Avoiding Valentine’s Day Clichés For Kotex’s

I know a lot of us both in relationships and single are kind of over Valentine’s day. It can feel so outdated at times. So as one of Lebanon’s first online and radio relationship experts KOTEX has asked me to come up with some new ideas that could shake things up a little this V-Day .

Adding injury to insult - The dangerous repercussions of Khalid Daher’s remarks

The controversy surrounding the remarks of Khaled Daher, a Jamaa Islamiyya parliamentarian who until Wednesday was also a member of the Future Bloc, has had a profound impact, one which the Sunni community must address carefully.

On Sunday, Daher led a protest against the removal of Islamic flags around Nour Square, part of a campaign to remove political posters, flags and banners from the streets of Beirut, Tripoli and Saida. Inexplicably, he then turned his wrath on the Christians, who had nothing to do with the decision, remarking: “If they want to remove religious symbols, let them start in Beirut. Let them start with the Christ the King statue. Let them start with the pictures of some saints ‘who are opening their arms wide’ in Jounieh.”

What If We Let Kids From All Over Lebanon Fix Our Problems?

Four years ago, the Happiness Heroes helped students from schools all across Lebanon to become socially aware at a younger age and encouraged principals to become more socially responsible and environment-friendly. This year, Picon’s Machrou3 el Jil el Jadeed initiative was launched to empower young Lebanese students, encourage them to serve their community by presenting their creative ideas and showing what they are capable of.

Beards and Eiffel Towers: Reflections on My First Night in Paris

For those of you who saw me live in the past few weeks, you know that my beard has become exceptionally long and bushy. One reason is that, in all honesty, I love my beard. Another, is I wanted to experiment what someone like me, backpacking through Europe with a big beard, would run into.

#Ma3Leila: You Still Have a Chance to Write a Song with Mashrou’ Leila and Absolut

I’m definitely not the best when it comes to Arabic poetry and lyrics, but I’m liking the suggestions people have been putting forth since the launch of the #Ma3Leila campaign earlier this month. We’re at the halfway mark almost, and later today, the last piece of incomplete lyric will be posted on the Absolut Facebook page, so, you still have a chance to help write the lyrics of the most refreshingly transformative band in the past few years.
Here are the two previous posts, which you also can still suggest additions to!

Why Bashar Assad appears so smug

Bashar Assad’s smugness in a series of recent interviews may be justified. As the Syrian president looks around him, he sees that several regional developments are going his way. Whether this means his regime is saved is another question, but for the first time in four years his barbaric policies appear to be paying off.

Assad’s efforts in 2011 to depict the uprising against his rule as no more than the work of armed terrorist gangs has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Syrian regime helped assure that extremists would gain control of the revolt and turn it into a sectarian conflict. Today, even Arab countries opposed to Assad have made the campaign against ISIS a priority, undermining the primacy of the struggle against a brutal Syrian regime.

Good Storm

 How do you know you’ve got a good storm? Count the number of umbrellas you see lying in the gutter. I spotted four in one street alone.

Five Great Tales Ruined By Mobile Phones

The Odyssey
After the end of the ten-year Trojan War, Odysseus is trying to return home to Ithaca to be reunited with his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus. Fearing that Odysseus had died, Penelope and Telemachus are in agony. They are tormented by the prospect of life without him. Fortunately, after half an hour of this mental anguish they receive a text message from Odysseus saying that he is on his way home. Odysseus books a trip on his mobile phone app and manages to return home in time for dinner that night.

Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – Valentines Special

This week’s round of events features the best valentines plans from Lebtivity. And don’t quickly get disappointed if you’re single, because there are some plans for you too!

Obama must beware of Iranians signing deals

Amid uncertainty as to whether the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany can reach a deal with Iran on its nuclear programme lies a deeper question: would a deal lead to Washington’s acceptance of a dominant role for Tehran in the Middle East?

The evidence that it might is more than anecdotal, even though the US has not made explicit statements about a shift in regional policy.

That the American administration is still unclear about the future with Iran was evident in recent remarks by Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, and president Barack Obama. Both have said that if a nuclear accord were not reached by the end of March, a further extension would be of no benefit.

The Sisters Show: The Lebanese Edition Of The Kardashians

The Abdel Aziz sisters (@StyleinBeirut) will apparently star in a new reality show on LBC called the Sisters, a show similar to the Kardashians based on what Mondanite said, which is not really a good thing if you ask me. I personally can’t watch the Kardashians for more than 2 minutes.
Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how Lebanese react to such reality shows. One thing is for sure, the Kardashian sisters are much prettier.

Why ZeeZee M’s Banana Song Is A Failed Publicity Stunt

When I first shared the horrible Banana song, a friend told me that she knew the girl and that she’s studying theater at the Lebanese University so I had a feeling that this could be a joke but couldn’t prove it. A week later, the girl shows up with Adel Karam on Hayda 7aki and claims the whole thing was a publicity stunt organized by MTV, Impact BBDO and Sa2afetna aimed at bringing back our true culture and encouraging people to make a difference and share the stories that matter most.

Yohan Storm Damages Ain El-Mreisseh Cornishe

This Yohan storm might not be as intense and cold as Zina that Lebanon witnessed a few weeks ago, but it is sure bringing massive high waves and very strong wind.
These photos were all taken this morning by Tarek Hajjar and Bilal Soubra and show the damage caused to the cornishe in Ain El Mreisseh due to the high waves. I also heard on the news that part of Dbayeh maritime road close to Nahr El Kalb collapsed due to the storm.

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