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A couple friends of mine recently started a cool blog that I really recommend you start reading if you’re into discovering new places in Lebanon and enjoying its nature.

First Snowfall in Lebanon This Season!

After am abysmal winter last season, which limited the entire ski and snowboard season to a handful of days, not to mention the more dire issue of drought and water shortage across Lebanon, we really need Mother Nature to be generous this time around.

An embarrassment with a portfolio

Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has been ridiculed in recent days for his embarrassing performance at a meeting he held on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly session with the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates.

A video of the incident has been circulating, so there is not much to add. A smirking Bassil is repeatedly seen calling out to an assistant, asking “Rami, where is Caroline?” He then makes a hand gesture indicating that the woman, Caroline Ziadeh, the deputy permanent representative of Lebanon at the U.N., is attractive. The scene then cuts to Ziadeh, who is seen sitting down and straightening her skirt with an expression suggesting she is not happy.

Ziad Rahbani Is Leaving Lebanon For Good and Moving To Russia

Picture via musicnation
I was never a big fan of Ziad Rahbani. I never liked his plays, his jokes or his views. Some of his songs are ok, specially the ones with Joseph Sakr but that’s about it. He said he’s leaving Lebanon for good but I doubt that Ziad is capable of committing to anything as he wasn’t even showing up to his own concerts lately.
PS: Someone should tell Ziad Russia is no longer communist.

Red Bull Car Park Drift At The Charles Helou Bus Station

The Red Bull Car Park Drift National Final is taking place this Saturday at the Charles Helou Bus Station starting 4pm. The Red Bull CPD is an event I always look forward to and the Charles Helou Bus Station sounds like the perfect location for it. See you all petrol heads there!

The Chase Kaslik Closed For Renovation

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is closing for good not just renovation. Business has been really slow in this part of Kaslik and a lot of restaurants have closed down there. The Chase holds a lot of memories for me as it used to be one of my favorite spots. The salad bar, the pizzas, the desserts and the merry cream during summer were the best!
I will keep checking to see if it’s going to reopen or not.

Laptop theft in Dora caught on CCTV

According to, this took place near Almaza brewery.

MSN is back. Seriously.

MSN from the Tanaklogia series by Tarek Chemaly

MSN is back. No, seriously,MSN is back. You know that retro vibe sweeping over everything from fashion to tech-styling (heck, there's even an arcade stand for the iPad called iCade and cassette iPhone cases), vintage clothing has never been more "in" (old school Versace and classic Pucci to name but two), and recup' is all the rage in interior decoration... Hence, MSN is back.
Who knows, the next Microsoft product might just be a newly revamped geocities complete with guestbooks!  

Sick Arguile Skills

Don’t try this at home and don’t smoke arguile at all if possible. If you are wondering why, click [Here].

Revealed: Amal Alamuddin is Wonder Woman.

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly

So now it's been revealed: Amal Alamuddin is the real Wonder Woman. Hollywood casting agents take note (and Mr. Clooney AKA Mr. Amal Alamuddin should get her signed to some top notch agent). This woman - like in the Percy Sledge song - "can do no wrong". Brains: check, education: check, style: check, and the list goes on.

Lebanese man goes nuts in Sydney airport

Old but Gold
Typically Lebanese :)

FASHAL – Driver’s Asleep

Taken by Lori Kh.

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