Video Showing Israeli Attack on UN Spanish Peacekeepers In South Lebanon

Corporal Francisco Javier Soria Toledo, a Spanish UN peacekeeper was killed on Wednesday when Israel shelled the borders following a Hezbollah attack. This is not the first time Israel targets UN peacekeepers in Lebanon and Spain has blamed Israel for the soldier’s death.
Here’s the video:

A Short Animated Movie That Depicts Living In Beirut

Check out this hand-draw short movie by Marylin Haddad that beautifully sums up everything we go through in our beloved Lebanon. It’s about a girl called Leila trying to dance in order to survive her daily stressful routines just like each one of us has found a way to relieve himself from all this stress and uncertainty.
Only few days ago, things were relatively calm and peaceful and all of a sudden, we were on the verge of a new war with Israel.

So What Did MP Strida Geagea Really Say?

OTV shared a video two days ago showing Strida Geagea saying “Nchallah ya Rab” when Journalist Denise Rahme informed her about what happened in the South two days ago between Hezbollah and Israel. As it turns out, the video was genuine but cut off and MP Geagea was saying “Nchallah ya Rab ma yisseer shi” or something like that which makes a huge difference obviously.

أجمل ١٠ قرى في جنوب لبنان حسب موقع قرنبيط

Jezzineمراسل الدايلي ستار: محمد يونس الزعتري

هذا هو ترتيب موقع قرنبيط‏ لأجمل ١٠ قرى في جنوب لبنان.
١٠. الميه وميه
تقع في منطقة صيدا، قرية فريدة من نوعها، وتحتوي على موارد مائية، زراعة الزيتون والتين.
٩. تبنين
تقع في قلبب جبل عامل وهي تشتهر في سوق الجمعة الذي يقام كل أسبوع و- “الكزدورة”، وهي طريق تمر في كل تبنين. تحمل أيضاً أثر مرور العديد من الحضارات عليها عبر الزمن.
٨. كفرحونة
ثاني أكبر محتوى صخري في لبنان، غنية في الينابيع وغابات الصنوبر وسنديان، وثمار كل تفاح والكرمة والزيتون.
٧. مرجعيون

'Uncoordinated Deconfliction' in Syria: A Recipe to Contain, Not Defeat, ISIS

Andrew J. TablerAlso available in العربيةJanuary 26, 2015If Washington continues to bomb ISIS while sidestepping the question of Assad's future, Syria may wind up partitioned between jihadist and Iranian-backed forces.Washington's nascent policy of "uncoordinated deconfliction" with Bashar al-Assad's regime in the fight against the "Islamic State"/ISIS may not be a formal alliance, but it does have the potential to foster serious problems.

Deconstructing the Theoretical Currents in Middle Eastern* Food

Deconstructing the Theoretical Currents in Middle Eastern* Food
*By which we mean the food of the Levant**, but we said Middle Eastern to draw you in.

**It’s really Lebanese food that we are talking about, but we don’t want to alienate Syrians and Palestinians.

Where to Party This Techno Weekend


Inside O1NE Beirut By SKYBAR: Lebanon’s Hottest Night-Life Venue In Winter

If Skybar is the place to be during summer in Lebanon, O1NE Beirut is the best place to party during winter. What started out as a huge pink round building was transformed into a true artistic landmark for Lebanon and the region. Talented graffiti artists from all over the world came to Lebanon to interpret the theme of music on the 3,000 sqm wall and the outcome is an awesome venue featuring the world’s largest privately owned graffiti wall.

The First Naturalized Foreign Citizen In China’s History Was Lebanese-American

This is a rather old story but a fascinating one and I am surprised I’ve never heard about it until now. It’s about a Lebanese-American doctor called Georges Hatem, also known as Ma Haide or Dr. Ma, who became the first foreigner to be granted citizenship in the People’s Republic of China. He was also the first foreign member of the Chinese Communist Party and Mao Zedung’s personal doctor.

The best of enemies - New ‘rules of the game’ are emerging on the Golan

If Hezbollah and Israel avert a major confrontation of the kind that took place in summer 2006, it would show that both sides still have an enduring tendency to accept “rules of the game” to govern their contentious relationship.

In the aftermath of Hezbollah’s attack on Wednesday, which led to the death of two Israeli soldiers, many in Lebanon held their breath. Would this be a repeat of the last war between Israel and the party, which significantly reduced the number of Hezbollah attacks against Israeli forces? Apparently not, as both sides interpreted the latest operation against Israeli troops in the context of a longstanding “deterrence dialogue” and avoided a major conflagration.

Translated books: The Gruffalo

Although I do OPOL English with my kids I am still trying to indirectly bolster the French they get with their dad. We aim for consistent OPOL-ing, but we do allow ourselves to sing in other languages. Another good way I try is through books. Songs and books seem to work well as an exception to the OPOL rule, without undermining our consistency the rest of the time. It’s a bit like playacting, so it seems alright to transgress, as it were, into the other language, without fear of abandoning the spirit of OPOL.

A New Level of Absurdity for Censorship in Lebanon #SenselessCensorship

At March, we’re used to the impolite and juvenile way the General Security’s Censorship Bureau deals with us. The former chief, upon banning our play satirizing the bureau’s work, made it his sacred mission to go on every talk show in Lebanon and elaborate how “stupid” “childish” “uneducated” and “far from reality” our work was.

A Reminder To Lebanon’s Young Generation of Just How Bad Things Were In 2006

I was surprised to see so many Lebanese excited about the possibility of a new war between Lebanon and Israel yesterday. Taking aside politics and the fact that Israel admitted defeat in its 2006 adventure into Lebanon, there’s nothing good about war and we shouldn’t get too excited about the prospects of a new one. I refuse to live in a basement not because I am afraid of Israel but because I want to have a normal peaceful life and I assume and hope most Lebanese want the same.
In all cases, here’s a reminder to Lebanon’s young generation and to those who forgot already of what we had to endure back in 2006:

How A Lebanese Southerner Reacted To The Israeli Bombings

An Arguile is harmful but it’s definitely better than celebratory gunfire.

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