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The Culture of Lebanon

 recycled lebanese glass, an initiative by GGRIL. check facebook.com/ggrilebanonimage: recycled lebanese glass, an initiative by GGRIL. check facebook.com/ggrilebanon

A Week in Images by Al-Akhbar

 Haysam Mousawi. Akhbar Newspaperimages: Haysam Mousawi. Akhbar Newspaper
Beautiful well picked images from the world and Lebanon, every week on the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar. The above one is one of the collection of the last week in March. Haysam Mousawi’s image is about the violence against women in Lebanon. Yes, sadly, still and in 2014.

نزيه خاطر


النص والصورة: alre7ab.com.
صنعت مدينة بيروت اسمه، وصنع هو جزءاً من اسمها. عاش العصر الذهبي للمدينة وعاصر تحولاتها. رافق تجارب رساميها ومسرحييها وشعرائها إلى درجة يمكن فيها معاينة منجزه النقدي داخل أعمالهم. احتكَّ نصه النقدي بأعمال الآخرين، مثلما احتكّت أساليب هؤلاء بما كتبه هو عنهم.
على مدى نصف قرن، كتب نزيه خاطر آلاف المتابعات والتغطيات النقدية، لكنه اشتغل بطريقة تجعل هذه المتابعات أكثر ديمومة من متطلبات الصحافة. اليومي والزائل والعابر تحوَّل لديه إلى فنٍّ شخصي ورؤية متكاملة. بطريقة ما، تسرَّبت أفكاره وآراؤه إلى الأعمال التي واكبها، وصارت هذه الأفكار جزءاً من المنجزات الخاصة لأصحاب تلك الأعمال.

Wissam Abdallah – Lebanon. Lose Yourself

Filmed and Edited by Wissam Abdallah
This has been something I have wanted to do since the first day of film school. I am lucky and proud to call myself both an Australian and Lebanese but having spent 9 years in Lebanon, from age 8 until age 17, means that Lebanon has a very special place in my heart.

Newly Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

Michael Snyder wrote about the new discovry of the biggest block of stones ever made by humans (if ever) and he compared them to the next biggest stone found in Baalbeck Lebanon. Interesting article, but here what he wrote earlier about the Lebanese stone.
حجر الحبلى بعلبك لبنانحجر الحبلى بعلبك لبنان

Lehfed – لحفد

Text: lehfed.com
Video: Jo Matar
For some Lehfedians, who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, this site serves as a walk in memory lane to a past that they reminisce and wish for a come back even for a short day. For younger generation, it’s a testament that Lehfed has always been a special town to be proud of and be proud to be from.
Great events that took place in Lehfed such as the 1821 uprising “ 3amiyyat Lehfed”, in addition to a number of Lehfedians who held important civil or religious posts in the country, shaped the town to be a symbol of patriotism and religious reference.

Phoenician and Punic remains in Malta – The Malta Independent

But the most signal of Phoenician remains in Malta is literacy: Malta became literate with the arrival of the Phoenicians, as signified by some rare inscriptions that have been found. It was through the famous Phoenician broken candelabra, one of which was sent to Louis XVI as a present, that the Phoenician language was finally deciphered.

Imad Bazzi as a photographer

 trella.org/photo by Imad Bazziimage: trella.org/photo by Imad Bazzi
Imad Bazzi is probably one of first bloggers in Lebanon during times where the concept was not known yet. His blog is still live and lately his name was circling around the media due to a mustach… Any way he stated that he isn’t a professional photograph, just a few blogging by photos.

A city that will never give up nor will we give up on it

Restuarant Mazzat produced a video about Happy Lebanon. They say that they “would like to thank Pharrell Williams for inspiring us to be Happy, Just the idea of doing Happy Beirut version, over whelmed us with volunteers, what was impossible on paper translated to 70 volunteers between crew and cast, 17 unique locations around Beirut and 3 days of filming”.

The Emir of Lebanon

 Hungarian National GalleryText and Image: Hungarian National Gallery. Painter: Borsos, József

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