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Ivy Reviews: Prune French Bistro

I just returned from a much needed 9 day stint in Europe, namely Paris and I can honestly say that I like (dine-in) French food in Lebanon more than French food in France and yes I’m generalizing.

Buffet Lunch and Dinner at The Movenpick Dead Sea Resort

I had to eat here four consecutive times during my trip to latest Jordan: Two lunches and two dinners… and believe me, it was good. The food was correct, the choices were varied and the different preparations which included cold mezzes and hot dishes were created using premium ingredients. I enjoyed the food…

Tosta Mista: Lisbon’s Famous Street Food at Jürgen’s, Bairro Alto

Walking through the tight streets of Bairro Alto, Hani a friend of ours who lived here for six months, was showing us around Lisbon’s nightlife district.  A few beers later, I asked him to take us somewhere where we can eat something unique and different. We then landed at Jurgen’s… “Have you tasted the local street food sandwich” he asks?
I knew he was about to introduce me to a one-of-a-kind creation.

Baskil Bicycle Festival In Beirut

From 23 to 27 April, Medawwar in Beirut is hosting the Baskil Festival, a celebration of everything the bicycle represents, from community, sustainability, sport and fun. There’s a fun ride on Sunday around the Medawwar area for those who like to bike.
Here’s the full program from Baskil’s Facebook Page:

Buzz New Commercial

I didn’t get any of the 5 Episodes Buzz came up with in their previous ad campaign and this new commercial is honestly lame.

Bar Tartine: A Unique Eatery Opens at ABC Achrafieh

Bar Tartine has finally opened to the public in ABC Achrafieh. We spotted their ‘opening soon’ sign a while back and couldn’t wait for the actual opening… 

Bachir Ice Cream’s New and Modern Packaging…

Exciting times, summer is here and with it comes time for yummy ice cream.
We were invited to my mother’s house for lunch when my sister walked in carrying a uniquely transparent plastic box full of colorful balls.  I was surprised to see that it was from Bachir – Lebanese ice cream brand that has been around for over 75 years…

Chef’n Hullster: Remove Core Tomatoes Quickly

You are going to want the Chef’n Hullster tomato corer and huller -The Hullster which has been specifically designed to core tomatoes quickly.

You’ll Be Missed Ramzi!

To be honest, I wasn’t planning on posting at all because I didn’t know where to start but I couldn’t sleep yesterday night after hearing the news and I’ve been thinking all day today about Ramzi, his family and his wife. I’ve been friends with Ramzi since 3 years and even though we’d mostly meet at events, I always had fun hanging out with him. He’s the kind of guy who’s always smiling and enjoying his time and was one of the best geeks you could ever meet.

Are You A Musician? Perform in La Fete De La Musique 2014!

So, over the years on this blog, I’ve discovered a LOT of you are amazing artists, musicians and performers.
Perhaps the funnest time in Beirut, where it’s really all about the music, and where alcohol and money are not an obstacle, and everyone just walks around Beirut to listen to beautiful, genuine music by Lebanese talents.

Snack Camera Lens Caps

I think these were made for me… Snack caps for my camera? Just came across these cute burger and donuts camera caps…
After a long day of zooming around and constantly shifting focus from one thing to another your camera lens is beat! Give it a boost with nutritious Snack Caps!

SMOC relies on the past to leap

Interesting how some ads come totally out of nowhere, SMOC (Saint Mary's Othodox College) came out with this interesting ad to indicate how much they rely on their past to leap into the future. It is a book coming out from an iPad. Simple, neat, and does the creative trick. The French and Arabic versions are less powerful so I am keeping to this one "the past forward" which strikes a better punch.

Getting Closer

And so the conflict creeps evermore closer. Today, a Dutch priest was killed in Homs, Syria. He was Dutch by origin, but had been living in Syria since 1966, and as such had lived longer in Syria than he had lived in Holland.

Picture taken from this blog post: http://glamroz.com/another-christian-martyr-father-frans-van-der-lugt/ 
For more details:

What’s the rush?

reading phase 1
It has been six weeks since my Beiruti began sounding out her first words. She is now surprisingly confident with short phonetic words following a simple consonant-vowel-consonant pattern. I have even thrown in a fair few simple four-letter words like FROG and CLAP, as well as plurals, like CATS. She is very methodical in pronouncing one sound after the other and it is just amazing to think that she is actually reading. Within limits of course.

Typically Lebanese!

I Like it  ;)

Agency: Leo Burnett Beirut
Director: Ali Ali
Production House: Intaj
The Production House Awards: Emerald Prize in the "Service Activity" at the MENA Cristal Festival 2014
 2 bronzes at the Dubai Lynx on March 12, 2014 in the Film Craft Category. www.libanpost.com

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