"The Story" by Joe Bolton

After the life is lived
And the world is what it is,
There is only the story:

At Stevensport, the Sinking, River
Empties into the Ohio,
And the Ohio widens.

Or does the story perhaps precede
The living of it, as the new day
Seems to depend on the cock’s cry?

And do the dead and the unborn occupy
The same dimensionless dimension,
Or are they simply where they seem to be?

It would be easy enough to say
What happened, could you only
Bring yourself to:
______________A girl—
No, a young woman—who has lived her life
With old-time parents on a farm
On what the Indians once called the Dark
And Bloody Ground, and who
Has a perhaps somewhat imprudent appetite

Ultimate Lebanon Summer Guide 2014

I just got back from Lebanon a few days ago and here are my favorite places for 2014:

Wickerpark Music Festival 2014 Lineup

Wickerpark kicked off in 2011 and has been attracting more and more people every year. The festival has hosted over 30 artists and gathered over 5000 people over the past 4 years. Its aim is to promote local talent and create environmental awareness. The lineup for this year include:
- Mashrou’ Leila
- Scrambled Eggs
- How Sad
- Youmna Saba
- Charlie Rayne
- Flum Project
- Z the people & Al Jihaz
Tickets are for $20. For more info, check their website [Here].

A Walk Inside Horsh Beirut

Joelle from RacingThoughts had the opportunity to visit Horsh Beirut and take pictures, after a local NGO called NAHNOO got the permission to hold a picnic inside the park for 3 hours only.

Nicolas Amiouni Wins The 37th Rally Of Lebanon!

Nicolas Amiouni has officially won the Rally of Lebanon and has ended Roger Feghali’s 10-year run. It is worthy noting that Roger Feghali was out since day2 due to an accident. You can check out all the stages updates and pictures on [].
Congrats to Nicolas!

Palastain This Way …

I saw this picture on one of my friends’ FB page. I guess they just wrote it the way it sounds.
Thanks Lama!

Green in Summer

Greener parts of Lebanon You probably wonder where to find these green places in Lebanon. Because Lebanon is bone dry right now. Last winter was a dry winter to start with, and it hasn’t rained seriously since March. It is yellow and dusty wherever you go.  Yet some mountain areas are green, because giant aquifers inside the limestone still release water at a regular pace. Lebanon has a number of these giant aquifers.

School can wait

Some parents worry their kids won’t learn the language of their adopted country well enough. I tend to worry about the opposite. Many people ask me now whether my daughter is speaking Spanish yet. For the record, we lived in Spain for two months last year and five months this year so far.
I suppose if she had gone straight into kindergarten, then by now she would be speaking Spanish (after a fashion). She spends an hour or two once a week with a Spanish babysitter and she’s already starting to respond in Spanish. Surely I should be in a rush to help her learn Spanish as soon as possible, as young as possible. Otherwise she’ll already be behind the other kids when she starts school. Except that she won’t be starting school very soon anyway. Because it gets worse.

11 Signs You Were Raised by an Arab Mom

I would add the following points to Barakbits’s post:
12- You were not allowed to sleep over at your friends because they are strangers.
13- Your friends’ parents know all about your childhood’s most embarrassing stories because of your mom.
14- If a girl ever shows up to your house and your mom likes her, she’s the one.
15- You are reminded to go visit your teta all the time.
Of course there are plenty of other signs but those are the ones I thought of now. Maybe I should come up with a post related to Lebanese moms only.

You Can Play With Your Food… Sometimes!

Let’s play with our food… This teddy bear bread cutter from Japanese lifestyle site Tokyu Hands  is just too cute to avoid. The simple and quick tool allows you to turn a simple sandwich into something cute that would be great for little ones that are picky eaters. Included with the kit are one large »more...

Guess What’s Coming to Dbayeh?

Guess what’s coming to Dbayeh? Bar Tartine! Well the rumor has it that the one of Lebanon’s popular eateries is coming a step closer towards Metn area… The success of Bar Tartine has led to the opening of its second branch in ABC Achrafieh and now, if the rumors are correct and I hope they »more...

My Thoughts on Rifi’s Actions

Being an outspoken atheist means I get into a lot debates with annoyed theists over statuses. It’s funny how they forget that the “fundamental” elements of their faiths are chopping heads off, selling women into slavery and ethnically cleansing entire regions of the Middle East. But, hey! A status is just as offensive and bad, ok?!

Fadel Adib’s Wi-Vi (Wifi Tracker) And Ayah Bdeir’s Littlebits

As you all know, two Lebanese have made their way to the “35 innovators under 35″ list issued by MIT to hightlight the most promising inventors of the years. The first one is Ayah Bdeir who founded Littlebits back in 2011 and has been named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business and one of Popular Mechanics’ 25 Makers Who Are Reinventing the American Dream. She’s been also ranked the 9th sexiest startup CEO alive.

A Faux Pas From Ashraf Rifi

A “Safe” ISIS Flag to burn – via BeirutSpring
Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi has requested today to legally pursue a group of Lebanese who were seen burning a flag for the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) in Sassine’s Square, Achrafieh. I’ve never expected Rifi to come up with a statement. If anything, those who are raising this ISIS flag in Achrafieh, Tripoli and anywhere else in Lebanon should be the ones pursued legally and arrested.

CocoCommodore video art by Tarek Chemaly

Yesterday I promsied you the story of Coco, the parrot from the Commodore hotel, and today, I share it with you in video art format. Enjoy.

By the way, yes, the video is silent, I felt at this stage all the sounds were already inserted in other videos, and wanted viewers to insert their own soundtracks instead.

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