Ivy Reviews: The Shogun Lounge

If there’s something I love more than shopping, its shopping and sushi together, in the same place. So after doing some heavy Christmas retail therapy at Dunes Verdun on Tuesday I headed over to dinner at The Shogun Lounge, my favorite sushi spot in Verdun located on the 1st floor of the mall.

Now on Instagram!

So it had to happen.... I opened an Instagram account, and I promise you this - there will be no photos of every meal... Actually, it will be an outlet for my artistic archive. Starting with the work above from the "tanaklogia" series.... Hope to meet you there!

Even Dogs Wanna Leave: BETA Launches Lebanese Expat Pets Program

It’s no secret many of us dream of a a visa to live and work abroad. Lebanese folks with dual citizenships are often seen as the lucky ones, and even a good catch if you’re looking to get married. This sad reality isn’t just for Lebanon’s humans though, it’s also applicable to Lebanon’s shelter dogs.

The Devil's Anvil: Hard rock from the Middle East, 1967

Can you believe it? The Devil's Anvil, a very very early precursor of world music fused Arabic beats with Western ones since 1967.

acoté Mar Mikhael Review

Mar Mikhael is in a phase where it’s almost saturated in terms of real estate and capacity, just enough to start revealing somewhat more unique concepts to stand out from the rest of the pubs and restaurants in the area. Acote is one of those places, and last weekend, I went there with a few friends to try the newly open gourmet sandwich place right next to Prune.

Why We Don’t Want Weed Legal in Lebanon (YET), Just Decriminalized (NOW)

I have been a very vocal advocate of decriminalization of marijuana in Lebanon for years. If not for my personal appreciation for the plant, for the extremely brutal, vicious, barbaric and sometimes even deadly reaction by Lebanon’s super corrupt judiciary and police force.

“Judge” (Savage Religious Fundamentalist) Bernadette Ojeil Embodies Everything Wrong in Lebanon


Bernadette Ojeil is a “judge” in the mu7asabeh branch of the Lebanese judiciary. Which means she doesn’t judge on court cases with us civilians, but is sort of an auditor that makes sure public spending is ok. Yes, already she’s a joke, given how corrupt and wasteful our public spending is.

The Past Weekend’s Playlist

I used to post track selections a couple years back here. Now, I sorta do that on Snapchat (@GinoRaidy). But, this weekend was so massive, it needs a blog post.
All Remains the Same (Kalumet Remix) – Agostino Maria Ticino is a gorgeous track. It never gets boring. Think: stuck in traffic on a rainy night in Beirut, on the way to a good party. Or better yet, you suddenly listen to it when someone plays it at a party.

Christmas 2014 Gift Guide For Him and Her

Each year I know many of us draw a blank when we think of all the Christmas gifts we need to buy. It’s getting harder and harder to get more original and special ones so I’ve complied a gift guide that may just give you some ideas of what’s new for both him or her. So if you’re someone’s secret Santa or you’ve got someone who’s quite hard to please here’s my 2014 list in no particular order and with varying budgets.

SerVme: Restaurant Reservations – Lebanese App of the Week

With almost 30 restaurants in Lebanon already on board, this streamlined, responsive app is the perfect reservation app I’ve used. Today, Lebanon’s fast becoming like the other parts of the world where you can do everything on your mobile through an app. From ordering cabs, to transferring funds, it’s all coming. So, it’s only natural to want to reserve for that date without having to call a 01 number and being put on hold and your name misspelled.

Tanmia copycats Hawa Chicken

Compare and contrast: Above Tanmia is bragging that "their sheet is clean (white)" (after the food contamination issues lately in Lebanon) with white meaning both the color and the word egg in Arabic.

Oum Ali, new video art by Tarek Chemaly

Georgina Rizk was elected Miss Universe in 1971
while representing Lebanon, the Christian beauty went on to marry Ali Hassan
Salameh – Yasser Arafat’s chief of security for the PLO and the mastermind of
the Munch’72 Olympics operation whereby Israeli athletes were slain by
Palestinian guerilla fighters. In Arabic culture, a woman is named “mother of”
after the name of her first male child (so “Oum Ali” refers to the child which
was born 3 months after Salameh’s liquidation by the Mossad).

Pornhub: Lebanese Are Boobs People and Middle Easterners Love Feet

Everyone watches porn. Guys, girls, young, old. Is it good? Is it bad? That’s not really the point now, but the fact of the matter it is, and the metrics Pornhub have are always interesting to read. You can check them out here.
Most Arabs are Butt People, Except Lebanon and Egypt
Lebanese folks are boob people, according to Pornhub/Youporn’s insights. That might explain why the epidemic of massively grotesque fake boobs doesn’t seem to be letting up in Lebanon. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think plastic surgery is wrong, and I encourage it if it makes someone feel better about themselves. But, when the funbags become heavy enough to cause a herniated disk, no.

10 Gorgeous Johnnie Walker Fire Graffiti for Lebanon

So, I’m sure you all saw a photo or two on your newsfeeds, or on a billboard or LED screen somewhere in Beirut. I was lucky enough to be asked by the brilliant guys and gals behind the campaign to stand in the shot of my quote, and it was quite the experience.

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