Lebanese Man Sentenced To 9 Months In Prison For Beating And Torturing His Wife

Tamara Harisi and her baby daughter
He should be jailed for 9 years not just 9 months but it’s better than nothing. However, I wonder who will protect the wife once the guy is freed from prison because even if she divorces him, he might still go after her. After all, he didn’t just beat her but he even tried to set her on fire but his lighter didn’t work fortunately.
Here’s what Tamara had to say [Video].

No More Free Night Traffic For Ogero DSL Users

According to this article, free night traffic is no longer be available for Ogero DSL internet users and will be replaced by a 2Mbps unlimited plan for 75,000LL (50$).

The Facebook experiment and the 300 Dollars an hour.

Facebook from the Tanaklogia by Tarek Chemaly

In case you have not heard, Facebook is under fire for "a vast experiment in which it manipulated information posted on 689,000 users' home pages and found it could make people feel more positive or negative through a process of "emotional contagion"." The sutdy was done in conjunction with academics from Cornell and the University of California.

Tripoli Cafe Open During Fasting Hours Hit By Grenade

It is not clear whether the cafe was attacked because it was open during fasting hours, but that memo that was approved by Tripoli’s mayor has indirectly contributed to this incident. Having said that, the least Tripoli’s mayor should do is arrest those who threw that grenade the soonest and threaten those who attack cafes of punishment.

Security Guards and Valet Parking

In Lebanon, I’d say half of the population parks the cars of the other half. And when they are not parking cars, valet youngsters roam around the streets with scooter bikes reserving spots for potential customers.
You also have another sizable portion, serving as security guards for residential areas, political figures, and other “big projects”. Say, Saifi village, or very recently now the Sanayeh gardens. Imagine! Who would have thought that a garden needs a security guard? But in Lebanon all gardens (and there are maybe 3 in total with a maximum of 5 trees in them) have security guards.

Of FreeCell and Phone Chargers: A Lebanese Parable

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 6.11.43 PMLebanese politics often resembles a game of FreeCell to me. Or, for the millennials among us: 2048, which I often catch my students playing on their phones before class begins. For long stretches, the board is locked down. There is an occasional opening, a small shift in the grid, but it comes to nothing. Hardly anything moves for several rounds as the prospect of a game-ending rigor mortis looms.

Live Love Lebanon: Dans Mon Pays Que J’aime Tant, Il y a Pappaz et Silicon

Here are the lyrics:
Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
A Jal el Dib
y a plus de pont
Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
Au City Mall
y a plein de ponts
Dans mon pays
Il ya des gens
qui roulent trop vite
out trop doucement
Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
Il ya pappaz et silicon
Dans mon pays
y a de l’Embouteillage
Du Centre ville lal casino
Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
A Jal el Dib
y a plus de pont

انتفاضة القدس Intifada in Jerusalem

(حبر على ورق ink on paper)
انتفاضة في حي شعفاط في القدس إثر قيام مجموعة من المستوطنين الاسرائيليين بقتل الفتى محمد أبو خضير  
An uprisal in Shuafat neighborhoud (Jerusalem)- The aftermath of killing young Muhammed Abu Khdeir  by a bunch of Israeli settlers


(رصاص وحبر على ورق pencil and ink on paper)
محمد أبو خضير (17 عاما) كان ذاهبا لأداء صلاة الفجر في مسجد قريب من منزله في القدس عندما تم اختطافه على يد مجموعة من المستوطنين الاسرائيليين قاموا لاحقا بقتله و حرق جثته
Muhammed Abu Khdeir (17 years old) was going for the morning prayer in a mosque near to his house in Jerusalem when he was kidnapped by a bunch of Israeli settlers who eventually killed him and burned his body.

Stand Up Comedy By A Salafi Sheikh From Tripoli

That was surprisingly funny but I am not sure if it will help improve the images of Salafists in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Racing Park Mtein (RPM Lebanon): A New Karting Circuit In Lebanon

Picture via Biser3a
I was told about this circuit a week ago and I just looked it up and found it on Facebook. Racing Park Mtein is expected to open within weeks from now and is presumably the biggest kart track in the Middle East.

Where Are The Public And Free Beaches In Lebanon?

Tyr Beach – Taken from BeirutNightLife
I was in Ayia Napa a couple of weeks ago and all the beaches were accessible to everyone for free. You only had to pay in case you want a long chair, a towel or drinks. Unfortunately for us Lebanese, the majority of Lebanon’s coastline is privatized and entrance fees to the 250+ beach clubs can range from 10$ to 40$ or more.

Picture Of The Ballouneh Explosion (Not A Terrorist One)

Picture via Annahar
They are saying the explosion was caused by some substance in the sewers (or sanitary hole in that case) but the picture is terrifying. It’s a good thing no one got hurt.

Idiot of the day

This is terrible yet funny! According to LBCI,  some guy decided to fix his building’s overloaded sanitary sewer near Ballouneh last night by dumping some (too much) carbide into it, a substance that is sometimes used to make explosives, which unfortunately led to blowing up the sewer and part of the building!

Jamaa al-Yad and a project still relevant sadly.

أمن بالحجر تحيا
Believe in the stone you shall live

يا حافر حفرة يا واقع فيها

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