Christmas Series: Beirut Chants Till December 23rd! And its Free

I love Classical music. Whether it’s one musician, a quartet, a choir a whole orchestra or all of the above. Christmas is an especially magical time for such performances in Beirut’s many, many historic churches.
For 7 years now, Beirut Chants has been bringing to life these churches with local and international acts of all kinds: choral, sacred music, chamber and philharmonic orchestra performances and appearances by international soloists.
It already started on December 1st, but will continue till the 23rd.
You can check out their complete schedule here. Also, I’ve taken the liberty of selecting a handful I think will be really worth your while:

Brazilian Football Legend Ronaldo Likes Brgrco

You must try the Parmesan Truffle Fries next time you visit Brgrco. Brgrco opened in Chelsea on December 1.

Beirut Has Always Been A Wonder City

The New7Wonders results were out yesterday and Beirut was “voted” as one of the new New7Wonders cities. It’s funny how we spent millions of dollars campaigning for Jeita and it lost, while barely anyone campaigned for Beirut and it won. In all cases, this whole New7Wonders thing is useless and we don’t need them to tell us Beirut is a great city.
I am wondering how Doha made it on that list though.

VIDEO: Car Slams Into a Moving Crane On Dbayyeh Highway

It really doesn’t matter whether the car was speeding or not. Whomever was operating that crane is the one at fault here.

I Spoke Too Soon!

via John Nacouzi
It seems someone crashed into the height limiter today.

A Man In Tripoli Apologizes To His Wife In Public

He must have done something really bad lol!
via Janoubia

Oh my …

via OLT20
That’s really bad.

Fiat Bridge Stupid And Hazardous Separator Finally Removed!

via Amer
I know at least two people who weren’t familiar with the road and drove over that separator. I can’t believe it took them this long to come up with this simple and safer option to prevent trucks from crossing the bridge. Let’s just hope the height limiter is a solid one and won’t break at the first storm.

كمال ديب عن سعيد عقل – الفكرة اللبنانية من دون شوائب

نشرت جريدة الحياة مقالا عن مقابلة أجراها الدكتور كمال ديب، كاتب وأستاذ جامعي كندي من أصل لبناني.

سعيد عقلعن موقع الدكتورة لينا المر نعمة

Beirut – Martyrs Square Christmas Tree From 2009 Till 2014

I dug these pictures out just to show you how we moved from an Elie Saab Christmas tree at some point to the one we have this year.



Lebanese Students Win Gold At The Seoul International Invention Fair 2014

A group of Jamhour students apparently impressed at the Seoul International Invention Fair 2014 and won the first prize with their “Controlling The Mind” invention. To be honest, I didn’t really understand what their invention is nor what they really won because I barely found information about it anywhere. Of course I am happy for them and I hope they get somewhere with this idea, if it’s truly a promising one.

The Latest On Fast Solutions In Social Media

Establish a presence on Facebook, Twitter, blog, or any other sites that shape the world of social media, it costs nothing but time on the most basic level. This will include choosing the right social media platforms, deciding the investment required, and hiring the right people who can help implement these strategies. That's because these websites are perfect ways to meet new people and get your company name well known. So it is imperative to keep them updated about different brands and products you are promoting and for this SMM and its optimization is the best tool in advancing the services. If you're new to social media marketing, let your current customers know that they can now find you on these sites.

Noel a Badaro: A Carefree Weekend!

I’ve been talking about how Badaro is gonna be the next it-place when it comes to nightlife in Lebanon. With the dozens of bars and restaurants open and opening soon, this event couldn’t have come at a better time.

Josons’ Christmas Ad

via Josons
This ad cracked me up because I never know what to get my dad and always end up buying a tie, a shirt or a scarf. Unfortunately, my dad doesn’t hunt so the rifle is not a good idea.

AP Archive: Old Footage From Lebanon

I found this old footage showing military checkpoints back in 1975.

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