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The ISF can forever claim that they have their “own ways” to stop these stupid motorbikers. But in fact nothing is being done that even 12 years old kids now do wheelies on the streets!
photo via YASA

NSFW – 1973 Liberality VS 2014 Rigorism in Lebanon

I just stumbled upon this old scene from a 1973 Lebanese movie and quickly recalled AlJoumohouri’a article yesterday bashing the beach parties at C-Flow Jbeil.

مسبح أو كاباريه؟
ففي نهاية الأسبوع قررت الصديقات الاستجمام في لبنان وزيارة أحد المسابح المميزة التي تجمع اللبنانيين على اختلاف أعمارهم وطوائفهم وإنتماءاتهم السياسية، وتهتم بهم وتقدّم لهم «خدماتٍ خاصّة».

Shark hunted off Chekka coast today

chekka shark
Around a month ago, a fisherman caught an 800Kg shark off the Mina coast of Tripoli, and just today another one was hunted near Chekka.

Air Arabia fixed Lebanon’s map!

Seems like someone at Air Arabia felt like Lebanon’s map is too wide from the top so he/she decided to fix it!

But seriously now, how can someone get a map wrong in 2014?!
via Bikaffe

Al Jadeed News Fail – Hitler cheered in his grave for Germany’s win!

This is quite weird and awkward! Zeinab Abdel Sater and Jad Ghosn from Al Jadeed TV concluded their report about the world cup final game by stating that Hitler cheered in his grave for Germany’s win! (At the 1m50s mark)
They definitely need to have their reports reviewed before airing next time!
via Ali Mourad

Video of the Mannschaft fans going crazy in Hamra

This is insane! Check how the fans of Germany celebrated in Hamra following the win over Argentina in the world cup final last night!

On a side note, I’m a fan of Germany too and have been waiting for this moment for 24 years now! :D

Custom fees to be imposed on orders from AliExpress?

I’m not a big fan of AliExpress as I have tried it once and wasn’t very satisfied with the stuff I received, however I know a lot of people who are literally addicted to it and keep ordering cheap stuff from it!
The reason why these people love AliExpress is because they pay very low shipping fees and absolutely no custom dues when their packages arrive to Lebanon since they’re labeled as gifts, which sounds like a steal if the stuff you’re ordering are of really good value.

Tex Arabia

If I were in Beirut right now, I'd probably be hearing the sound of Israeli jets as they bank up the Mediterranean after dropping bombs on Gaza and then perhaps make a pass across the Lebanese coast to intimidate any resistance from across the border. But this week I'm in Texas, where the skies are blue, the tortillas are hot and no one seems to have a clue about what is going on in the Middle East. 

Meet Kiki C – A supposedly Lebanese rapper

Kiki C labels herself on Facebook as a Lebanese rapper but she seems more like an exotic model to me!
So far, we know almost nothing about her except that she has has released one song called “The Mediterranean” and claims to have been on tour with Snoop Dogg.

Maya Diab on Ramez Qersh El Baher

As every year, Ramez Galal always manages to pull the scariest pranks on celebrities! It’s good no one has fainted on the show yet.
Another Lebanese celebrity who also got pranked on Ramez Qersh El Baher is Nawal El Zoghbi.

Careem – Another cab app launched in Beirut!

Seems like it’s the cab apps day on the blog today! I was searching for similar services to Uber in the region and came across this article on the launching of Careem in Beirut.
Careem is yet another cab app that connects passengers to drivers and works exactly the same way as Uber, except that I felt like the booking process is smoother in Uber. What remains now though is knowing which one has the best fares and service.

Uber launches in Beirut

Uber is a on-demand car service based in San Francisco, California that connects passengers with drivers in over 140 cities through a mobile app allowing customers to order a ride, track their driver’s location, and finally pay using their credit card.
They have already been operating in several cities across the middle east, and they just announced today on their blog expanding to Beirut with Pierre Rabbat and Daniella Rahme being the first two to try their service.

Smell of victory - Hamas is benefitting from the latest clash between Israel and Palestine

The Israeli campaign in Gaza is ongoing, so it may be premature to designate winners and losers just yet. However, from the perspective of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the fighting until now has allowed both to attain a number of political and military objectives at a crucial time in inter-Palestinian relations.

The latest Gaza war has been very different from previous ones by virtue of the weapons the Palestinian groups have deployed. Whereas Hamas and Islamic Jihad mainly bombed Israeli localities near the Strip in the past (because their weapons didn’t allow otherwise), today they have the capability of targeting Israeli cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

"Separation of Church and State"

It seems the Middle East is not the only place where God and guns go together. This alternating digital display was running constantly on screens throughout New York's LaGuardia Airport.

وأد التطرّف لإنعاش لبنان

*المهندس حميد عواد

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