Fenicia bank, continuity via Chinese whispers.

Fenicia Bank (formerly known as Bank of Kuwait and the Arab World) is emphasizing its heritage with a cheesy ad. I think though not sure that the client is actually old and the "client service" people (just look at the name card in case you did not get it) are young to emphasize continuity? The line is "lifelong relationship" - for a more confusing take, check this on their own homepage. Under the line of "there are things you'd rather not inherit".

Male bellydancer woos audiences

The news has been a bit heavy lately, so I thought I'd let you know that joy still exists out here.

Take The Ice Bucket Challenge To Help Raise Awareness on ALS

Check out the ice bucket challenge video that a group of Lebanese took part in to raise awareness on ALS.
You can read more about ALS [Here].

Changing the Traditional Image of Coffee

Earlier this year Also Known As was challenged to re-imagine the traditional approach to packaging coffee and create something that we could share with their clients and friends – and so, Wishbone Brew was born. Conceptualized and created by the team at AKA and assembled together by hand, it’s been a long time in the »more...

Inland empire - Even in foreign affairs America is hopelessly self-obsessed

When outsiders watch how America debates foreign policy issues, they are usually taken by the extent to which these become almost entirely domestic conversations.

Before the Iraq war in 2003, as the Bush administration was preparing the ground for an invasion, Americans seemed little concerned for the Iraqis themselves. What preoccupied them was what it all meant for America. And today, as President Barack Obama adds caveats to a new American military intervention in Iraq, it is clear that his main concern is support at home, not the suffering of Arabs or Kurds, Yazidis or Christians.

Why ISIS Are Not Coming To Beirut Anytime Soon

Photoshopped Picture of an ISIS Tank stuck in traffic
Forget all the conspiracy theories and geopolitical and intelligence reports, ISIS will never get to Beirut because of the traffic. Read the whole article [Here].

How To Make Meghli (Caraway Pudding)

Picture taken from here
I was looking for online Meghli recipes in English to send to a friend and I found a really cool website with a detailed and illustrated step-by-step recipe. It’s called JourneyKitchen and here’s a [link] to the Meghli recipe.

19-year Old Lebanese Behind The Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade (لواء احرار السنة) Twitter Account

The ISF has finally caught the guy behind the Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade’s Twitter account and revealed that he’s a 19 year old young man from the Baalbeck region. This kid has terrorized the whole country with his tweets specially after he threatened to attack Christians and burn Churches to the ground. The so-called Free Sunnis of Baalbeck Brigade also claimed responsibility for several rocket and bomb attacks in Lebanon, including the latest suicide bombing at Raouche’s Duroy Hotel.
Let’s just hope that this is the full story and it was indeed some kid fooling around.

Beautiful graffiti vanishes in Hamra

Hamra mural before (1)

Hamra mural after (1)

Lebanese Amale Andraos Appointed Dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture

Lebanese architect Amale Andraos has been appointed as the new dean of the Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation and Planning at Columbia University (GSAPP) in New York City and will assume the position on September 1, replacing Mark Wigley who announced his retirement last year.
Amale is presumably the first woman to become a dean at the school.

ISIL Could Become the Voice of Sunnis If We Don't Find a Way to Stop It Soon

August 12, 2014The New RepublicBy TThe Islamic State in Iraq and Levant’s deep-rooted sense of purpose and its political, financial, and military ability have helped it carve out a safe haven between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

What Tripoli’s Municipality Did Is Illegal, Here’s What To Do About It

The nice thing about our Constitution is that in its preamble, it’s pretty awesome. It ensures Lebanon’s utmost adherence to human rights, the equality of its citizens under law and the absolute right to believe or not believe in whatever you want, and the freedom to practice that freely. The specific articles I’m referring to are the following:

Robin Williams Has Four Upcoming Movies

The Academy Tribute to Robin Williams

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