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On Dec.

In Their Shape

To Teta, once again...

We die, they say
But we never die, they say
We carry our dead in our hearts,
They live in us, they say

They say so much, they say so little…

She was here, they say
I remember her, they say
It was a long time ago, they say
It was like yesterday...

I hear so much, I say so little…

She’s somewhere, they say
Looking over you, they say
I look over my shoulder,
Still searching…

One day she’s at the beach
Collecting shells, they say
And years later I’m back here
Collecting my breath…

I won’t go back, I say
I’m done, I say
I moved on…

Alexander Attacks the City of Tyre – Google Cultural Institute

Alexander invade Tyre
Standing at the center of the lead ship in gold armor, Alexander the Great directs the naval assault on the Phoenician city of Tyre in January 332 B.C.
Alexander Attacks the City of Tyre – Master of the Jardin de vertueuse consolation and assistant (Flemish, active 3rd quarter of 15th century) – Google Cultural Institute.


“You’ll never be great,” he said.
“And I am fine with that,
“But you are not.”

I sleep
But wake up like I haven’t
The skyline looks at me
Grey and cold
The same green windows
That soon won’t be there

I sit
I stare
I breathe deep
And suffocate
A beam, check where it is
Damn, it’s gone

Songs rush through my head
In tiny white tubes
I am numb
Numb is good

I revolt
Against good
Against beautiful
Against my own ill-defined self
But I don’t have the energy
So I let it be

She sings in my head
Like memories of our life there
Like the train tracks we waited in front of

(2014 end-of-year lists) – RIBAL RAYESS

I asked some of my musician friends from Beirut, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2014… Or the music they’ve listened to the most during the past year, regardless of date of release Ribal Rayess (Escape to Venus) In no particular order: - Arthur Satyan: Artology – RadioKVM: Issrar – Various artists: Bidia (Al Widad […]

PornHub’s Number 1 Porn Star is Now “Lebanese Born and Bred”

On Dec 28, something happened by someone Lebanese-born that you won’t hear about on the TV news broadcasts boasting about how amazingly successful every Lebanese person always is abroad.
Mia Khalifa became PornHub’s most popular porn star. The Miami-based porn star’s Instagram bio says:
Unofficial mascot of the Florida State Seminoles, Porn junkie/star, Dog mom of two, Lebanese born and bred, Bang Bros contract girl. Miami, FL

(2014 end-of-year lists) – KHODOR ELLAIK

I asked some of my musician friends from Beirut, to list their 10 favorite albums of 2014… Or the music they’ve listened to the most during the past year, regardless of date of release Khodor Ellaik (Kid Fourteen) In no particular order: - Kirin J. Callinan: Embracism (2013) – Xiu Xiu: Angel Guts Red Classroom (2014) […]

What the Cops Behavior on NYE Tells Us

1- They Can Be Courteous
The past weekend leading up to NYE, I was stopped and pulled over at 4 out of 5 different checkpoints I happened to pass by. My beard and the fact I’m a military-age man are probably their main incentive, but in the back of my mind, it’s also cause they hope to find drugs on me and throw me in jail till someone pays them off.
Not this time, they were incredibly nice. Nice enough for me to wish them a happy holiday when I was about to drive off. I wish they were that way all the time.

Uf Chou Laziz – Chou Hasseit Song

If I were Zaven I would have probably already committed suicide for all the “chou hasseit” jokes that have been made so far!

The Lebanese Police Should Arrest This Guy And Destroy His Bike

I saw this video yesterday on NekatLebanese18‘s instagram account then I remembered I had posted about him already before when he pulled a similar stunt on the Dora highway. However this time, he apparently made there’s a policeman looking at him.

5 Years Later

4 Reasons Why Everyone Is Sharing Dubai, Not Beirut’s NYE Fireworks

I always enjoy watching NYE fireworks from around the world mainly in London, Sydney and New York. As far as the Middle East is concerned, Dubai has been impressing the world with a spectacular show around Burj Khalifa every year and yesterday’s show was even more impressive than last year. Of course we also had fireworks planned in Beirut but most Lebanese I know are sharing Dubai’s fireworks for 4 main reasons:

Roadster Diner Opening Soon in Zaitunay Bay

I just stumbled upon this photo by Roadster diner on Facebook announcing that they’re opening soon in Zaitunay Bay.
With Classic Burger Joint and some coffee shops already operating there, I believe it’s pretty good to see Roadster opening as well which helps making Zaitunay Bay more accessible to average people, especially that it was labeled as a spot for the rich people when it was first launched.

Shit You Only See in Lebanon

Where else other than Lebanon do you get to see some guy pulling a stunt on a busy intersection and saluting a police officer?
video via Rabih Wehbe

And The Best Dressed Lebanese Singer On NYE Is …

Madonna of course! I can’t actually believe she was dressed as a Christmas tree but it looked nice.
Who needs Lady Gaga when we have Lady Madonna?

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