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Gebran Bassil busted in New York

Men will always be men, but that’s definitely not valid when you’re representing Lebanon at the United Nations in New York and meeting with the Emirati minister of foreign affairs!
This video below shows Gibran Bassil asking one of his assistants about some woman called “Caroline”, then when the Emirati minister seemed surprised about his question, he responds with a hand gesture that he was asking because she’s so hot and wishes she was present with them in the meeting!

Quite embarrassing I say!

Wine Skydiving and all between

recreation list lebanonText and image: Beirut.com
With one of the most beautiful and diverse terrains in the Middle East, Lebanon offers a variety of different recreational activities. From skydiving and paragliding to jet skiing and hiking, we’re sure nature lovers won’t find a shortage of things to do in beirut.com’s guide to recreation.

Almaza trolls Apple by copying Heineken

I know Almaza is actually owned by Heineken, but it is still uncool.
Check here to see how other brands took a jab at Apple for the iPhone 6 Plus bendgate.

Toward a Syrian endgame? - The anti-ISIS campaign may lead to an Assad exit

If Iran and Hezbollah appear worried about the attacks being directed by the United States and its allies against the Islamic State, or ISIS, the reason is simple. They realize that the logical outcome of military operations in Syria is likely to be pressure for a political solution that leads to Bashar al-Assad’s departure.

The connection between the anti-ISIS campaign and the Syrian conflict was made on Thursday at a Friends of Syria foreign ministers’ meeting in New York. Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal expressed it succinctly: “For as long as the strife in Syria continues, the growth of extremist groups will continue.”

Batman fans, this is for you!

If you’re a Batman fan, you’re gonna love this. The Piano guys made this epic video highlighting 50 years of Batman music, film, and BATMOBILES.
On a side note, Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice, the sequel to “Man of Steel” is due out in March 2016. Can’t wait!

Marrouche Hamra closed down for bankruptcy

marrouche hamra
According to this photo by Amer Tabsh, Marrouche Hamra has been sealed with red wax today following a court order after going bankrupt.
The place has been serving one of the best chicken garlic sandwiches in Beirut for ages now and I just can’t understand how did it go bankrupt… I mean people remained loyal to Marrouche over time even though sandwiches were selling for a relatively high price (7,000L.L) because they were really tasty, yet for some reason it ended up getting sealed with red wax!

The Army is being sucked into Syria

The rising number of attacks against the Lebanese Army in Arsal and northern Lebanon is a worrying reminder of what is at stake for the military. In entering the fray in Arsal, the Army has immersed itself in the treacherous dynamics of Syria’s civil war.

By trying to close off the Lebanese-Syrian border, a legitimate aim in principle, the Army is effectively participating in strangling the Syrian rebels in the Qalamoun district. The rebels rely on access to Arsal to resupply themselves and to rest. With winter coming, the rebels realize that they will have to come down from the high ground in Qalamoun, and if they are denied access to Arsal, they will have to find alternatives, leaving them more vulnerable to attack by the Syrian regime and Hezbollah.

Decades later, Camp David’s legacy remains debatable

Thirty-six years ago this month, Israel and Egypt negotiated the Camp David accords under the watchful eyes of US president Jimmy Carter, leading to an Egyptian-Israeli peace settlement.

What lessons can we learn from Camp David? Lawrence Wright has tried to answer that question in a new book, Thirteen Days in September. As he shows, the messages are mixed.

Optimists will say that Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian president Anwar Al Sadat arrived in Camp David with maximalist positions, and that only their willingness to compromise produced a historical final agreement.

Sorry, but we like to rip you off!

psn plus961
If you are a gamer like me, you might have noticed a not so subtle increase in the price of PSN (PlayStation Network) cards. These were previously priced at 22$ for the 20$ card and 55$ for the 50$ card. Currently the latter is selling for a whooping 65$. So you can forget about the digital purchase of games since the amount you’ll be saving on the game’s price you’ll be paying on the price of the PSN card.
If you know the reason for this increase kindly share in the comment section!
P.S: the prices mentioned above are from Virgin Megastore.

Stunning Milky Way time-lapse video from Lebanon

This is one awesome compilation of Milky Way time-lapse videos taken at several location in Lebanon and Wadi Rum in Jordan. They were all shot and edited by fellow blogger Moophz.
Aside from stargazing, Moophz has a very interesting computer security blog, and you can also follow him on twitter.

The War with Images

My article at Opendemocracy on the use of images in war situations.

Shopping & Shipping from the US made easy

So you decided to spend your hard-earned money on a gadget you’ve been eyeballing for a while, but you noticed that it costs a fortune less in the United States. Well, shopping and shipping from the US has never been easier specially with some major US retailers (see Amazon) accepting non-US credit cards. I’ll be mainly focusing on Amazon since it is where you will find the cheapest prices online.
In order to make a purchase on amazon you will need the following:

وفي الليلة الظلماء يُفتقد البدر

بغياب السيّد هاني فحص المثقّف الثاقب البصيرة والحاضن رسالة لبنان الحواريّة والانفتاحيّة والوئاميّة في وجدانه والناطق بها بوضوح وشجاعة وقناعة بلسانه على منابر منتديات الحوار العابر للطوائف يشعر اللبنانيّون الاقحاح أنّهم مُنيوا بخسارة لا تُعوّض. ّفموقعه الفكريّ والمرجعيّ الروحيّ هو قدوة وقطب قيادي يضعه في مصاف النخبة الموثوقة الجاذبة والموجبة للإصغاء. وهج فكر السيّد فحص دائم التوقّد وبثّ شرر الوعي الوطنيّ وأهميّة التنوّع وحريّة الفكر والمعتقد. لا بدّ أن تشعل شرارات نوره أذهان اللبنانيّين وتوقظ في اعماقهم إدراكاً لأهميّة “جبلة” وطنهم فيمحضوه أولويّة الولاء. رغم غيابك الجسدي أيّها السيّد الملهم فإنّ طيفك الوقور سيظلّ يهدينا سواء السبيل. حميد عوّاد

Eye on you - Americans have had enough with totalitarian policies

Apple’s decision to make it impossible for the company to hand over information on users of iPhones or iPads to police is welcome. The company has introduced encryption that allows only users of the devices to gain access to the data in them.

Apple has found a neat way around the dilemma of having to comply with court orders obliging it to deliver such data while simultaneously respecting their clients’ privacy.

Fadel Adib – Tracking grandmother

fadel adib
Fadel Adib was born in Tripoli, Lebanon, in 1989.
“When I went home to Lebanon and I was talking to my grandmother about it, she was like, ‘So, for example, can I put it over here in my living room, and if I fall in the bedroom or in the bathroom, it’s going to going to detect my fall and send an SMS to one of my children? Please, make this a product and put it here.’”
—Text and image: Technology Review.

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