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islamicmapA few months ago, my friend Joshua Landis wrote an essay for this blog called “The Great Sorting Out,” which generated one of the more interesting discussions we’ve hosted. I’ve been thinking about Joshua’s argument ever since, and trying to make sense of what I find to be right and wrong about it.

Farah Samman's great design for Julia's album

Let's face it, Arab singers have horrible designers working for them - it is so very rare for the albums to be well designed and what's worse are the concert promotions which are usually horrendous collages of photos of several people badly cropped and intermingled mish-mashed together. Sure, you will now accuse me of being biased considering the new album by Julia Boutros has been designed by Farah Samman - someone with whom I have collaborated frequently in the past.

Hannibal Race In Lebanon

There’s a Hannibal race taking place in Lebanon on September 7th at Zaarour from 8am till 5pm. There are two types of races, the 7K and the 15K both with obstacles. It’s a pretty tough race so think twice before joining it as you won’t be able to finish unless you are fit.
Check out more info [Here].

Street Fooding in Saida: Rosto, Shawarma and Oriental Sweets

Last week, I decided to visit Saida. It wasn’t a planned visit but I ended up trying a few interesting things. It was a great start for a next trip that will be planned properly and will be more extensive!  I decided to keep it simple and try some of their famous sandwiches, which many »more...

Pharrell Williams’s Creates His Own Burger

Add chef to various talents that Pharrell Williams has been showing lately – a singer, actor, designer artist is there anything the “Happy” singer doesn’t know how to do…In Japan, Williams created his own burger available at friend and collaborative partner NIGO‘s 2-5 Café. Between two crispy toasted buns are layers of the freshest ingredients including »more...

Satrbucks is lost in (Arabic) translation

"Yes to an all-time favourite" is according to Starbucks "The drink of choice for all times" in the Arabic version - notice the subtle but drastic difference? "all-time" becomes "all times". Still don't get it? An "all-time favourite" is a "classic" or something that has been enjoyed for a long time, "all times" refers to the hour of the day of consumption, or the occasion in which it was being enjoyed.

Flora of Lebanon in Pics

 Ghada Elrayess at flora of lebanon in pics on Facebook Source: Ghada Elrayess at flora of lebanon in pics on Facebook

Assad’s strategy is based on survival in the short term

All eyes have been on Iraq and Gaza lately, but the carnage in Syria just grinds on. Despite military gains earlier this year by the regime of President Bashar Al Assad, its prospects of prevailing do not look good. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine the regime surviving as it is in the medium-term, let alone the long-term.

In recent weeks, the Al Assad regime has suffered several setbacks, particularly in the north-east of the country. It has lost most of its positions in Raqqa and Deir Ez Zor provinces, as well as a large number of soldiers, to the Islamic State, formerly the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant or ISIL.

Pop art invades the city via Roy Lichtenstein

Khoury Home as inpired by Roy Lichtenstein

Guy in "ISIS photo" can't stand ISIS

In a story going viral on social media, John McCain is supposedly pictured with members of the extremist armed group ISIS, which everyone from Obama to Hezbollah is now calling the worst terrorists on earth. 

Brazilian Olympic Football Team migth call off their trip to Lebanon

football fans
Too bad for us, the much anticipated football game between the Brazilian Olympic team and the Lebanese national team might get called off due to the crisis in Arsal earlier this month!
According to this article in Al-Akhbar today, the Brazilian Football Confederation is now considering moving their training camp to Qatar to guarantee the safety of their players away from the security incidents here in Lebanon.

#Tripoli_Loves_Beer: 10 Things Tripoli’s Mayor Should Worry About Before Banning Beer Ads

Removing the beer ads in Tripoli may be legally correct, but I think Tripoli’s mayor should have other priorities on his agenda that are way more important than removing alcohol billboards. Here are some of them:

Where To Party This 3eed El Saydeh

So, over the past few years, 3eed el sayde has become a hotbed for large-scale parties in areas outside of Beirut. Of course, Faraya and Faqra come to mind, with 3-day long exhibitions and festivals all over the place, which I do recommend you check out (Faqra Club, Jardin du Mzaar) because the weather is awesome and there’ll be a lot of people enjoying their time there in the day. But, this post is about the nighttime parties, and here are the ones I’m going to be at and feel are worth going to!

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