Charbel Abisemaan – Vital Illusion

charbelabisemaanvimeoClick the image to see the film
Location: Lebanon – Ehmej
Photography and Editing – Charbel Abisemaan
Original Music by Hadi Hosri – Facebook.
Vital illusion opening title – Joseph Abi Safi

A Delineated Horizon

A delineated horizon  

The Confused Person's Guide to Understanding Yemen

‘What the hell is exactly happening in Yemen?’ is now one of the most urgent geopolitical questions in the Middle East. Sadly, few people are qualified or knowledgeable enough to answer this pressing question. Most experts agree that most experts can’t give you a straight answer. The reality is Yemen is a complex place that is very hard to understand for outsiders, and even more so for insiders. Indeed most of the people asking what is happening in Yemen are Yemenis themselves.

Beautiful Animated Short on Lebanon by Marilyn Haddad

This beautifully, hand-drawn, animated short movie by Marylin Haddad perfectly sums up a lot of the hardships and inconveniences we all face in Lebanon. From the wazawez, to the hellish traffic, electricity cuts and of course, constant war. It’s about a young woman who just wants to dance like there’s no tomorrow, and sadly, sometimes there truly is no tomorrow in our beloved Lebanon.

Can Minister Abou Faour Implement The Smoking Ban (Law 174) In Lebanon?

Health Minister Wael Abu Faour announced that indoor smoking ban will be enforced, and that the ministry will be raiding restaurants and other enclosed public places to make sure the law is being implemented. The first attempt to ban smoking took place two years ago and failed miserably as the majority of restaurants, pubs and venues are breaking Law 174.

Zahle Is Getting 24-hour Electricity Soon And Some People Are Demonstrating Against It!

It may seem hard to believe but these people are demonstrating because Zahle is getting 24-hour electricity soon and their generators will become useless. I think they should be held accountable for ripping off people with ridiculous generator bills all these years.
Thanks Mustapha!

Where to Party This Weekend

So, the holidays fatigue is finally over, and we’re back on schedule when it comes to big names and big parties in and around Beirut!
ODYSSEY Presents: Kate Simko (LIVE) at Concrete 1994

The Lebanese Government’s Incompetence Finally Paid Off

A car filled with explosives was apprehended by the Lebanese authorities after it flipped due to bad road conditions. The driver abandoned the vehicle on one of the Arsal roads after he fell into a pot hole on and lost control of the vehicle which contained 120kg of explosives.
Thanks Dawlé!

Mimmo Jodice in Proustian voyages at the Byblos headquarters

Yesterday, the Photomed festival was kickstarted in grand form at the

What Happens When You Try To Do The Right Thing In Lebanon?

Every year, I tell myself that driving can’t get any worse in this country but I am proven wrong. Drivers are becoming more violent, more reckless and unpredictable and what happened with Johny is a clear proof of that. The last time I got into a verbal dispute with a driver, it was a 60 year old man who cut me off and almost hit me. I was with my brothers and we could have easily kicked his ass but I just ignored him and drove away because he was with his family and I don’t believe in violence, even though he was cursing at us and broke my front mirror.

Smoke An Arguile While Getting A Haircut

This picture was taken in a Beirut hair salon. Aside from the fact that this guy will end up with hair in his mouth and on the arguile pipe, how come he’s smoking inside?

Charlie Abdo – Cartoon Series by Claude El Khal

Most of you shared this cartoon of Mia Khalifa supporting Charlie Hebdo in her “own way”, but what you probably didn’t know is that it was only the first in a series by Claude El Khal, meant to illustrate Lebanese events in the form magazine covers similar to Charlie Hebdo, but this one is instead called “Charlie Abdo” (pronounced 3abdo).

Being 30, female and single in Beirut | Arts & Culture | THE DAILY STAR

Being 30, female and single in Beirut
“Would you sleep with a man for a million dollars?” asks Yasmina (Darine Hamze), looking up from her monitor. “Of course I would,” her pal Taline (Nada Abou Farhat) replies airily. “I sleep with men for free. Why wouldn’t I sleep with one for a million dollars? For a million dollars I’d sleep with his brother too, and his wife …”

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