الشحرورة صباح تبرّجت وتغنّجت وتأنّقت وتألّقت وتسرّبت إلى القلوب بطيبتها وقهقهات ضحكاتها وشنّفت الآذان بمواويلها الصدّاحة والخلّابة وسجّل غناؤها تراثاً فنّياً رائعاً يتردّد صداه في أذهان اللبنانيّين والعرب وبزّت “حاتم طيّ” بجودها وحاكت الأم تيريزا برأفتها وإنسانيتها. لك يا صبّوحة مكانة مميّزة بين الصدّيقين والبررة بجوار شفيعتك سانت تريز دو ليزيو في الأعالي. لقد “سرقت” قلوب الناس على حدّ قول شحرور الوادي لعبد الوهاب “الحرامي”.
حميد عوّاد

Ivy’s Holiday Makeup Must Haves from Beauty Concept

No matter how much makeup I accumulate, I can’t seem to ever have enough. It could be five parallel degrees of one shade of blush or lipstick, but I’ll convince myself that they’re not the same, and end up with them all. No complaints there.

Brand Building Basics for Beginners

According to Marty Neumeier, "the main purpose of branding is to get more people to buy more stuff for more years at a higher price." For beginning entrepreneurs, brand building is an important part of firmly establishing your business within the market. If your business has poor brand recognition, or if you promote an inconsistent brand, you may lose or even alienate some of your best customers. Here are a few basics to help you get your brand off the ground if you are starting from scratch.

The Pink House

From the balcony of the Pink House  
Everybody  in town is talking about the Rose House after this post“The Rose House is opening up its doors? Have you seen it?” is the news. 

Check Out Awesome non-Terrorist Pizza: Domino’s Pizza In Syria

I have no idea how this page is still up and no one reported yet. Check out the last few posts:
Enhanced security in central Damascus restaurants!
The toilets are NOT a place to dispose of inert grenades! We’ve been having issues with this a lot lately, especially with the IS militants.
-Domino’s Syria Team
1 large pizza for every IS corpse in our Damascus restaurants!
-Dominos Pizza Syria team

When Will Assaults Against Journalists In Lebanon Stop?

Picture via Now
This is not the first time that Lebanese security forces assault journalists during an event or a demonstration and probably won’t be the last. I really wish I could understand why a policeman might go after a journalist. Looking at the video, the ISF officers seemed outraged and pissed off but I couldn’t figure out why and I didn’t read any justification of their actions.

More Things Up North

Enfeh village; a collection of home-built structures 

Hide Your Kids! فيديو لسمكة قاتلة تفرم الحديد

There’s nothing new about this killer can-eating fish that has gone viral in the past few days. It’s called the puffer fish and it’s been there for the past 10 years or more in Lebanon. In fact, Saida fishermen exhibited tens of these fish back in 2008 in order to warn the residents of eating them as they are highly poisonous.
I wonder if there’s any strategy set to keep this fish away from our shores.

The World’s Largest Ancient Stone Block Found In Baalbeck!

Photo credit: Deutsches Archäologisches Institut.
German Archeologists have discovered right next to the “Hajar Al Hibla” in Baalbeck, or the stone of the pregnant woman, the biggest known ancient stone block. The stone is more than 20 meters long and weighs 1,650 tons. It was meant to be transported without being cut but archeologists will need to extend the trenches to determine its exact height.
Baalbeck is one of the largest Roman sanctuaries known and has some of the best preserved Roman ruins in Lebanon.

For The Love Of Hummus: All About That Paste

This is the same guy from the “Chicken wings and Hummus” video. I love hummus but I only have it if there’s Taouk or grilled meat. It’s not that great by itself.
via LBC

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