Mike el Hajj Assaf - Bewejak 7aki at Iris gallery.

Mike Hajj Assaf (full discosure: a former student of mine) is having his first solo show at no other than the Iris gallery at the Gray Hotel in downtown Beirut. The exhibition smartly titled "bwejak 7aki" which rougly translates as "in-your-face news" is exactly that - faces of prominent Lebanese people of whom we are proud (such as Feyrouz or Gebran Khalil Gebran) made up of newspapers and glue (and only that).

Embrace: A Suicide Every 3 Days in Lebanon. Help Stop This!

Mental illness is still a taboo subject in Lebanon. Mentally ill people hide it, and when they can’t, their loved ones hide it for them from the rest of society. It’s still seen as something to be ashamed of, and to some people even as something that’s a deserved “punishment” by god or whatever.

Mazen fashion: Daily dresses, bachellor customs, ext....

I admit, my English is getting rusty for the current market, which is why probably I did not understand what Mazen Fashion is selling: Daily dresses I could approximate to "day dresses" (as opposed to evening dresses - which, dang, they also sell!), but "bachellor customs" had me seriously scratching my head.

Beirut/PAL (Persistence And Longing) by Tarek Chemaly now out!

Beirut/PAL (Persistence And Longing) by Tarek Chemaly is now out on 7UPstairs Publishing. Based upon a very complex mathematical pattern, retro kitsch images were rearranged very rigorously but also according to chance making the final works very representative of Beirut – an organized chaos which can be interpreted depending on the viewer’s circumstances and background.


سيأتي يوم والقي بكل هذه الحضارة بسلة النفايات سالغي عبوديتي من الوظيفة وساربي بقرة وبضع دجاجات وتباً للايفون والواي فاي ساحلق ذقني امام شجرة حيث ساعلق عليها مرآة نصف مكسورة… وسأحضر سلطة من خضروات الحقل دون ان اضيف لها موتارد … Continue reading →

Fadel Adib – Tracking grandmother

fadel adib
Fadel Adib was born in Tripoli, Lebanon, in 1989.
“When I went home to Lebanon and I was talking to my grandmother about it, she was like, ‘So, for example, can I put it over here in my living room, and if I fall in the bedroom or in the bathroom, it’s going to going to detect my fall and send an SMS to one of my children? Please, make this a product and put it here.’”
—Text and image: Technology Review.

There Goes the Neighborhood - Foreign Policy

ARGUMENTThere Goes the NeighborhoodAl Qaeda’s control of Israel’s northern border has Jerusalem nostalgic for the days of Assad.

Mkalles roundabout is still a roundabout

The works at Mkalles roundabout were recently concluded and the bridge as well as the tunnel have been open for a while now. However a few crucial points puzzle me:

Audi and the #landofquattro

Audi is launching the Month of Quattro and a chance to put one's name on map through #landofquattro - according to their website this is the explanation:
"The Land of quattro is a global campaign that showcases the unique beauty of countries around the world. Now, in our region and during the month of quattro, Audi is on a quest to discover and promote the most exciting hidden trails across the Middle East – and we want you to be our expedition partner.

Home city vs Apple - copycat slogan?

I still smile when I remember that I see similarities everywhere, "laughable" someone recently said. OK, so let's see if this makes you laugh or not. "Live different" for Home City (by none other than the agencies that basically is incapable of coming up with an idea on its own) and the classic "think different" signature for Apple.

More Mountains

On top of Mount Kniesseh. It's not the highest point in Lebanon, but I find it by far the best looking one.

Da3ek Laundry Detergent

After Geely’s Da3ess ad, check out the Da3ek Laundry Detergent.
via LBCBlogs

Amid the Chaos, Ebola Threat Left Unchecked in Lebanon

There’s chaos in Lebanon at the moment, with the Lebanese government officially joining the “War on Terror” alongside two dozen other countries, the Lebanese public in darkness because of electricity disputes, the presidential seat being vacant, the upcoming postponed elections being pretty much dead and of course, the threat of Islamist extremist attacks and invasions is still very much a possibility. So, it’s understandable that not enough is being done to take precautions against Ebola spreading here.

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