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Very Beautiful Time-lapse Photography from Lebanon

Lebanese photographer Charbel Abi Semaan spent one whole year to make this awesome video, and according to the description on Vimeo it was all shot in a town called Ehmej.

Beirut+ TV – Interview with Mia Khalifa

Beirut+ TVImage by beirutplus.tv
A collection of animated Lebanese news by a gathering of funny crazy Lebanese artists. Try to see things from an another perspective, even if Mia Khalife is the cause you are here. Se their work here.

Massive accident involving 20 cars in the airport tunnel

I just saw this photos on bintjbeil.org of an accident inside the airport tunnel last night involving 20 cars but luckily without injuries.
A normal accident on that road usually causes a 30-60 minutes traffic jam due to how narrow the road is, so I can’t imagine how much people had to wait last night until everything got cleared and the tunnel was opened again.

Charlie pour toujours!
On ne sait trop quoi faire contre la satire. Elle est par nature subversive et le rire qu’elle provoque est parfois destructeur de certitudes. Umberto Eco, dans Le Nom de la Rose, avait fait du rire le pivot de son célèbre roman, porté au cinéma. Le bibliothécaire aveugle de l’abbaye, Jorge de Burgos dit: "Le rire tue la peur, et sans la peur, il n’y a pas de foi, sans la peur, il n’y a plus besoin de Dieu. Pouvons-nous rire de Dieu? Le monde retomberait dans le chaos."

Lebanon’s Fadel Adib is on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List

fadel adib
The name might be familiar to you since Fadel Adib was already on MIT’s “35 Innovators Under 35″ list earlier in 2014 along with Ayah Bdeir and Rand Hindi.
Fadel is known to have created WiTrack, which allows tracking of moving bodies using wireless signals, and has been named once again among the world’s top people in technology but this time in Forbes list of 30 Under 30 rising stars in enterprise technology.
Fadel Adib, 25, Ph.D. candidate at MIT

َQuran referred Jesus as the “Word” and the “Spirit” of God. | Adonis Diaries

jesus-quran“Jesus used to eat the leaves of the trees,” reads one saying, “dress in hairshirts, and sleep wherever night found him. He had no child who might die, no house which might fall into ruin; nor did he save his lunch for his dinner or his dinner for his lunch. He used to say, ‘Each day brings with it its own sustenance.‘”

Annoying Moviegoers !

Smartphone theaters
Movie theaters usually ask you to silence you phone before the movie starts in order to perfectly enjoy the screening and avoid any disturbance to the experience. Most moviegoers usually abide by this which is good. However, another problem that really annoys me and is starting to become more and more recurrent, is people that cannot get off social media and keep using their smartphones while cranking up the brightness to maximum. These people do RUIN the movie experience. Have you lately came across such people at the cinemas?

Almaza on the Mia Khalifa Controversy

Almaza is as usual keeping up with Lebanon’s heated discussions, but I have mixed feelings about this poster.

Armed Robbery in Baalbeck Caught on Video

Gotta respect how quick and professional they are!

Things to Do This Week in Lebanon

As you probably already know, I’m teaming up with Lebtivity to bring you on Wednesday of each week 10 handpicked events or things to do in Lebanon to inspire your plans for the week.
I’ll try to make the events I choose everytime as diverse as I can ranging from theater plays to restaurants specials and outdoor activities. Below are the the 10 plans I picked for this week.

ثورة دينية و كده

ناس كتيرة “علمانية” جابتهم علي التايملاين لما السيسي إدي خطاب أن الأزهر محتاج “ثورة دينية”، عشان كل واحد فسرها بطريقته.  بس هم كلهم فهموها غلط الصراحة. عاوزين تعرفوا يعني إيه نعمل ثورة دينية بالنسبة للسيسى؟ يبقي أسألو نفسكم با لنسبة للسيسى يعني إيه تعمل ثورة.
عشان تبقي عملت ثورة، يبقي لازم تقبض علي أعداء الثورة، عشان أي ثورة لازم يبقي ليها أعداء، و القبض عليهم ده أثبات و أنجاز في نفس الوقت. زي القبض علي مبارك كده كان أثبات و أنجاز ثورة يناير كده. و القبض علي الأخوان أثبات و أنجاز تلاتين يونيو.

Byblos Brims With Culture, History and Life | Magda Abu-Fadil

 huffingtonpost.comByblos – 3d show. Source:Byblos, one of the oldest continuously inhabited Phoenician cities, was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984, thanks to its rich layers of history dating back 7,000 years, according to scholars, Cadmos is said to have introduced the alphabet we use today to the Greeks, who, in turn, gave us the Greek alphabet. A statue honoring him faces the port.

Cheating Reality

When people ask me why i’ve stopped writing regularly, my response is usually “what is there to write about?”. Their universal response is usually giving me this sympathetic smile and say something akin to “I can’t blame you. It’s becoming too dangerous”, and then they change the subject as if attempting to evade a topic of embarrassment to me. I allow them to do this, to have them assume that my silence is out of cowardice, because it’s the easiest and fastest way to end the conversation. The truth is I wish I had the wisdom to not write due to self-preservation, but this is not the case. I’ve stopped writing simply because writing about Egypt these days is like writing another round-up of this week’s most unfortunate events: It’s boring. It’s like tweeting from the Titanic.

The Snow in Faraya Today

The cold weather that we are experiencing this weekend is bringing much needed snow to our mountains and Faraya seems to have got a good amount so far.
The cold front is supposed to last over the next week I think and more snow is expected, so the slopes may probably open in the next couple of weekends.
Below is a photo showing how the slopes in Faraya looked like on the same day of the previous year (January 3rd 2014), so 2015 looks definitely promising.

Alexander Attacks the City of Tyre – Google Cultural Institute

Alexander invade Tyre
Standing at the center of the lead ship in gold armor, Alexander the Great directs the naval assault on the Phoenician city of Tyre in January 332 B.C.
Alexander Attacks the City of Tyre – Master of the Jardin de vertueuse consolation and assistant (Flemish, active 3rd quarter of 15th century) – Google Cultural Institute.

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