Salt Basins of Enfeh

Salt basins bordering the sea in EnfehA little under Qalamoun (yes, we’re still up North with this story: Road Trippin' Part II) you find the salt basins of Enfeh. It is winter now, the slow season; salt is typically ‘farmed’ or harvested during the summer heat, but it is still a pretty interesting place to stop and check out. The mining of salt through evaporation pools is a very old process; we were already doing it while still out there hunting and gathering our food, way back when.

View from the Top Floor of Sama Beirut

So, the Sama Beirut tower in the Sodeco region is done construction, and these are 3 photos taken from its top floor by my good friend Elie Koueik, one of the engineers on the project. More to come soon hopefully!
See that tiny building with the “SS”? That’s the Sodeco Square “tower”…

Roads For Life Working To Enhance The Quality Of “Trauma Care” In Lebanon

I had the honor to meet Mrs. Zeina Kassar Kassem, the president and founder of the Roads For Life – Talal Kassem Fund for Post-Accident care few weeks ago and I got to learn about the outstanding work this NGO has been doing for the past few years. Mrs. Kassem lost her 17-year old son Talal after he was run over by a raging driver on his way to school four years ago, yet despite her huge loss, she decided to make a difference and start the Talal Kassem foundation to “promote road safety and provide road victims the optimal support for post-trauma care”.

Walid Joumblatt Should Stop Tweeting Random Stuff

It was fun at first but he needs someone to manage his account properly, specially about this flop today. This is a terrible mistake.

Why Are We Lebanese So Easily Offended?

Lebanese flag shoes are being sold at some mall apparently to celebrate Lebanon’s Independence day. I am pretty sure this happens everywhere around the world with all types of flags, whether it’s a national day, a sporting event or any occasion. I remember seeing flip flops and even boxers with flags all over them during the World Cup, so it’s not big deal and it’s definitely not insulting or disrespectful to sell Lebanese flag shoes.
And I beg everyone to stop asking the authorities to censor stuff because this is the last thing we need.

Lebanon Celebrates Its Independence Day

via Kook Kreativ
Lebanon celebrates its 71st independence day tomorrow and some brands and agencies have already shared cool ads and posters. I will be adding more throughout the day but these are the ones that I loved so far.
Volkswagen Lebanon

Banque du Liban Accelerate 2014: 1500+ Participants, 50 Speakers And 25+ Startups Over Two Days

The BDL is organizing #Accelerate2014 and bringing over 50 startup industry veterans from all around the world to put “Blueprints for Success for 1,000 international entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals”. The list of speakers is very interesting and there are a lot of events, talks and competitions to look out for. I just got back from Dubai today so I missed out on the first day but I will be there tomorrow hopefully.

Haifa Wehbe’s Dress in Star Academy

I don’t like Haifa but she can do whatever she wants and wear any dress she likes. Those who don’t like such dresses can switch to Tiji or the Disney channel. Claiming that Haifa crossed the line and disrespected women by wearing a sexy dress is pure ignorance. I wish Arabs (men and women) would react the same way to daily violations and malpractices against Arab women instead of focusing on Haifa’s ass (It looks better than Kim’s ass that’s for sure).

Remember SKYBAR Sundays? Well, Meet O1NE’s Fridays.

So, after years of trademark SKYBAR nights, the Beirut rooftop, began to appreciate the evolving audio culture of Beirut’s party animals. With a focus on more underground, music-oriented acts like HVOB, Sunday became the it-night last summer, with the posh club turning into a chillaxed, apres-beach spot with shorts and flip flops on grass platforms and comfortable beds and sofas.

This Weekend is Massive: Uberhaus Presents Solomun at the Bus Station Hangar

This Independence weekend, we won’t be celebrating officially cause there’s no president to preside over the ceremony of reviewing our troops… But, that’s ok, it means roads won’t be closed and you can party as long as you want. It embodies the essence of all that is good in Lebanon: everything is broken, but somehow we manage to pull through it all ok.

How Ford Put The New Mustang On Burj Khalifa’s 112th Floor

I was at the event yesterday and it was pretty amazing, but I was wondering how they moved the car that high. As it turns out, they moved it in parts and assembled it on the top. They couldn’t use a helicopter because the area is too narrow and dangerous for such a stunt.
I will write a full post soon on this whole experience as it was a thrilling one.

#ShareACokeSawa Campaign In Lebanon

This campaign has been running for quite some time abroad and it’s now in Lebanon. It’s pretty fun as you get to replace the Coca-Cola name with personalized names like Habibe, Abou el Zolof or 3abssoun
They didn’t give out information yet on how we could order these customized bottles but you can check for updates on their Facebook page if you are interested.

Israel is in a trap of its own making

Doubtless, it was a shock to many Israelis that the Spanish parliament recognized the state of Palestine – well sort of – on the day that two Palestinians attacked a synagogue in Jerusalem, killing four people. But even if the parliamentary resolution was a watered down version of an earlier proposal, Israeli officials should read the writing on the wall: They are losing the battle of narratives in their conflict with the Palestinians.

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