Can We Stop The Cheesy Army Songs And Cheesy Support?

I am all for supporting the Lebanese Army, but someone needs to stop these cheesy and lame Lebanese Army songs being played on TVs. Moreover, Al Jadeed’s TV anchor wore the army uniform yesterday as a sign of support, which I didn’t like as well and found really cheesy. It’s enough these days to just put a hashtag or a small logo just like LBCI did with the N thing.

Mad WoMen in Hell.

"Before and (ever)after" Tarek Chemaly

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”, said former secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Sadly, the same statement was repeated by singer Taylor Swift in reply to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s jokes at her expense (while presenting the Golden Globes of 2014). The joke is that Poehler later said that of course she’d be going to hell, “but for other reasons. Mostly boring tax stuff.”

Holidays Part 6

Playing backgammon at the Riviera Beach Club  I have gone on my annual Trek to the Motherland: I have to replenish my body and soul with energy in order to be able to deal with another year of Lebanon. It is a country of incredible beauty and wonderful people, but the place is a paradox. What you experience in Lebanon in one year, you experience in another country in a life time. The pace of living is so fast, yet so relaxed at the same time, that it drains your energy like no other place. And so I have gone to re-energize.

Badda Awou Ma Badda Hal2ad?

A Liverpool fan (Lebanese?) is seen crying after she took a picture with Steven Gerrard at a training session at Princeton. I don’t know if she’s Lebanese or not, but you can see the Lebanese flag right next to her and the woman behind her (her mother?) and the two guys are talking Arabic so it’s possible.
The sure thing is that she’s a die-hard Liverpool fan. Here’s an interview (Thanks Patrick) with [Here] for those interested.

A Not So Happy Lebanese Army Day After All

At least 8 army soldiers were killed yesterday after Syrian gunmen attacked their checkpoints in Arssal. The Lebanese army quickly regained control of the checkpoints and pushed back the gunmen but the situation is still tense. Everything started when the army arrested Abou Ahmad Jemaa, who’s the Jobhat el Nusra “Prince” in Lebanon.

Al Hallab’s New Summer Collection of Oriental Sweets with Ice Cream

I read a ‘tweet’ saying that Al Hallab has introduced a number of new desserts to their menu. Of course I rushed to check it out… My sweet tooth was craving for something new and one of the mouthwatering items “Hallab Bassma” caught my attention. Called Oriental Sweets with Ice Cream, these seven new items can »more...

Beirut Beer vs Pepsi - too close for comfort (UPDATE)

I know the title of this post might be confusing, please note I am not comparing tastes, I am just pointing out that the headline of the newly launched Beirut Beer by Kassatly Chtaura which is "inta adda" (you're up to it!) is very very close to the signature by Pepsi "khallik adda" (keep being up to it) which was used for a very very long time (and it was the Arabic transposition of "ask for more"). It's still too fresh in my memory for this to benefit from statute of limitation on copycat crimes.

"War" by Naomi Shihab Nye

"If this is what we studied for, heads bent over books in wooden desks engraved with the names of the dead, then I have a new feeling for subtraction.   
Olive trees, three acres slashed equals zero zero zero. That’s my address. The grade on my page.   
If this is the spectrum of pronouns— you kill, he or she kills, anyone might kill— then I speak a new language without them. Words rinse into one another recklessly— morning, wishes, windows, paste of kisses on a child’s warm scalp.   

8 Lebanese Art Exhibitions You Should See this Summer

Contre Nature, 2014, Courtesy of Beirut Art CentreContre Nature, 2014, Courtesy of Beirut Art Centre
Lebanon has all the necessary ingredients for a journey of cultural discovery. It is a unique nation, yet one deeply connected to the realities of the surrounding region; this complex and geographically specific identity is highly visible even in the art exhibitions taking place in the country this summer. Enjoy our virtual tour through some of the best exhibitions happening in the coming months in Lebanon’s best galleries and museums.

How To Help Iraqi Refugees In Lebanon

Ever since the Islamic State (Da3esh) took over Mossul, a lot of Iraqi families have been fleeing to Lebanon seeking refuge and there are over 1300 families till now according to the Chaldean Archdiocese in Hazmieh, Beirut. These families were forced to leave in a matter of days and most of them have nowhere to go, which is why the Chaldean Archdiocese along with other churches have been receiving them and helping them out.

Trying To Be Funny

Picture taken by Ahmad Jaber
Thanks Chadi!

Eat Out for Life Campaign: Eat Out Until August 7th And Help The CCCL

From the first till the 7th August, if you eat out at any of the restaurants below, you will be contributing to the treatment of a sick child at the CCCL. There are a lot of popular restaurants participating in this initiative like Central, Pepe’s, Pzzco, Brgrco, Crepaway, Mayrig and Shawarmanji.
You can find the nearest restaurants [Here] and give them a visit before the 7th of August.

"The consumer is a moron, he's your husband" Ogilvy (not).

Polaroid by Tarek Chemaly

Remember that famous quote from David Ogilvy? “The consumer
is not a moron, she’s your wife”? Well, obviously he was addressing men in
advertising. Considering that the female element is on the rise – and just like
the introduction of African American players in the National Baskeball
Association (NBA) – proved a threat to the whites, so is the female in the ad
industry is proving even as worthy (if not more than) their male counterpart.

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