On December 1

I had the chance to talk recently with one of the Brgrco UK branch managers when I was tasting their new exquisite “Cafe de Paris” burger and I was really happy to hear that their Soho branch is doing really well, and that they are opening soon on King’s Road.
The opening is set for December 1 so if you are visiting London anytime soon, make sure to pass by and grab a burger!

How Long Till The Lebanese Traditional Dekkene disappears?

I spotted this cool post on Al Rifai’s page talking about the Lebanese Dekkene and whether they’ve become an endangered species. This brought back a lot of memories indeed as the dekkene was the only place we’d go to as kids to buy sweets, specially when I used to go to my village to spend the weekend. Buying a Unica and a Bonjus after a football game or getting these potato chip bags for 200 Liras with a Pepsi or a Coke were enough to please any kid back then.

Khoury Home Doing A Black Friday?

For those of you who don’t know what Black Friday is, it’s the Friday following Thanksgiving day in the United States and the busiest shopping day of the year. All major retailers in the US offer crazy discounts and promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season. My brother is in the US so every year, I look up Black Friday deals and try to take advantage of all the offers and there are some really amazing deals!

ABAAD Campaign For The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

ABAAD is a Lebanese NGO aimed at achieving gender equality as an essential condition to sustainable social and economic development in the MENA region. Their slogan for this year is “Through violence … Nobody comes out ahead. The ultimate responsibility is putting an end to violence against women” and is being endorsed by President Michel Sleiman.

Lebanese Ministry Of Public Works: غير مطابق

My friend was driving back home yesterday when his car fell in an open manhole puncturing both his tires and damaging the rims. At least two other cars fell in the same manhole as it was covered with water and in the middle of the street. The same thing happened to me a year ago on the Dora highway and I had to change my car’s rims because of that!

In Numbers: Rainfall And Precipitation in Lebanon 2013 vs 2014

Taken from Lari.gov.lb
As you can see, the numbers are amazing and the new storm is not over yet. We had a major water crisis last year and luckily things are back to normal now.

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