America’s Syria plan is bound to fail

In his State of the Union address Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama mentioned Syria only twice. On both occasions he did so in the context of the American-led battle against ISIS. No mention was made of the cruelties of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime, let alone how its crimes have driven extremism in Syria.

Despite reports that the United States intends to start training “moderate” Syrian rebels soon, there have been numerous signs lately that the Obama administration is changing its attitude toward Assad. Whereas it had previously insisted that any solution in Syria required him to step down, that no longer seems to be the case.

Smoke An Arguile While Getting A Haircut

This picture was taken in a Beirut hair salon. Aside from the fact that this guy will end up with hair in his mouth and on the arguile pipe, how come he’s smoking inside?

Charlie Abdo – Cartoon Series by Claude El Khal

Most of you shared this cartoon of Mia Khalifa supporting Charlie Hebdo in her “own way”, but what you probably didn’t know is that it was only the first in a series by Claude El Khal, meant to illustrate Lebanese events in the form magazine covers similar to Charlie Hebdo, but this one is instead called “Charlie Abdo” (pronounced 3abdo).

Being 30, female and single in Beirut | Arts & Culture | THE DAILY STAR

Being 30, female and single in Beirut
“Would you sleep with a man for a million dollars?” asks Yasmina (Darine Hamze), looking up from her monitor. “Of course I would,” her pal Taline (Nada Abou Farhat) replies airily. “I sleep with men for free. Why wouldn’t I sleep with one for a million dollars? For a million dollars I’d sleep with his brother too, and his wife …”

Hizbollah will not hit back at Israel. It can’t

The Israeli attack that killed several Hizbollah members and a top Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander, Mohammed Allahdadi, near the Syrian town of Quneitra last weekend had many people speculating about how Hizbollah might retaliate. However, the party’s options remain very limited.

Attention has focused on one of the victims: Jihad Mugniyeh, the son of top military commander, Imad, who was assassinated in Damascus in 2008. Allahdadi was the bigger fish despite some suggestions that Jihad, 25, oversaw Hizbollah’s operations on the Golan Heights, Syrian territory occupied by Israel in the Arab-Israeli war of 1967.

Things to Do This Week in Lebanon- January 21st 2015

As usual, if you’re out of ideas for things to do or see, here are my 10 picks for this week.

May Hariri Knows Something We Don’t

Thank you Facebook for the edit history feature
I am definitely not referring to her English or hashtaging skills.

How Lucky Is This Guy?

The person who uploaded this video said he took the film from the store owner and that it happened somewhere in Beirut. I can’t really tell where the crash took place but that was a very close call!

What Yves’ Killers Had To Say Before Turning Themselves In

I can’t believe what I just watched! Are these guys for real? They didn’t mean to kill him? Yves khaykoun sar halla2??
LBCI stated this video was shot right before the two killers turned themselves in.
via LBCI

It’s More Expensive To Live In Lebanon Than In The United Arab Emirates

According to Numbeo’s cost of living index, Lebanon is the third most expensive Arab country to live in after Kuwait and Qatar. Lebanon came ahead of UAE even though UAE’s local purchasing power is twice as much as Lebanon’s, which is definitely not a good sign. Moreover, if we look at the quality of life index, UAE is in the top 20 while Lebanon is in the bottom 20. Switzerland and Norway topped the list with the highest cost of living index while Pakistan, Nepal and India were found to be the cheapest countries to live in.

To Lebanese Christians: Please Stop Being Stupid Hypocrites

As a recovering Maronite, when Christians in Lebanon behave in a stupid, naive way, it makes me exceptionally sad. After all, even if you don’t identify with a group anymore, you still hold them dear to your heart and care about the mistakes they do more than you would a group you never belonged to.
The past week, I’ve been flabbergasted with how childish and extreme they’ve been, and how poorly their understanding has been, and how quick to jump to conclusions they are, absurdly contradicting every single teaching of the lord they worship, Jesus Christ.

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