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That was a close call!

saida crash
This woman from Saida must be very lucky! She almost got killed because of these two crashing cars.

For better or worse, Beirut’s skyline is changing | The National

One by one, the old traditional houses of Beirut are vanishing as luxury towers sprout up on every corner, altering the city’s skyline almost beyond recognition amid an continuing construction frenzy seemingly immune to tensions from the civil war raging next door. All photos by Hussein Malla / AP Photo

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! May it bring you joy and happiness.
Photo via Lebanon POW

The Internal Security Forces rewarding seat-belt users

noel isf
The minute I saw this photos on twitter I knew it was some kind of a media stunt by the Lebanese Internal Security Forces. And the first thing that came to my mind was that they should have been working to ease the traffic congestion over the past few days instead of taking photos with Santa. But now that I saw the video I think it was a nice move.
In a country where people honk at you at a red light, I personally would have loved to get rewarded by the ISF for wearing the seatbelt!

“ثورة” باباويّة تحت “القبّة” الميلاديّة

المهندس حميد عوّاد* حلول قداسة البابا فرنسيس في سدّة رئاسة الكنيسة الكاثوليكيّة كان حدثاّ “ثوريّاً” في تاريخ البابويّة، فسلوكه ينمّ عن إلتزام عميق بلبّ العقيدة المسيحيّة الأصيلة المرصّعة بمؤمنيها، لا بالجواهر ولا مظاهر الأبّهة المتبجّحة. لقد رفض العزلة في “برج عاجيّ” وشمّر عن ساعديه ونزل إلى معترك حياة رعيّته (بل لم يغادرها منذ خدمته السابقة) واختلط بأفرادها فاتحاً ذراعيه لهم ولكلّ أبناء البشر مثبتاً أنّ الإيمان النقيّ يتمثّل ويتقولب وينسكب بالمحبّة وأعمال البرّ، وأنّ القيادة الملهمة والهادية، أكانت روحيّة أم زمنيّة، تنبثق وتُستحقّ من الصدق والإخلاص والإنصاف والإجتهاد النشط في الخدمة.

Beirut airport has food products that expired 20 years ago!

abou faour
Can you imagine how does a food item that has expired in 1995 look like now?! I’m seriously interested to know!
“The minute you walk into the warehouses, you feel like you entered a dump,” Abu Faour said after inspecting the airport along with Transport Minister Ghazi Zeaiter.
The health minister revealed that some of food products still in storage had expired nearly 20 years ago.
“Dates on some foods showed they had expired in 1995,” he said.

My best sushi experience

Three years ago I hated sushi. Today, it is one of my favorite type of food. I won’t bug you with the story of how I became a fan, what I will do however, is share with you the best sushi experience I had lately which can be summarized in two words: WOK W.O.K!

touch 4G new ad

speedy and amigo
Speedy and Amigo’s previous ad was one of the coolest ads in 2012, and I think it’s great to see touch maintaining their originality in this new one.
via @chemali

كافيه عم يرعاني

I can’t believe I stumbled upon this on Facebook!
ِAnyone knows where in Lebanon is this cafe located?

Merry Christmas and Marvelous New Year 2015!

«Gloire à Dieu au plus haut des cieux et paix sur la terre aux hommes qu’il aime!»
Chaque Noël nous saisit par une prise de conscience qui attise l’amour, galvanise nos capacités, tout en nous exhortant à confluer nos efforts comme artisans de paix, semeurs d’espoir et partisans fougeux de la justice sociale .
Que Jésus Christ dissipe toute inquiétude et appaise toute douleur en impregnant les âmes de ceux qui souffrent d’une panacée divine.
Que la réjouissance, cher(e)s ami(e)s, règne sur et anime vos festivités à Noël, espérant que Jésus demeure votre compagnon à travers le Nouvel An, pour récompenser votre dévouement et assurer la croissance et la prospérité de vos entreprises.

Pierre Hachach – Ya Ret

Pierre Hachache ya ret
Uhh ok… and why exactly do you need a provocative video for that song?

Why do Lebanese fishermen insist on killing these sharks?!

It’s not the first time a shark is spotted off the shores, and it isn’t like they are threatening anyone. Yet, fishermen insist on killing them for no reason at all…!
This shark was spotted 3Km into the sea and managed to escape from these guys.

Tamanna making wishes come true

This isn’t the first time Tamanna grants a wish for a critically ill kid, and I’ve actually loved each and every video they’ve published so far, but this is the first time I get really moved by one of their videos. Not because of how good the whole thing was executed, but because I have a kid now and I know how awful it feels for parents when their children get sick, even if it was as simple as a stupid flu virus.

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