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It’s time for a coordinated response in Iraq and Syria

Much of the discussion about Iraq today has been focused on the potential terrorist threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Almost nothing, however, is being said about Syria, and how it fits into any effort to reverse ISIL’s gains.

What most governments appear consciously to be ignoring is that there is an organic link between Iraq and Syria. And that is precisely the message ISIL has sought to confirm in its claims to be erasing the borders between the two countries on the path toward a new caliphate.


If you thought Beirut was a complicated place in a complicated (made-up) country, in a chopped-up region, then wait until you travel to one of the Balkan territories where different religions, languages, tribal affiliations are stacked in territories formerly part of different age-old empires. Their entry into “modernity” is paved with tragedies: first joining the communist hemisphere, subsequently creating their own movement such as in the case of Yugoslavia, and finally ending up broken down to a myriad of countries eagerly waiting to enter the EU or NATO (which basically means the same there as the motive for joining is mostly security-related).

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يحدث الآن

الرابعة فجراً في حي بيروتي "ذو طابع تراثي" الشرطي رقم 1:"رجاع رجاع الطريق مسكر، في حريق. دخلك معك شي طفايه بهل جيب تعيرنا اياها؟"الشرطي رقم 2:"دق للاطفائيه عل 120 مدري ال-125."الشرطي رقم 1:"مع معي يونيتس، دق إنت."الشرطي رقم 2:"ال-120 مع بدا يونيتس يا حمار."

ألف مبطوحة

حاولت إنقاذها، لكن وصلت متأخّراًولمّا حاولت أن أعطيها تنفّس إصطناعي، إتّهمت بقلّة الحياءفما العمل؟

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